Sharingan no Kami

Chapter Nine: Questioning Existence

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Story Start-

The blond Shinobi pushed off of another branch, Kushina still held protectively in his arms. Naruto was going far slower on his way back to Konoha than he was when had had gone out of the hidden village to find Kushina. Part of that was because Naruto knew as fact that he was going to be dragged in front of Sarutobi at the very least and forced to explain his actions and honestly the blond hated boring meetings like that and was trying to put it off as long as possible. The other reason that Naruto was taking so long to get back was that what he had just done had suddenly sunk into his head and the blond Shinobi was freaking the fuck out.

'Oh Shit! Oh Shit, Oh Shit, Oh Shit, Oh you MOTHERFUCKER!' Were the words currently making their way through the mind of the Sensei of team five, which should tell you enough about his current state of mind.

'Oh fuck me, Dad saved Kushina last time. Oh shit, did I just screw the timeline/dimension more than I already have, oh fuck. Have I created a world where I don't exist? Oh fuck, Oh Fuck, OH FUCK!' Naruto's train of thought was constantly recurring around the same possibility, had he just screwed up the time line so much that he prevented himself from being born in another dimension? Did he just screw this worlds chance at having a 'Child of Prophecy'? Oh fuck this was bad what was he going to do, what was he going to-, Naruto's head snapped to the right causing Kushina to look up at her Sensei in worry. Naruto fought back a groan as his nerves just felt like some one had slapped him.

'Would you quit that you moron!?' Akane's voice came through their mental link, oh boy that wasn't good. She never used the demonic voice with him unless he really pissed her off and Naruto did his best to avoid doing that. The Demoness could lay a beat down on him that others would be hard pressed to match. Then something else registered in Naruto's mind, Akane was talking to him that must meant that, 'Yes you absolute moron the job is done! Did you expect any less from me!' The red head asked, an edge to her tone, Naruto quickly leapt to reassure the demoness living inside him that he didn't expect any less from her. He really, really, didn't feel like getting another beat down.

'Of course not Akane-chan, I know you always do good work.' Naruto told the Demoness in reply, getting a snort of disbelief in return, still since the red head didn't press the matter it meant that Naruto was off the hook, at least for now. 'Dodged a bullet there,' Naruto thought to himself, keeping his thoughts carefully concealed from the Demoness.

'At any rate quit being such a little bitch Naruto.' Akane told her partner, the red heads voice coming off as a strange mix of exasperated and fond. 'You have nothing to worry about,' Akane asserted.

'What the hell do you mean that I have nothing to worry about!?' Naruto shouted back mentally. 'I may have just completely screw my own existence! What happens if I cease to exist Akane, if a younger me doesn't exist here does that mean I will fade away because I won't be born or what!? Oh fuck, oh fuck, oh FUCK!' Naruto's face snapped to the left this time, causing Kushina to look up again worry clear on the red heads face.

'Didn't I just tell you to quit that you fucking moron!?' The Demoness demanded a chill running up Naruto's spine at her words. 'As I said. You. Will. Be. Fine.' Akane told him again, each word being stressed to the blond Shinobi and to be honest hearing the Demoness tell him that in such a sure tone actually made Naruto start believing it. 'Listen up brat because I'm only saying this once,' Akane said over their mental bond. 'We're in a different Dimension not a different Timeline there is a difference.' The Demoness stated before predicting the blonds next question and answering it before he could ask.

'Because we're dealing with a different reality rather than a different timeline you won't, and I will say this again, you WON'T cease to exist even if you're not born in this dimension as may be the case if we were talking about us being in a home Dimension. You, Uzumaki Naruto, are already an anomaly in this dimension, if you were going to be wiped out of existence for being here it would already have happened. As for this dimension not having a Child of Prophecy well that ones up in the air, for all you know Jiraiya never even got that prophecy from the Toads.' Akane told her container in an effort to make the blond moron stop stressing any more than he already was.

