...Well...it's been a long time, hasn't it? How's it going?

Chapter 10:

Lucy read the paper, and flinched. 'No no no no no NO!' She thought, nearly yelled paper said 'Cana'...sure, she MIGHT'VE been attracted to the card user in one way or more but...Seven Minutes in Heaven with her?! No way!

"Ah, Lu-chan got Cana!" Levy smiled. Lucy swore she saw Cana blush.

"Levy!" Lucy nearly growled. Cana, smirking, stood up, grabbed a cup of beer, and walked into a closet.

"Now now, Lucy. Cana is rather impatient you know." Mira smiled, walking Lucy to the closet Cana entered.

'What've I gotten myself into...?' She thought, getting pushed into the closet. It wasn't a small closet, it wasn't a large closet. It could probably fit about 4 people at least As the door closed, Mira smiled.

"Now, 7 minutes you two!" She called, locking the door. As she did so, Cana chuckled rather...well...darkly.

"Lu-chan~" She slurred. Lucy flinched. Since when did Cana call her Lu-chan?

"Y-yes, Cana?"

"Lu-chan, you don't have to hide it, I know you're into me." Cana smiled, leaning against the back wall. Lucy flinched again, heart racing.

"W-w-w-w-w-what're yo-?!" Before Lucy could finish, she felt a something warm on her lips. A blush grew as she realized it was Cana. She hesitantly closed her eyes, not doing anything as Cana's hands traveled up and down Lucy's back. Cana bit Lucy's lower lip, making the blonde gasp. With the sudden opening, Cana took advantage of this, and stuck her tongue, exploring each and every bit she could. Lucy let out a very muffled moan. She felt Cana chuckle. Cana removed herself from Lucy's mouth, and began to nip at the nook of her neck. Lucy, missing the warmth of Cana's mouth, held onto the brunettes hair, gently tugging on a small bundle of the gorgeous hair.

Cana's hand moved from Lucy's back, to her breasts. She removed the vest from Lucy, making the blonde's arm fall to her sides. As the vest dropped, Cana gently rubbed the girls breasts, teasing her. "Cana..." Lucy grumbled, slightly annoyed. Cana chuckled.

"What, you want to do something?" Lucy, blushing, hesitantly nodded. Slightly shocked, Cana stepped back, and spread her arms. "Okay, do what you want, Lu-chan." Accepting the invitation, Lucy stepped forward, massaging Cana's large mounds.

"I-It needs to go..." Lucy muttered. Cana smiled, and took off her bikini top. Lucy blushed at the sight. Two large mountain like breasts, tipped with a gentle pink.

"Lu-chan~ Not fair~ If I'm half-naked, you should be too~!" Blushing like crazy, Lucy hesitantly nodded, taking off her white tube top. Smirking, Cana wasted no time in attacking the younger mage, roughly playing with Lucy's already hard nipples. Lucy unwillingly let out a moan. Cana enjoyed the noise, wanting to hear more like it. Squeezing the younger girl's mounds a bit more, Cana finally took the liberty of sucking them pink tips. Lucy squirmed underneath the brunette. Cana walked forward, nibbling one nipple, and pinching the other. The girls bodies were now touching. "Lu-chan, lay down please~" Cana begged cutely. Lucy, sighing, did so. Cana turned around, so her back was facing Lucy, and sat down on the blonde's stomach.

Cana, slowly removing the dark blue skirt on her friend, massaged the girls thigh, much to her enjoyment. "Lu-chan, you can do something right now, you know that, right?" Nodding, Lucy lifted her arms, and massaged Cana's exposed breasts. Cana let out a small moan, making Lucy rubbed Cana's tits much more roughly than before. When the dark blue skirt was completely off, she hungrily stared down at the white laced panties. "Lu-chan, I'm going to do something you're really REALLY going to enjoy..." Cana smirked, lifting her hand, and beginning to massage Lucy's entrance. Lucy's legs instantly jerked at the sudden movement, but her body quickly grew to enjoy it. "So wet, so quickly..." Cana chuckled, increasing the pace of her fingers. In response Lucy began to toy with Cana's nipples. Cana smiled. Lucy was better than she expected...

Growling a few curses, much to Lucy's shock, Cana grabbed the white lace panties, and ripped them from her body. Lucy let out a squeak. "You look better without 'em." Cana said, tossing them to the side. With a smile, she entered a finger, searching for Lucy's G-spot. Lucy squirmed under Cana, back arching upward. Cana looked around, and found the cup of beer she brought in. She snatched the cup, and poured it all over Lucy's genitals, making the girl moan in delight.

"I-It's cold..." Lucy muttered.

"Is that so, well don't worry dear, I'm going to make you feel warm~" Cana cooed, standing up and placing her face in front of Lucy's entrance. Cana lifted her arms, and once again toyed with Lucy's breasts, playfully licking her clitoris. Lucy squirmed, releasing many, MANY moans. Cana smirked against the girls vagina, and increased her tongues speed, adding a finger.

"C-Cana...! More...!" Lucy moaned. Cana did as told, hitting the G-spot. Lucy's back arched. "K-keep doing that, Cana...harder though, please...!" Cana smirked in delight, and removed her self from the girls entrance, mouth dripping. "Cana, why'd you st-?!" Lucy started, sweating. And as soon as she saw the card in Cana's hand, her blush grew. Cana swiped the card, and replacing the card, was a big, blue, double dildo. Cana stood up, quickly removed her pants, and panties, and placed the dildo inside her wet self, she couldn't help but move it in and out a couple of times before placing it in front of Lucy's mouth.

"Lu-chan, lick it, or it's going in dry. Believe me, it'll hurt~" Cana winked. Not wanting to feel the pain, Lucy sat up, and placed her fingers around the dildo, licking the tip, then placing the large item in her mouth. She glided her tongue across it, and finally removed it from her mouth, a small string of saliva still connected her to the object though. "Sit down again, okay? It'll only hurt a bit." Cana said. Lucy did so, hesitantly spreading her legs apart. She aligned the dildo with the blonde's entrance, and entered. Lucy gasped. Cana grasped Lucy's thighs, and thrusted it into her body. Lucy began to help Cana enjoy the sensation as much as she did sitting up properly and thrusting it into Cana as she did to her. It felt good to both of them.

"C-Cana! I'm going t-!"

"Same here, Lu-chan!" Cana smiled, now sweating. The two were just a big, sweating, panting, moaning, bundle of love. And finally...


"LUCY!" The two screamed, not even caring for the fact that the guild members could easily hear them. Outside the door, there was some mumbling going on. Cana smiled, and collapsed onto the younger girl. "We should do this again, Lu-chan..." Cana muttered, kissing the girls ears.

"A-agreed..." Lucy replied through pants. Cana moved herself from the girl's ears, and the two stared deeply at eachother, finally sealing the deal with a kiss.

Awkward to write, but, during the 3 months I didn't update, I got better with lemons if I do say so myself! Well, again, hope you enjoyed! Also, a bit of news~ I've decided to do a part 2 or an alternate version for each and every one of the characters requested, so, thought you should know!