DC: never owned Skullgirls. If I did then my OC would be the star.

Starting with James POV. Lights, cameras, action!

'So this is it?' I thought to myself as the mafia aimed thier guns at me with intent to kill.
My mind went through the events that led me here.
To think if I never met Filia none of this would happen.
But I don't hate her. It was not her fault that she was with the mafia.

'Heh the things that I do for people.' I thought they would be my final words. Little did I know otherwise.

To third person view:

Just then James heard a voice yell 'Egrets Attack!'
Several of the black egrets poured out from every spot behind James.
They began opening fire. James lied down on the ground and rolled to the left.
Now behind a car, he gave a large sigh of relief.

The mafia fell back to a higher part of the building.
James got out of his hiding spot and saw Parasoul and two of her troops's chi cuffing the two goons that James beat the crap out of.
'Nice work Mr James.' Parasoul said with an impressed smile.

The blind fighter smiled but was taken by surprize by Filia.
She just took him down and had him in a big hug.
'Oh James I'm so glad your safe!' she cried out as tears poured onto James dragon shirt.
James was having some trouble breathing. Due to Filia's plump body right on his lungs.
This had been proven more with her bust on his chest.

'Nice to be...with you Filia...But I'd like to get up...Please.' James said as he battled for air.
Filia noticed this and helped James back up. James noticed that Samson was not talking.
By now he should have done a quip or a pipebomb or something like that.

'Samson has been rather quiet lately.' Filia said as if she knew what James was thinking.
Filia was drying her tears as she looked at James.

Parasoul coughed and this got James saying 'How did you find me?'

The leader of the egrets pointed to the chest of James.
There was a small red dot on it. James muttered 'Subtle.'
and he took in his right palm and crushed it.

Parasoul turned back to the two troops who cuffed the goons.
'Take them back to HQ. Deal with them later.' she said.
The two troops saluted her and dragged them back to a van.

Just then Filia grabbed James by his right arm.
She led him out of the car park to the main building.
Parasoul noticed and ran after them.

As they reached the foyer they saw it became a mini war zone.
The place looked expensive and there were paintings of the many heads of the Medici. But now most of them had gun shots in them.
There was a gun fight going on.

Parasoul was able to catch up to the two teens.
'Get Down!' she yelled as she pushed them to the ground with her following suit.

Gunfire was blazing all above them. James made sure Filia was okay and turned to Parasoul. She pointed to a large elevator not too far away.
'Follow me and stay close! Parasoul yelled as they started to crawl towards the elevator.

As they moved around the foyer James was right next to Filia.
The blind fighter does not see exactly but he was able to notice Parasoul's figure. He wretched his eyes from the sight.
He felt a tap on his right arm. James turned to see Filia looking at him.
Before she said anything James said 'Now is not the time Filia!'

After getting behind Parasoul's troops the trio made it into the huge elevator.
The doors shut and they roze up the floors.
'So where are we heading?' James asked Parasoul as was catching his breath.

