Sharingan No Kami

Chapter One: FUCK KAUMI

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"Boss Summon/Biju Talking"

'Boss Summon/ Biju Thinking'

Story Start-

Naruto sighed, standing in front of the thriving village of Uzugakure, the moon light streaming down on his unmoving form. It had been three weeks since he got here, three weeks since he had been blasted over twenty years into the past and he had just one thing to say about it, FUCK Kaumi. Still it wasn't without it's bright sides after all he did have the chance to save his parents lives now, so long as he didn't screw the time line up, too much at least.

Naruto closed his eyes, red coat billowing in the wind. His chakra flared as he pushed it towards his eyes. The fox or vixen as she preferred to be called was strangely silent, it seemed even she was taking this seriously. It was a good thing he still had her, otherwise he could well have been clueless at the time of whirlpools destruction, and then where would he be.

Naruto had decided the moment he found himself in the past to save his parents lives, but to do that he needed to be close to them. Considering the year at the moment they were both around twelve right now compared against his sixteen, that was going to be easier said then done. So he needed a plan, his original thought had been to try and enlist as a shinobi of Konoha that fell through when he realised one thing.

His mother, Kushina, was a Jinchuuriki they would likely monitor her far to closely for Naruto to get anywhere near her. Minato was out thanks to Jiriya taking him on as an apprentice, the toad sennin was far to observant to let him get close. Then it hit him like a bolt of lightning, a way if not to keep them both safe, then to keep Kushina safe. Naruto figured that his dad didn't need it after all Jiriya may have been a super pervert but he was also crazy strong. Not to mention with Naruto's knowledge of future events he would be indispensable to his mother, along with being the best person to help train her in the use of Akane's chakra.

So his plan was to become her Jonin sensei, just one small itty bitty problem. No way in hell was Konoha going to let him no matter how strong he was be her sensei. At this point in time they did not know him, he was an unknown factor a wild card, no one was dumb enough to let someone like that near a jinchuuriki. So he needed credentials as well as a way to solidify himself as a friend, Akane had come up with the answer. Save Uzu from destruction, the act would make the Uzumaki clan indebted to him and solidify the fact he was in fact a friend to both Uzu and the hidden leaf.

Fortunately the amount of ninja sent to attack Uzu was small in number, unsurprising really as the village only numbered around five hundred shinobi all told. If the figures that Akane remembered were right then Iwa only sent around fifteen hundred troops, he could fight that many. Naruto's eyes snapped open as he concentrated on the shore line, his eyes glowing a vibrant purple as he activated his Rinnegan the legendary Doujutsu glowing ominously in the night.

They would be coming any minute now, Naruto clenched and unclenched his hands. He saw them hundreds of small figures sprinting across the water, Naruto smiled and held two fingers up in front of his face. His smile turned sadistic as he copied one of the most disgusting, if ingenious, men he had ever had the misfortune to meet. "You know boy's, ART IS A BLAST, KATSU!" The exploding tags under the water went off, the explosions tore off the invaders body parts and mangled their limbs, red began to pollute the pure blue sea.

Naruto couldn't help but smile at the devastation his attack caused, the village of Uzu would not fall this day. It's destruction would not cause his Kaa-san pain like it did in his own time line, even though Kushina wasn't his mother and she didn't know who he was Naruto still felt like he should defend Uzu. Though he would be lying if he didn't admit that he had more than a passing personal motive here, after all he never really had a home in Konoha. His ancestral home of Uzu had been destroyed before he had been born, part of him was defending Uzu simply so the him that would be born later would have a home, even if he failed to save his parents.

Naruto extended his arms, he could hear the sounds of the Uzu shinobi closing in from behind him, he needed to end this and fast. "Shinra Tensei." Naruto commanded sending a wall of compressed gravity at the ninja's in front of him. The attacker's bodies were thrown backwards like rag dolls, his attack smashing them through the tree's on the shore line. Breaking bones and killing most of the attacking ninja instantly, most if not all of the survivors of his attack had ended in the water unconscious, it would lead to them drowning.

Naruto could hear the Uzu shinobi getting closer, by the looks of things he had very few enemy's left alive on the battlefield. He raised his arms again pushing even more chakra into his arms, bending and compressing the gravity in front of his hands. "Shinra Tensei" The blond declared launching the wave of gravity again, it shredded through the remaining Iwa forces and Naruto smiled as he felt the Uzu shinobi behind him.

Turning around the blond smiled at the man behind him. "Sorry to ask." He said lightly. "But would you mind catching me?" He said before falling over in a dead faint, the Uzu shinobi that caught him chuckled. He was not quite sure if the man was a friend or a foe but given what he had just done to their attacker's he would make sure that the Uzukage would hear him out.


