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The bell chimed immediately after the announcements ended in the morning, and all of the students headed for first period. A large crowd of people that was trying to navigate through the hall was moving along at a snail's pace. The new freshmen were trying desperately to avoid the upperclassmen, and get to their first class in one piece. They were all huddled together in little groups, with expressions of sheer terror on their faces whenever a senior passed by. Arthur laughed to himself. 'Fucking freshmen, you don't get it do you? Here, you aren't worth a fucking thing.'

Arthur was standing casually by the water fountain. His blond hair was resting gently on his forehead, and his intense green eyes were scanning the hall. He was wearing a black tank top with a British flag on it, a pair of navy blue skinny jeans, and dark red converse shoes. The spiked bracelets he was wearing reflected the fluorescent light into the eyes of several students. He liked the spiked bracelets. Whenever most people saw those, they stayed as far away from him as possible. Arthur didn't like being in large groups of people. It's not that he was shy or anything, he just didn't give a damn about what anyone said.

As he slowly made his way to first period, he heard several people shout "FAG!" as he passed them. 'Fucking idiots,' he thought. 'Have fun working at McDonalds you drug-addicted douche bags.' Above all, there was one group of people who Arthur hated more than anyone: the jocks. While he admitted that some of them were okay, most of the jocks just rambled on about stuff they did, WHO they did, and how much they drank at last night's "most epic party of all time," as they always said. It shocked him how idiotic some of these people were, and even more so that they were still allowed to compete in every sport they wished. 'That's school politics…if we can win at sports, then we did something right.'

The second bell rang, and Arthur still hadn't arrived at his first class: senior level chemistry. While Arthur did enjoy science, he sometimes got in trouble with his teachers for debating that magic was more prominent than science. The debates usually ended with Arthur getting a detention slip, but it was worth it. Whenever he talked about dark magic in class to a teacher, they usually just stood there dumbstruck. 'I'm not gonna talk about it in this class though, because maybe she'll teach us how to blow shit up!'

When he finally walked into the room, all of the students were sitting. "Welcome Mr. Kirkland," the teacher said with a stern face. "Because this is the first day, I'll let you off with a warning. But do not be late to my class again."

"Yes Ms. Daniels," Arthur replied in a tone so sweet, that it made him to want vomit. He hated suck ups, and he wasn't about to become one himself.

"As for your seat," she continued, "there's an open table next to Kiku and Yao. There's going to be another student to sit with you, but it appears that he's late as well." Arthur quickly went to his seat and slumped in the chair. 'It's not so bad. At least I have Kiku in this class,' he thought to himself. Then he heard it. A voice rang out from the doorway, announcing his heroic arrival. 'Anyone but him!' Arthur thought frantically.

"Hey guys! Sorry I'm late! Even heroes do that sometimes!" Alfred triumphantly shouted, with a wide smile on his face. "Did I miss anything?"

"You missed the bell," Ms. Daniels said in reply. "Now be quiet and go to your seat Mr. Jones. It's the empty one at the table with Mr. Kirkland. From now on, if you plan to be late, at least bring a pass or something!" Arthur tuned her out after she said the words "with Mr. Kirkland". If there was one person who he hated more than anyone, it was Alfred Jones. He was last year's quarterback for the football team, and he was practically guaranteed the same position this year after having the phenomenal season that he did. Alfred was leader of the jocks, and every single thing he did annoyed Arthur. Sitting next to anyone would have been better, even if it was that knife girl Natalia! "Oh and class before I forget, I have two announcements regarding seats. First, you will not be getting new seats, so do not ask. Second, since each table has two people, the person you are sitting with will be your lab partner for the entire year."

'Fuck. I'm stuck with Alfred, king of the dicks!' Arthur mentally complained. He gave Kiku a look of desperation, who just returned it with a shoulder shrug. To his greater annoyance, Alfred tried to start a conversation the moment he sat down. "Hey dude! What's up? I haven't had a class with you since freshman year!"

"Piss off," Arthur responded.

"Not so friendly? That's totally cool, I understand. But seriously, what's new?"

"I said piss off you fucking wanker. We both know that we are not friends. You're one of the jocks. I hate the jocks, and the jocks hate me. You're just trying to make yourself look good."

"No I'm not. And I don't hate you. I try to be friendly with everyone!"

"Everyone except me. So I'll say this one more time," the tone in Arthur's voice was a bit angrier, and he started to get louder too. "Piss off!" The next thing he saw was the pink detention slips in front of both Alfred and himself. He turned to protest, but Ms. Daniels was already ahead of him.

