Chapter 8: Auxiliary

She couldn't take it anymore.
Starfire had been watching her friends suffer for two hours now, and they were not doing very well. From the looks of it, the Tazaarans had now acquired the powers of Argent, Lightning, Wonder Girl and Aqualad in addition to Beast Boy. She was supposed to wait for Tegore to give a signal for her escape, but sitting next to Meutoric, and hearing his remarks on the battle was making her patience wear thin.
They were stationed in a ship right outside the atmosphere of Earth. There was nothing particularly grand about it. The ship had enough room for the royal family, a total of fifteen people, and about thirty-five guards. Starfire, Prince Meutoric, the King and Queen were all in the observation room, to monitor the battle by computer.
On the screen Starfire witnessed a Tazaaran punch Robin square in the nose. She winced. He was down for a moment, fighting to focus and staunch a bloody nose at the same time. She could tell by his body language, Robin was getting tired. He wouldn't be able to keep it up much longer.
This wasn't what pushed her over the edge, however. It was Meutoric's roaring laughter as Robin's body hit the ground.
"Aah!" Starfire yelled as she tackled Meutoric, hands clenched around his neck.

Using strength she didn't know she had, Starfire pined the wicked prince to the wall. The king and queen simply watched in awe for a moment then pressed a button under the computer monitor. Starfire couldn't have cared less.

As soon as she got him to stop moving, she moved her mouth down to his ear, whispering, "Listen to me. You do not control me any more, and you will not harm or mock my friends unless you wish to answer to me."
He looked at her with wide eyes for a moment, but just as quickly as the look came, it fled, with anger filling its place.
"No, you listen!" he grabbed her arm and threw her into the computer screen. Starfire felt small shards of broken glass plunge into her skin. Small electric shocks made her dizzy. Starfire could just barely make out the silhouette of Prince Meutoric advancing again. She tried to move from her position lodged in the computer, but before she was aware he was close, Meutoric grabbed her again, this time by the hair, and threw her down to the ground.
"I gave you everything!" He pushed her face further into the floor, "You could have had an intergalactic empire for the sake of Krog! But all you ever do," he pushed harder, until his victim started to moan, "is resist, and worry about your precious friends!"
Prince Meutoric released his grip, and Starfire came up for air, ignoring the stinging pain of blood dripping down her back.
Meutoric pressed a button or the control panel. A remote control rose on a pedestal. He grabbed it, and Starfire's eyes widened.
"I could have ended this war hours ago." He cracked a smile. "I simply enjoy watching people suffer before they die … but," he placed his thumb on the button, "it may be worth the while to end the show and break you now. I suppose I do not have to explain to you what this is."
She scowled. Where was Tegore when she needed him?
"If you are foolish enough to believe your friends have a chance of surviving, you can submit to me like a good little troq, or you can keep aimlessly fighting me and watch your friends die instantly."
He chuckled as Starfire remained lying on the floor, head in hands, trying to gather enough strength to defend herself if he attacked again.
"You do not have much of a choice, do you? In both scenarios your friends die and you are my slave, or if you prefer the term, wife, for the rest of your days."
She picked her head up. "You seem to forget, if Earth perishes and my friends die, there will be nothing for you to do the blackmailing of me with. " she paused for effect, "And I will* escape and avenge what I have lost." Starfire spat.
Meutoric lost control again. He grabbed Starfire's neck with one fist and held her up high. She gasped for air.
"I apologize! I do not think your small, feeble mind can comprehend the situation! You have nothing! You are not welcome on your home planet, and Earth will soon be reduced to ashes!"
Starfire was starting to think that she had pushed Meutoric too far. She only wanted to render him unconscious and flee. Unfortunately she had decided to do it in a vengeful way, not the safe way, and now she was going to suffer. If she had only been able to control herself long enough for Tegore's signal ...
The prince's grip got tighter. Starfire's head began to swim once more.
"Why is it so difficult for you to understand that it is-!"
Just as Prince Meutoric was about to press the button, and conclude his sentence, Starfire sensed a chemical shift in the room.
Sure enough he and his mother and father fell unconscious within seconds. Tegore had pulled through.
Luckily, Starfire wasn't susceptible to this form of knock out gas.
After catching her breath, Starfire ran to the door and looked back. It took every fiber of her being not to go back and kill Meutoric while he was vulnerable, but saving her friends were more important at the moment. Tegore met Starfire outside of the observation room with a gas mask on his face.
He took her hand.
"The escape hatch is in this direction!" he pointed straight ahead, "Hurry! We do not have long before they wake!"
Starfire, Tegore and a few members of the resistance raced to the back of the ship. Tegore pressed a red button on the control panel and pressed his palm into a scanner. A circular hatch opened in a floor to a small escape pod with room enough for the five people present. The group hopped in. The inner mechanisms were very simple. There was a steering wheel, a universal positioning system, and a control panel.
Inside the unit, Tegore pressed a large red button with Tazaaran writing on it. The escape pod immediately launched into space.
Once they floated a good mile away from the ship, Tegore pressed a green button that opened the top of the escape pod. Starfire flew out as quickly as possible, not liking confined spaces ever since her captivity on the Gordanian slave-ship.
She spoke to Tegore, who was still inside the ship with the others, "Your service is much appreciated."
Tegore waved the comment off, "It was my duty, princess. Do you remember the plan?"
Starfire nodded.
"I wish you good luck." Tegore said, knowing fully well he may never see her again.
Starfire flew back into the pod, and gave Tegore a hug.
A tear slid down her cheek. She knew exactly what her friend was thinking, and that she would not allow it to happen.
"We have no need for luck. We have more than that." Starfire whispered into his ear for a moment, then with nothing more than a hopeful look to leave him with, she bolted of to the cerulean planet she called home.
Starfire stopped short of Earth's atmosphere.
As much as she wanted to help her team immediately, Starfire had something she needed to do first.
She hung a left, reaching speeds faster than light to make her way out of the galaxy.

