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Of Loyalties and Love


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Aloha! I'm baaaack (after 1 day, lol) with my sixth FanFiction! I guess I don't have to put story summaries here for convenience anymore since the site has it on the actual page with the story now. I'll only put it there when there's extra I can't fit. By the way, sorry the summary was sooo long, but there's a lot of things happening in this story; even more than I wrote above. It's hard to summarize a multi-part story into 384 characters. This should be my longest story yet (only by about two chapters, though)! Please read and review if you'd like, but no flames! (Remember Flamezie!)

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Chapter 1: The Proposal

Tonight was the night. He could feel it. That ring had been burning a hole in his pocket for way too long. How could she say no? But then again, how could she say yes? Maybe he was doing this too soon. But then again, they had been dating for 4 years. They were 22 now. That's old enough to get married right?

"Ugh, all this going back and forth does not make for a good decision. As much as I hate to do this, I need to get a second opinion ..."

"Finally! Your gonna -"

"Keep it down Cy, you don't wanna tell the whole tower!" said Robin.

"Congratulations, you've finally got the guts."

Robin glared at Cyborg.

"I need some advice."


"Do you think it's too soon? I mean … do you think she'll say yes?"

"Dude, one: you've been dating for 4 years. Some people get married after 1 and 2, and stay that way. And, two: Starfire adores you. I have a feeling she's been waiting for this. She can't say no; she loves you too much."

"Thanks, Cy. I'm going to do it tonight at the party."

"That's perfect. I'm so excited for the party! We never did have one for defeating the Brotherhood of Evil."

"Yeah, you guys have been bugging me about it for years.

"I'm glad Starfire agreed with us."

"What does that have to do with anything?"

"Man, do you not realize you give into whatever she asks for?"

"I do not!"


"Oh, come on, don't pretend you're not the same way with Bumble Bee!"

"No I'm not!"

Robin raised the pitch of his voice and said "Sparky! Come over here right now, and take care of me! I'm sick!"

Robin then made the sound of a whip with his mouth and demonstrated the same thing with his hand.

"THAT'S ... different. Bee's a lot scarier than Starfire when she's angry ..."

Robin chuckled, and Cyborg grumbled.

"Rob, can we change the subject now? Please?"

"Fine. Anyway, the party is better late than never."

"Yeah, I guess so. Oh! Can I tell BB and Rae?"

"Fine, just tell them not to tell anyone else! Don't you either!"

"Don't worry, I won't."

The party had started. Beast Boy, Aqualad, Tramm, Herald, and Wildebeest were playing videogames. Cyborg and Gnarrk were having an eating contest at the snack table. Kole and Jericho were rooting both on (although Jericho was doing so silently). Mas, Menos, and Kid Flash were racing on water; 100 laps around the tower to see who was fastest. Jinx was watching them, and cheering her boyfriend (Kid Flash) on. Speedy, Hot Spot, Argent, and Pantha were on the dance floor the Titans had created. Speedy and Argent were dancing together, as well as Hot Spot and Pantha. They had just recently become couples. Melvin, Teether, Timmy Tantrum, and Bobby were playing with toys in a corner of the room. Red Star, Bushido, Killowat, Thunder, and Lightning were keeping an eye on them (there was wine present), but talking at the same time. Raven, Bumble Bee, and Wonder Girl were talking in another corner of the room. Robin was 'making sure the party was running smoothly', which was his excuse for pacing. He was so nervous; it felt like his heart was beating out of his chest. To make matters worse, somehow everyone knew he was proposing tonight, showing it by winking, staring at him, giggling, or whispering 'Good luck.' into his ear. He was going to kill Beast Boy and Cyborg.

Robin walked up to Beast Boy and hit his arm.


"I thought I told you not to tell anyone!"

Beast Boy's controller made a dying sound.

"Dude! You made me loose my game! And I didn't tell anyone! Why would I wanna get in more trouble after that prank I pulled on you!" said Beast Boy.

After his seriousness faded, he laughed at the memory of Robin covered in shaving cream.

Robin grumbled at the thought, then moved on to his next suspect.

Robin walked up to Cyborg and hit his arm. However, it didn't do much good, considering he was mostly made of metal, but it did get his attention.

"I know I told you not to tell anyone!"

"Hey man, I didn't tell anyone. You made it pretty clear. Plus, remember how mad you got at me when I told everyone you and Star were dating, and you weren't ready to tell? I'm not getting myself into that one again …" said Cyborg.

"But that's impossible! The only people who knew were you, Beast Boy and … Raven?"

Cyborg shrugged and started another eating competition with Gnarrk.

Robin tentatively walked up to Raven.

"Sorry girls, but can I talk to Raven alone?"

"Be our guest." Wonder Girl said, winking at the Boy Wonder. Bumble Bee was standing next to her, staring Robin down with a smirk.

Robin dismissed the gestures and pulled Raven aside.

