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Summary- Three Princesses from a different universe, have traveled back in time to the Han Dynasty to learn the history of the The Three Kingdom Era. The Eternity Princess in Wei, the Hell Princess in Wu, and the Heaven Princess in Shu. Can they survive the chaotic wars ahead or will love flow in their path.

Pairings- OC x Sun Ce. Liu Bei x OC. Lu Bu x OC.

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The Angels and Demons of the Three Kingdoms


In a universe light years away from the human solar system were eight powerful Primary Kingdoms. Each Kingdom represent a eight different powerful elements; Storm, Water, Fire, Life, Balance, Myth, Death, and Ice. However, there are four other Kingdoms that surpass the Primary Kingdoms called The Elite Kingdoms. There are four Elite Kingdoms in this universe each with its own rank. The fourth elite is the Kingdom of the Universe, the third elite is the Kingdom of Heaven, second is the Kingdom of Hell, and lastly the Kingdom of Eternity is the most powerful Kingdom of all.

In the Kingdom of Eternity, a woman was sitting in her large gray thrown in the middle of the large gray thrown room. However, she was no ordianary queen was the most powerful queen of the unknown universe, Queen Infinity Eternity. Queen Infinity's body was a mixture of white and tan to make it look like Mexican skin, her hair long gray was in a high ponytail with long gray painful looking thorn vines that touched the cold marble ground, there were also gray thorn vines covering her eyes which made it look very painful. She wore a long gray queen attire with sparkling glitter, gray gloves that reached her forearms, gray high-heel stilettos, and a queen crown to top of the outfit(everything she is wearing is gray).

The gray queen was sitting in the thrown pondering her thoughts, while waiting for two certain people to come inside the room anytime soon. Suddenly, the large thrown room doors opened and came in was two guards in royal gray armor running to the queen. They keeled down to Infinity before speaking.

"Queen Infinity, Queen Onyx from the Kingdom of Hell and Queen Rose from the Kingdom of Heaven are here as you requested." Said the guard on the left.

"Send them in." The queen commanded. The guards quickly scurried to the doors to let the other queens in. Unfortunate for them, the guards were slain by a long sharp black double end scythe. The guards fell to the ground as their gray blood pooled around them. The queen with the blood stained scythe entered the room as the other queen followed behind with a frightened expression.

"Black Onyx, that was very mean of you to do that!" Shouted a angered yet serene voice of the white queen on The right.

"First off, I don't give a care. Second, those low life fools do not have the rights to make me wait outside." stated the queen on the left with a evil yet sexy voice.

The queen on the left is Queen Black Onyx or Queen Onyx, the satanic queen of the Hell Kingdom. She has chocolate like skin, her long thick ebony hair reached her ankles, her right eye is a lifeless black and her left is a big black diamond, she had the face of an evil and beautiful goddess, had on a black crystal necklace with a upside down cross, and a long decorative demon tail and black demon horns on her scalp. Onyx wore a long black shoulder less evening gown that hugged her hourglass figure and reached the ground, there was also a wide opening in the front of the dress from her big breast to her stomach, black gloves that reached her biceps, ebony high heel boots, and a Satan crown on her head.

The other queen on the right is Queen White Rose or Queen Rose, the godly queen of the Heaven Kingdom. Rose's skin was lightly tan, two long thick wrapped snow white ponytails that touched her ankles(Like Sailor Moons)and held by big white rose petals around each ponytail, her left eye is a lively white and the right is a white rose, a halo floated on her head along with a big white bow, and wore a white rose necklace with a Jesus cross on it. Rose's outfit was a beautiful pure white ball gown with rose petals, a pair of long white gloves, snowy high heel boots with little snowy roses, and a Goddess crown on her head.

"Onyx, I always have to remind you every..freaking..millennium...DON'T KILL ANYONE AROUND MY PRESENCE UNLESS OTHERWISE!" Infinity reminded Onyx.

'I don't give a shit.' She though and let out a sigh. "Right, so why did you want us here?" The evil queen questioned uncertainly. Rose look concerned at Infinity, but had a caring smile on her features.

"The reason I have called you two here is to ask an important question." The gray color queen answered.

"That would be?" Rose questioned. Queen Eternity walked from her chair to them, until she was close enough to them.

"When was the last time we went to the human world?" She asked the queens of Heaven and Hell. Onyx did not look surprised, but she answered.

"Back in 2000 B.C.; when Christ was made,the stupid bible was created, and...he was born." She said the last part in distaste.

"JESUS!" The holy queen squealed with glee and Onyx covered her ears at the name.

"Wait, if we haven't been to the human world since that time, then what year is it for the humans?" The pure flower questioned.

"2012 A.D."Onyx answered as Rose became flabbergasted. "Why did you want to know?" Eternity turned her back to the queens.