'And even if he has got that Prophecy you, he, and hell maybe even the Toads themselves, may be misinterpreting it. All Jiraiya knew about it was that he would guide a revolutionary that would bring great change to the ninja world and this man or woman would be his disciple correct.' It wasn't really a question and Naruto didn't dare interrupt the Demoness now that she was on a roll, the blond was very, very, scared of what his partner could do to him if he pissed her off.

'For all Jiraiya knows the Child of Prophecy will be his disciple, and he the child's guide, by proxy, think about it. Years ago he wrote that book right, you know 'The Tale of the Utterly Gutsy Shinobi' the one that talks about the vicious cycle of war, conflict and hatred that occupies the ninja world. What if Jiraiya is meant to be the guide of the Child of Prophecy of this world, if there even is one, by passing down his ideals inside that book thus becoming the child's guide, while the child themselves becomes the disciple of Jiraiya's ideas and ideals, thus fulfilling those parts of the Prophecy and then go's onto change the ninja world because they have been guided by those ideals their entire life, no one ever thought of that did they?' Akane asked rhetorically before continuing before Naruto had a chance to answer.

'Of course they didn't, why? Because no one ever thinks that a prophecy could be fulfilled in any way bar the most obvious.' The Demoness told her blond haired partner the red heads voice slowing losing its more demonic quality. 'This is why I hate dealing with Prophecies, too many damn ways to interpret the thing and no way to know which one is right or what events have to happen in order to make it come true.' Akane finished sighing, her voice fully returning to her human tone.

The conversation, if it could be called that, actually made Naruto feel a bit better about the fact that he may not be erased from existence in the near future, still it wasn't like he didn't have other problems like Konoha. Oh Naruto was sure he would get away with what he had done, though he admitted that he was probably going to get fined, the blond doubted that he would be removed as a Jonin Sensei though.

Saving the Uzumaki Heiress from a hostile ninja force that had kidnapped her only days, if that, before her father arrived more or less ensured that he wouldn't lose his position as a Jonin Sensei, and that wasn't even mentioning the fact that the incident had proven that they had traitors inside their Shinobi ranks the Kumo ninja should not have been able to enter Konoha without being detected, more importantly even if they had entered the legal way they would have had to know the ANBU patrol routes to get back out again with Kushina with them, they had a rat and Naruto just hoped that Sarutobi could find who it was quickly.

'By the way,' Akane added, honest curiosity in her voice. 'Did you make any headway on the Hiraishin or Kamui?' The Demoness asked, Naruto grimaced at the question. Both were exceptionally powerful techniques but learning to utilise them was difficult.

'A little,' Naruto replied after a moment. 'I changed a little of the Jutsu-Shiki I had been using for the Hiraishin and it did help improve it a little. Unlike before I can teleport three times before the strain of the Jutsu begins to tare my body apart, it's an improvement, but not by much, still it feels like a step in the right direction. As for the Kamui, yes I finally got it to work. But it took me five minutes to activate the damn thing and another seven on top of that to actually teleport with it and even then I only made it a meter and a half so at the moment there's no way in hell either of them can be used in battle.' Naruto reported to the red head sealed inside his body, the vixen didn't answer immediately.

'Did you try combining them?' Akane questioned, Naruto grunted a yes out. Careful to keep his voice low as it seemed that Kushina had fallen asleep.

'Yeah, that was a success actually.' Naruto admitted after a second. 'By combining the two Jutsu together I can get away from the damage that the Hiraishin does to my body but it takes fifteen minutes to mix the two together before I can teleport with it. So the current usability in battle is still a big fat zero, still like I said earlier it's a step in the right direction.' Naruto could feel Akane nod inside of him.

'I see, Rinnegan?' The vixen asked, Naruto shook his head in a negative.

'No haven't had any time to pull that off recently. I can't afford to try out Shinra Tensei near the village, the same for Banshou Ten'in if I lose control then, well I don't even really want to think about that. As for the other paths Ningendo I haven't really had a chance to use, same go's for Shuradō, Jigokudō, Gakidōand Gedō. I can't use Chikushōdō anywhere a Konoha Shinobi might see, the last thing I need is for someone to report me summoning an animal with weird eyes describe it to Jiji and have Jiraiya figure out that I have the Rinnegan, that would be a whole can of worms on it's own, the Uchiha are going to be hard enough to deal with when I finally have to use the Shringan in battle.' Naruto replied, gaining an understanding sigh from Akane.

