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Our story begins with an empty box. Suddenly, a book indecipherable since it is coated in a thick layer of dirt and grime is thrown into it. The box is hastily sealed by a younger man in a large cowboy hat. He holds the box for a moment and takes in the surrounding forest as a team of about two hundred men are digging. Another man- older and with a large scar on his face- approaches him in a fashion that clearly signifies he is the boss.

"Sir, it's ready," the younger one says, flashing the box quickly.

"Good. Make sure it gets to them as soon as possible," comes his gruff reply. The other man hesitates. "Speak."

"Sir, are we sure this is a good idea. A whole team is looking for this. This book-"

"The time has come. We were hired to find the book for him. We found. Send it."

"Yes, sir," he agrees begrudgingly.


Lori Disney (Not Likely!)

Episode 1A: Pilot


The box is placed on the desk of a small student dorm on a small college campus amongst a whole group of other boxes. The campus is Trinity College as told by a huge sign off a turn in the road- a turn that the father of Lori Fitzgerald is currently taking. He pulls up in front of the dorm and Lori clambers out of the van. She is average height with cropped brown hair and blue eyes. She takes a deep sigh and scuffs her sneakers on the pavement. Her mom turns to her dad.

"This place still makes me nervous. It's practically surrounded by the forest preserve. What if-"

"Honey," he says in a soothing tone, "we've taken the safety tour three times. As long as Lori is careful she'll be absolutely fine. Besides, she'll be spending all her time studying, right?"

Lori can't help but roll her eyes. "Sure, Dad. Only six more years and I'll finally be done with this school stuff for good. I'm just going to try to make it in one piece."

"Don't let that stop you from having fun though," her mother chimes in. "College is about your first experiences as an adult. You're not tied down yet!"

"Have an adventure!" her dad decrees.

"Thanks, but no thanks." She pauses and looks at her dorm building. "I hope they got all the boxes I mailed out. Thanks for driving me. I'll be sure to call." She hugs her parents through the window. "I'll visit you in the hotel tomorrow before you head across the border."

"We love you. Be safe!" her mom says, tears in her eyes. "I can't believe you're grown up already.

"Enjoy yourself. You're back in America- land of opportunity."

"I'm also in Iowa- land of get me out of here. I love you guys."

"You only get one shot at an adventure," her dad reminds her as he starts the car. "Remember! Go have one!" The two drive off and Lori gives a final wave before a scowl comes over her face.

"Yeah, that isn't happening." She hikes up her backpack and starts for the dorm.


Lori successfully opens her dorm and sees her side covered in boxes. "Well, it looks like everyone's present and accounted for. A girl sneaks up behind her and tackles her from behind, prompting Lori to quickly shove her off and let out a cry. She turns to see a very beautiful red-head with green eyes and freckles- in an outfit that clearly had too much thought put into it in her honest opinion.

She holds her hand up and back off. "Oh, I'm sorry! I'm sorry! I didn't- I'm Hannah, your roommate." Lori merely looks at her in a questioning tone and her face shifts to one of confusion. "You are Lori Fitzgerald, correct?"

"I am. It's just- you scared me."

"I was just so excited to meet you." She grabs her hand and pulls her onto the mattress. "Well, let me tell you some facts about Hannah Frost. I'm a Leo, I love musicals- Do you sing?"

"I never sing," Lori responds, pulling her hands from Hannah's grasp and rising quickly. "I really need to get my stuff in order." Hannah gives a nod and jumps up as well.

"Well, I'm sure we'll have plenty of time to get to know one another. I'm going to grab lunch with some girls down the hall and give you some time to unpack. Where are you from?"

"I'm from Canada, I guess."

"Awesome. A boot!" Lori merely stares at her. "Anyway… I'll see you soon roomy! I'm super excited!" She takes off out the door.

"Me too…" Lori responds sarcastically. She sighs and examines the boxes before getting to work ripping them open and getting her side of the room straightened an organized. Eventually time lapses and she only has one box left- one on her desk. She pick it up confused before examining the room.

"I could've sworn… I don't know what's left." She picks up the well-worn box and opens it. Inside is the same dusty, dirty book. "What…" She picks it up gingerly and some of the dirt causes her to cough and drop it on her desk- coating her new things in dirt. "Great…" She examines the box to see no return address or even her name on it. She uses her sleeve to dust off the cover. "'The Disney Encyclopedia, established 1937. Do not open unless you know exactly what you're getting into.'" She curiously undoes a belt binding around the right side and opens it only for Hannah to enter- causing her to shut it quickly. "Hey, this book was on my desk. Is it yours?"

