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Cover- Bloodsport holding up a pistol. You can see directly down the muzzle.

About Ten Hours From Now

What the hell…? Where am I? What am I doing?

Shadows slowly fade from the man's vision as he begins to make out his surroundings.

Trees…a park, maybe? In a city…what city?

The man notices a sign to his right, labeled, "LexCorp: Making Metropolis Your City of Tomorrow."

Metropolis…why the hell would I be in Metropolis? And why would…wait…what is that?

The man looks straight ahead, his vision almost entirely clear, two bright red orbs floating in the air.

Red…balls…orbs…no, eyes. Why do I know that…and…OW! Why am I in pain?

The man struggled to sit up. He heard a voice say, "Mister, please don't get up."

Oh…that's right…

Realization dawned on the man as he sat up. "Stay down." The voice said more strictly.

I was sent to kill that alien…

The man's vision cleared entirely and he saw a heavily built man standing in front of him in blue armor, a red cape flowing behind him and his eyes glowing red, energy streaming from the edges.

The Superman…

"I said…stay. DOWN!" The Kryptonian's eyes flashed and everything went dark again.

But how the hell did I get here?


Man of Steel Part I


Alex Trent strode through the streets of Metropolis, a bag over his shoulder and hate in his heart.

Fuckin' niggers, yellow-skins, Cholos, Reds, Terrorists, Jews and faggots. Our once great country is now full of 'em.

You see, Alexander Trent wasn't a nice man. At all. He was, in simplest and kindest terms, a bigot. A self-centered, egotistical, racist, homophobic bigot.

And worst of all…he was a dangerous bigot.

Born and raised in a family said to be descended from John Wilkes Booth, Alexander Caesar Trent was a born and raised hater. His father was a member of the Klu Klux Klan and his mother was busy in the house with him and his twelve brothers. And, after his father died in the war in Iraq, he joined the military, planning to get revenge on the men who killed his father. He was a true soldier, and a great one at that. His aim unmatched, his bravery never doubted. But he had one great problem: he hated people. When he found out his commanding officer was homosexual, he assaulted the man. After failing to kill him, Alex was dishonorably discharged and sentences to ten years in prison.

He got eight for good behavior.

Now, he works as a mercenary, for anyone and everyone…and, in his free time, he kills any and every type of man who isn't strictly white, Catholic and farther right-wing than you can go.

And he was currently in Metropolis for one reason, to kill someone who was truly the most "anti-Christian, anti-American, anti-good that you can get." This man is Kal-El of Krypton, Earth's Superman.

And so it was that Alex Trent arrived at LexCorp's headquarters at precisely 1:30 in the afternoon.

The quickly strode into the building through the automatic doors and to the secretary's desk. Much to his dismay the woman was African-American.

"May I help you?" The woman kindly asked.

Trent nodded his head, his bald dome casting a gleaming glow in the room from the sunlight, as he trained to restrain from saying anything rude to the woman.

"Well, what can I help you with?"

"You…" Trent took a deep breath, "I have a meeting with Lex Luthor."

"Ah, I'm sorry but Mr. Luthor is running behind today. He won't be able to see you for another hour but you can certainly…"

The woman was interrupted by Lex's voice, which boomed through the speakers in the large hallway, "Chelsey, let Mr. Trent up. He's a special guest."

The woman, obviously Chelsey, nodded her head and then looked to Alex Trent, "Well, you heard, Mr. Luthor. Go on up."

And without a word, Alex Trent walked away and to the elevator. After pressing the "up" button one of the elevator doors opened immediately, and knowing full-well where to go thanks to Luthor's descriptive instructions, Alex Trent pressed the 160th button and the elevator began to rise.

After waiting for a short period of time that consisted of whistling to the elevator music, thinking out the slowest way to kill Superman and adjusting his leather jacket frequently, Alex Trent arrived at his destination. After the doors opened, Trent strode into Luthor's office, which consisted of an entire floor.

