Premise: This will be a collection of stories told not necessarily in a linear order. The stories will be a chronicle of all the main stories that cannot be told in the main stories.

Disclaimer: I do not own anything all rights belong to the respective owners of BtVS and the Avengers.

All stories will be set in the badass family 'verse

AU: In this fic assume that Buffy did not go to her father in LA but rather to Uncle Phil in New York so Buffy is sixteen.

It would seem strange in any other family but the Coulson extended family just simply defied description. Phil had learnt to hide behind his stoic agent façade and his niece; well he could confess that she had picked his favourite act – EVER.

Anyone who did not look too closely would believe that his young niece of sixteen was the typical Californian princess. Buffy had perfected the airhead routine very quickly; it was only when you managed get close enough and view her actual test scores that you understood that it was exactly that; an act. His mother had an act; he did and now his niece.

He'd been so angry when had found out that she had been called and especially when he had found out what had happened with the Master. When he had discovered this he had gone direct to his boss to find out everything that was known. Just like he suspected; his boss explained everything. Phil listened in horror as Fury outlined how the young girls were called; what their purpose was and the final part that made his blood run cold was their short life expectancy.

Phil was determined; he could not change her calling but he could help her perfect her skills. Buffy would not be dead for any longer than two minutes for as long as possible. He asked for a favour from his boss; it was a calculated move. Fury would not like giving a young girl security clearance but on the other hand; he knew all about the Avenger idea.

It turns out that Phil shouldn't have been worried about Fury's reaction. When he had let his boss know he had demanded that Buffy come to his place. Fury's aunt had been a Slayer and he would do all he could to help any slayer. Fury had loved meeting Buffy and gifted her with the most beautifully crafted Chinese throwing stars. Buffy's squeal of delight showed just how happy she was, plus both he and Fury were gifted with rib-crushing hugs before she ran off in the direction of the training rooms.

Fury gave what could only be described as a bemused grin, "I'd go and find Buffy before Barton and Romanov adopts her."

Phil could not decide if it would be a blessing or a curse for Buffy to meet, not that he'd ever admit it, his favourite agents. What he really wanted to do was taze the Chinese guy who come up with the saying 'may we live in interesting times'. Still, in the long run, if it allowed Buffy to relax and learn more tricks to help keep her alive then he was only too happy to let her meet them.

When Phil had entered the gym Buffy had already got the measure of the throwing stars. He watched fascinated as she moved around the littered training room, using the equipment as obstacles and pivoting to throw the darts. Buffy missed the obstacles using a combination of natural grace and gymnastics training.

Phil clocked the movement above, which meant Hawkeye was in residence in one of his 'nests'. He wondered what Clint would make of Buffy. It occurred to him that Buffy had a unique combination of Hawkeye's and Natasha's strongest skills.

Phil smirked, "How do you manage throwing upside down?"

Buffy stopped mid-flow and quirked an eyebrow; Phil bit back a smile at her mimicking him. He managed to say with a perfectly straight face, "Buffy you must be able to adapt to all surroundings."

Barton could have sworn that the tiny blonde was pouting muttering something about not letting him watch a 'Star Wars' marathon. Barton made a mental note to find out all the possible secrets this girl possessed. He could admit that he was impressed with anyone who could help Agent Coulson unwind.

Barton watched as Buffy seemed to come to a decision; she shrugged seeming to find it a perfectly acceptable reason. Unlike all the other agents, she didn't need to shimmy up the rope she vaulted using the horse to land on the thin line.

Barton sucked in a breath seeing the fluid grace. He knew former circus workers who would kill to have skills like that. Of course it begged the question of where Coulson had found the tiny blonde spitfire. Personally, this mystery Buffy reminded Clint of Natasha, without the anger that his best friend carried although there was plenty of fire.

He slid away knowing perfectly well that Coulson was aware that he had been watching. He walked in the direction of Natasha's quarters to see what she would make of the blonde.

Buffy was hanging off the metal pole that ran adjacent to the ceiling having a great time. Uncle Phil could see that she was not being stretched by the stationary project. So he dared her to do better. She could see the moving target that had been set to senior agent level and she was getting her eye in so she could use the throwing stars.

