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Cover: Superman and Supergirl flying in the sky together, smiling.

It was a warm spring day in Kansas City, Kansas, and a certain Joan Quincy had just finished visiting her daughter in the hospital. Lily, a rather ordinary but superbly adorable girl of five, had been caught in a massive forest fire. She would have died if not for a mysterious friend, a special teenage girl who had saved Lily. A hero who Lily called…


Joan collapsed into her 1998 Lincoln Cartier, ready to briefly meet her husband for lunch during his break, then return to the hospital and listen with a smile on her face as Lily told her about the Supergirl for the hundredth time. It had become a routine—minus the lunch with her husband, Lily's father—her brief escape for food and then long, relaxing discussions with her slightly burnt, overly exuberant daughter.

As Joan slowly turned the car on, she noticed a loud whooshing sound. This sound…it reminded her of a bird of some sort. However the sound, the volume of it, was much too loud for a hawk, so maybe it was an airplane? But when Joan briefly looked outside her car she discovered that the sound came from no bird.

Nor any plane.

But Superman, flying calmly and confidently overhead!


Man of Steel Part II: The Last Daughter of Krypton

Clark Kent was happy. Truly, utterly, inexplicably happy. So, as any human—or in his case, Kryptonian—does when their happy, he was smiling. He was smiling his perfect, toothy smile. But unlike most humans—and most Kryptonians for that matter—he was flying. Flying to a future where he would not be alone, where he would not be the Last Survivor of Krypton.

Above and behind him by a few dozen yards was a large military helicopter carrying Agent Lois Lane, General Sam Lane, Agent Amanda Waller and their bodyguards. Today they were escorted by two heavily armed men dressed in U.S. Marine garb.

"Sergeant Rock, Private Cash, it's good to have you aboard," General Lane attempted to make small talk, smiling briefly at the two soldiers.

"The pleasure's all ours, General," the older of the two men spoke, clearly Sergeant Rock the General had spoken of.

"Absolutely. I'd do anything to have a little quality time with this pretty lady," The other soldier, Private Cash, nudged his head towards Lois.

Lois frowned, "If you don't shut your mouth, 'this pretty lady' will throw you right out of the helicopter."

"Ooh, feisty, I like it," Cash jokingly replied, a large goofy smile portraying a different personality than his handsome features and cocky voice.

Sgt. Rock elbowed Cash in his side, "Quiet, Private. You're in enough trouble as it is."

Lois cocked her head at that statement, as Waller and Lane simply smiled, "What trouble?"

Neither of the soldiers replied, and it wasn't until General Lane spoke up that Lois' question was answered, "Private Cole Cash here was a member of the marines, fighting in Afghanistan. He was a damn good soldier, one of the best, but one day in the middle of a firefight with the Taliban, he just upped and ran away. He was found a month later lying dehydrated on a hill. Any other soldier in his position would've been dishonorably discharged, but Cash's too good a soldier to pass up. So, instead they put him on guard duty for Project SUPERMAN. That's where he is today."

Cole looked up, his eyes bloodshot and his face red, "You know that's not the whole story, General. I-"

"Cash!" General Lane and Sgt. Rock interrupted.

"No, if you're telling my story then you tell all of it," Cole looked into Lois' eyes, and for the first time she noticed fear in the light, confident eyes of his, "I never ran away from the fight. I never would. I was abducted by aliens. After being experimented on for weeks, I was dropped on that hill. Naturally, no one believed me. They said I ran away. Even after Superman appears still no one will believe me."

Lois pitied the man and she took his hand, "I'm sorry, Private."

"I don't want your pity, Agent, I want you to believe me. Do you?" Cash asked.

Lois quickly glanced at her father, who then said, "Lois, don't reply to him. He's crazy-"

"-That's not something you should e saying about the man who has your life in his hands," Cash growled.

"Private!" Rock interrupted, "Shut the hell up!"

Now Amanda Waller broke out laughing, flabs on her neck jiggling, "Harharhar! This is great!"

Lois almost jumped at the sounds of Waller's giggles. She'd never seen the woman smile before, let alone laugh. Well, Lois thought, there's a first time for everything.

Another voice emerged from speakers, "General, we've arrived above the hospital? What would you like us to do?"

"Land, obviously, and let us out," Lane ordered.

Suddenly, faster than the eye could catch, Superman appeared outside the window. Cash's mouth dropped at the sight.

"Not a good idea, General. Landing a vehicle this size in the middle of a highly populated area could cause chaos. And on the matter of 'us,' well, it isn't happening. I'm going alone. We don't need to overwhelm the girl," Superman said.

