Hey! I'm back with another fic! Well, actually this is a rather old fic for me. It's actually the very first one I wrote back on my old account, Mizuki-Shiori-Nakamura. It was called A TENSHI'S LOVE, but that account is closed and I'm reconstructing all of the fics there onto this account. It will have the same basic plotline, but instead of my OC characters Raven and Robin, I'm using Kagome and my OC Kaori (since Kaori is the twin I created for Kagome). I hope you like it! Oh and it's High school A/U, so expect some OOC-ness and character bashing.

Disclaimer: I don't own Inuyasha, the characters, or any type of material that I didn't come up with. They belong to their rightful owners. I do, however, own Kaori.

Summary: The Higurashi twins never really got along with anyone while they were in America, so a few months after their father died, their mother decided to move back to Japan where they took up a gothic nature. Once there, problems rose as they soon found out that they weren't all entirely human…but a rare breed of tenshi! What will happen to Kagome and her twin Kaori once an ancient war threatens to destroy them and their family?

Arms of a Tenshi

Kagome turned over in her bed, having the most wonderful dream ever. She had been attending her favorite American rock band, Evanescence. The leader singer, Amy Lee, had chosen her to sing with her and just as Kagome grasped the mike and opened her mouth, there had been a sudden earthquake. The light fixtures had swung wildly on the cables until the weight of them had caused the wires to snap. Kagome lifted her hands to shield herself from the heavy metal lamp….

"Kags! Kags! Kagome Akemi Higurashi, wake the hell up!"

Bleary silver-blue eyes cracked open and found an identical face to hers, glaring at her with matching eyes. "Kaori, what have I told you about saying my full name, dammit!"

Kaori huffed and crossed her arms over her chest. "Well if you woke the first time I wouldn't have said it. Now get your ass out of bed! You're going to make us late for school."

"You've got to be kidding me!" the older sister tossed the black comforter off of her body and jumped out of the bed. "What time is it?"

The youngest twin looked over at the digital clock resting on the nightstand and her stormy eyes widened. "Fuck! It's 8:05. Hurry the hell up, Kags!"

"Alright already!" Kagome decided to skip taking a shower and wiped her body down with a wet towel, scrubbing the necessary parts, and rushed to her closet to pull out a red and black pleated skirt that had a black studded belt wrapped around the waist and a black shirt that had a one inch strap with silver studs, red and black pleated, puffy side sleeves, with the black ribbons crisscrossing down the red plaid center. She hurriedly dressed and pulled the zipper up on her black and red lace half boots, giving herself a once over in the mirror. In the reflective glass, Kagome noticed that her twin was wearing the exact outfit in blue!

"What the hell Kaori! Go change!"

Kaori gasped, tossing her arms down. "No fucking way! I was wearing this first! You change!"

Kagome glared at her twin for a few seconds before sighing. "We don't have time for this." A sneaky gleam entered her eyes. "Let's have fun messing with people's heads."

"I like the way you think, sis" the younger twin snickered, high-fiving her sister.

Kagome and Kaori were identical twins. The similarities were remarkable. They had the same pale complexion, the same waist length raven hair, and the same unique eye color, a stormy silver-blue. No one else in their family had this color. No one except for their late father. Their friends back in America had secretly dubbed them the Storm Sisters because of their eyes. Those arctic irises seemed to hold an entire lightning storm inside their depths.

They looked so much alike that they decided to create a way so that people would stop confusing them so easily. The only difference was the color of highlights they added to their dark locks. Kagome settled for a fire red and Kaori streaked hers with icy blue – not much of a different, but they loved messing with people's heads too much to care.

As they rushed out of their room, the twins bumped into their younger brother, Souta, knocking him down to the floor.

"What the heck! Why are you running down the hall like a bunch of wild elephants?" he demanded, his light brown eyes glaring up at his sisters.

"Can it, squirt! We're going to be late for school!" Kaori pushed the eleven-year-old out of her way.