Hell they couldn't even use too many Kage Bunshin just in case someone managed to figure out who was making all of them and work out that Naruto had the Chakra reserves of a jinchūriki. Which was something neither one wanted until they were ready to reveal it, that plan was coming along Akane having just finished part of it, still more needed to be done yet.

'I see your point,' The Demoness replied mulling over the problem. 'Nothing we can do about that now, still maybe during the month break between the Chunin Exam's second round and the finals we'll be able to get some Rinnegan training in.' Akane told her partner, Naruto grunted in response as the gate of Konoha came into view, an ANBU squad already waiting for him, oh this was going to be fun.

'Hopefully,' Naruto replied, his eyes still fixed on the ANBU he was approaching. 'Clans always train their own children before the finals, it's traditional. Hell I know as a fact that Datte will be here in the next few days to tell Kushina about what almost happened to Uzu and he'll probably continuing her training in the Uzumaki Clan arts. That leaves me free for a month to do my own thing, I'll see if I can't get a mission out of Konoha during that time so that I can get some training done.' Naruto replied, already making plans, he would make a Kage Bunshin before he went to bed tonight to copy some Jutsu scrolls for his Genin so they could at least have a few Jutsu under their belts that were their opponents direct elemental weakness.

'Well that's one reason to be out of the village at any rate.' Akane replied sounding thoughtful and mischievous at the same time, a combination that made Naruto's blood run cold.

'What do you mean?' The blond Shinobi asked, his wariness creeping into his tone. Making the nine tailed vixen chuckle.

'You remember what my former containers nickname was do you not Naruto?' Akane questioned, laughter coming into her tone. Naruto stopped short at the odd question.

'Sure I do, Uzumaki Kushina was also known as the Akai Chishio no Habanero.' Naruto answered after a second, still confused at the Demonesses line of questioning.

'Very good Naruto,' Akane praised him in a cheery voice making Naruto feel like he was missing something terribly obvious. 'Now next question Naru, how did my former container get that nickname?' Naruto thought about it for a second before answering.

'Kids made fun of her hair and so she pummelled them into the ground.' The blond answered wary of what the Demoness was getting at but also very confused at her current line of questioning.

'Okay then, final question Naru.' Akane told him after a second, making Naruto growl at the nickname the nine tailed vixen had picked out for him, he was not four dammit! 'If Uzmaki Kushina did that to people for just making fun of her hair, what do you think that she is going to do to you for withholding information about the possible destruction of her hone from her, hmm?' The vixen inquired and Naruto's face went bone white, oh dear sweet Kami, he was getting a mission outside of the village the second that Datte turned up. Give his miniature mother some time to cool off before she tried to kill him. Naruto was lucky his face had regained colour as he landed in front of the assembled ANBU. None of which pulled out weapons but they did tense.

"Narukami Naruto," One of the masked figures said in a blank tone. "You are to come with us to the Hokage regarding your actions of injuring two Chunin level Shinobi of Konohagakure. After this meeting your punishment will be decided upon by the Hokage, however I must ask before we leave what are you doing with the Uzumaki Heiress and why was she outside of the village?" The ANBU inquired, an incredulous look made it's way to Naruto's face, they still didn't know Kushina was missing!? Heads were going to roll for this, Naruto knew as a fact that the Barrier team checked every hour to make sure no intruders had come into the village and that no high priority members of the village had left it without permission, and as the jinchūriki of the Kyuubi and the Heiress of the Uzumaki Clan Kushina was definitely high priority.

That meant they had a traitor in the barrier team, Naruto could only hope that the bastard was still there, because a smart man would have reported that no one had left and then gone home picked up their stuff and left the village before the next sweep was made and someone figured out they had been lying.