"Hell no!" Lane shouted.

"General!" Lois interrupted, "Clark is right! We can't go in with a squad of soldiers into a hospital. It isn't right and we could cause panic with the people inside."

The General argued, "He can't go alone!"

"Fine, I'll go with him," Lois glanced at Superman as she said this. He nodded in agreement.

"Fine," The General begrudgingly replied, "Where do you want us to land this thing, Superman?"

The Man of Steel pointed eastwards, "There's a little park about a block away. It's currently empty undergoing renovations."

The General spoke the commands into a walkie-talkie, "You hear that, pilot?"

"Yes, sir."

"Take us down."

A little while later Clark, now in civvies (a blue Superman t-shirt, a black jacket, jeans and glasses), and Lois left the park and entered into St. Mary's Hospital. When they entered Lois flashed a badge at a nurse.

"FBI. Where's Lily Quincy?" Lois asked, rather rudely.

"Uh…fourth floor," The nurse replied. And without another word Lois headed to the elevator.

"Sorry about…my partner. She seems mean but she's like a teddy bear on the inside," Clark quickly apologized, before running after Lois.

After catching up to the Agent, barely making it into the elevator on time, Clark said, "What's up with you, Lois? Just, like, five minutes ago you were in a good mood!"

Lois flashed a fake smile, "I am in a good mood, but this is work. I take my work very seriously."

"This is for me, about me, Lois. It's not work," Clark argued, his glasses slipping down his nose.

"No, this is about a potentially Class 10 superhuman. Dealing with superhumans, like you, is my job," Lois replied, as she pressed the 4th floor button again, as if that would make the elevator move faster.

"You deal with me?! That's hardly how I'd describe our relationship," Clark shook his head in disbelief.

"What relationship, Clark?"

"What are you talking about? Yesterday…my room…we almost…"

"…Nothing. We almost nothing'd, Clark," Lois stated coolly.

Clark couldn't believe what he was hearing, "To say…what you're saying…maybe yesterday was weird, maybe nothing was going on but…to say there is nothing between us! No friendship! Is this about your dad? Is this about…" Clark was interrupted by a ringing sound, informing him they'd arrived at the fourth floor. The doors slid open and Lois walked out.

"Let's go, Clark, we have work to do."

Clark took a deep breath and followed Lois out of the elevator. What is going on with her? The two hurried down the hallway. Clark briefly asked an orderly what room Lily was in, and after a brief mix-up on which Lily he was talking about, the two government operatives headed off to Room 409.

When they reached the room, Clark swiftly knocked on the door, before opening it slightly and peaking into the room. Lily was lying on the hospital bed, looking up at a TV above her, Sesame Street playing on it. Her face was slightly red, displaying burns, but otherwise she seemed unharmed, at least from Clark's view.

Lily turned her head to Clark. Clark shyly asked, "May I…we come in?"

"Who are you?" Lily asked as Lois pushed her way past Clark and into the room.

"We're…friends," Clark replied, following Lois into the room after Lily nodded her head in welcome.

"Hi," Lily said, a smile on my face, "So, are you more repar…reper…"

"…Reporters?" Clark helped.

"Yeah," Lily answered, "Are you reporters? Do you wanna know about Supergirl?"

"Well, yes and no," Lois spoke now, "We aren't reporters, but we do want to know about Supergirl."

Lily smiled, "Alright, I'll tell you. You seem nice, just like the bald guy that visited me."

Bald guy…? Clark pushed that thought away, focusing on the matter at hand.

"Well, Supergirl's really pretty. And nice," Lily started, "She has blonde ha-"

"What are her powers like?" Lois interrupted the little girl.

"Um…" Lily racked her memory for answers, "She can fly. And she's strong. I…I don't remember much else."

"Do you know where she went?" Clark sweetly asked.

Lily shook her head, "Nope. She flew off."

"Well…thank you, Lily. That's all we need," Lois said, already turning away to leave.

"Oh, and there's one more thing!" Lily exclaimed, stopping Lois from leaving, "She wears an S, just like that," Lily pointed to Clark's Superman shirt, "And she talks weird."

Clark looked at Lois and nodded her head. The two were thinking the same thing…She's definitely the one.

Their brief connection was interrupted by Lily, "You aren't going to hurt her, are you?"

Clark turned back to the girl, shocked. His strong, kind eyes proved his integrity as he spoke, "Of course not. That girl…Supergirl…she's my cousin."

"Clark…" Lois warned.