Hannah examines it for a moment. "No… what is it?" she asks enthusiastically curious.

"Some sort of ancient Disney Encyclopedia."

"Did someone send it to you?" She examines the box. "It is addressed to this room."

"No. I'm not that big of a Disney fan, really. I mean I watched it when I was little, but I grew up. It must have been sent to the wrong room, I guess. I'll give it to the RA later." She tosses is carelessly on the desk.

"They're having a tour in a few minutes. Then we can go have dinner and get to know one another. I'm so excited to live with you!" She grabs a reluctant Lori's wrist and drags her out. "What's your major?"


"Wow, I'm Special Education. I just love kids!"


All the freshmen are gathered at a huge bonfire, Hannah socializing with a large group who all burst out laughing at a joke she tells. Lori hangs back in a far corner, arms crossed against a tree. Hannah spots her and gestures for her to come over, but she merely shrugs before walking back towards the dorm. Suddenly, she is knocked off her feet.

"Watch where you're going!" She rises to see and older boy- very clean-cut with clipped black hair and a tie.

"Excuse me, but it was an accident. There's no need to be rude."

"There's no need to have a lack of attention to where you're walking."

Lori crosses her arms, her tone getting angry. "Are you seriously getting uptight over this?"

"It is a serious issue," He lectures. "You should pay attention. It could cost you one day."

"Sure," she answers, rolling her eyes. "Why aren't you at dinner like everyone else?" His look becomes one of insult.

"I'm not a freshman. I happen to be a junior. I have to give something to my brother." He flashes something in his hand. "Why are you leaving dinner? You're OBVIOUSLY a freshman."

"Wow… well it's not my scene. Have a nice evening." She blows past him. "Nice tie." He glares after her before continuing once she's gone.


Lori opens the door to her room- clicking on the light. She lets out sigh before noticing the book is now open to Ar. She raises her eyebrow and begins to flip through it curious. She comes to the front cover where a poem is printed in dark cursive.

"'To you who has now broken the bind Unusual magic in your world you will find Though they will arrive at moments inopportune They have much to teach and need your help soon To see through reality's mask Is now your duty and your task You cannot run from your destiny my friend Until every Disney character reaches their happy end'" The door swings open and Hannah rushes in, fumbling through her dresser drawers.

"Hey, a bunch of us are sneaking out to the pond- freshman ritual! You in?" she asks, pulling out a bikini. Lori sets the book back down.

"No, I'm probably going to bed… first day of class tomorrow. Have fun though." Hannah merely gives a nod before taking off as quickly as she came.


Hannah and about ten freshmen arrive at a pond surrounded by the preserve on all side. They proceed to run in and jump around splashing and screaming at the top of their lungs.


Lori finishes brushing her teeth and climbs into bed after one last glance at the book.


One of the boys, Tyler, notices something moving on the other side of the pond which appears to be empty. He quickly grabs the girl next to him, Victoria, and points before the two start to creep over giggling to themselves.

"Hello! I know someone's over here!"

Victoria quickly joins in. "You're not going to scare us! Come on out!" A shadow of a head pops out. "Hey!" The person dives underwater as the two head towards it, but then they see something that sends them scrambling back towards the others. "Oh my God! It's a monster! Run!"


The next day Hannah and Lori are walking to English class. Hannah has her mouth running and Lori is obviously putting very little stock into what she is jabbering on about. "So there's something fishy in that pond. I didn't see it myself-"

"I seriously doubt there is a sea monster in the Trinity Forest Preserve Pond."

Hannah nods, a little frustrated. "I know. I'm not stupid. Something definitely scared them though and I choose to believe them." The two enter a building and then their English class. Hannah notices her friends from last night in the back corner. "Come on."

Lori instead heads for the empty front row. "Thanks but I want to get a good view of the projector." Hannah stops her.

"Lori, they're really nice people," she says in a hushed voice. "Trust me."

"I know. I just have poor vision." Hannah takes beat before giving a smiling nod and heading back to join them. Lori takes her seat and pulls out her supplies. She starts flipping through the book when there is the sound of someone nearly collapsing into the chair next to her.

"Hi." She turns to see a very young kid whose feet can't even touch the ground. He has brown hair that is shaggy and a large genuine smile.

