First time writing a story with Faiy Tail~ I was trying to find a story like this for FT but I couldn't find one so I got all sad~ and then I had a brain fart and was all 'meh, why not make one?' and now I'm witing this. This is set in X791 so basically after timeskip.
Fairy Tail and it's characters (c) Hiro Mashima. I only own this stories plot.
Also, if I make the characters too OOC, I apologize for that.

Choosing a Partner

Lucy sat at the bar stool, drink in hand, and smile on lips as she watched the members of her guild party. She took a sip of her drink then set the cup down.

"Thanks for the drink, Mira." Lucy smiled. She got up from her seat and began to leave. But before she could, Mira called her.

"Lucy, you're going home?"

"Yup, see you-"

Mira walked up to her. "Why not stay for one game? Please~? I promise, you'll love it!"

"I'm sorry but I-"

"Please~?" Mira asked, stretching out the middle of the word. Lucy sighed in defeat.

"Just one more game. That's it."

Mira cheered. "Yay! This'll be SO much fun! I promise!" Mira grabbed Lucy's wrist and dragged her over to a circle of guild members. Cana noticed the two, smirked, and walked up to them.

"Oh, who would've thought that you'd be playing this game." Cana said as she got there.

"What's the game anyways?" Lucy aksed.

"Seven Minutes in Heaven." Cana and Mira answered, both with a smirk on their faces.

Lucy's eyes widen. "What did just agree to...?"

"Your future lover!" Mira answered. "Everyone, it's Lucy's turn now~!" Mira called. One of the members handed the box to Lucy which was completely filled with papers. "Hurry on now, just pick one!" Mira cheered. Lucy gulped, and did as told. She lifted the piece of paper and stared at it.

"I got..."

It's kinda obvious who she got though...Oh well. Hope you enjoyed the beginning, R&R plz~!

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