WWE & TNA Love Story

Chapter 1

Maria was driving to the arena in Chicago, Maria stops at AJ Lee's apartment to pick her up. AJ leaves the apartment before she gets in the car Maria says, "Ok before you get in the car you're gonna promise me that you're not gonna kill me." AJ put the bag over her shoulder, "Why what did you do?" AJ asked her as she got in the car, "Daniel called me last night." AJ looked at Maria in shock. "Why is he calling you?" AJ asked her, "Because he knows I have you here and he wants to know." Maria told AJ, "Know what?" "How upset you are?" Maria said to her while driving to the arena.

"Look I don't wanna talk about this." Maria pulled up at Kelly's apartment. Kelly ran into the car and said, "So Daniel called me last night." AJ was in shock. "He called you too." AJ asked, "Ya, he's worried that your cousin joining the WWE. Is distracting you for know how sorry he really is." Kelly said to AJ. AJ smiled, and said, "Well that's inventive." Maria and Kelly smiled, Maria said, "Oh God.", and started the engine.

"By the way have you seen your cousin, Kaitlyn?" Kelly asked AJ. "No why?" AJ asked Kelly. "She's dumbed the kiss of death in FCW." Maria said to her. "You're kidding right." AJ asked them looking concerned. "No were not, she has ended two girls careers in FCW. She also use too date Phil but he said to me she was too flaky for him." Kelly said to Maria and AJ. "What?" Maria looked at Kelly and took her eye off the road. "Watch out." AJ shouted at Maria, Maria suddenly slammed on the breaks. "You ran a stop sign." AJ said to Maria, "Sorry." Maria apologised to AJ. Kelly said to Maria and AJ. "The kiss of death." All the girls looked at each other. Maria carried on driving to the arena, for tonight's show.

Maria, Kelly and AJ make it to the arena with an hour to spear. "Hey do you guys wanna get some food before going into the arena?" Maria asked AJ and Kelly. Kelly and AJ said to Maria "Sure thing." Maria, Kelly and AJ walk over to Starbucks to get some coffee and some food from there. Maria, Kelly and AJ were in a booth when Maria saw this hot guy walk in. "Who's that?" Maria asked Kelly and AJ. Kelly turned and looked at the guy, "Dunno." AJ looked at him "Oh that's AJ Styles, he used joined the WWE a couple of weeks ago." AJ said to Maria. "He's cute." Kelly looked again, "Ya he is." "Why don't you go and speak to him Maria?" Kelly asked Maria, "OK." Maria said to Kelly and AJ. Maria grabbed her coffee and bag. Then she walked over to AJ Styles, "Hi, I'm Maria Kanellis." Maria said to AJ. "Hey I'm AJ Styles. Nice too meet you." AJ shock Maria's hand.

Maria smiled as she shook his hand. "Are you with the WWE or TNA?" AJ asked Maria, "I'm with the WWE. Why are you with TNA?" Maria asked AJ. "Ya I'm with TNA, but are boss said that are companies are combining tonight." AJ said to Maria, Maria smiled and AJ. "Really." She continued on to say, "That's great we might get to work together." Maria said to AJ with a smile on her face. AJ nodded, he glanced down at his watch and said to Maria, "I think we should go to the arena now." Maria looked at the time, "Oh ya." Maria, AJ, Kelly and AJ Lee left Starbucks and walked over to the arena with their gear ready for tonight's show. Kelly asked Maria, "You two are getting along?" Maria smiled and said back to her, "Yes we are I think I like him." Kelly noticed that Maria was blushing. "Aww cute. If you really like him why don't you ask him out on a date?" Kelly said to Maria.

Maria turned and looked at Kelly, "Really, should I be that forward?" Maria asked Kelly, Kelly nodded, "If you like him you should definitely ask him out." Kelly said. Maria nodded, everyone walked into the arena. The girls go into their locker-room and AJ goes into his locker-room down the corridor. Gail Kim walked into the Diva's Locker-room after the girls walked in. "Out of here losers." Gail shouted at the girls, Maria stood up and walked over to Gail and said to her face, "No, were not gonna be pushed around anymore." Kelly and AJ Lee smiled. "Ya, Maria is right we are sick of you trying to push us around it stops now Gail." Kelly said to Gail with a smirk on her face.

Gail turned around and walked out of the locker-room in a mood. "Guys should we have done that to her?" AJ asked while looking down at the ground, "AJ, she bullied you for almost 6 months until. If it wasn't for Madison telling us that Gail was bullying you she would still be doing it now." Maria said to AJ. AJ looked at Maria and Kelly, she shook her head and left the Diva's locker-room. "What's wrong with her?" Madison asked Maria and Kelly as she entered the Diva's locker-room. "You know the usual, Gail Kim." Kelly told Madison.

Madison nodded, "Oh that. She is such a bitch. Is Gail giving you guys a hard time too now?" Madison asked Maria and Kelly. "She's trying too but it's not gonna happen." Maria said to her. "Gail did the same thing to me you know." She continued on to say, "Gail and I were TNA Knockout Tag Team Champions for a while but she lost the match and blamed me for the championship loss." Madison said to Maria and Kelly while opening up to them both. "That's why I hate what's she is doing to poor little AJ." Madison said to them both and put her head in her hands and tried not to cry in front of them.