"Raven, everyone seems to know I'm proposing to Starfire tonight. I asked Beast Boy and Cyborg if they told anyone, but they said no and provided good reason. So I was wondering if you … "

"Umm, I think Beast Boy needs me …" said Raven.

The empath sunk through the floor.

Robin noticed that ever since she had been dating Beast Boy, she had become more and more social and even a bit mischievous … he was definitely rubbing off on her. She also seemed to use that excuse more and more often. Robin let it go, knowing the damage was already done and not feeling like trying to get answers out of Raven.

Bumble Bee and Wonder Girl walked up to Robin.

"So … I guess congratulations are in order." said Bumble Bee.

Robin slid his hand over his face.

"Yeah … thanks."

Just then, Starfire walked into the room.

She looked distraught. Then again, anyone would be after the message she'd just received. Starfire stared blankly ahead until Robin came up to her.

"Hey Star!" said Robin as he kissed his girlfriend on the lips.

"… Oh! Greetings Robin." said Starfire. Normally Robin would have known by the look on her face and the way she was talking that something was wrong, but he was too excited and scared to notice.

Starfire stayed in the spot she was in, staring in another direction. She was not quite able to look into Robin's eyes.

"Aren't you going to join the par- "

All of a sudden Bumble Bee and Raven came up behind them.

"Hey Star!" said Bumble Bee.

Starfire jumped and starbolts appeared in her hands. She whipped around.

"Chill, Star it's just us." said Bumble Bee.

"Oh. My apologies." said Starfire.

"It's fine. Come talk with us! Oh ... Robin you don't mind, do you?"

"Uh, sorry, but right now I do mind. We're about to start the toast."

Bumble Bee, Raven, and Wonder Girl got Robin's hidden meaning quickly.

"Oh! Go ahead Robin. We'll all talk later Starfire," said Raven.

Starfire merely nodded.

Robin took Starfire's hand, and led her into the center of the room. Kid Flash, Mas and Menos had finished their race, which was a dead tie. They and Jinx were back in the common room. Robin picked up a glass of wine and a fork. He tapped it against the glass.

"Hey everybody, may I have your attention please?" said Robin

Everyone turned to look at them; big grins on everyone's faces.

"I just wanted to say, although this is 4 years late, I think everyone did an awesome job defeating the Brother Hood of Evil. I'm glad the Titans North, South, and West have been formed since we've beaten them, and I look forward to many more team formations. Great work everyone."

Robin raised his glass, so did everyone else (the Titans who were under-aged had sparkling apple cider in their glasses). There were choruses of woo hoo's around the room.

"And …" started Robin.

This caught Starfire's attention. She thought that was all he had to say. Robin took Starfire's other hand.

"… I wanted to do this in front of all of our friends … "

Starfire's Point of View:

I am very confused. What else could Robin possibly need to toast to? I must leave … soon.

"… Star, I love you more than life itself. We've been dating for 4 years, and I've finally realized that I'm ready to take the next step … " Robin said.

No. He is not going to … X'Hal. Not now. Of course, I must go just when there are so many good things happening in my life …

Robin knelt down on one knee.

"Starfire, will you marry me?"

I feel a tear sliding down my cheek. They think it is a tear of happiness, but I know it is a tear of distress. I would very much like to say yes … but I cannot.

Normal Point of View:

Robin opened the ring box. It was a tri-stone ring. The middle diamond was 4 carats. It sparkled like Starfire's eyes. The other two stones, which were emeralds, were as green as her eyes. On the ring was an engraving that said: Forever My Star.

More tears started to slide down Starfire's face.

"Uh ... I ... umm ... "

Starfire couldn't get her words together. She couldn't bring herself to say ...

" ... N-no ..."

Everyone looked shocked. They thought, by the way Starfire acted around Robin, she would have squealed and said yes immediately. Something was wrong.

"What? No?"

"...I mean yes, but I, I cannot. I love you. I am ... sorry ... "

She couldn't tell him why. She just had to leave and hope he wouldn't catch her. Starfire ran off in tears to her room.

"Wait, Star, what's wrong?"

Robin ran after her, leaving a room full of confused heroes behind him.

Author's Note:

Writer's Empathy - A disorder in which the writer feels the same emotions as the characters she/he's writing about.

Does anybody else experience that? I just did; a lot. For example, I was getting butterflies when Robin was. Also, I had trouble typing when Starfire declined Robin's proposal. About the Pantha/Hot Spot pairing, I just needed another one in there, and I thought it would be interesting. I've never seen it before. It sounds odd, doesn't it?

Okay, since I have gotten hilarious results, I want to continue, from my story "1st Date Dilemmas", asking you all to recall one funny thing you heard today and adding it into your review. You don't have to, but it would be nice. It brightens my day even more! :) Here is mine: "Hey, gorgeouses!" 'Tis not a word, lol. I will request this in all chapters of the story, even if I don't write it down! Anyway, please review! Toodles!

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