if i could make you mine




She stirs to gentle kisses on the backs of her bare shoulders. The deep red silk sheet curls around her body in the sweetest way, and a muscled, strong, familiar, warm arm snakes around her waist, pulling her into an equally warm and muscled body.

"Zuko," she breathes, voice light with sleep, eyes half shut, "I thought you had a meeting this—ah!" she presses her face into her pillow, muffling her loud moan as his hand travels beneath her navel, between her thighs. Warmth fills her entire body, and a blush stains her cheeks. Even after all these years, he can still make her blush like a seventeen year old.

She feels him smirk into her neck, "I did have a meeting this morning. Uncle's taking my place, though. I'd much rather spend the day with you." she smiles into the pillow before twisting around, facing him. He hovers over her, fingers pulling through her tangled hair. He places a kiss to her temple, lips lingering. She inhales his musky cologne; campfire, earth, wine. Delicious.

He's so gentle with her, so soft and sweet. She likes this side of him. The one that wakes her every morning with sharp kisses and warm hands. Of course, she likes every side of him. She would have to, wouldn't she? After all, she is his Fire Lady. "A whole day with you sounds nice." she agrees, and he leans down, pressing his face to her neck. He puts his lips to her neck, holds her waist tight, and hums against her skin.

"Zuko," she begins, and he lifts his head, scar facing her. She touches the marred, puckered skin. Strokes her thumb across his cheek. "I love—"

Blackness swirls above her, drowning her. Zuko's handsome face vanishes. She opens her mouthing, working up a scream—

She wakes up, alone, nations away from where she really wants to be. Katara curls up onto her side, away from the father of her children, shivers, and lays awake until dawn.