"I am with Uzumaki Kushina as she was kidnapped earlier tonight by five Jonin level Shinobi of Kumogakure, I left the village to get her back. As for harming the Chunin level ninja that was done in my haste to catch up to the Kumo ninja and I will accept my punishment for my actions, could you please lead me to the Hokage tower now?" Naruto finished gaining a nod from the masked figure who seemed to accept his words, at least for now.

"Very well," The boar masked ANBU replied before gesturing to one of his men. "Please hand Uzumaki Kushina to my subordinate Bird, he will take her to the hospital for a check up." Boar told him, Naruto closed his eyes for a second and spread his awareness out, Boar was telling the truth Kushina would be taken to the hospital by Bird none of the ANBU around him were with Danzo from what he could tell. That being said it didn't change that there were traitors around.

"Sorry Boar but I can't comply with that order." Naruto stated, his stance relaxed and peaceful indicating that while he had no desire to fight the ANBU he wasn't going to comply. Boar tilted his head to the side and signalled the ANBU that had started to go for their weapons to stand down.

"May I ask why not Narukami-san?" Boar asked, so far the blond had been cooperative, why the change?

"My reason is that their has to be a traitor in the barrier team for no one to know that Uzumaki Kushina had left the village, if that is the case then I don't know where other traitors could be placed." Naruto held up his hand to the ANBU and bowed slightly.

"I mean no disrespect to you or those under your command Boar," The blond continued after a moment. "But considering that a traitor could be placed in such a sensitive place as the barrier team I have to assume that other places are not impossible, that includes the ANBU or hospital staff either of which could be in place to kill Kushina in the event that Kumo had been unable to securer her, I have no objections to having a medic look over Kushina but I will not let her out of my sight for now, I would still be more than happy to accompany you to the Hokage tower but Uzumaki Kushina will be going with me and I would be very grateful if you could have Bird over there have a medic of his choosing come and look over Kushina in the Hokage's office." Boar thought about it for a second before nodding, if the blond was telling the truth, and Boar had no reason to believe that he wasn't, then Naruto's fears were completely understandable.

"Fair enough Narukami-san," The ANBU leader stated after a moment and placed his hand on the blond Jonin's shoulder. "Bird, please go and get a medic from the hospital to meet us at Hokage tower," Boar commanded, Bird nodded and jumped off in the direction of the hospital. While the ANBU leader, the blond and the red haired Genin disappeared in a puff of smoke heading towards the tower.

When they arrived inside however the Sandaime Hokage, Sarutobi Hiruzen, was not alone. Standing next to him was a man very familiar to Naruto, a man with red hair and violet-blue eyes that were cold and calculating. Armour reminiscent of the Shodaime and Nidaime Hokages covered his body while his moth was locked into a frown, yes standing next to Hiruzen was Uzumaki Datte, current leader of Uzushiogakure no Sato and, perhaps even more importantly at that point in time,father of Uzumaki Kushina. Hiruzen looked at Boar for a second before dismissing him with a wave of his hand, Naruto placed Kushina down on one of the couches inside the Hokage's office.

"Narukami Naruto," Hiruzen stated his voice carefully blank though Naruto had no doubt that the man was angry with him for harming Konoha ninja even if he had a good reason. "Earlier tonight you harmed a pair of Chunin level Shinobi of Konohagakure, one of which as several broken ribs and the other a concussion, what are your reasons for these actions?" The Sandaime Hokage asked, Datte stayed silent his eyes still on his daughters unconscious form, that his Jiji didn't have his pipe on him only reminded Naruto of just how serious this conversation really was. While the fact that his rank hadn't been said when the elderly Sarutobi had started talking meant that if his reasoning wasn't good enough Naruto was looking at a demotion, at the very least. Not unsurprising considering that attacking a fellow ninja of Konohagakure, or an allied ninja in Naruto's case, was treason.

"Hokage-sama my actions, rash though they were, were done out of concern for the safety of Uzumkai Kushina." Naruto stated, the elderly Hokage's eyes narrowed as did Datte's.

"Explain," Hiruzen demanded, Naruto nodded before turning to the Uzumaki Clan leader.