"Ah, Mr. Trent, it's wonderful to meet you!" Lex Luthor approached Alex Trent and shook his hand vigorously.

"So, are you ready?" Luthor asked.

"To kill the Superman? Of course," Trent replied in a heavily southern accented voice.

"Good. Well…" Lex motioned to the woman who stood behind him. She had been silent up until this point, "This is…"

"Mercy Graves." The woman stated firmly. She was dressed in slick black skirt and jacket, a white button-up shirt underneath. She held a Q-Pad in her arms.

"Yes, Mercy Graves," Luthor finished, "My personal secretary…and bodyguard."

"Enough with the pleasantries, Luthor. Let's get down to business," Trent sternly demanded.

"Yes, yes, of course," Luthor replied. He sat down and looked into Trent's dark eyes, "So, what exactly do you know about Superman?"

"He's inhumanely strong, fast and can fly. And he's not of this country…or even planet," Alex responded.

"Mhmm. From the Lex-Optics, these contacts I am currently wearing, I can determine from your breathing pattern and heart rate that you are confident you can kill Superman…is this correct?" Lex asked, now testing the man.

Trent nodded, "Of course. The alien will be dead by tomorrow evening."

Lex briefly turned away from his client, gave Mercy Graves a particular look and then turned back to Alex Trent, "Well, that's fantastic. The only thing is…"

"Don't say something stupid, Luthor. I know that what you doubt my abilities, you doubt I can kill the alien…but I can. I don't need information, I don't need tech. I just need to find him…and kill him," Trent grimly interrupted Lex.

"Mr. Trent, that's great but…"

"Shut up, Luthor!" Trent ordered, "I thank you for informing me of this Superman but I don't need any help."

"You don't understand…Superman is…"

Trent stormed out of the room, well aware of how he would drag Superman out of hiding.

"…Invincible," Luthor finished, but to no avail. Alex Trent was gone. And so was quite possibly Lex's best, and fastest idea of killing the Man of Steel.

"Damn it…he's going to get himself killed."


"Knock knock?"

Lois Lane knocked on the door to Clark Kent's apartment. The FBI Agent was dressed in rather casual clothing: a simple red shirt and blue jeans.

"The door's unlocked," Clark Kent replied, seemingly busy.

Lois opened the door and strode into the apartment. Clark was lying on his couch, dressed in a blue Superman T-Shirt and navy shorts, reading a book.

"Yes, Lois?" Clark looked up from the novel he was reading.

Lois smiled, "Just came to check in on you. This is one of your rare break periods and I wanted to make sure you were using it well. It seems you are." Lois came and sat at Clark's feet.

"So, what'cha readin'?" Lois asked as a schoolgirl would.

"The Hero's Journey. It's a fantastic book…'surprising I haven't read it till now. All the talks of me being a, well, superhero inspired me to read it," Clark replied honestly, holding up the book for Lois to see the cover.

"Cool," Lois said.

"Yeah. You know, there's a part in here. It talks all about the hero's flaws and I've been wondering what mine are," Clark began, "And I've finally realized what they are. I'm selfish. Purely and utterly selfish."

"What?" Lois cried out in shock, "Clark…you, selfish? You're the most selfless person I know! You spend your days and night fighting to protect people. People you don't even know!"

Clark now sat up, "Lois, you're right…in a way. But you're mostly wrong. You see, despite how much I'm mad at your dad and Agent Waller for tearing me away from my family and Smallville, I've realized it was for the betterment of mankind…and me. If your father hadn't come to me and—for lack of a better term—drafted me, then I most likely wouldn't be here today, fighting to save the world. I'd probably be using my gifts to find some way to get rich. And I wasn't given these powers to make money, I was given them to do something…good for the world, for mankind. And now I know, without a doubt, that even if everything here falls apart I won't stop. Not till the day I die. I'll fight for humanity and the Earth until my heart stops beating, until it's all over."

