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Confident Confirmation

Chapter 2

"Jacob!" the woman shouts throwing herself into a hug. Surprised Jake reacts frantically sputtering and flailing his hands everywhere.

"Shh…R-Rachel" he turns looking at the basket however he hears quiet whimpering and then shot her a look before both went over to the basket.

He removes the blanket hearing a string of awe's and oohs

"Awe…their beautiful" she sighed looking down "When did you and Emmett decide to have kids and how come you didn't say anything about it?"

Jacob picks one of them up bouncing it on his shoulder. Gently patting it on the back then he turns facing her and says "We didn't someone left them on our door step," he pointed over his shoulder "with that note on top" he nodded at the paper that had lain on the coffee table since he came back from Ms. Carmichael's. He read the thing several times trying to figure out who would leave two babies on his door step in a basket furthermore he was confused as to how said person knew about them at all.

She picks up the note mouthing the words as she reads it. She flips to the second page and her face contorts into a strange befuddled look, which makes her plop down on the leather sofa in complete bewilderment. She glances up at Jake once she's finished reading it still perplexed.

"Well do you know who it is?" she asks flipping the note this way and that as she searches for a name, however it was signed with initials nothing else.

Jacob shook his head 'no' as he continues to bounce the baby on his shoulder. Rachel picks up the other infant seeing it wiggle and writhe in the basket.

"Well what happened?" Rachel asks as she too began rocking the other infant.

Jake inhales remembering the mornings events, "Well like always I was cleaning up, doing laundry blah, blah and then the doorbell rings I go to answer it and bam basket with babies in it." He turns looking at the clock on the wall in the kitchen it's just after two 'Emmett will be home soon' he thought looking at the baby in his arms.

"Well what are you going to do?" concern fills her voice as she stares at the infant then looks to Jake.

He shrugged not knowing if he should do anything at all. In just a short time he was already starting to feel something for these babies, but he knows that rising kids was no easy thing. Leah and Rosalie would vouch for that still again he felt something a connection of sorts with them.

Then suddenly Rachel contorts her face again scrunching her nose up at finding something. "They're not normal" she said eyeing the one in her arms.

"Rachel don't say that" he said covering up the baby ear "you'll hurt their feelings." Rachel rolls her eyes towards the ceiling shaking her head before looking at Jake again, "silly brother of mine" she said frowning at him "what I mean is I don't think their human…I mean look at them don't they seem different to you at all?" Jake took a moment to study them both all the while listening to his instincts which all seem to agree that the twins in fact where not human. Which begs the question if they're not human than what are they?

He gives some more thought to this until Rachel again blurts out "Hybrids."

Jacob puckers a brow at this before giving his own thoughts a voice, "I don't think so" he says studying them.

"Jake I think they are" she says putting the infant over her shoulder, "and if they are then that means that one of their parents was a vampire."

Jake frowns picking up the note again, then after a moment he slaps himself mentally, "if they are hybrids than why leave them with me and Emmett?" he gives her the note "why not leave them with a human /vampire couple and for that matter why leave them at all with any one I mean this isn't Volterra" he finishes.

A moment passes. "Oh my god" Rachel gasps, "that's it…maybe their mother is from their and came here to protect her babies."

He tilts his head at the thought blinking a few times before commenting, "Maybe I mean it's possible she could be from there…"

After giving it some thought she cut him off "Do you think she was part of the court."

He frowns snapping a look at her. "That would be obvious though it still does not explain why she left them with me and Emmett" he said sitting down next to Rachel. He rubs soothing circles on it's back quietly murmuring soft words.

"And it doesn't explain why…" he starts "I feel so close to them" he places a chaste kiss on the baby's cheek as he hums softly.

"You don't think that they are…ohm…you know werewolves?" she said hesitantly.

Jacob knit his brows before answering her, "Maybe." He snaps a look at the one in his arms. Again carefully studying the baby's face and features the baby stares innocently at him. Just then he realize he has no way to know for sure if they are werewolves, much less hybrids.

After a moment Rachel breaks the silence "What are you going to tell Emmett when he gets home?"

Jacob had been thinking about that the whole time. He knows Emmett, he knows he will freak out about having a kid and when he sees two of them freaking out won't be the only thing he'll do.

Still he can't help however feeling a need to protect them and be there for them, after all their mother wants him and Emmett to take care of them in her place.

"I don't know I do know I just can't let anything happen to them."

Rachel smirks, "so what you're really saying is that you're going to try and convince Emmett to keep some strangers babies."

"Yea I know it sound insane." Looking down at a smiling face quietly staring at him he smiles back.

"Of course it does this is Emmett after all. Mr. Playboy himself would rather go clubbing on a Saturday night than read a bedtime story" she says waving a hand in the air.

"Emmett has changed he's not like that anymore" Jacob defends.

"If you so" she lets out. "But good luck with that."

Jacob sighs back into the leather sofa. Of course he knew convincing Emmett was easier said than done however he knew Emmett would not be able to resist them once he sees them. Or at least he hopes that would be the case.