Dear Ned,

I never thought it would happen, but I'm back on the ferry headed to Deception Island! Yes, my vacation didn't end so well last time, but this time I'm helping the daughter of Hannah's close friend. Her name is Lydia Thompson, and, after she heard about my case on Deception Island (you know, all about that orca and how the culprit was Andy Jason, the owner of Whale World), she started becoming very excited and talking about how she'd love to have a business like that. She loves marine animals, especially whales, and knows quite a bit about them, I'm told. She's not just an orca lover, she took many classes on marine life in high school and college, and Hannah said she's very well qualified to take Andy Jason's spot. Of course the place wouldn't have to be Whale World (somebody could buy it and turn it into a diner for all we know), especially not in competition with Katie Firestone's business! (That was what sparked some jealousy before.) After some thinking I came up with an idea. Lydia could have Whale World as is, and run it as it was, but Katie would give the whale-watching tours. That way neither business would be in competition, and they'd help each other out. I talked with Katie on the phone, and she said that sounded like a great plan, especially since the Whale World place is still for sale! So Lydia and I are taking a trip down there, and we'll work out all the specifics, then hopefully Lydia can buy Whale World, and everything will work out well! Katie's so excited about the idea of this partnership and I think it'll be nice to see Snake Horse Harbor again (minus the mystery part).

This time I might even see the infamous "Caddy"!

Ever yours,