Story Name: The Girl with Hearts

Rating: Mature/Lemons

Genre: Romance/Comedy

Pairing: Embry/ OC Character

Summary: Embry finally finds his imprints, but manages to screw up his chance with her within few moments.

The Girl with Hearts

Chapter 1: The Girl with Hearts

Embry was watching the clock over his shoulder, sighing to himself once he realized that he still had over two hours of work left. He made a face at the broom in his hands and continued sweeping down the isle. He hated working Saturday nights at the store, no one ever came in, which meant he spent most of his time cleaning. He hated cleaning, but most of all he hated this job. He leaned his chin down on the handle, staring blankly at a row of green beans. He wished he were in Forks right now. The pack was having a surprise birthday party for Nessie, and even though it included spending an entire evening suffering through a house full of fowl smelling vampires, it was better than this.

More than once he thought about ditching this job, perhaps closing the store early, but he knew he could never risk his one and only source of income because he was bored. He'd bent down to sweep up the dirt into a pan, when he heard the doorbell ring.

It was girl, and she was in a rush. She'd promised her grandmother that she'd be home twenty minutes ago, and she still had to stop by the store to pick up the things she'd requested. She caught her reflection in the glass window, her long wavy hair damp from the rain and shining a brilliant black against her olive skin. She couldn't help but think how much she resembled her grandmother sometimes. She'd adopted the high cheekbones, and dark hair from her Quileute heritage, but she was still different enough to stand out here. That was, after all, her greatest fear, standing out. Social services had forced her out of the drama filled house with her mother and newest stepfather, leaving her only one place to turn. Her father had died when she was young, but her grandmother still sent her a birthday card every July. She really surprised her when she showed up on her doorstep three weeks ago with a suitcase and a pleading smile. She wasn't proud of intruding on her grandmother's simple, yet peaceful life here on the reservation, but so far it was working out. However, she wasn't ready to be the center of attention, to have curious eyes following her every step, asking questions that she didn't want to answer, but she knew she could only hide herself so long, because her senior year of school started in six short weeks.

She flew through the door, her eyes glancing instinctively toward the cashier counter, but it was empty. She looked around as she pulled her list from her purse only to find the place deserted. She looked back over her shoulder making sure that the sign in the window was turned to open. Maybe they're just in the back, she thought, scanning the list for essential items. She turned the corner intent on finding the produce isle, but instead halted to a stop as she watched the figure at the end of the isle rise to their feet.

Embry's breath faltered, the shock of the sudden shift occurring so quickly that it caught him off guard. His heart began to sputter inconsistently in his chest; he couldn't believe the truth that finally stared him straight in the face. She had come, his imprint not only existed, but she'd found him. The girl paused, obviously taken aback, but recovered quicker than he did. She spun around and darted down a different isle. Embry dropped the broom, a loud booming sound, as panic slowly sunk in and he tried to think about what he should do. His hands began to shake as he imagined going up to her, introducing himself to the girl of his dreams, but a different fear threatened to cripple him at the thought of just letting her walk out without a word.

He gritted his teeth, forcing his hands to stay steady. "You can do this!" he muttered to himself, though he felt an increase on his impending doom radar. He stepped around the corner, peaking to find her bent over with her hands in her hair. She looked so incredibly beautiful, so much more than Embry had ever imagined. "Are you okay?" he blurted out, causing her to almost stumble over in surprise.

She let out a squeal that was meant to indicate that she was fine, but Embry was already at her side helping her catch her balance. Both their eyes dropped down, staring at the spot where his hand touched her forearm. He quickly jerked it away, the overwhelming sensation of pure joy fogging his brain. She only stared up at him, mesmerized. Her skin still tingled from the contact, and she couldn't stop herself from leaning in closer to him.

It was his smell, she thought as she inhaled deeply. He smelled so incredibly good. It was like sunshine and summer rain, fresh and inviting. Embry mimicked her stance, closing the small space between them. His fingers itched to touch her again, but he knew better than to risk it. She looked up at him, her eyes even with his chest and he saw the insecurity in them, the fear of what was happening between them. He smiled weakly at her, the only response he could produce to convince her that this feeling wasn't only real, but it would never fade.

The doorbell rang again, startling them both so that they jumped apart from each other. Embry whipped around to see one of the local ladies brush casually down the isle. He knew her well; she came in every other day for milk and diapers. He looked back at the girl, a patient, yet nervous glance signaling for her to wait for him. As he predicted, the lady was waiting by the counter ready to check out within a minute. He whisked behind the cash register, constantly aware of the dazed girl standing at the end of the isle. He could feel her watching him, evaluating his every glance and gesture.