"Oh, you must be lost. This is college. I think you're looking for middle school." He gives a fake laugh.

"Funny. I'm a student here. My name is Charlie Prescott." Lori opens her mouth, but he cuts her off. "Thirteen. And my IQ is 180. I want to become a criminal justice lawyer. Just saying, you should be my friend. I'd be excellent help on your homework."

Lori looks at him a little offended. "Please tell me you didn't just try to buy me." He look down, ashamed.

"Sorry. I'm still working on this friend thing. As you can probably imagine I wasn't that popular in high school."

"That's probably because you were ten." He proceeds to pull out a stack of notebooks loudly and Lori notices all the kids in class staring. She sinks into her seat. "Can't you sit by someone else?"

"I saw a pretty girl sitting by herself and my mom always taught me to never let a pretty girl sit by herself."

"You haven't hit puberty yet."

"Feisty- I like that too!" Lori puts her head in her hands as giggles echo from back by Hannah.

"Is it too late to go back to high school yet?"


Lori walks out of class and hears Charlie running along the pavement trying to catch up to her- huge messenger bag at his side. He reaches her before tripping and falling on his face. He quickly springs up and she groans.

"Wow, you took off real fast."

She looks down at him. "Listen, my plan for the next four years is study, sleep, eat, and go to class. I'm just trying to get to the after-school part of my life. When you get to be my age I'm sure you'll feel the same way."

He looks at her genuine. "My plan is to make my first real friend."

She frowns. "I'm sorry," she answers, genuine. "It's not me." She then continues walking away from him as he gathers up the rest of his stuff and watches her go.


Hannah is perched on her bed doing her homework as Hannah walks in.

"Hey," she says puzzled, "you're doing homework already?"

"The sooner I start the sooner I finish," she gives as a clipped answer.

Hannah nods and stands awkwardly for a moment. "Hey, I'm sorry you got stuck being partnered with that Charlie kid for introductions. He seemed like he was hitting on you pretty hard," she giggles.

Lori sighs unamused. "Oh, he was. He certainly was."

"Then… come sit with us next time." There is no answer. "Lori, I'm just trying to make you friends."

"I don't need friends."

Hannah frowns at her- an expression that looks unnatural on her face. "That's the tone of someone who wants to wind up alone with twelve cats. Come on, Victoria and Tyler are probably the coolest-"

"Have you considered maybe I don't want to be friends with Victoria and Tyler? Maybe I'm not interested in your group. I know who you were- the popular girl. I wasn't. So stop trying to drag me in with your fancy little friends." Hannah's look turns to one of anger.

"Wow. Way to take this back to high school. I thought that's where cliques were kept? I'm just looking out for you."

"I don't need anyone looking out for me. I'm pretty used to taking care of myself."


Victoria and Tyler are back at the pond that night with flashlights this time. They scan the corner from before and Tyler catches a glimpse of red before more noises echo. The two take off again scared.


Charlie takes a seat next to Lori in Math. "So this fake sea monster thing is really scaring everyone, isn't it?" She merely stares at him.

"Are you in every class I'm in?"

"I may have altered my schedule," he answers nonchalant. "One must keep constant pursuit."

"You're thirteen. Shouldn't you be all into ghost and monster stories?"

"Not if they aren't logical. And they never are logical."

She laughs. "Glad to know you have more common sense than the supposed adults." He joins her for a moment. They settle and sit for a beat.

"We just had a friend moment, didn't we?" She is instantly annoyed.

"Leave it alone Charlie. We're not friends. You're just stalking me."

"Right! I mean no…"


Lori is getting her stuff ready for class when she sees the book is on the floor next to her desk, forgotten in the first few days of class. "I should get that to Caroline so she can find who on the floor it belongs too." She throws it in her bag and glances at the clock. "Shoot! I'm going to be too late for lunch." She takes off out the door.


Lori manages to scan her ID fir lunch just in time and grabs a tray. She notices Charlie off sitting on his own and studying. She shakes her head as if asking herself why she cares and goes to grab a drink. Tyler comes up and blocks her.

"Hey, you keep hanging out with him people might brand you in the same social category. I doubt you want that your first week of college."

"I'm capable of making my own choices, thank you very much. Now, if you-" He blocks her again.

"I might just know a way to fix it though. A few of us, we want to help you… for Hannah's sake. She just goes on and on about you. All you have to do is one little thing."