"First Hokage-sama I must ask that I be allowed to reveal the nature of my earlier mission to Uzumaki-sama." Naruto replied, Hiruzen nodded. "As you may already know Uzumaki-sama when team five first had a mission outside of the village an abduction was attempted." Naruto stated gaining a nod from Datte.

"Five days ago at the beginning of the Chunin Exams I sensed several Shinobi around the exam area that I knew were not supposed to be there, as such I decided to investigate. Upon that investigation I discovered they were part of the same group of Shinobi that had attempted to abduct my students and summarily executed them." Naruto stated in the same kind of tone of someone talking about how the weather was that day.

"After which I had a Kage Bunshin of mine deliver the bodies of most of the Shinobi to Hokage-sama along with one live sample to be interrogated and then disposed of." Naruto continued blandly, Datte and Hiruzen's eyes narrowed at this. They knew he was young, very young, even by Shinobi standards and yet Naruto seemed to have seen enough death that it was common place to him.

"After receiving the dead Shinobi and the live sample Hokage-sama called me into his office and assigned me a mission to watch over team five in order to prevent any more abduction attempts, I killed a lot people that day," Naruto added almost as an after thought.

"At any rate, when the second part of the exams had finished I knew that I would not be able to keep an eye on all three of my students so I placed a seal on each of them." Naruto continued, peeking Datte's interest. "The seal allows me to sense their general direction, their distance from me and finally something of their emotional state, after I reported to Hokage-sama and went home I checked the seals and while Senju Nawaki and Uchiha Mikoto were fine Uzumaki Kushina was outside of the village walls and getting further away, her emotional state at the time was one of fear. I immediately assumed that she had been abducted and chased after her. The reason that the two Chunin were harmed was that they attempted to stop me for leaving the village, I did not feel I had time to stop and as such instead of explaining the situation to them I merely removed them from my path." Naruto finished looking up at the two elderly Shinobi, Hiruzen had a grimace on his face.

"Had Uzumaki Kushina been abducted?" The Sandaime Hokage inquired.

"Yes," Naruto replied, gaining narrowed eyes and gritted teeth from the two men.

"Who dared to abduct my daughter!?" Datte demanded, Naruto saw no reason not to answer, he was technically an Uzu Jonin after all.

"The perpetrators of the abduction were five Jonin level Shinobi from Kumogakure no Sato, or at least that was the village who's symbol that they wore." Naruto replied, Hirzuen's stern look didn't fade at hearing these words, if anything the man grew even more angered.

"What happened to the five?" The elderly Sandaime Hokage asked.

"They are all dead," Naruto replied, causing the older man to nod. Honestly Hiruzen hadn't really expected anything less from the blond Jonin still it did raise an interesting question, exactly how strong was the blond Uzushiogakure Jonin? He had apparently been able to kill five Kumo Jonin in open battle and come out without a scratch, that was impressive no matter how you wanted to slice it. The elderly Sarutobi nodded to the younger Narukami.

"Very well, if Uzumaki Kushina confirms your story then your punishment will be reduced to a fine due to extenuating circumstances. This fine will only cover the cost of medical treatment for the two Chunin," Sarutobi finished, Naruto nodded, he didn't mind that. Honestly speaking Naruto was going to offer to pay for the medical treatment of the two anyway. "May I ask where to find the bodies of the Kumo Jonin?" The older man inquired, Naruto nodded in reply.

"I didn't seal them up and take them with me so they should be a few kilometres outside the village, if you head north by north-west." Naruto replied, Hiruzen nodded.

"I could start a war over this," The old man admitted while Datte nodded next to him. "I could, but I won't, instead I'm going to take Kumo to the cleaners financially and in terms of Jutsu. Honestly by attacking the Heiress of the Uzumaki Clan I would like to start a war with Kumo but that would start a chin reaction and possibly start the third Shinobi world war, I would like to avoid that if possible." Naruto and Datte nodded, both looking like they had just swallowed a lemon whole. A familiar looking ANBU appeared next to Hiruzen wearing and Bird mask and spoke quietly into the elderly Hokage's ear. Hiruzen nodded before turning back to the two guests in his office.