"Aah!" Cyborg yelled as he was washed away by water. He pumped the liquid out of his gears, marveling at how far he now was from the action.
Robin had landed right next to him, shaking his head to clear his vision. He had hit his head very roughly against a rust colored rock after a Tazaaran with a large red hammer struck him.
"Rob," Cyborg coughed, "I don't think I can take much more of this."
He looked at his arm to check how much power he had left. He grimaced.
"I'm down to twenty percent and we've barely wiped out a fifth of 'em." he said gesturing to the empty prison ships.
"I don't care. It's not like we can give up. What's to stop them from taking the world after this is over."
The half-robot rolled his eyes at the obvious statement, "What I'm saying is, we need to try something different, because what we're doing now isn't working. Tell Batman to call the rest of the Justice League! Something!"
"I'm working on it, Cy. We're all just going to have to push through it for now."
"If there's anyone left ... " Cyborg muttered.
Nevertheless, he ran back into the fight, using his canon to lead the way.
Robin sighed and flipped open his communicator.
He pressed the "all" button to let everyone know that help was coming.
"Batman, I need you to call the rest of the -" Robin felt a presence behind him.
Quickly he thought to turn around and swipe his leg under his attacker. The Tazaaran hit his head hard against the ground.
He quickly got to his feet and tried to punch Robin, who caught his arm. The Tazaarans weren't very good combatants, Robin had noticed. Could Meutoric really be that confident and arrogant?
Robin's attention was brought back to the current situation when the Tazaaran man emitted a white glow. He smiled briefly before shooting his hand up to the sky.
A magenta colored light engulfed them.
The next thing Robin knew, he was a good hundred feet in the air, plummeting to his death. His first thought was that Killowat had been captured. The magenta hue of the light that transported them looked rather familiar. Robin searched for the Tazaaran that had dropped him, and spotted him with the wicked grin floating a few feet length-wise away from him. Robin tried using his grappling hook to attach himself to the Tazaaran, but had no such luck; he had already fallen too far. With no other structures nearby, and his teammates otherwise engaged, Robin could only brace for impact.
But, the harsh texture of the rocks below never came. A soft hand did. Robin looked up. He was being flown to safety, but by whom? He had to have been hallucinating. Yes. That was it. He had had the crap kicked out of him all day. He couldn't have been seeing red hair. Her red hair.
Robin was set down gently on the ground, behind a tall rock formation. Once his savior landed in front of him, Robin gave her a long, passionate hug.
"Star. You're ... you're back."
Robin leaned out of the hug to take a look at her. She had her normal purple outfit on, except her stomach had been bandaged in the middle. There were also a few visible scratches and burns on her. He made a note to question her about this later, but first he skipped to the question that was foremost in his mind.
"Wha-, How did you get here?" he said with astonishment etched into his face.
"Tegore assisted me in temporarily ... incapacitating the royal family. I came to help."
Starfire smiled genuinely for the first time in weeks.
"How'd you take 'em down?"
Star fires eyes flicked to the sound of a crash near the battle, "Robin, I do not believe now is the time."
Robin's vengeful look melted off of his face.
"Right. Let's head back then." He kissed her on the lips. "Good luck. Be safe."
As Starfire took his hand, ready to return, the sky caught Robin's attention.
"Is that?"
What looked like thousands purple specks were flying into Earth's atmosphere. Robin could only suspect that they were Tamaranean people, based on the color of their uniforms.
"Didn't Meutoric make the Tamaranean military stand down?"
"He did, although I am apparently very influential amongst teens. They all seem very fascinated with Earth and its customs." Starfire said with a satisfied grin.
Robin looked at her and smiled, "Did I ever tell you how amazing you are?"
Starfire simply giggled.

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