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Chapter 9

The guys had eventually left except for Will who had stayed to talk to his sister. Bella had gone to sing up stage, Rikki had something to do at home apparently and Cleo had a date with Lewis. Oh yeah and Charlotte was talking to Zane. Now I was all alone. Will then came over, smirking.

"You know I forget to mention something to you last night when you almost drowned." he sat down in front of me. He was so cute. I have to keep my cool though. No need to steal people's boyfriends when you have one.

"And what would that be Will?" I asked, crossing my arms. In the background, you could hear people clappings over Bella's performance. She couldn't even sing that good.

"Haha well nice tail. It's really something. I've never seen anything like it." he complimented. My tail? It was just a fancy color, so what. Charlotte has a colored one but it's green.

"Well thanks I guess. It isn't anything fancy. It's just a icey blue tail. Nothing new." I rolled my eyes and got up. Maybe if I could be just a little bit mean I would forget that I liked him. I walked outside, heading towards the beach.

"Hey hey, " Will jogged to catch up with me. "No need to get offensive. It was just a compliment. After all, I did save your life." Will laughed. I sighed and stopped next to the water.

"Well see you later Will." I waved but he caught my hand right as my foot touched the water. Great so now I would turn into fish girl right on the land because of him. He stepped closer to me.

"Don't leave yet." he kissed my lips right as I fell to the ground. We both laughed. Will still was holding on to me though. Our lips met again. He was so amazing, let me say that. Gosh I want him so much.

"I've got to go now before someone sees me." I pointed out. He nodded letting me free. I splashed into the water. I had only met this boy yesterday and now I felt like I need him. Maybe more than I needed Ash. Ash. My heart weakened. I loved Ash, too. I never thought I would be stuck in a love triangle. The water felt nice today. The water on my skin felt so cool and nice. My hair floated around my face, clouding it. It took me longer than before just to get to Mako. Cleo was there, her eyes teary. I thought she was on a date.

"Cleo what's wrong? Why are you crying?" I swam next to her, well as close as I could because she was on land. She was wearing a navy blue dress that went to her ankles and black gladiators.

"Well Lewis is going back tomorrow," she sniffled. "Oh and well somehow I can't control these stupid earth powers. It's so stupid. Now my tail is dark green. I don't know what these earth powers are for." she sighed. Earth didn't seemed to be a fun power. At least mine was easy to control.

"I'm sorry Cleo. Want to hear something worse." it wasn't really a question. Cleo laughed and nodded.

"I kissed Will. Well he kissed me. He saved me from drowning yesterday night. I think I like him." I explained. Cleo's eyes widened. It was surprising. Good thing Bella wasn't here.

"Emma, why? I mean both of you guys are both taken. I can't believe this-" something buzzed in her pocket interrupting here. "I'll be right back." she held up a finger.

"That's okay I'll just leave." I said. Cleo shrugged and answered her phone. I sunk back into the water. It surfaced around me, taking me into it. It was comforting. That's how it was all the way back. I got out of the water and dried off before heading home. When I went to open the front door, there were hands around my waist. I yelped and turned around. Ash was standing there, laughing.

"You scared me. What are you doing here?" I unlocked the door and let him in. We both sat down on the couch.

"So I can't come over and see my girlfriend. Didn't know that was illegal." Ash laughed, putting his arm around me. This was nice, I guess. It just reminded me of Will though.

"Oh haha," I nervously laughed. Then the door rang. "I'm gonna get that." I wiggled away from his and ran to get the door. Will stood there looking perfect. Of course it was him.

"Okay come in. My boyfriend is here though so I'm gonna need you to go upstairs to the first room on the left. It's mine wait there." I shoved him up the stairs. I walked back to Ash.

"I'm sorry for the disturbance. I'm not feeling so good anymore I think I'm going to go take a nap." I lied. I hated lying to him. Especially for another boy who I barely know. Ash looked surprised.

"Oh ok I guess I should leave." Ash sighed and gave me a hug then left. I didn't go up to my room until I heard the door shut. That's when I burst into my room.

"Okay why are you here?" I demanded. Will was sitting on my bed. He looked so perfect. If he had come through my window it would be like Twilight except for Will was better looking.

"I came here for you. Why else? Emma I really do like you. More than Bella." he whispered the last part. I couldn't admit anything at this point. I would just ruin everything.

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