"You…Clark, you do understand that everything you said right there is just proof you're the most selfless person on this planet, right?" Lois said, her jaw dropped at his sudden burst of openness.

"I…never mind."

"And you do also realize that we're not even sure you can die…" Lois slowly stated, unsure of how he would respond.

"Everyone dies, Lois. Everyone…" Clark now looked down at his hands, tears brimming in his eyes.

"Clark…your father…he…there was nothing you could do…" Lois put her arm around the Man Of Steel.

The two sat there for a while, completely silent. They knew without words what the other was thinking, and they knew that they were there for each other.

"Thank you, Lois…for this…for everything," Clark wiped the tears away, forcing himself to think happy thoughts.

"Is there anything else you want to get off your chest?" Lois asked, her eyes now moist as well, as she thought of her late mother.

"There is one more flaw, one terrible flaw…"

"I'm envious of you, of mankind."

"What?!" Lois exclaimed, sadness now replaced with surprise, "Clark, you have the most amazing abilities! You can fly, you can lift a thousand men, you can shoot fire from your eyes, you can…"

"It's not the power or the skills. I'm…I'm envious of you all because you have people, family. You have so much in common with each other. I…I have no one. I'm alone. I am lonely. Even when I'm around my Ma, or Lana, or Pete…I love them all, but…they're not the same…not like me," Clark sullenly said, "I'm always separate, alone."

Lois didn't know who either Lana or Pete were, but she went on, "Clark…I honestly don't know what to tell you. I understand what you mean…and, well…all I can tell you is…"

She stopped for a moment before leaning in, her face inches from Clark's, her hair brushing his cheeks, and her voice quiet, "…You aren't alone."

The two looked into each other's eyes briefly, before leaning in, closer…closer…

ALERT! Clark, General Lane needs you now in the labs. Code A! Code A!

The alien and the agent jolted away from each other, both blushing furiously.

"I-I need to go…" Clark stuttered.

"Yeah…yeah," Lois replied.

The two hurried out of the room and to the science labs, where it just so happened Clark's spaceship was kept.

It took only a brief run for the two of them, Clark having slowed down to match Lois' pace, to reach the labs. And inside numerous scientists scurried around and one scientist, who was obviously in charge, and General Lane tried to control the chaos.

"Oh thank God, Clark, you're here!" General Lane exclaimed after noticing the Man Of Steel.

"What's going on?" Clark looked up to his spaceship, which was suspended in the air releasing soft bursts of energy, shouts of an unknown language streaming from the speakers.

"Hala, Kal-El! Hala la! Il solum! Il solum! Et prona solum! E net trow haulo!"

"We were hoping…well, really Dr. Michaels here was…that you would know what was going on, what to do," General Lane said.

"I…I don't," Clark approached the ship and held his hand out to it, "Do you all feel that?"

"What? Feel what?" Dr. Albert Michaels, head of the superhuman science division of Project SUPERMAN, asked, his messy blonde hair flying into even more odd angles.

"Those…those vibrations…as if the ship is telling me to…" Clark let his hand gently fall onto the hull of the ship.

"…Touch it."

Instantly, all the energy and the noise stopped, and Clark's eyes turned white, no pupils or iris visible.

And just a second later, his eyes changed back to normal and Clark collapsed to the ground.

"Oh my…ugh…" Clark dry heaved a few times as Lois, Dr. Michael and General Lane all ran over to him and helped him up.

"What happened?!" Lois shouted.

"It…the ship talked to me…taught me…taught me everything."

"What 'everything'? What did it teach you?" General Lane now was the one asking questions.

"It taught me to speak...and to know…to know it all…all the history of Krypton," Clark muttered.

"To speak? To speak what?" Dr. Michaels dumbly asked.

"Kryptonian," Clark gasped for air, finally getting a hold of himself, "And the ship…or at least the computer…it's alive. Its name is Braniac."

