New York City. A place filled with impureness and deception. Today was no exception. Even though it was day, the cities looked filthy and disgraceful. People walked the streets as if they had their whole lives ahead of them. Poor souls. They had no idea of what is to come of the day. Not a single human life would survive. People stooped suddenly and looked at the blue sky. The sun was slowly being covered by immense black clouds. Soon, the heavens were fully hidden to mortal eyes. Lightning and thunder filled the air.

On top of the Empire State building a red and orange vortex opened up. A dark human figure immerged and looked upon the earth. His clothes resemble a being of pure darkness. Black pants and a black leather trench coat, which reached his knees. His blonde hair was tied into a neat pony tale. His body seemed broad. At six feet five inches, the being was a complete monster. He slowly raised his hands and held them up. Lighting struck than. As if following a signal, he lowered his hands abruptly. The skies turned red and orange. Fireballs fell from the heavens. People screamed in fear as the deadly projectiles hit the earth. A man looked up just in time to see one of those land right at his side. The ground exploded taking him with it. A young girl looked up in fear just to see an evil ball of flame go through three buildings, and finally land at the base of Madison Square Garden. The explosion was deafening as a quarter of the building soon turned into nothing. The girl watched in awe as two fire missiles hurled themselves and hit the semi reconstructed world trade center. The blast of the impact was deafening. The man made structures couldn't take that sort of punishment. The half built tower crumbled down. People screamed as the concrete and glass fell over them. Soon they were silenced.

The evil being looked down at the destruction he had caused. An evil smile curled on his lips as the screams of pain and agony reached his ears. He looked at his right. The fireballs bombarded the glorious city. He saw the Chrysler building being hit twice, before it crumpled down. People screamed as the concrete toppled over them.

Many fled the scene as the fireballs destroyed what is Time square. The deadly rocks destroyed the streets. Humans looked as vehicles toppled over because of the destruction. A couple ran ferociously as a taxicab flew right over them. They ducked just in time as the vehicle hit the building beside them. Concrete crumpled down. They had no time to rejoice. A fireball struck right between them. An explosion followed the impact. A woman screamed in fear as she witnessed the scene.

The demon walked the roof of the Empire State building as if he were some sort of god. Tourists had seen what he had done and walked back in fear. The fireballs still adorned the sky. For any artist the scene could have been one of the most beautiful ever witnessed. Still, the tragedy at hand could not permit them any time. It seemed to resemble the terrorist act of 2001. But this was worst. The damage was not being caused by a human.

The demon slowly walked the roof as he extended his arms at his sides. An invisible force abruptly threw the tourists back to the edge. They screamed in fear as they fell from the sky scraper just as a sonic boom exploded in their ears. The windows of the building began to explode as the humans fell to their deaths. The disaster began from top to bottom. As the mortals fell, the phenomenon caught up to them. The glass cut through them like paper. As the glass fell to the ground, bits of human flesh came down with it.

Inside the building, humans screamed for another reason. A strange flame engulfed the hallways. The rooms exploded as the fire reached them. Men and women were killed instantly by the blasts. Others were eaten by the deadly flames. Still, the flames did not seem to burn the walls.

Outside, the exterior of the building turned black as charcoal. The process seemed to be caused by the flames inside. The blonde being smiled at his progress. He looked towards the river and onward towards the Atlantic. He lifted his hands and dropped them again. Three immense fireballs fell from the black sky. Their size was impressive. They hit the water hard. A tremor reached what is the now shaken and semi - destroyed Manhattan. As it stopped, a huge wave formed. It was at least 30 meters in height. People watched in fear as the killer wave hit them with intense force. Buildings started to drop like dead bodies. After the disaster destroyed everything in site, a short silence fell. It only lasted a few seconds before the surviving mortals screamed at the scene. The dead covered the pavement. Buildings that once stood proud, had become rubble. Children cried for their loved ones. Others screamed for help. Death was around the air. It was not taking prisoners.

The blonde demon looked at the scene. "Kill them all!", he bellowed. As the words left his lips, a gargoyle emerged explosively from the earth. He screamed a cry of war. Soon, other gargoyles popped out and chanted the same cry. They flew unto the dark streets. People screamed as the strange creatures. Their fangs grew as they looked at the fresh meat. A woman with child in hand ran from the scene. She hid behind a garbage truck, which had toppled over and waited. Three demons flew past her. Their claws looked as vicious as their eyes. When the monsters passed by, she placed the baby on top of a cardboard box. She than covered him with newspaper. She than turned around. No evil being was in site. She stuck her head out to take another peek. A creature screamed in her face. She screamed back in fear. The shadows described the scene. The demon tore the woman a part with his claws. Soon, another human laid lifeless on the New York city pavement. Screams of death were audible. After a few minutes, a moment of peace followed. Not a sound. New York had become an immense cemetery for humans of all ages. Only a building stood proud above the rubble. The largest of all. Painted al in black. Except the base. It was adorned red. The blood of the humans. All destroyed in a surprise attack from evil. The six foot humanoid turned towards his minions. All waited for him to speak.

"Today!", the demon started. "We write history! Today… is the beginning of the rest of our immortal lives! We will take what is rightfully ours!". All the gargoyles cried in excitement. Hideous cheers came from their demon vocal cords. The leader settled them down. "Now", the demon continued. "Who will get me a cup of cappuccino?".