The lady left, leaving them alone in the still silent store. Embry remained behind the counter, wordless as she finally began to stir. For the first time she remembered why she'd come here, she could feel the list crumbled in her fist, but she no longer cared about it. Groceries, food, survival in general seemed like such a trivial thing compared to the brown eyes that peered curiously at her now. She dropped the list, her purse, and her self control as she stepped forward toward the counter. Embry met her, stopping only inches in front of her, like two opposing magnets waiting for nature to snap them together.

He knew he shouldn't, but the temptation was too strong to deny. He lifted his hand slowly to her temple, hesitating only a moment before brushing a strand of her dark hair away from her eyes. His fingertip lingered, speeding her heart, and unwinding her inhibition. She returned the touch, a brush of her palm against the soft fabric covering his chest. Embry gasped, and the girl sighed, each suddenly unsatisfied. Embry had never been a very brazen guy, he'd always left those things up to Jacob and Quil, or at least he did until they imprinted. Now, for the first time in his life, he felt the urge to push the boundaries. In an almost instinctual gesture, he cupped her chin in his hand, and tilted it up. Her lips parted, releasing the most delicate whine he'd ever heard. He'd planned on waiting for her to make the next move, but again his own eagerness won out, and he touched his lips to hers without thinking twice about it.

Soft, and perfect, lingering just long enough to ignite that twist of desire that she'd kept sedated for so long. She couldn't breathe, she couldn't think, hell she could barely function enough to register the fact that he'd pulled away. Her eyes brimmed with disappointment, while fire flashed through her veins. She was on her tiptoes, her hand latched around his neck before she could even finish her next breath. Embry was just as equally shocked as he was enticed, and found himself sinking into her, his hands wrapping greedily around her small waist.

Logic, rationality and common sense crumbled easily under the weight of the attraction that pulled them together. He knew he should stop, distance himself long enough to explain everything, something... anything. It was just too damn easy to give in to it, to want more and receive it without even asking for it. A few seconds more and neither of them could think further than the here, now and the kiss that was dragging them steadily under. Her hands clawed at his shirt, while Embry entangled his in the long sweep of hair dangling down her back. As soon as she deepened the kiss, parting his lips long enough to taste the sweet seduction of his tongue, he whipped her around and pinned her against the counter.

New, powerful urges erupted inside him. He touched her body rough and demanding one moment, and then tenderly the next. She could hear herself cry out, hear her own short, harsh panting, each gasp of shock and pleasure. Embry could see the clouds forming in her brilliant blue eyes, the brown flecks swirling with the craving that they both felt. He hadn't even realized that he'd moved her, that he'd picked her up, swerved around the counter and disappeared down the long dark hallway. Her lips were ravaging his throat as his shaky hand sought out the doorknob to the bathroom. He shut and locked the door behind them, setting her down on the sink. Her hands were already busy when his lips found hers again. She yanked desperately at his shirt, and he discarded it quickly before setting his sights on her own.

His hands were strong, quick and so powerful. They kneaded at her breast as his lips wove down her neck. He pulled her hair back to allow himself access to the most sensitive spots, and as he kissed her he saw four pink hearts tattooed down the nape of her neck descending in size as they went. He kissed each one before releasing her hair to hide them once more. She could feel her arousal climbing; a burning insatiable need that she never knew existed. Embry could feel it too, his own body matching the peak, demanding more. The primal instinct of the wolf had taken hold of him, enhanced his desire to claim the prize that fate had given him. He grabbed her hips, pulled her down from the sink as his fingers traced the inside of her thigh. He had to make sure, he wanted to know that she wanted this too. She cried out, a moan so desperate that it weakened her knees. Embry's hand slid from under her shorts, his fingers wet and thriving for another taste.

She watched him, dazed as he unbuttoned her shorts, and let them drop seamlessly to the floor. Her hands trembled along his bare chest, inching their way down until they lingered along his waistline. He watched her, tugging at the button and zipper of his jeans, her hands gripping his thighs as the fabric fell away from him. The sheer size of him intimidated her. He was massive, built with long, lean muscles that flexed under her admiring touch. He pulled her away, moving them to the wall where he pinned her between his arms. She was surprised by the gentle way he kissed her then, the rough edges suddenly smoothed away. His skin was hot, burning and bloomed damp when she bit desperately at it. The air was ripe, thick and tasted of him with each gulping breath she took. Whatever this man did to her, she welcomed. Whatever he demanded of her, she wanted to give. Embry's hands slipped her panties away, and she suddenly felt him naked against her. He wrapped his long arm around her waist, heaved her easily up until her backside pressed against the wall. He looked at her then, watching her eyes as he brought himself to her entrance. She was ready for him, he could feel it as he slid easily against her. He kissed her, a desperate reminder that somewhere beyond this lust that enthralled them both would be love. He lifted her hips, high and his eyes burned into hers. With one swift thrust, he was inside her, hilt deep. She yelped violently, her fingers clawing at his neck. He could see the shock, the pain mixed with pleasure on her face and he couldn't help but feel enthralled that he was lucky enough to be her first.