Lily's face lit up with a smile, "You're Superman?"

Clark simply smiled at the little girl in response as he exited the room, Lois in tow.

"You can't do that!" Lois harshly whispered as they exited the room.

"Can't do what…" Clark's attention was suddenly diverted. He'd heard something.

"What is it?" Lois noticed Clark's dazed awareness.

"Nothing…" Clark lied, he motioned towards the elevator, "Let's go."

As soon as the two entered the elevator, Lois pressed the first floor button. As the doors closed Clark thought he caught a glimpse of something…of red hair. He stuck his foot out, stopping the doors from closing. She couldn't be here could she? He looked around. No one was in sight. Clark took a deep breath and stepped back into the elevator.

The doors closed as Lois spoke, "What the hell was that about?"


"That wasn't nothing. What was it, Clark?" Lois asked, determined for the truth. She was always like that, Clark noticed, always searching for the truth. Almost like a reporter… Clark laughed at that thought. Lois, a reporter? It was ridiculous!

"Seriously, it's nothing," Clark replied as he adjusted his glasses.

Lois understood she wasn't getting anywhere and moved on to another topic, "Why the hell did you tell the girl?"

"Tell her what?"

"The truth, Clark. You being Superman," Lois, somehow calm, responded.

The elevator doors opened and the two stepped out. Clark didn't answer till the two were near the patient drop-off. He stopped Lois and then turned to her.

"I…I needed to tell her. She deserved the truth," Clark stated.

"She…do you know how many reporters that girl talks to a day? What if she blurts that out during one of the interviews! Project SUPERMAN and your secret identity would be finished!" Lois was now very, very angry, yet she still whispered.

"I trust her!" Clark argued.

"Oh yeah, because that's a really great reason to tell a girl you've known for, what, five minutes?" Lois shook her head in disbelief, "You're ridiculous, Clark! No wonder you think there's something between us…you're too personal! You get too attached!" Lois stormed out of the hospital.

"Lois!" Clark exclaimed. He ran a hand through his hair. Why does this always happen to me? And how did this even get back to 'us'?

After a brief second of thinking of the best way to apologize to Lois, Clark exited the hospital. Outside, Lois was standing with her arms crossed, waiting for him.

"Listen, Lois, I'm AAAAAGGGHHHHH!" Clark cried out in pain, clutching his ears as he collapsed to the ground. BEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEP!

Something, some sound was ringing through Clark's ears. After a brief second more of suffering, the sound stopped and Clark felt fine. He stood up, his gaze suddenly very determined.

"What the hell was that about?" Lois asked, looking Clark up and down for injuries, suddenly worried.

"I know where my cousin is," Clark declared.

"You what?" Lois exclaimed, her expression changed from worried to serious.

"That sound—a high-frequency sound only Kryptonians can hear—was a signal from my cousin's ship. It was attempting to tell her she was close to it, to draw her to it," Clark confidently stated.

Lois briefly glanced around her. Everyone outside the hospital was staring at them. "What sound, Clark? What are you talking about?"

"Just come with me, Lois. We need to go now. We're close," Clark grabbed Lois' arm and dragged her away from the crowd. They hurried all the way to the helicopter, neither of them saying a word.

"I know where she is!" Clark shouted when he was a dozen yards from the copter. In a quick, tornado-like motion, Clark changed into his 'uniform.'

"Where?" Agent Waller shouted from outside the helicopter. But, without a word, Clark launched himself off the ground and into the air. He flew away faster, faster, until he broke super sonic speed. Far behind him, the Project SUPERMAN advocates were standing still in shock.

"'The hell was that about?" Cash wondered.

General Lane was first to snap out of the daze, "Everyone, wake the hell up! Pilot, track Superman! We're going after him!"

An Air Force Base

Colonel Jakob Kane stood alone looking up at the sky at the edge of a U.S. military base. Suddenly, the ground shook below him. And as soon as it started it stopped.

"What in the-" Kane was interrupted by a rather large man in a suit, who while sweating profusely sprinted to the Colonel.

"Co-Co-Colonel, huf, Kane, huf huf. Su-su-superman is here!" The man had to catch his breath after delivering the message.

This interruption did not surprise Colonel Kane. He'd expected this. A rocket crashes to Earth around the same time a "Supergirl" does and the rocket was in his captivity. He knew the Man of Steel would come for him, for the rocket.

Half a minute and a few dozen steps later Colonel Kane was standing in front of America's Big Blue Boyscout.

"Where is she?" Superman asked, his usual confidently kind smile gone.