Buffy thought it was going to be really hard to put the stars down, they were now one of her favourite weapons apart from 'Mr Pointy' and her beautifully carved samurai sword. The sword had been a gift from him and Nana Vicky and had become invaluable since she had been called.

The Agents walked in not even bothering to hide their curiosity. They knew and respected Phil too much to pull that kind of falsehood with him. Clint admired the throws, which were finding the target perfectly. Natasha let out a Russian curse, "bozhe moi"

Buffy decided to come back down to ground level and she knew that Agent Barton would be jealous. He always would use a rope but thanks to her enhanced agility and balance this distance was perfectly acceptable jumping range so she flipped before landing gracefully in front of them.

Buffy knew she could have fun with the Agents, well a small amount. What was more interesting to Buffy was how her Uncle was reacting around Agent Barton. To anyone else, he looked like the perfect Agent, in total control of his surroundings. Buffy knew better, she had caught the several glances up to the roof, where she knew Clint stood observing her training session.

"So you're Robin Hood?"

Clint put in an extra flourish as he kissed her hand, "No my fair lady I'm Clint Barton."

Buffy did not flush and while amused clearly saw through his attempt at charm. Buffy turned to her Uncle, "He is everything you said he was Uncle."

Now her face took on an extraordinary pout; Clint was impressed that face should be classed as a weapon. He thought Natasha was that mistress of manipulation but even she was impressed. "Can we please practice archery together?"

Clint and Natasha shared a look, clearly both thinking the same, "What the hell?"

Still it made a twisted sense, most agents had no family and if they did you very rarely spoke about them. It was clear that Coulson believed his niece could handle herself. Clint having seen just a small demonstration of her ability he didn't doubt that she could. What he really wanted to do was get to know her. He thought that she could obviously do with a friend as both he and Natasha could recognise that haunted look. Plus, he was starting to man up to the crush he had developed on Coulson and figured after his last close shave that it was about time that he did something about it.

Coulson gave an exaggerated sigh, "You may practice together if Agent Romanov agrees to oversee."

Buffy saw that the attraction went both ways. Barton was never going to know what had hit him. She just hoped she could convince Agent Romanov to help.

Romanov eyebrow made a minuscule movement which Phil could read. "It's not a punishment. I'm just asking you to keep an eye on my niece."

Barton was starting to pout and that was doing bad things for Coulson's control. Natasha shook her head and smirked, "Come along children I want to see Buffy hand Hawkeye his ass."


Coulson watched as they wondered off toward the practice range. Fury came to stand next to him, "Is that wise?"

Coulson shrugged, "I'm hoping the Black Widow can keep control."

Fury was amused, "You assume that Natasha won't be a bad influence?"

Phil smirked, "Oh no Buffy has the potential to be far deadlier than either of them."

Fury listened to what could only be the boast of a proud Uncle. In fairness though, he knew what Buffy was facing and he couldn't help but agree. He vowed to keep an eye on her and do all that he could to assist her.

Of course, the next day he sat in his office laughing his ass off at the latest report. Hill had reported that the junior agents were complaining that they were being shot in the ass with arrows with messages consisting of constant vigilance.

He knew that he should be the Big Bad director and put a stop to this – really. Yet, there was just a small part of him that found this too funny. It also had the added advantage of putting a huge dent into the massive egos that some of the younger agents were building.

Hill could see the devious cogs turning in her bosses head, "Sir what shall we do?"

Fury sat back still snickering, "We get Coulson to give Agents' Barton and Romanov and his young niece a paint-ball gun."

"Sir?" He could tell that Maria didn't understand the order and was dying to question it.

"Egos around here are getting a little too big. This will be just the operation to remind people to never get too complacent."

Hill acknowledged the order and had to admire the unorthodox method in which the Director approached the problem.

Still that did leave her with one problem; how was she going to write an official memo basically stating that the Boss had okayed a two day exercise, where all personnel were likely to be attacked with paint balls by the three most deadly people on the base.

She did know one thing; the next few days were going to be interesting.

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