"Using profane language, shouting, being a distraction, disrupting class, that's what those are for. Clean up your act and your mouth Arthur." she said. "As for you Alfred, stop being a distraction to others. Because of your behavior, I'm not going to let you go to practice today."

"No way! That's totally unfair! You can't do that!" Alfred protested.

"I'm afraid I can. I am the school disciplinarian. You will meet with me tomorrow to determine your punishment." she said. "The same goes for you Arthur. Now, shall we return to class?"


Second and third period passed by without a problem. Arthur wasn't worried a bit about the detention. He'd had so many before, it didn't matter that much. However, from what he saw, that single detention crushed Alfred. 'It's one day wanker. Besides, it would do all the jocks some good to finally get punished for all the shit they do, no matter how minor.' The bell rang, and he headed off to fourth period: history. To his dismay, he was once again forced to sit next to Alfred. 'What the hell did I do to deserve this punishment?' Arthur pondered. One class was bad enough with Alfred, but two? He didn't think he could handle it. It took every ounce of self-control he possessed not to shout in anger at the jock.

However, when Alfred sat down next to him, he decided against the idea of insults. Still clutched in Alfred's hand was the pink slip, and his expression was one of both depression and confusion. 'He seriously needs to lighten up.'

Lunch was next, and Arthur took his lunch up to the roof. He usually ate up on top of the building because no one else went up there. He could be by himself, and he could take some time to relax. About halfway through his sandwich, Arthur heard the door to the roof creak open. 'Who is it now?' He turned around and saw six jocks, all sporting letterman jackets, quickly approaching him. Arthur turned back to his sandwich and kept eating.

"Just who the fuck do you think you are?" one of them said to him.

"We have our opening game coming up, and you made our star player lose practice days!" said another.

"A fag like you should just sit down, shut up, and stay hidden from everyone else. That's what you're best at anyways," the third said. The last statement struck a nerve. Arthur calmly put his meal down, and stood up to face them. Because of where he was eating, he noticed that they already had him cornered against the fence. Nonetheless, Arthur decided that he had to say something to them.

"Who am I? You say I'm a fag. Who are you? You say you are the best. Well I say that you're a bunch of fucking pricks that have no brains, or talent other than hitting people. That's really going to come in handy when you graduate, that is, even if you dumbasses are passing any of your classes. Have fun whoring yourselves out to people on the street, and when I want my burger at McDonalds, I want extra ketchup. Also, I believe you have to be 21 to join AA. Now piss off you binge-drinking prats, what you have to say doesn't concern me. Take your shit and talk to someone who cares," Arthur said.

At that moment, something solid hit him right in the face. One of the jocks punched him square in the jaw. "What do you know; I do have a talent for hitting people!" As he said that, he gripped the neck of Arthur's tank top, and repeatedly punched him in the face. The pain was so unbearable. He was struggling hard to stay conscious, in fear that they would only pulverize him worse if he passed out. He could feel the darkness creeping up from the corners of his eyes. As the other jocks continued to cheer on their friend, the pain just kept increasing to entirely new levels. Arthur saw the man, no, the bastard pull his fist back, and wind up for a final punch. Just as Arthur had almost slipped into unconsciousness, he saw a hand catch the punch within an inch of his face.

"That's enough. It's not his fault. I egged him on, and I deserve my punishment. But what I got is nothing compared to what you're going to receive if the teacher saw you do this. Besides, it's just one practice." It was Alfred. He stopped the fist, and he came to help Arthur. "Now get out of here so you don't get in trouble."

Reluctantly, the six students left, leaving Alfred and Arthur alone on the roof. Alfred turned around to face Arthur for the first time since he had arrived. There were several visible bruises, his right eye was black, and he saw a gash on his cheek dripping blood. The sight was horrible. Through the one eye that he was able to open, Arthur looked deep into Alfred's blue eyes. "This is why I hate you jocks," Arthur struggled to say. Once he finished the sentence, he went limp, and slipped into unconsciousness.


When Arthur woke up, he was lying on one of the beds in the nurse's office. There were several bandages on his face, and a bag of ice was on his right eye. He tried to sit up, but the room suddenly became blurry, and he felt dizzy. Arthur grabbed the nearest trash can he could, and promptly vomited into it. When the dizziness finally settled down, the nurse entered the room. "It looks like you took quite a beating Arthur, but you'll be fine soon."

As his bandages were being changed, Arthur tried to remember what had just happened. He remembered the fist pummeling his face, and then… "Excuse me, but how did I get here?" he asked the nurse.

"Oh! A young man carried you down here. He looked really worried about you, but I had to make him go to class," she responded.

"What was his name?"

"Let's see…I got it! It was Alfred Jones!"


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