"Braniac…?" Lois muttered to herself.

Clark looked up, "And one more thing. The ship told me…Braniac told me…"

"…'She has arrived…she has arrived! Your cousin has arrived. You are no longer alone.'"


Meanwhile in Metropolis, Alex Trent, now dressed in white armor (a red cross through the chest) and similarly colored mask, strode through Centennial Park unnoticed, letting small devices slip from his hands as he passed key points in the park.

However, as of right now, Alex Trent is no longer Alex Trent. When he is uniform he goes by a name given to him by one of his KKK brethren…


At approximately 6 PM, Bloodsport was done, and he walked right into the middle of Centennial Park. Numerous people of a variety of different genders, ethnicities and religions all happily enjoyed this wonderful Spring day. And Bloodsport hated every single one of them.

None, but a child paid him any attention, thinking him just another wonderful, but different Metropolis citizen. But that one, dark-skinned child was too much for the mercenary.

"Mister, are you heading to a costume party?"

"Insolent welp," And so it was Bloodsport decided on who he would use for his plan. He quickly grabbed hold of the child from his mother's grip and, from seemingly nowhere, produced a gun and held to the boy's head.

"AAAIIIEEE!" The mother cried as she attempted to grab ahold of her son. She was simply gunned down, and the child cried as her mother breathed her last breath.

"Shut up, hell-spawn!" Bloodsport shouted, aiming the gun back at the child.

And now, so it was that every single one of those Metropolis' citizens days had been ruined by this lone gunmen. They ran away screaming, calling for the police, calling for…



"Oh hell…" Superman used a phrase he rarely said.

"What? What is it? Did it say something else?" Dr. Michaels exclaimed.

"No. A child is being held hostage in Centennial Park. His mother is…is dead. Police are now entering the area…but there are mines! Darn it! Three of the policemen are already dead! Blew up in a mine!" Clark turned to General Lane, "I have to go. Gather any sightings of superhumans with similar powers to mine and send that information to my room. I've got a child, and a city to save!"

And without further delay Clark flew off, first into his room to 'change' and then out to Metropolis, where the city needed him.

"That man…always putting others before himself…" Lois said in amazement.

"…And he said he was selfish."


Superman flew through the clouds above Metropolis, listening to the MPD's police radio through a high frequency.

"Yes, sir. We have to back out. There are mines all over the place. We've already lost Carter, Van Damme, and Richards, sir. Yes, sir. Will do, sir."

And so it was that Superman knew it was up to him to save the child.

He could hear the child's screams and above that the shouts of a man,

"C'mon, alien-scum! Come save this child!"

And Superman used these sounds to track the man and the child to the center of Centennial Park. And there, he floated above, briefly.

"Let the boy go," Superman shouted from above, unwilling to silently and without honor knock out the gunman.

Bloodsport looked up to see the Man of Steel, "Oh, you've been at this a long enough time now, alien, to know that that's not gonna happen. So, c'mon! Fight me! Save this loser!"

Superman sighed, disappointed the man hadn't given up at the sight of him as many others had, and he flew towards the gunman. Before Bloodsport could blink, he was up in the air, in Superman's grip, the child free far below.

"Sorry, I'm going to have to let go for a second," Superman said and let go of Bloodsport.

"What the hell?" Bloodsport wondered as Superman flew back to the ground and briefly spoke to the child.

"Listen, son, stay right here. There's bombs –you know, boom boom!—all around this park. I'll be right back," Superman kindly smiled at the child then flew back into the air.

"Oh my Gosh…that was Superman!" The child exclaimed, his terrible sadness gone, now replaced by pure joy.

Superman flew back up and grabbed onto the falling Bloodsport, "Sorry about that."

Bloodsport shook his head incredulously, "You're telling me 'sorry,' you alien scum?"

"Is this what this is about? You hate aliens? I…oh, you don't just hate aliens…" Superman looked at the crest on Bloodsport's shirt.

