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Chapter 4

I rode to one of the old shipping yards about a few miles away from the base. I really needed a break. I parked my bike and laid on top of one of the crates. Sometimes I really hate guys. I closed my eyes and drifted off to sleep.

Flashback 12 years ago.

"Mommy?" I crawled around the rubble. I didn't know where I was or where anything was. Everything was just dirt, rubble, or ash. "Mommy?" I cried.

End Flashback.

I woke up to the sound of a motorcycle. I sat up and saw one coming towards me. I panicked and jumped down. The bike parked a few feet in front of me. The rider took off his helmet, it was Aidan. I huffed and walked away. Aidan jumped off his bike and pulled me back. I swung to hit him but he grabbed my wrist.

"East tiger, just want to talk." he said calmly.

"Talk about your stupidity? You surly proved that this morning." I growled.

"I'm sorry Lucy. I just kinda lost it. You know the last thing I would ever do is hurt you and hitting you was a complete accident." he pleaded.

"That's still no excuse for fighting with him. None at all." I said coldly and started walking again. He kept following me.

"I was mad. I was mad that you still haven't chosen." He pulled me back and kissed me. "I love you Lucy. I'm sorry, but that's just all I can give you." he turned around and walked back for his bike. I was at war with myself just then. I took off after him. I pulled him around and kissed him.

"I love you too Aidan." I smiled and we started to make out. My life with him started to flash before my eyes. From the day we first met all the way to now. How that dorky nine year old turned into the man before me now. We embraced each other tightly as we kissed. He then pulled off my jacket and I did the same to him. We then pulled off each others shirts and he picked me up and laid me on the ground as we kept kissing. He then pulled off my pants and I undid his belt. He rubbed his hands all over my body as we loved each other. For the first time, I finally feel right.

7 hours later.

The sun was now pretty low in the sky. For the first time in years I slept, and well. I lifted my head up from Aidan's chest. He was sort of awake. He looked at me and smiled.

"I'm tempted to say good morning." he smiled. "But good evening."

"Ooh clever." I joked. I looked around and noticed our clothes were spread out in about a twenty feet radius. We were covered by our jackets which was about it. I couldn't help but laugh, then I laid my head back on his chest. The most beautiful sound to me is the sound of the human heart. The sweet thumping of Aidan's almost put me right back to sleep.

"Wow we were bad." Aidan spoke up.

"Why?" I asked.

"Our clothes are everywhere and I can't seem to see my underwear." he laughed.

"Wow your stupid." I giggled. I looked around. "Your underwear is hanging on that strip of metal." I pointed at a strip of metal sticking out of a crate. It was about seven feet up.

"How it get up there?" he asked in shock.

"Who cares. The most important thing is mine is right here." I held up mine. He grabbed them and threw it.

"Mean." he kissed my forehead.

"I know. We need to get dressed though. The sun will be down in about a hour and we should get back."

"I know. My parents will probably kill me." I sat up.

"Maybe, but they'll just be glad your ok." he sat up and kissed me and we went to find our clothes. I picked up all of my clothes and went behind a crate to change. I couldn't help but laugh at Aidan as he jumped to reach his underwear. He finally got them. We got changed and walked back for our bikes.

"When we get back, I have something to give you." he smiled and kissed me.

"What?" I asked.

"Your going to have to wait Miss Impatient." he laughed. Our bikes were in sight. Thats when we both stopped in horror and ran for them. They were both in smoke.

"Shit!" Aidan shouted.

"What happened to them?" they looked like they were blown up.

"I don't like the feeling of this." Aidan growled. I was with him on that. We didn't have any weapons. I had a knife in my boot, but that may not be enough for what even took out our bikes.

"Wait" Aidan pulled out his communicator that seemed to have survived.

"Walker to Base." he called into it but no answer.

"Walker to Base come in." still no answer. He was starting to get mad.

"Dammit Base come in!" he shouted.

"Walker take a breather. Your communicator has a weak signal." it was Blair on the other end.

"Blair we have a problem." stressed Aidan.

"What's wrong?" her voice got serious.

"Something destroyed our bikes."

"You two have been gone for over seven hours. What were you two doing?" she asked. We looked at each other and blushed.

"Nothing, but something blew up our bikes and we have no weapons." he stressed.

"Lucy Connor." we both froze as we heard a cold and icy voice behind us. We turned around slowly and Aidan dropped the communicator.

"Shit!" he yelled and ran. I couldn't move.

"No." I whispered. A tear fell down my cheek.