Naruto groaned as he woke up, his headache was killing him. The blond looked up his blue eyes saw a white ceiling, he breathed in the smell of antiseptic. Naruto sighed he could already see where this was going but, he looked at the bed, standard hospital issue. Naruto sighed even after being displaced in time it seemed he still hated being in hospital, as such he did the one thing that made any sense at the time. "Fuck me." He groaned, allowing his head to fall back onto the pillow.

Naruto heard the distinctive sound of wood scraping on tile and looked to the door. ANBU, or whatever the whirlpool village's version of them was, walked through the door, with handcuffs. Naruto groaned again as he saw them. "Fuck me, sideways."

Naruto amazingly enough actually did allow himself to be handcuffed, before being hauled in front of the man who called himself the 'Uzukage.' Though Naruto did suspect that being called that was more a nickname or form of respect than anything else, after all only the five great country's leading shinobi had right to the title of Kage.

The man was tall, slightly over two meters and was dressed in battle armour, reminiscent of the Shodaime and Nidaime Hokage's. He also had violet, blue eyes something Naruto had always found rather exotic even on his mother. The man sat down before him a stern look on his face, as if evaluating Naruto's worth. "So why don't you tell me why you decided to help my village and we can work from there." The man proposed not bothering to give his name, Naruto sighed, oh boy this was going to be a headache.

The next few hours were spent with Naruto explaining to the man who called himself Uzukage, what he had done in the battle. He also managed to convince him to undo the chakra restrictions on him in order to show the man his Rinnegan. Fortunately it also allowed him to slip a hypnotic suggestion into the man's head using the Genjustu of Uchiha Shisui Kotoamatsukami(Lit. Distinguished Heavenly Gods). The suggestion being that he be rewarded with a few requests for his services to Uzu. Requests that the Uzukage would do his best to honour.

It was one of the times that Naruto was glad to be an Uzumaki, Kotoamatsukami would normally only be usable once every ten years. However with a body like his with DNA similar to the Senju clan, Naruto could cut down that time to once a month.

The Uzukage smiled at the young man in front of him. "Well then let me thank you behalf of Uzu for saving our village, I will be putting in a request for additional support to Konoha." Naruto smiled at that, it was just the opening he needed. "Now then I can't just let such a good deed go unrewarded, I can grant you almost anything, bar being Uzukage." The man laughed, Naruto just smiled a little more, asking for something like that would just be egotistical, though he was sure it had happened.

Naruto bowed his head to the Uzukage. "Uzukage-sama I have only one request I would like granted." Naruto asked trying to sound as humble as possible. "I would like to be the Jonin sensei of Uzumaki Kushina when she starts her ninja career." The Uzukages eyes narrowed, before he cocked his head to the side and smiled, Naruto almost smirked it seemed Kotoamatsukami was doing it's job.

"Well you would need to be a ninja of either Konoha or Uzu for that, but it is easily solved. Narukami Naruto I here by instate you as a Jonin level ninja of Uzugakure No Sato." The Uzukage smiled, before unleashing a wave of killer intent. "Though if anything and I mean anything happens to my daughter Kushina, I will have your head do you understand me?" Naruto nodded vigorously, the man in front of him was his grandfather. It was taking everything he had not to cry in happiness and hug the man, his family and the man would never even know.

Naruto smiled at the Uzukage. "So then when do I leave for Konoha?" Naruto asked, the Uzukage smiled.

"Really that eager to get started?" The man laughed. "As far as I know the team placements are in one week, I will send a carrier pigon in advance informing them of your impending arrival. More importantly of my desire for you to be Kushina's sensei, however there is a good chance that the bird could be killed before it reaches Konoha, so I'll give you a copy of the letter as well. Shouldn't take more than an hour." Naruto smiled at his grandfather.

"Okay then I'll just hang around here till then, oh by the way I never got your name." The Uzukage laughed, shaking his head from side to side.

"Oh how rude of me, call me Datte, Uzumaki Datte, Naruto-san." Naruto nodded in acceptance as the Uzukage walked from the room. Naruto stretched out his awareness and found he was alone.

He smiled, bringing his hands up in a ram seal. "Kai." Naruto activated the last part of the Kotoamatsukami he had implanted in his grandfather. The Genjutsu's final trap activated destroying all memories of his Rinnegan, Naruto smiled. Sometimes it really was nice when everything went to plan.