"Queen Storm had forgoten to inform me that she and the other seven queens have abandoned their kingdoms to find a new world." She exhaled softly. "Hopefully it will be different from earth." The powerful queen whispered. "Plus, this will be a good opportunity for our young sisters to learn something from the human time line." Infinity added.

"What do you want them to learn in the human time line?" Rose asked.

"I've heard something from the eastern hemisphere that there was an era called 'The Three Kingdom Era'." The first queen recalled. " I believe it is quite interesting. I already talked to Queen Galaxy and King Galax(1) if they could persuade the Time Twins to take them there." She concluded. Rose and Onyx gave her jumbled looks.

"Did they agree?" asked the satanic queen. "Cause I really don't mind if Topaz went back in time with the others." Onyx concluded in a non-caring manner.

"Well they wanted to check with you two first before doing so. Rose, is that fine with you?" The queens turned to the heaven queen. She recalled her mind together and decided to go with it.

"Yes, I'll let Daisy go with them. However, she must not do anything unpleasant." White Rose smiled.

"Good, we all agree. Now we must inform them our agreement." They nodded and summoned their Iphone 4s(2) to their palms.

"Hold on." Rose interrupted and they looked at her. "Where are they anyway?" this caused Infinity to smirk.

"I had that covered before I called for you two." Onyx rose an eyebrow and Rose tilted her head a little to the left.

Year 2012- Hong Kong, China

"This is quite a waste of my time." complained a girl, who was bored out her mind. "Why the heck did Deamond and Diamond insist on taking us the Chinese Museum...IN CHINA!" yelled the princess of Eternity, Thorn(3).

Thorn's skin is the same as Infinity's, but her features are different; her eyes were ruby red with a bit of hatred passion in them, her long scarlet hair was put into a high ponytail that reached to her knees, and wore a ruby rose necklace around her neck. Thorn wore a red bustier that hugged her torso and show her upper breast, had on a gray opened frock coat, red jean shorts with gray pockets, scarlet knee length leggings, and crimson knee length high heel boots.

"Thorn, I too am puzzled to know why, but we must be patient." another girl said in a curious, but gentle voice. The sound come from Thorns' friend and princess of Heaven, Daisy.

Daisy has light tan skin like Rose's, bright yellow eyes, a serene face, and knee length thick yellow hair wrapped into two long wrapped ponytails while being held by big yellow daisy petals. Daisy was wearing a bight yellow long sleeve kimono with white flower design, a white sash around her waist, white stockings, and wooden sandals. While underneath, Daisy had on an beautiful snow white A-line skirt and a pale yellow halterneck.

The two girls were standing outside the Chinese cafe for thiry minutes waiting for two certain twins to come out the door. Daisy was rocking back and forth, while humming a faithful tone. However, Thorns temper was running shorter by the minutes goning by and she hated waiting. She looked though clear glass gazing for the two people, until she spotted them looking at Diamond's Iphone 4.

In the cafe

"Do they want to proceed or no?" asked the masculine voice that came from Deamond Time.

"Queen Onyx and Rose texted back saying they agree." said Deamond's younger twin sister, Diamond Time.

The Twins of Time are identical/fraternal(4); they are caramel skinned, have sky blue eye color, low waist sky blue hair(Dea's hair is a high ponytail and Dia's is low ponytail), their facial features equal each others. Diamond had on an aqua sleeveless polo shirt, a gray plaid skirt that is above her knees, aqua high boots that reached her knees, and a aqua diamond necklace. Deamond also wore an aqua sleeveless polo shirt, gray plaid high knee shorts, aqua knee height jack boots, and a aqua diamond necklace that's similar to Diamond's.

"Let's go to the museum now, before Thorns becomes an unhappy fellow." The twins in sky blue went out the door of the cafe and walked toward the princesses of Eternity and Heaven.

Out the cafe

"What the fiddle sticks took you two so long?" The red female questioned as she gave them an annoyed look.

"We had to check up on something."Deamond repiled as Diamond looked around herself before turning to the two girls. "Where is Topaz?" she questioned looking for the Hell princess.

"She told us she went ahead to the museum." Daisy recalled. Deamond let out a harsh breath.

"Alright, but lets hope to the elements that she is not causing chaos." Everyone nodded and walked to the Chinese Museum. As they did, Daisy popped out a question.

"Deamond, Diamond? Why did you two insist on take us to the museum of Hong Kong?" The holy flower concerned. Deamond began to explain the whole reason to them.

"So basically, my elder sister wants Topaz, Daisy, and myself to learn about the history of this 'Three Kingdom Era'." Thorns gave the conclusion and the twins nodded to her.

When they were close to the museum stairs, there was another girl sitting at the top step to the museum. She had chocolate skin, knee length dark orange hair with a dark orange crystal bow, the girl's eyes were dark orange with no pupils, and had a gentel but dark simle on her face. The dark orange girl had on a dark orange cropped tube top that revealed too much of her big double D breast, a dark orange microskirt, black fingerless gloves, black leggings, and knee length dark orange high heel boots.