The Colonel frowned, "Who?"

Superman mirrored Kane's expression, "Don't play this game with me. I heard the signal. I know my cousin is on this base."

"You're…you're cousin?! On this base?! What signal?!" Colonel Kane let the questions flood out of him like water out of a dam.

"You heard me. My cousin, Supergirl, is on this base. Where are you keeping her?"

"I honestly have no idea what-" Colonel Kane was interrupted by screams of agony. Superman had collapsed to his hands and knees. He was holding his hands over his ears as if to stop some incessantly powerful noise from entering his eardrums. The Colonel heard nothing.

"Superman, what's wrong?" Colonel Kane bent down to help the Man of Steel up. Superman merely shrugged the man away, standing up on his own.

"I. Know. Where. She. Is." Superman said one word at a time, as if it was hard to speak. He burst off the ground, flying to a building a hundred yards away. He crashed through wall after wall, using his X Ray vision to avoid any civilians, all while pushing through the pain, which grew ever stronger as he approached his objective.

Finally, he noticed a lanky figure standing in a room in front of a rocket…a Kryptonian rocket.

Superman crashed through a final wall, landing on broken glass. The girl spun around to meet him, taking a fighting stance. She was blonde, and indeed very lanky. She wore a rather simple armored blue shirt, the House of El symbol emblazoned on the chest, tight red shorts, long armored boots and a crimson cape.

"Who are you?" The girl demanded an answer.

For the first time in many hours, Clark's face brightened.

"(My name is Kal-El. I'm from the planet Krypton and there's a good chance we're related.)"

Clark spoke these words in beautiful, eloquent Kryptonian. Clark noticed the girl looked confused, almost angry. And then a scowl formed on the girl's face, and Clark realized she was most definitely angry.

"Who are you really? My cousin Kal-El is a baby! He's barely a month old! Why are you wearing the symbol of the House of El? How do you even know Kryptonian? How do you know about my baby cousin?!" The girl shouted, her muscles beginning to tighten, preparing for a fight.

"Calm down! I don't want a fight," Clark held his hands up signaling for peace, "And I'm not lying. My…my name is Kal-El. My parents are Jor of the House of El and Lara of the House of Lor-Van. The symbol on both of our chests is a Kryptonian letter meaning 'hope.' I own, or I guess I should say 'owned', a dog named Krypto. Our home, Krypton, was destroyed by our galaxies' Red Sun going supernova. My father rocketed me off the planet with just minutes to spare. I am Kal-El…you're cousin…"

"You…" The girl looked into Clark's eyes, and after a brief moment her own eyes filled with tears, "You're not lying are you? You really are Kal-El. You have his eyes. You have Jor's eyes."

Clark nodded his head. The girl stood still for a moment, clearly thinking over her situation. After a short while, Clark couldn't take it anymore. He hugged his cousin.

"I…OK," The girl looked up at her cousin, somewhat surprised.

"I'm sorry…uh…"

"Kara. Kara Zor-El," Kara shifted away from Clark, a smile still on her face.

"I'm sorry, Kara…" Clark looked down, a sullen expression now painted on his face, "It's just…all my life…I thought I was the last one…the Last Survivor of Krypton…"

"You're not, Kal. You're not alone," Kara looked into Clark's eyes, hers shimmering like the ocean, "I don't really know what you went through. It feels like just yesterday that Krypton exploded and I was rocketed after you but…Kal, I promise you you'll never feel alone again."

The two smiled, and for the first time since before his father, or rather, adoptive father, had died Clark felt truly happy. Nothing could go wrong. Nothing could ruin this moment.

Oh, how naïve he was!

"Three, two, one, GO!" Armed soldiers burst out from behind walls, looking down red dot sights at the two Kryptonians. Slowly and confidently Sam Lane emerged from behind the soldiers.

Superman sneered, "General, what are you doing?!"

"Protecting my…our country," The General lifted his hand into the air, signaling for his men to prepare to fire, "Supergirl, will you peacefully come with my men and join our cause for the protection of the United States of America?"

"Stop this, Lane! Now!" Superman stood protectively in front of his cousin, his eyes glowing red, "My cousin walks free. She decides her own destiny."

"There is no decision, there's only facts. Like you she is an illegal immigrant of Earth. She is potentially the most powerful female on this planet, possibly the most powerful being on this planet. Stand down, Kent, these men are armed with Kryptonite bullets," The General defied Superman's pleas.

"Don't. Do. This." Superman standed defiant, nowhere near backing down. Meanwhile, Kara simply looked over her cousin's shoulder, thinking over the best course of action.