Naruto sighed it was only three day's to Konoha by foot he had managed to stretch that to a week, no way in hell was he going to be able to put his Jiji under a Kotoamatsukami induced illusion. Oh well not everything in life was easy, a smile found it's way to his face as the great gates of Konoha came into view. Naruto began to take stock of the village, the third ninja world war hadn't started, yet at least.

In his own time line or dimension, he really hadn't quite figured that part out yet, the destruction of Uzu had been the trigger for the beginning of the war. The longest of the four wars spanning twelve years in total, including armistice and some back door cold war politics. Hell all up there was a grand total of around two years in armistice treaty's and demobilisation, probably why the war lasted as long as it did. Naruto shook his reminiscing of history off, he stopped to consider, is it really history, well from his perspective it was. But it hadn't actually happened yet so... oh hell he'd think about it later.

He yawned as he walked into the hidden village and was immediately accosted by the ANBU. "Naruto-san, we have been expecting you please follow us to the Hokage." Naruto nodded as an ANBU operative placed a hand on his shoulder. He knew who he would see in the Hokage chair, Sarutobi Hiruzen, his Jiji. Naruto just hoped he had it in him not to break down and cry.

The ANBU made the hand seal for the Shunshin and Naruto felt the world blur around him, before he was standing in the middle of a very familiar office. The man behind the desk was dressed in the traditional robes of the Hokage, brown hair and dark eyes, though Naruto did note he was still smoking his ever present pipe. It took everything he had not to break down and cry before hugging the old man, he never got to say goodbye before Orochimaru killed him after all.

Sarutobi Hiruzen studied his newest ninja carefully, Datte had spoken highly of the man despite his young age. Now he could see why, the man was perfectly balanced every angle ready to be attacked or defended from, you couldn't copy that. Holding your body like that only came from a life time of life and death battles. The young man looked no older than his mid to late teens, what kind of life had he lived for him to be able to hold a battle ready stance subconsciously at all times?

"Before anything else, I would like to ask did you have a good trip to Konoha, Naruto-san?" He inquired politely, he didn't trust the teen completely despite Datte's message, but there was nothing wrong with bring polite.

"I did Hokage-sama, I must say that Hi no Kuni is a lovely country this time of year." Naruto replied just as politely.

Hiruzen smiled in acceptance of Naruto's statement before frowning at the young, but obviously well trained shinobi. "Now then why do you want to train Uzumaki Kushina?" Naruto sighed, this is going to be a long day, he lamented internally.


Kushina was almost bouncing off the walls as she walked down the hall of the academy, she was a rather pretty girl with long red hair and a rounded face. violet-blue eyes shining with life added to her allure, it was today she couldn't believe it. Today she would become a Genin, and likely beat up the dumbasses that called her tomato one last time.

She wondered who her Jonin sensei would be, would she be paired with Mikoto-chan, Kushina hoped so she and the young Uchiha worked well together. Kushina wasn't really one for Ninjutsu preferring Tai and Kenjutsu to that particular branch of the ninja arts. But her chakra chains more than made up for her lack of Ninjutsu and would allow her to hold an enemy down as Mikoto fried them with a Katon Jutsu. Kushina made a mental note to learn some basic wind Ninjutsu to complement her friend.

Giddy with excitement the red head threw the door open, a million watt smile plastered over her face. Seeing her excitement mirrored on her friends face only heightened her desire for her career as a Genin to begin. Then she felt it a chill that sent her almost into convolutions with it's malicious and murderous intent. Senju Nawaki and Uchiha Mikoto also felt this ungodly chill that seemed to come from the devil himself and shivered in fear. Oddly enough this happened at the same time as Namikaze-Uzumaki Naruto, or as he went by now Narukami Naruto, was planing out his tortur- training methods for his new Genin team.

Naruto was positively giddy, oh hell yes he could save two of his precious people and help out a third. It had been an up hill battle in convincing the third Hokage that his intentions were pure, but he eventually won the old goat around. Naruto made a quick mental note to keep an eye on Danzo, the moment the crippled bastard tried anything he would die, slowly.

Naruto looked at the door to room two zero three, Naruto smiled fondly. His memories of Iruka flooding his vision, before he brought his leg back and quite literally kicked the door off it's hinges. Leaving it to land with a loud crash, Naruto walked into the room with a large smile on his face while everyone inside the room looked at him with wide disbelieving eyes. "Okay, Uchiha Mikoto, Senju Nawaki and finally Uzumaki Kushina. I am your new Jonin sensei meet me on the roof in five or so help me I will send your asses back to the academy so fast it will make your head spin." They didn't need to be told twice running straight out the door and not looking back.

