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But real quick, some of you guys were harassing me about Alfred's…length…and I have one thing to say: watch the episode where he's trying to lower Russian morale! He orders 25cm condoms, and the last time I checked, 25cm is about 10 inches. But, that was my first lemon…so that was kind of a fail attempt…AH! I'm rambling! Here's the epilogue finally!

Arthur woke up to the sunlight peeking through his curtains, yanking him out of his peaceful sleep. He checked the clock, and it read 9:27 A.M. on the dot. Arthur stretched his arms high above his head, and let out a soft yawn, before the smell of something hit his nose. The blonde climbed out of bed, put on some slippers, and walked out of his bedroom. He reached the stairs, and slowly took them one by one, taking his limbs slowly out of their tired state. The soles of Arthur's slippers hit hardwood floor at the bottom of the staircase, and he turned to the left, following the bewitching scent that was flooding his nostrils. Soon, hardwood gave way to white tile, and he found himself standing in the middle of the kitchen. Arthur crossed over to the refrigerator in search of some apple juice, but something stopped him.

Arthur felt the familiar sensation of strong, supporting arms encircling his slender waist, and he sighed as he experienced the gentle kiss against his neck. Alfred pulled the smaller man close to him, so that their bodies were only separated by pajama bottoms and Arthur's white t-shirt. The ghost of a whisper caressed Arthur's ear, and he felt the hot breath of Alfred on the back of his neck. "Good morning," Alfred had whispered. "I made some eggs and bacon for breakfast, along with your favorite brand of tea. Would you like some instead of that frigid apple juice?"

"Only if it's sweet," Arthur replied, turning around to face Alfred. As he did so, Arthur stared deep into Alfred's captivating eyes, and he leaned in for a kiss. He loved kissing those soft lips, and feeling their silky texture against his own. Alfred deepened the kiss, and there were no protests from Arthur. He stood there and allowed his mouth to be traced by Alfred's tantalizing tongue, something that had happened many times before, but still felt like the first. Arthur reached up and placed his hands on Alfred's bare shoulders, before he separated their mouths for a quick breath of air. Alfred dove back into the kiss, being gentle at first. However, the gentleness gave was to the passion that they both knew well. Arthur could feel the heat radiating off of Alfred's body, and his scent was as intoxicating as ever. However, after a few more moments of bliss, Arthur pulled away. "But nothing is as sweet as you," he said slyly.

Alfred cracked a smile before heading over to the cabinets, and he retrieved two plates from one of the shelves. He placed the white ceramic plates on the granite countertop before serving up the delicately prepared meal. Arthur cleared his throat once Alfred had placed enough food on the plate, and he was all too delighted to dig in when Alfred handed it to him. After a few bites, Arthur saw the cup of tea sitting just next to his knife. He picked up the cup of tea, blew on it to cool down the hot drink, and then sipped it carefully. He avoided being burned, which was good, and he discovered that the tea was at perfect temperature. Alfred made it just the way Arthur liked it.

Arthur continued to eat his meal, and he soon found himself joined by Alfred, who had already gone back for seconds. Arthur gently elbowed Alfred before speaking up. "You should save some!" Arthur scolded. "You know you shouldn't eat ALL of the breakfast. Do you remember what happened last time?" Alfred pondered the question that was proposed before laughing out loud, placing an arm around Arthur's shoulder. Arthur smiled and leaned his head onto the muscular shoulder as he placed his hand over Alfred's chest. He could feel the rise and fall that came with each breath, and his strong heartbeat resonating throughout his chest cavity. Arthur was brought back to reality when he heard Alfred's voice.

"We all remember what happened last time!" he laughed excitedly. "But I couldn't help myself! I fixed it didn't I?"

"Yes you fixed it," Arthur replied. "You always do!"

"That's because I'm the hero!"

"You're my hero Alfred."

The two lingered in each other's embrace for a little bit longer. They had both gone through so much together, and through it all, Alfred was always there for Arthur, and he had never once broken his promise. Arthur placed a gentle kiss on Alfred's lips, and then said his favorite words. "I love you Alfred."

"And I love you too Arthur," Alfred replied softly. Suddenly, they heard a door open upstairs, and that was quickly followed by the pitter-patter of tiny footsteps. Arthur nudged Alfred in the ribs one more time, and then crossed the kitchen to retrieve a small plate from the cabinet. Alfred followed suit, and he stood just past the doorway, hiding from the entrance. As they both assumed their positions, the quiet sound grew a little louder, but not by much. Arthur held his finger up to his lips, signaling Alfred to remain silent, and the command was obeyed.