"That's right, bitch, I hate scum," Bloodsport swiftly teleported another pistol, a Desert Eagle, into his hand and fired it right between Superman's eyes.

"What the hell?" Bloodsport muttered in awe, as he noticed the bullet, bent and misshapen, falling down to the ground below as Superman looked up, unharmed.

"Sorry to tell you, but I'm invincible," Superman shrugged.

"So, let's do this easy now. You give up, you tell me your name, you go to jail for a while, think over your sins and then you live a good, happy, non-violent life. How does that sound?"

"Like shit," Bloodsport kicked himself away from Superman, dropped his Desert Eagle, and teleported and fired a fully automatic high-powered M249.

And still all the bullets bounced off Superman's indestructible armor and skin.

"Please, stop this," Superman flew down to and grabbed Bloodsport's arms, causing him to drop the gun.

"What's your name?"

"Bloodsport," Bloodsport pulled a knife from his belt, wrenched free of Superman's grip and attempted to stab the Man of Steel. The knife broke.

"C'mon, you have to understand that's useless," Superman replied.

Bloodsport pushed out of Superman's grip again, and dropped to the ground. He fired rocket launcher at Superman. After the smoke cleared, Superman still floated in the air, unharmed.

"Fine," Superman shrugged, "That was strike three. This'll be the hard way."

He flew into Bloodsport, and the racist merc felt half of his ribs crack. The man known as Alex Trent flew into a tree and slipped into unconsciousness.

And that's where we found ourselves at the beginning of this story.

After being blasted with heat vision and knocked unconscious for the second time, Alex woke up, and found himself unarmed and unarmored in a jail cell. And Trent, angry and afraid, did not teleport another weapon to his hands, for he knew the Superman would simply stop him yet again.

And about five minutes later a police officer walked over to his cell and knocked, "You have a visitor."

A certain Lex Luthor approached the door to the cell, and looked inside. The man waved the cop away and after he had left began, "I tried to warn you. He is called the Man of Steel for a reason."

"Shut the fuck up," Trent cursed, his blonde mohawk chaotically pointing in different directions.

"Deep breaths, Mr. Trent. You'll get your chance at revenge…soon, very soon," Luthor explained, a smile like a Fox's on his face.

Trent looked up, angry now, thinking Luthor was making fun of him, "What the hell are you saying?! You know he's invincible! You can't kill him! You can't even hurt him!"

"Tatata. I hired you for a reason," Luthor pulled a small box from out of is jacket and opened it. Inside was a glowing green…bullet.

"It is possible to kill Superman. You just have to have the right resources to do it."


Clark layed down on his bed, reading over the information handed to him.

Over the past couple weeks alone, the number of metahumans on the planet had seemed to double, triple, or maybe even quadruple. And so, it was with great surprise and effort that Clark quickly read through every file. All of them were interesting.

There was a man who could run as fast as lightning, a person who could produce green light constructs, and even a woman who worked for the military, who was a seemingly perfect super-soldier.

But none of them were right, none of them like him.

He sighed and reluctantly put down the last dossier.

And just when he was beginning to suspect that the ship had been wrong or that he had misunderstood Braniac, his prayers were answered.

Lois Lane entered the room and tossed a newspaper to him.

Clark read over the article, hope growing ever quickly.

"No official report on this chick yet, but well, some little girl seems to think she's just like you, and that she should be called…"


Clark smiled.


Deep underground Cadmus Labs, Dr. Dabney Donovan worked furiously with his fellow scientists.

"How much longer do we have?" Dr. Donovan called to one of his partners.

"Only about twenty hours of work, before we can begin."

"Good…very good. Mr. Luthor will be pleased," Donovan began.

"Find a suitable subject, Dr. Warren, because Project Metal-Zero debuts tomorrow."

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Title: Man of Steel Part II

Cover: Superman and Supergirl flying beside each other, smiling.