"A medic has been brought to the tower by my ANBU and is waiting in the next room to examine Kushina-chan." The Sandaime stated before looking down at his desk and pulling out a piece of paper. "Now then, Datte I am sure you want to be near your daughter and Naruto-san I know that you're not going to let your student out of your sight until you are sure she is in good health so for tonight I will be you both farewell." Hiruzen stated as Datte leaned down and picked his daughter off of the couch as if she weighed nothing and gave his old friend a nod before leaving the room and action that was mimicked by Naruto.

The two Uzumaki walked to the next room in silence and simply watched like hawks as the medic examined the still sleeping red head that Datte had laid on the bed of the room. Neither was under the wrong impression, if the medic made even the slightest threatening move towards the still sleeping Uzumaki Kushina it would be a race between the leader of the Uzumaki Clan and the Blond Uzushiogakure Jonin to see who killed him first. The medic stood and bowed to the leader of the Uzumaki Clan.

"Your daughter is fine," He assured the giant red haired man. "As far as her physical state go's Uzumaki Kushina is just in need of some sleep, I honestly couldn't tell you what her mental state is though." The man admitted, "Best advice I can give is have her undergo some counselling when she wakes up, the girl needs to talk about this or else it could end up becoming a serious psychological problem later on." The medic finished bowing to the Uzumaki Clan leader again before leaving the room, Datte didn't say anything for a minute.

"Where did you place the seal on my daughter?" The red haired man inquired, his voice low so as to not wake the sleeping girl up.

"Middle of her back," Naruto replied, his voice at the same pitch as Datte's. The man nodded and carefully turned the sleeping body of Kushina over in order to get a look at the seal on her back, the man looked at it for a second before nodding to himself and smiling.

"A very well made seal," Datte complemented and Naruto felt a quick surge of pride at being complemented by his grandfather, even if the man didn't know of their relation. "It makes me wonder why you continue hide your name from others when you clearly have nothing to be ashamed of." The man continued, making Naruto freeze and look at the older man who simply pulled the covers of the bed back up over his sleeping daughter.

"I'm sure I don't know what you mean." Naruto replied after a second but the blond knew that the damage had already been done. His hesitation had just put the icing on the cake as it were, the elder Uzumaki snorted in disbelief.

"Do I look like a fool to you boy?" Datte inquired, his voice holding some genuine humour to it. "I'd know your facial structure anywhere, and the way your eyes are shaped are something that almost all Uzumaki Clan members have. All I needed to see was your sealing to confirm it, and the way this seal was done was most definitely based on Uzumaki methods. It doesn't take a genius to figure it out." Datte's face went blank, "I don't know who's child you are but there have not been any exiles from the Uzumaki clan in many years which means that you are most likely the child of one of our clan members that left Uzu of their own volition." Datte took a deep breath in, as if considering something.

"Your elements tell me you're an Uzumaki as well," The man continued causing Naruto's eyes to widen slightly. "I will admit that having three elemental affinities is extremely rare outside of bloodline clans but two of your elements are quite common in the Uzumaki Clan, your Futon and Raiton elements." Naruto didn't know what to say and Datte chuckled a little.

"Kushina sends letters home every week and her mother and I always get them, she couldn't resist telling us about her completely insane but awesomely cool, those are her words not mine by the way, Sensei that had three elemental affinities. Considering that you have a Katon affinity as well I can make an educated guess that you are probably the son of an Uzumaki Clan member and someone most likely from fire country." Datte finished looking at the blond, "So tell me how close am I?" The older man asked.

"As I said before, I have no idea what you're talking about." Naruto replied causing Datte to nod and turn his attention back to his daughter.

"Then I hope that one day you will trust Kushina or I enough to tell us why you no longer call yourself Uzumaki, It is always nice to find more family after all." The leader of the Uzumaki Clan stated, Naruto just nodded slowly.

"Maybe one day." The blond agreed under his breath.

Chapter nine- End.