"I have pepper spray in my bag. I'm giving you five-"

"You didn't believe about the monster. So you have to prove it. Stay at the pond for an hour tonight and you're in."Lori is officially beyond annoyed.

"Is this guy bothering you?" a familiar voice asks. Lori sees Charlie come up next to her, chest puffed with fake bravado.

"Beat it, pipsqueak," Tyler replies without a glance.

"Only when you leave the lady alone." Lori is also ignoring him as she addresses Tyler.

"I'm not interested."

"Then we dare you."

"He may be thirteen but I'm an adult. Dares mean nothing to me."

"Come on! Live a little! If there's no monster it'll be nothing." Lori is officially exasperated.

"If I do it will you just get off my back for the next four years?" He looks at her a moment and gives a nod and smile. "Fine, then I'll do it," she responds, finally grabbing her drink.

"Lori, I don't think-"

"Buzz off," Tyler shoots him down again. "We'll see you tonight when you come out screaming and begging for your life."

"I seriously doubt that. There is nothing in that pond. I can't wait until you clowns have to stay away from me."

"Lori, you really shouldn't-" She has already walked away and he sighs. Victoria comes up beside Tyler.

"Are you sure about this? I'd hate for her to be right."

"You saw it twice too. Something is definitely in there and it'll scare Ms. Hot Stuff right off her pedestal." Victoria gives a nod and the two walk out, Tyler giving Charlie a good shove that sends him sprawling to the ground.


That night Lori packs up her bag with homework and head for the door. Hannah meets in the doorway. "I heard. You don't have to-"

"I'll be fine," she answers, pushing past her and starting down the hallway. Hannah watches her go.

"Be careful," she whispers to herself.


Lori is hiking through the preserve with her flashlight in the dark towards the pond, a look of annoyance plastered on her face. "Lori!" She turns to see Charlie bounding towards her with his own flashlight. "Lori, wait up!" She keeps walking.

"Go home Charlie!" she calls behind her. He catches up and starts walking in stride with her. "Isn't it past your bedtime?"

"I'm not letting you wander out here alone. Tyler and Victoria saw something twice. And though I don't deposit belief in monsters I'm starting to think it might not be safe so you-"

"I'm fine! Now get out of here!" He keeps walking with her.

"Why do you try so hard to push people away?" he asks after a moment.

"We're not doing this."

"I'm not leaving until you answer."

She sighs in exasperation. "Then I guess you're coming. Hope you won't mind the boredom." The two arrive at the pond and she goes to a tree. "Alright, now we wait." Charlie opens his mouth and she glares at him. "Silently." She takes a seat and he follows.

"You're awfully desperate to be left alone if you're doing this."

"If you're not going to be silent, you can start walking back now." They sit for a long while as she starts on her homework. Charlie quickly gets bored and tosses a pebble into the water. He notices movement next to it and leaps to his feet.

"Lori! I just saw something!"

"It was your imagination." A louder splash echoes and her head shoots up as he cowers aginst the tree.

"Still my imagination?" She shakes her head at him and slowly rises. Charlie moves behind her.

"Stay here." He nods and she creeps silently forward to the edge of the pond, using her flashlight to scan the water's surface slowly. There is another splash and she whips it left fast enough to catch a glimpse of red. "I see you!" The figure pops up again and halts. "I bet you guys thought you were being real funny- trying to scare me." Charlie comes up next to her, turning off his flashlight. He still looks terrified. "Let's see who this "monster" is. Turn around." The figure does and it's obvious who they resemble as Lori chuckles. "Wow, interesting costume." She scans with the flashlight to see green scales glinting. "It's very realistic."

The figure calls out to her, "Are you here to help me?"

This takes Lori aback. "What?"

"Are- are you here to help me? I'm really lost and those other humans keep scaring me." The figure moves closer and Charlie tugs Lori's sleeve.

"That tail looks real Lori," he say panicked.

"It can't be…"

The figure touches her shoe. "Can you please tell me where I am." Lori jumps back, knowing this figure is real. She shakes her head.

"Who- who are you?" Charlie asks slowly.

"I'm Ariel," the mermaid says smiling brightly. Lori lets out a gasp and drops her flashlight, sending the pond into darkness.


Tune in tomorrow for the conclusion of the pilot in which Lori Fitzgerald must come to grips with what exactly she may have unleashed.