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The Return of The Mermaids

Chapter 1 Emma's POV

I step out of the car. It's nice to be home again. I'd already graduated while I was away so I didn't have to do that.

"Home at last!" I exclaimed and rushed back to my room. Everything was still the same. Even my powers which I hadn't used since I left. It would be nice to swim again with just my girls. Speaking of them, I think it's time for a visit. As I headed to the Juicenet Cafe, I stopped. It said Rikki's Cafe. What changed while I had been gone? As I walked in, I saw Rikki and Cleo sitting down with another girl. She was blonde and had a nice tan with these weird green eyes. Who was she? Had she replaced me? It would have been hard since she's not a mermaid.

Silently I hid behind a chair and froze her drink. It made a crackling sound. I held in my laugh. Already I didn't like her. She went to drink it but no liquid came out. I walked up to turned around and her eyes lit up.

"Emma!" she exclaimed and jumped up to hug me and then Rikki came over for a group hug. This felt normal. There was no way I'm leaving again.

"I can't believe you're back." Rikki hid her smile. Yup same old RIkki.

"Okay I have tons of questions now. What's with the cafe name?" I started. Rikki sighed and she told me that Zane had bought the cafe and named it after her. How sweet! Over time I noticed that the blond girl had left. They told me everything but not about her. I was curious though.

"One last question. Who was that girl you guys were hanging out with?" I demanded. Cleo bit her lip and looked down. That was such a guilty look. I was prepared for whatever to come.

"You tell her Rikki." Cleo said. Rikki rolled her eyes.

"That's Bella. Another mermaid." Rikki explained. So they had replaced me. With another mermaid! How could they do that? We were the three original mermaids. There wasn't supposed to be four and if there was someone had to lose their powers.

"You replaced me! Then took her to the moon pool. How could you guys. I thought we were friends." I stood up and stomped outside.

"Emma wait! It's not like that. She didn't go to Mako, it was in Ireland. She's been one since she was little." Cleo explained, catching up to me.

"Okay, I'll believe that," I sighed."Whose power does she have?" I put my hand on my hips. If she had all of our powers, I would be so mad. I did NOT like sharing my powers at all.

"Well she doesn't have any of our powers. She has her own. Bella turns things into a jelly like substance." Cleo spoke up. So it was sort of like mine but with jelly. Technically she did have my power.

"Okay let's meet my replacement." I said and both of the girls rolled their eyes. We all met up at Cleo's house. Rikki was sitting on the desk chair, Cleo on her bed, Bella near the door, and me on the floor. All of us separated.

"So you're Bella." I said her name with glared at me.

"That's me. Sorry about the whole mix up. Guess your friends needed a better friend while you were gone." she snapped. She just went there. I started to lift my hand but Cleo put it back down. So bad I wanted to use my power against her. She would get it.

"No I was good enough. Your just a freak." I spat.

"Well your friends are mermaids. You ever know that?" she put her hands on her hips. Does this girl know anything? How did they like her? She didn't belong here.

"Um ya. I became one with them." I answered. She shook her hand and grabbed the glass of water and poured it on me. Oh great here I go. My legs wobbled and I fell to the ground. I stared at my tail, surprised. It was orange yellow anymore. It was white. An icy white color with like something icy floating above it, like white air.. My eyes widened.

"A weird looking mermaid." she laughed. Then I noticed something. Rikki and Cleo weren't wearing our lockets. They were wearing this weird looking jewel.

"What happened to your lockets?" I demanded. Another moment of silence. Of course, meeting a new friend meant new necklaces apparently.

"Well Bella's boyfriend made them for us." Rikki mumbled. Great so I was totally left out on this. I had always kept my locket on when I left. Now I had no friends.

"So she did replace me. Thanks guys. You know maybe I wouldn't despise her so much if you guys had bothered to call. Somehow I would've gotten her one." I informed. Probably. The problem was there was no other ones. Just three for three mermaids. Not four!

"Yup," Bella gave me the evil eye."Guess you just lost your friends. Oh and I wouldn't have cared for one." she left and slammed the door. Then my tail went away. I went down there after her and froze the lock.

"Don't think you're going anywhere." I smirked. Rikki and Cleo came pounding down the stairs after us.

"Guys stop it! Can't we all just get along? Be friends." Cleo suggested. I would try but if it didn't work like Charlotte then it would all collapse. Bella scoffed and flattened her dress.

"Fine I'll try." me and Bella said at the same time. Then Bella left and mumbled something. Right now I think I needed some alone time with my friends. The real ones. We talked for hours. It felt normal. Like I hadn't even gone anywhere.

"What about we have a sleepover? Us girls." Rikki suggested. It sounded fun. Then I realized something. There was a full moon tonight. I wonder if Bella had experienced one before.

"There's a full moon tonight. Where's Lewis?" I randomly asked. Cleo sniffled and a tear slipped down her cheek.

"He's overseas right now." Rikki informed. Oh no so we had no one to help us with this. We'll just have to stick together I guess. I mean we had Zane but he wasn't any help at all. He barely did anything.

"Sorry for asking. I think a swim will get everything off your mind." I informed. We all nodded and headed off. The water felt so nice now. I missed swimming with Rikki and Cleo. Even though my tail may be different, I still was part of them. We got to Mako and I lifted my head out of the water.

"I beat you guys! AGAIN." Rikki boasted. Like always. I needed to swim more, sometime in the future I will beat her.

"Shut up Rikki." I laughed and Rikki stuck her tongue out at me. As I went to freeze it, Bella appeared. I lifted myself out of the water to sit on the edge, but my tail still in the water. The whole place went quiet when she appeared.

"There's some girl at the cafe saying she wants to see you guys. Says her name is Charlotte." Bella announced. Charlotte was back. Since when!

We got to the cafe and saw Charlotte waiting patiently at the table. She saw Cleo and stood up.

"Hi guys. What's with the new girl?" she pointed at Bella. Why was she back? I didn't care if she wanted to know about Bella. I wanted to know why she was here. Charlotte has never belonged here and never will. At least I liked her better than Bella.

"That's Bella and that's the door leading you out." I snapped. She gave me a harsh look but didn't budge. What did she want? She wasn't a mermaid so she didn't belong near us.

"No thanks. At least not yet Emma. I know that Lewis is gone I'm not planning on going after him again. I've got something to show you." she smiled and pulled a locket out of her pocket. It was a locket, just like ours. My hands flew to my neck but mine was still there. Weird thing was, the one Charlotte was holding had a green stone. Not red, white, or blue.

"Where did you get that?" Cleo inspected the locket more.

"I was doing some swimming while I was gone," she smirked and put the locket around her chest."Guess you guys just can't keep me from being a mermaid. Because I'm already one again." she giggled

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