Slowly, a little head poked into the kitchen of the house. That small head, crowned in short and soft, golden hair, had a curious face. A button nose sniffed once, sensing the delicious aromas in the room, before curious blue eyes scanned the room for the source of the smell. The two-year old took another step into the room, revealing his footy pajamas. The sky blue colored fabric was adorned with images of fluffy, white sheep, and they had two buttons just under the neck of the clothing. Glancing over at the right side of the child, a brown teddy bear was clutched in hand, while the thumb of his left hand was in his mouth. The child took one final step, before he was picked up off of the ground by Alfred, and hoisted high in the air. The small child giggled happily as he was being lifted over and over high above Alfred's head. After three more lifts, Alfred placed the child down in a chair, and Arthur brought over a glass of milk. "Good morning Peter!" Arthur said affectionately. "What do you want for breakfast?"

"What can I have daddy?" Peter inquired, placing his left hand on top of his head.

"Well Peter," Alfred replied, "we have cereal, eggs, toast, and bacon! So what would you like?"

"I'll have whatever papa is having!" Peter stated happily, staring at Arthur's plate. "It smells good!"

"Okay buddy! Whatever you want!" Arthur said, and he grabbed one additional plate out of the cabinet. He filled it halfway with food, and then handed it to the child. "Do you want any ketchup with your eggs Peter? I know daddy likes them that way."

"Are they better with ketchup daddy?" Peter asked curiously.

"I think they are," Alfred replied with a wide smile. "It gives them a little extra flavor!"

"Okay!" Peter giggled, and then he grabbed the ketchup bottle with both of his small hands. He proceeded to squeeze out a little bit of ketchup before he sealed the bottle, and handed it back to Arthur. "Here you go papa! Can you please put it back for me?"

"Sure thing Peter," Arthur responded. He stood up, and brought the bottle back over the Alfred. He carefully placed the bottle down on the counter, and he reached for his own plate sitting on the counter of the island in the kitchen. Arthur scrubbed the plate clean of any leftovers from his meal, and then placed the white plate in the dishwasher. He looked at Peter carefully, and he laughed inwardly. The child was eating his eggs with a wide smile on his face, while Alfred was telling a silly knock-knock joke. Arthur only interrupted when Peter was drinking milk, so that Alfred would not try to make the boy squirt milk out of his nose.

Arthur thought about himself as a child, and what he went through. He vowed ever since the day they adopted Peter as baby that he would do everything in his power to give this child the life he never could have. He was going to make sure that the child had a good home life, and that he could enjoy being a kid. Arthur paused as he remembered how he felt whenever his mom was still with him. His mother always protected Arthur, and made him feel loved. Arthur was grateful for that, and he sensed that that portion of his mom had been passed on to him. Every moment that he spent with the child, he was kind and caring. He loved the boy very much. He scolded when necessary, and he certainly did nothing to spoil the toddler, but he still took great care of him. Once Peter finished his breakfast, Arthur took his plate and spoke up. "Peter, go up to the bathroom. I'll be right there to start your bath."

"Okay papa!" Peter responded, literally bouncing as he spoke. He waved to Arthur and Alfred, and then hopped up the stairs one by one. When Peter reached the top of the stairs, Alfred walked over to Arthur and pulled him into a hug. He paused for a moment, and then let his arms drop away from Arthur. The smaller blonde stared at Alfred, which was met with a quick response.

"I have to go take a shower now," Alfred said. "I need to get clean like Peter! After all, we'll have all Saturday to hang out! So I'll be right back out." With that, Arthur watched his husband walk towards their room. Arthur pinched himself, making sure that it was not all a dream. His biggest fear was that he would eventually wake up, and he would discover that everything that he had gone through with Alfred was just a dream. He feared it every day. He feared that he would open his eyes, and he would be laying on the floor of his living room, with his abusive father standing over him. But out of that fear came one thing: love. He loved every moment he spent with Alfred and Peter, and he enjoyed them all to the fullest. He didn't have time to fear what he could not see, but he did have time to love what he knew was real. Arthur smiled as he glanced out the window; his face was bathed in sunlight.

Ever since the day Alfred had saved him on the roof, Arthur had been happy. Their relationship had its ups and downs, but in the end it all worked out. Arthur loved Alfred with all his heart, and as proof, one could just look at the ring around his finger. When Peter came into their lives, he had not ceased to be a complete blessing, and he was a constant source of happiness in the household. Arthur knew that none of this would have happened, if he hadn't had the courage to say "yes" to Alfred all those years ago. But Arthur also knew that when he agreed to Alfred's invitation for a date, that his life had been changed for good.

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