Naruto smiled gave the teacher a quick wink and a smile before walking after his new students at a leisurely pace. The teacher picked his jaw up off the floor, team assignments weren't till after lunch, it wasn't even eight am yet, hell he hadn't even gotten to give his congratulatory speech.

The three Genin were ecstatic to be out of that classroom, they were told that their sensei wouldn't pick them up till after lunch, looked like they got lucky he was early. But could this guy really be a good sensei, he barely looked older than them. Naruto smiled at the three in front of him, he hoped he could torture, he meant train, them well enough. As one the three Genin of the newly created team five shivered, like a malicious god was about to bring down swift and horrible retribution on them.

"Okay then tell me your likes, dislikes, hopes, dreams and any fun facts or hobbies you have." Naruto said cheerfully, he would not pull a Kakashi when it came to be his turn to give an introduction, no matter how tempting it may be. "Your up first, tomato-chan." Naruto said, pointing quickly at his miniature mother, a tick mark appeared on Kushina's head.

"WHO THE HELL ARE YOU CALLING A TOMATO, YOU BASTARD!" The fiery red head yelled charging him rage and embarrassment clear on her face, Naruto sighed, oh yeah he was going to have to rein her temper in, though he would admit he found it cute. The newly appointed Whirlpool/Konoha Jonin disappeared in a burst of speed, reappearing behind of the newly appointed Uzumaki Genin and promptly placed a kunai to her jugular, the Genin on the roof froze.

Naruto dug the kunai into Kushina's pale white skin a little, not enough to draw blood but enough to make his point. Considering the way her face was paling even from behind he could tell he was doing his job. "I am going to say this once and only once." Naruto said in a low tone, causing a shiver to go up his Genin's spines. "You are Genin and I am a Jonin, the next time you try something as fucking stupid as attacking me head on I will hurt you. You are a ninja not a samuari do not bring a misplaced sense of honour into your fights if you were going to attack me. Then wait until my guard is down and poison me or back stab me, because otherwise you will not even be able to touch me remember that Genin ." Naruto hissed into Kushina's ear, causing the girl to shiver in fright.

Naruto breathed out deeply. "Kushina." He said in a far kinder tone. "If you were on the battlefield and let your temper get the best of you like that you would die, do you understand me." Naruto took the kunai away from her throat and the red head nodded. "I called you tomato-chan just now to see how you would react and if your temper is going to be a danger to your team mates, and it is. I will not do it again but please get your temper under control or else you will lead to someone getting killed." The red head looked dejected before looking away ashamed.

Naruto gestured for her to sit down. "Okay then lets try this again, I'll go first this time. My name is Narukami Naruto, my likes include making new Jutsu and my friends." His heart clenched at the mention of his friends he would never see them again. "My dislikes include any moron who can't tell the difference between a scroll and the kunai sealed into it." His Genin all looked a little lost at that. "And people who mistreat and look down on the Jinchuuriki simply for being different." Kushina looked shocked when he said that.

"My hope is to one day see my friends again and maybe meet that special someone, I currently have no dreams for myself." Naruto smiled at his Genin and pointed to Kushina. "Your up Kushina-chan." He said smiling, as Kushina's face lit up like a Christmas tree.

"My name is Uzumaki Kushina, my likes are Mikoto-chan, Uzugakure, Fuuinjutsu and the food OF THE GODS RAMEN! My dislikes are my nickname and people who make fun of me for being from outside of Hi no Kuni. My hobby is cooking and my dream." Kushina took a deep breath in, Naruto's instincts honed by years of being around Sakura kicked in. In less time than it took for the three Genin to blink Naruto had ear plugs in Mikoto, Nawaki and his own ears, just as Kushina screamed. "TO BE THE FIRST FEMALE HOKAGE, DATTEBANE!" Naruto removed his ear plugs and the other two did the same, looking at him gratefully.

"So that's your dream, huh." Naruto said softly, Kushina nodded in a determined manner and he smiled. "Well then I guess as your sensei it's my job to help you get there then, you'll be training hard. Make sure your ready for it." Kushina just nodded almost dumbly, most people just made fun of her dream when she told them. He said he would help her get their, her face sported a small blush.

"Your up next Nawaki-kun" Naruto said pointing at the Senju heir, Nawaki smiled finally someone who didn't call him Senju-sama. He was a person dammit not just a name!

"My name is Senju Nawaki, my likes are my older sister Tsunade, Ninjutsu and learning more about the Senju history, oh and pranks can't forget pranks. My dislikes are the elder council, traitors and people who judge others before getting to know them. My hobby? Well I guess that would be pranking people, my dream is to become Hokage and protect everyone in Konoha." He finished smiling brightly, Naruto chuckled.