"Let the girl decide for herself."

"Kara, take my hand," Superman held his hand out to Kara, who after a brief second took it. "Don't worry, Kal, I'm not going," Kara reassured. Superman smiled.

"General, I've waited for this moment my entire life. Now that it's here, I'm not going to let you take it and her away. And I'm not going to let you hurt her."

Both the General's and Superman's muscles flexed, preparing to move, but both were stopped as Lois Lane burst into the room.

"What the hell?" Lois turned to her father, "What are you doing?"

"Lois, get the hell out of here," The General growled.



"Leave her alone, General!" Superman shouted, his eyes heating up.

The General looked between his daughter and Superman briefly, before finally lowering his hand, "Fire."

"Dammit, General," Clark burst into the air, Kara holding onto his hand, avoiding the assault.

"DAMMIT!" The General cursed, "Follow them! Go after them!" The soldiers did as they were ordered, running out of the building.

"General…" Lois grabbed her father's hand, keeping him from moving.

"Lois, now's not the time," The General growled.

"No, Dad, now is the time," Lois held on, unflinching, "What the hell are you doing?"

"I'm protecting our country!" General Lane shouted fiercely.

"Enough with this patriotic crap! You and I both know Clark is the most patriotic of any of us. You've heard his saying, right?! About what he's defending as Superman?! 'Truth, Justice and the American Way!' So shut up about 'our country's safety this' and 'our country's safety that' and just do something for the good of humanity…and Kryptonianity…" Lois argued, her defiance unwavering.

General Lane didn't have an immediate response for once. After an eternity of thought, The General held up a walkie talkie and spoke into it, "This is General Lane, over."

"Yes sir, General, sir, this is Sgt. Rock reporting. What can I do for you, General?" A rough voice came from through the walkie talkie.

"Sgt, I want you and your men to leave the Kryptonians alone. I repeat, leave the Kryptonians alone. Over?" The General replied. Lois, meanwhile, smiled victoriously at her father.

"Yes, sir, I understand. Sgt. Rock, out," And with that the walkie talkie went dead.

"You did it." Lois stated the fact.

"Yes…yes I did," General Lane agreed. The two stood in silence for a few brief seconds. Lois was the first to speak up.


General Lane didn't respond for almost half a minute, "I'm going to leave the girl alone…but Kent still had to come with us."

"I think he will agree with that anyway," Lois said.

General Lane nodded his head, "I think he will too."

And without another word, the two left the building.

At Clark

It took Clark a full fifteen minutes before he'd allowed either Kara or him to land. After landing, they were greeted by an unarmed Cole Cash, dressed in sleek camo attire.

"General Lane wants you to know he's letting the girl go," Cole motioned to Kara, "And that he and Agent Lane have already left for Metropolis."

Clark nodded his head in response, unsure if he should believe the news. The General wasn't the type of man to give something up so easily. What could have so swiftly changed his mind?

"Was there anything else he said?" Clark inspected.

"Yeah. He expects you back before he gets there." Cole replied calmly, not intimidated by the Man of Steel's demeanor.

"I'll be there," Clark said, "You can go."

Cole nodded his head, "Yeah, it sorta sucks staying around here anyway. So boring. No hot chicks, 'cept, you know, that redhead the Colonel's daughter."

Clark ignored the soldier and after he had walked away he turned to Kara, who had been quietly thinking over her situation the entire time.


"I'm not coming with you. You know that," Kara simply stated.

"Yeah…I know. This life, my life, I don't want it for you anyway," Clark looked at his cousin, who was barely older than 16.

"Kal, I'm sorry," Kara apologized," It's just…well, I'm new here. I haven't quite…found my place in this world. I still can't quite fit my head around the idea of everything, my…our entire world, gone, and you…you're grown up." Kara's head sunk down, so she was looking at her feet.

"I understand. I really do," Clark lifted Kara's head up with his index finger, "Just know, Kara, I'm here for you. If you ever need me, I'll be there in an instant."

Kara smiled, "And I'm here for you, Kal."

Clark briefly embraced his cousin again before slowly floating away. "See you soon, Kara Zor-El."

"Bye, Kal-El…my baby cousin…" Kara whispered the last part so quietly that even the Man of Steel's famous hearing couldn't pick up what she had said.

In a flash of red and blue, Clark was gone, back to Metropolis, back to Lois, and back to troubles anew. But away from his cousin, his family…

…The Last Daughter of Krypton: Supergirl!

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