"Hey guys!" greeted the girl whom is the princess of Hell, Topaz. "What the hell took you so long to get here, I mean damn guys?" Daisy covered her ears at those foul words coming out of Topaz's mouth.

"It was the twins' fault for making us wait outside the cafe." Thorns pointed out, while glaring at the two. Daisy let out a soft sigh and went to Topaz's side.

"Lets just go inside, before we start an argument." Deamond suggested. "Topaz, I need to explain to you what we are doing in the museum." The gang walked inside the building, while Deamond explained the situation to the satanic princess. As they were inside the large building, a female emplyee with brown hair in a bun, Chinese skin, brown eyes, wearing a red formal shirt with a vest, black knee length silk skirt, and black close toe dress shoes appeared before the five young people.

"Ni hao!" greeted the Chinese woman. "Welcome to the Museum of China. How may I be of assistance to you." She asked. Diamond was the first to speak.

"We would like to visit the 'Three Kingdoms Era' exhibit, please." Diamond demanded.

"Of course, please follow me." The employee said kindly. The team followed the woman around the museum, until they were in a large room; filled with pictures, artifacts, weapons, and armor from the 'Three Kingdom Era'.

"Here we are ladies and gentleman! The exhibit of the Three Kingdoms; Wei, Wu, and Shu." Thorns, Topaz, and Daisy went looking around the large room. "Will that be all for you?" asked the employee.

"Yes, thank you." Dea and Dia gave their thank, while bowing to the woman. The clerk did the same and walked away from the group as the Time Twins watched her leave their sight. They turned their attention back to the three immortal princesses as they continued to observe the room.

"Alright, so who wants which kingdom?" Diamond's male counterpart questioned. Daisy and Topaz were pondering about it for a few moments, till the Eternity princess spoke up.

"I will take the Kingdom of Wei." The girl in red answered.

"WHAT! WHY!?" The two girls shouted, flabbergasted.

"Cause I called it first." The Red princess replied. "That and I heard the Wei warlord is fearful and has a powerful army." She added. Leaving the two girls with either Wu or Shu.

"Well, Shu is the land of benevolence and-" Deamond was cut off by the demon princess.

"Daisy, you got Shu and I've got Wu." Topaz commanded.

"Why?" questioned the yellow flower as she quirked an eyebrow in concern.

"Because Deamond stated that Shu is helpful and caring, I figured that would fit better for you than it would for me." The dark orange female explained. Daisy had to agreed with her on that because she knows Topaz would not give a care about anything or anyone at all. Daisy nodded to her.

"It's settled then." Diamond announced as she and her twin snapped their fingures to make time stop. "Brother." Deamond was at his sister's side and gripped her hand.

When their hands were connected, the twins eyes began to glow a bright blue color and their opposite hand had a sky blue aura in them. They rose the opposite hands and three beams of light flashed at the portraits of the three kings, creating three portals of the kingdoms' color. One portal is a deep blue, another is red, and the last is green.

"The portal are ready, but they are temporary." The caramel skin girl warned the trio.

"Thorns, the blue portal will take you to Cao Cao, the King of Wei. Topaz, the red portal will take you to Sun Jian, the King of Wu. Daisy the green portal will take you Liu Bei, the Emperor of Shu. You girls must go now!" Deamond instructed. Thorns and Topaz jumped into their portals, but Daisy stayed behind.

"Wait, what will you two do?" The Heaven princess questioned the twins.

"We will go back to Time Tower and make sure you all get to the Han dynasty safely." answered the blue boy.

"But, what will happen to us once we are in that era?" The curious girl questioned again.

"You will know when you get there." answered the Time princess. "Hurry up before the portal departs!" shouted Diamond as she pushed Daisy into the green vortex. Eventually, all the vortexes vanished from the twin's sight, but time was still frozen. Deamond let out a heavy sigh of relief and turned his eyes to his sister, but saw her on the floor huffing out hot puffs of air.

"Are you alright sis?" asked the Prince of Time.

"Yes, but we wasted half of our energy on those portals." Diamond got up slowly feeling dizzy.

"I know, we should go back to Time Tower for you to rest and for me to check on the princesses." Diamond nodded to him, while lean on his shoulder. Deamond gripped her to him and the two vanished from the museum, before time began to unfreeze.


(1)- King Galax and Queen Galaxy, are the rulers of the Universe Kingdom and the older siblings of Deamond and Diamond.

(2)- My OCs can summon anything from Earth, not like stealing more like...replicating particular items to their universe.

(3)- Thorn is both an angel and demon, she's just not related to Topaz or Daisy.

(4)- Sometimes Dea and Dia can look like each other at times or not, which makes it hard for people to tell them apart for one another.

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