"Looks like I'll have to train you and Kushina hard if I've got two Hokage candidates on the team. I'm only going to say it once though my training methods are a little...insane, be ready." Nawaki nodded looking a little frighted that even his sensei admitted freely that his methods were insane.

"Finally your up Mikoto-chan." Naruto finished smiling brightly, the raven haired girl nodded.

"My name is Uchiha Mikoto, my likes include Kushina-chan, Konoha, Katon Jutsu and sweet things. My dislikes are arrogance." Naruto barely managed to stifle his laughter that an Uchiha of all people disliked arrogance. Moreover this was Sasuke's mother, that was irony at it's finest. "Perverts, rapists and the Uchiha elder council. My hobby, well I never really thought about it." Mikoto finished sheepishly, Kushina, Nawaki and Naruto just chuckled. "My dream is to have a happy family with some children and die long before they do." She finished with a smile, Naruto had to hold in a grimace. She had gotten her wish in his time line, just in the most disturbing way possible.

He dusted off his hands while standing up and looking at the three Genin. "Okay then time for your real Genin test and before you ask, yes, there is another test you need to take. The test you guys took in the academy was just to see if you had the capacity to become Genin and you obviously all do, this test is to see if you deserve to be Genin." He took out a pair of bells and tied them to his new Uzugakure Jonin vest. "Your test is to get these bells from me before sundown today, any and all forms of attack are allowed and the only restrictions are that you have to stay inside Konoha or the training grounds exempting ground forty four, go." Naruto disappeared in a poof of smoke revealing him to be a shadow clone, it took about five minutes for the Genin to work out what he meant and immediately ran in opposite directions to find him.


Nawaki shivered, he could feel it a predator was watching him, just waiting for him to show some kind of weakness before striking. It had been three weeks since Kushina, Mikoto and he had passed the true Genin exam and been thrown into this hell that their Jonin sensei called training. Now that wasn't to say he didn't think Naruto wasn't a good guy, he actually had a lot of respect for the older blond. But his training methods were INSANE what kind of monster would do this to children?

He felt his back press up against his two team mates. "Is he, is he gone?" Mikoto asked in a fearful tone, they had been dodging surprise attacks and exploding clones all day, their nerves were at breaking point.

"No, no he's not." Kushina stated sounding more than a little frightened. "He watching us waiting for our guard to slip." The three Genin were standing back to back watching the forest as if it was a monster waiting to devour them.

"Waiting for your guard to slip?" Came the honestly confused voice. "Who said it hadn't already." The cheerful voice asked, right from the centre of their formation, Nawaki turned around first kunai leading, Naruto's boot met the Senju heir's sternum and sent him flying, cracking a rib. Mikoto jumped back to get more room and quickly found a fist buried in her gut doubling her over and causing her to vomit. Naruto spun raising his leg to deliver a brutal axe kick to Kushina's head, they would thank him for this later. He knew the third ninja war would start soon. As much as he hated himself for doing this to them, they would need this training to survive a hell like that.

Naruto gave all his Genin a quick once over, they were good, very, very good he had made the right choice doing nothing but training for three weeks. His Genin slowly managed to haul themselves off the floor, all of them coughing up blood. Naruto smiled at them, before taking a scroll out of his vest. "Okay then team five great job today, I am happy to tell you that tomorrow you have your first C ranked mission." Naruto said smiling at them, the Genin's jaws dropped, a C ranked mission? They hadn't even done one D rank yet, they took it all back their sensei was awesome.

Naruto smiled and gestured them all to come in closer. "Okay then the jobs simple, just a guard and escort mission to Kawa no Kuni. Shouldn't take more than a week, pack well and make sure you take at least enough equipment for a B rank or A rank if you can afford it, no harm in being careful." With his mission history, they were probably going to end up doing an A rank, he hated his luck sometimes. Naruto vanished in a puff of smoke to reappear over by the entrance to the training ground. "So then why are you all still standing there." Naruto asked pointing at the three.

Then they heard it, the tell tale sound of an exploding tag, Nawaki spun around. "COW!" He screamed jumping away from the model cow covered in explosives, an action that was quickly mirrored by Mikoto and Kushina. The cow exploded sending them all skidding across the grass of the training ground, with minor burn marks marring their forms. Naruto smiled at his downed team. "See you at the front gate at nine tomorrow." He said cheerfully, before walking off whistling a jaunty tune, the three Genin took it all back their sensei was an ass.

Chapter One- End

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