Sex Kitten

Fruits Basket: Hattori x Kyo

Martin Family

"Come here, Kyonkitchi~" Hattori said, testing the nickname on his little love slave. He watched as Kyo crawled to him, smirking at the orange haired boy. This was no longer Kyo. Kyon had taken over.

Kyo pouted seductively as he layed his head on Hattori's lap, gazing up at him with curiosity. Hattori leaned down and kissed him deeply, feeling Kyo's hands claw his sides.

"Mao~" Kyo said purring and smiling. He was completely in love with Hattori. He sat up and rubbed his face on Ha'ri, nipping his nose and lobe affectionately. Hattori just smirked as he kissed Kyo deeply once more before snapping his fingers, releasing Kyo from the hypnotism he had put him under.

Kyo blinked and immediately fell back in disbelief.

"Whaaaaat?" He screamed as he stared at Hattori. Hattori only smirked and stood, tapping Kyo's nose as he left.

"Goodbye, Kyon," he said as he left.

Later that week, Hattori had put Kyo under his spell many times, using his control for every thing he desired. And boy, did Kyo give good head. The way he articulated his tongue and mouth at the same time, thinking about it gave Hattori chills. It was better than Kana. Better than Tohru.

Kyo had tried to avoid Ha'ri but it was no use, he would always find him.

Hattori went to Kyo's room, snatching up his sex slave and throwing him on the bed. He snapped his fingers and Kyo soon became helpless under Hattori.

"Mao, mao~" he crooned as he pulled Hattori by his shirt and kissed him fiercely. Hattori was taken aback at Kyo's pride but he liked it.

Hattori kissed him all over as he took off his shirt, kissing every ripple of his abs and down to his crotch as he removed his pants.

Kyo mewled and kneaded Hattori's head as he sucked Kyo's dick.

Soon Hattori's erection felt crushed by his pants and he needed relief. He stood and undressed, Kyo running his hands over Hattori's body, kissing and licking Hattori's sensitive, milky skin. Hattori groaned as he moved Kyo back and kissed him deeply, climbing between Kyo's legs. Kyo gasped and purred, biting Hattori's bottom lip softly, feeling his dick against his lover's. Kyo quickly turned over, pushing his ass into the air, wanting Hattori fully now. He was tired of the games he was forced to play. He wanted that dick inside his ass.

"Ha'ri, please, fuck me... mao.." he murmured.

Hattori smirked and settled his dick head against Kyo's virgin asshole. He let some saliva dribble onto his dick and he smeared it before pushing in slightly.

Kyo tried to pull away but Hattori held his hips tightly, forcing inch after inch into him. Kyo mewled in pain but soon lifted up to kiss Hattori behind him. He pushed his butt against Hattori and put his arms around his neck, surrendering his body to him.

Hattori soon began to thrust, making his sex kitten cry out in pleasure. Kyo reached between his legs to cradle Hattori's balls, squeezing them as he plowed into Kyo's ass. They soon began to sweat from the workout.

Kyo moaned as he pleasured himself, stroking his rock hard dick as he felt his balls slap with Hattori's.

"Mao, mhh, I'm gonna cum, Ha'ri.." he said as he panted hotly. Hattori smirked as he gave all he had in his last thrusts before cumming in his ass.

"Why is my ass so sore?" Kyo said, whining in his bed, buck naked. Hattori sat on the veranda, smoking, smirking to himself. There was more to come.