Parsoul rubbed her forehead and said 'To the top floor. The boss will be at the top.
No doubt with records of Filia's past.'
Filia rose a hand up and said 'Wait if I'm related to the mafia.
Then I could take over it right?'
Parsoul nodded and said 'You might. But do you want to?'
Before Filia could say yes or no James stood in front of her and said 'If your going to go after her next.
Then you'll have to fight me first.'
Parasoul smiled but before she could talk she was cut off by something. No, someone crashing into the large glass elevator.
'Sorry folks but your show's over!' a women yelled.
James and co looked at her. She had a low cut dress which showed her clevage.
She had mint green hair and had a grin on her face. In her left hand she was twirling a sort of hat.
'Who the hell are you?' James said as he did two things. One he made sure Filia was safe behind him , second he pointed a finger at the intruder.
The women gave a cocky smile and did a bow. As if she were a preformer.
'Cerebella's the name. Breaking bones is my game.' Cerebella said as she ended her bow.
James noticed that her chi was good. 'Why then is she serving the mafia?' James thought to himself.
'Give it up you're outnumbered.' Parasoul said as she took her living umbrella and entered a fencing stance with it.
Filia chucked off her hat and her hair went wild and moved around her head.
James turned around to Filia. 'Samson's not talking but I can still use the power.'
she said to him as she too got into a fighting stance.
He mused to himself about who was in control, Filia or Samson?
James gave a heavy sigh. He did not want anyone to get hurt.
His Sensei told him that fighting only breeds more fighting.
James kung fu was to only be used for the greater of good.
'Let's fight her one at a time.' James said as he entered his stance. 'It's show time!' Cerebella yelled as she put on her hat.
Right after that it shot out large arms and James was shocked.
In fact so was Filia. Parasoul was not on the other hand.
'I've seen you in the circus. Your acts are rigged.' she said in a mocking tone.
Cerebella got angry and used her large hat hands to fly towards her.
Seeing this Parasoul swung her brolly and a yellow orb formed in the air.
'Explode Kreig!' Parasoul yelled as she made it explode.
Cerebella saw this and blocked it. However she was forced to land back on the ground.
'Now James!' Parasoul yelled as she lept back.
The blind fighter ran in with a dashing kick. His foot nailed the circus girl in the chest and she went flying back to the other side of the elevator. 'Lucky shot.' she muttered as she did a ukemi.
Not slowing down, James ran towards her for a combo.
Cerebella grabbed one of the arms of her hat.
She yelled 'Spin to win!' and spun the hat's arms rapidly.
James got caught in it and went flying into the glass window.
It cracked heavily but James did not go through it.
Filia gave a sigh of relief. James shook his head and got back up slowly.
James infused his hands with some chi power. They glowed a light red.
'What's with the light show?' Cerebella asked as her hat cracked it's kunckles.
James did not give an answer to her. He again ran towards her but just as Cerebella's hat threw out a right hook he stopped. He thrust his left palm foreward.
It did not touch the circus girl. But despite that she was sent flying backward.
'How did you do that?' Filia asked to her fellow teen.
James said 'Power of chi.'
Just then he grabbed the back of his head in pain.
Cerebella saw this and dashed towards James.
Filia knew James would not be able to defend himself.
She rolled foreward. Her hair becoming sharp.
Knocking Cerebella over like a bowling pin.
Parasoul fired a projectile from her umbrella to protect James 'Naplam shot!' she cried out Cerebella recovered and muttered 'On the ropes.'
Getting an idea she took her hat. Whose hands were formed in a straight line.
She flung it and it spun like a helicoptor rotor.
Filia ducked under it. However Parasoul was not so lucky. It wacked her hard on the side of her head. She fell to the ground. Catching her breath and clearing the cobwebs Parasoul was out for the moment.
The hat flew back around behind Filia. It's large right hand grabbed Filia.
If only Samson was talking. Filia would have been warned. Cerebella grabbed the left hand of her hat and begun to spin the hat.
'Get ready for a show stopper!' she cried out as she flung the hat into the air.
James finally regained his chi sight. That wack on the head removed it for a while.
Then he saw what Cerebella had in mind. As the hat was in the air she balanced a sword on her foot.
Filia would be impaled on it if he did not do something.
Desperate James channeled his chi into his whole body.
With this he hovered just off the floor.
Now in a haste he dashed towards the circus actor with a blue arua around him.
She never saw him coming. He grabbed her back and threw her high into the air.
After this he followed up with a number of precise kicks in mid-air.
'This is one of the most powerful moves my Sensei showed me.' James inwardly said to himself.
At the peak of the jump James grabbed Cerebella and chucked her across the room.
She went right into the nearby wall. Her body upside down. After that she fell to the floor with a heavy thud.
Knocked out cold. The fight was over. James landed down on the floor and ran to catch Filia.
The hat had become small now. She landed in his arms but her plump body and above average weight made him bend his knees a little. 'Sorry I'm a little heavy.' Filia said as she rested in James arms.
'Shhh. Don't say that.' James muttered to her as they stood still.
The world around them just vanished for a second or two.
Filia looked deep into the blind teen's eyes.
James noticed just how close thier mouths were to each other.
They moved slowly together until a beeping noise cut them off.
Parasoul got back up as the elevator doors sild open.
They arrived at the head office.
That's all for now.
Next chapter I'll try to make a move list for James.
Bye Bye!