He moved slowly at first, allowing her body time to adjust, but she soon whimpered for more. Her hips rocked against him, causing his fingers to strain against her hips as he held her in place. He thrusted into her hard then, a slow and steady pace that made her body tremble. He kissed her neck, willing her body to relax, and it followed his instruction flawlessly. Her head fell back against the wall, her eyes finding him in the dim light of the room. He smiled, a gentle quirk of his lips and it nearly sent her over the edge. He knew exactly what he was doing to her, driving her mad, absolutely insane with this building need for him. With precise, quick strokes he began to satisfy it. She'd never felt anything like it in her life, such power and mind numbing perfection confined into one simple move of his hips. He moaned into her hair, and her vision blurred. He shuddered when she came, when she closed around him and he fought viciously with himself not to follow. Not yet. There would be more. Even as the blood roared in his head, he wanted and needed more of her.

He held her limp body firmly around him, her legs shaking with weakness, until he recreated the frenzy he'd caused all over again. Then, and then only, did he bury his face against her shoulder and let himself fall with her. His weight pinned her against the wall, their breaths rugged and sharp. He sat her feet gently on the floor, but they collapsed beneath her. He followed her down because he was a little dizzy, and overwhelming spent himself. He kneeled between her legs, admiring the soft, full curves of her body. He suddenly wished he'd taken the time to remove her shirt as he watched her chest heave relentlessly beneath it. Slowly the fog of lust drifted from their eyes, their bodies floating down from the high.

This time when she looked up to meet those intense brown eyes, instead of the lover that she so viciously craved, she saw a stranger. A beautiful, yet naked stranger. She gulped. Her thoughts burst in every direction, questions and accusations cutting off the air to her lungs. What had she done? How had she let this happen? She was half naked, in a bathroom after just loosing her virginity to a complete and utter stranger. Fear collapsed around her. She stumbled to her feet, pushing Embry away from her.

"Wait." He insisted, placing his hand on her arm, but she only jerked it away. "I can explain."

She whined, trying to cover herself as she grabbed her panties and shorts. She felt vulnerable, completely naked to him in more ways than just physical. She'd never been that close to anyone before, never allowed herself to open up so freely, and most definitely so quickly. She dragged her clothes on while he did the same, but he was already blocking her escape through the door. "Please, stop." He begged. "I know this is weird."

She stared blankly at him. Weird didn't begin to explain this. She'd come in here to buy groceries for her grandmother, and then suddenly she'd seen him. She remembered it clearly now, him standing at the end of the isle looking at her. It was everything after that moment that was hard to recall, like how he'd spoken to her, that first touch that led to a second and a third. She had a chance to leave, she remembered, but chose to stay, and wait for him. She had so many chances to leave, to stop what had happened, she just couldn't understand why she hadn't done it.

She tried to push past him, but he wouldn't budge. "I can't let you leave like this," he tried to explain.

She smacked her hand against his chest, disgusted with herself, and the tears erupted. It broke Embry in two, her embarrassment and shame becoming his own. "I'm sorry," he apologized. "I shouldn't have let it get out of control."

She looked up at him, crystal clear tears welling up inside those perfect blue eyes. She didn't have to say it for Embry to know what she wanted. She wanted out of here, away from him, far away from anything that would ever remind her of him again. "No." He croaked. "Please, you don't understand."

Tears leaked down her pale cheeks that stung with bursts of red as they flushed. He hated himself for causing the pain she felt. He had to be the absolute worst imprint to ever exist. Now that his head was clear, that his claim had been staked, he was repelled by his actions. He couldn't believe that he'd touched her like that, lured her here so he could satisfy some long over due craving he had. He felt sick.

She pushed against his chest again, another wordless plea and this time he couldn't tell her no. He'd already taken so much, too much to deny her the one thing she wanted. He stepped away, his head dropping as pain ripped him apart. "I'm so sorry." He muttered, but she disappeared without a sound.

She was gone. Her presence now just a flash of memory tainted by his mistakes. He didn't even know her name, he thought, the beautiful girl with hearts. He hadn't even heard her voice. Fate had been wrong this time; he didn't deserve her. He slid down the bathroom wall, his own tears falling into his palms. He deserved to be alone, forever.