"What are you talking about? It's only 6:58. School doesn't start for another hour and a half." Souta said a mischievous glimmer entered his eyes.

Kagome caught the shine and scowled. "Souta…you little brat!"

After the twins throttled their younger brother for tampering with their clock, it was time for them to head to school – for real. Giving their mother, Nodoka, a kiss on the cheek, the Higurashi twins went to the garage where their car was parked. It was a brand new forest green Ford Mustang TM convertible.

Kagome slid into the driver's side and pulled her shades on over her silver-blue eyes, she exchanged grins with Kaori. "Time to fuck up this school."

"Shikon Youkai High School beware! The Higurashi twins are coming!" Kaori tossed her head back and let out a wicked laugh as her sister dropped the top and sped off down the road. The younger twin opened the glove compartment and began shifting through the CDs stashed there. Finding the one she liked, Kaori placed it in the radio and soon Serj Tankian's Empty Walls blared from the speakers.

"Love this song! Nice pick, Kao!" Kagome took a sharp right into the school parking lot and her eyes widened. "What the hell?"

The instant they entered the school campus, the twins knew that they were going to hate it. It was one of those sparkling clean high schools that wanted all the students to be perfect. It was a prep school…and the one thing the Higurashi twins hated more in the world was Preps!

"Just what kind of hell hole did we transfer to?" Kaori snarled at a student who was staring at her.

"It's packed full with preps!" the older twin wanted to gag when she spotted a girl with heavily caked on make-up wearing a ridiculously short white mini skirt and pink tube top.

"And I hate preps!" they screamed in unison.

With one last groan, the Higurashi twins grudgingly left the confines of the car and trudged up the stairs that led into the building of their new school. Kagome bared her teeth and hissed at a few students that stared at them too long. Kaori cracked her knuckles to intimidate a few others and glared at the ones that dared to give them cat calls.

"Hey, look-y here. New students."

"Mmm. They look delicious."

"Look at those legs! And those eyes!"

"Damn! The one in blue is fine!"

"Hey baby, nice ass!"

Kagome whipped around and shot a death at the ones who dared utter the comment. "Fuck off asshole!" she then proceeded to grab Kaori's hand and they all but ran to the office where they found a secretary wearing a light pink, double breasted suit. "Hey! I'm Kagome Higurashi and this is my sister, Kaori Higurashi. We transferred here today and need our schedules."

The secretary glanced up from the computer screen, her greenish-grey eyes shining, and eyed the twins in distaste. She scowled. 'Great! Just what this school doesn't need. More students.' She plastered a large forced smile on her lips and spoke in a fake cheery tone. "Hi! Welcome to Shikon Youkai High! You may call me Yukimura-sensei. You must be the Higurashi twins." Yukimura-sensei had to bite the inside of her cheek when the twin's gave her a look that blatantly said, "No Shit, Sherlock." Turning back to the computer, her long manicured nails clicked over the keys and soon the sounds of the printer warming up echoed through the room. Taking hold of the two sheets of paper, she said, "Well, here are your schedules."

Kagome and Kaori glanced at the pieces of paper and frowned before switching. "Wrong twin, Yuki-babaa." They whispered the insulting name as they lowered their heads so that their bangs hid their amusement filled eyes. They had found the first victim for their mind games.

"Oh, sorry." Yukimura-sensei said. "Now hurry on to your first block."

The Higurashi twins exited the office and burst out in laughter, unable to hold it in any longer. They doubled over, clutching their stomachs as they began to spasm with their hearty giggles. "Fuck! That was too funny!"

Kaori was the first to recover from their fit of laughter, "Ne, Kags, let me see your schedule."

"Sure." The older twin handed her sheet over to her sister, and gained hers.

"First block: Japanese History; Second block: Music; Third block: Chemistry; Fourth block: Physical Education/Home Economics; Lunch; Fifth block: Homeroom; Sixth block: Algebra/Geometry; Seventh block: Japanese II/English II." The twins read each other's schedules out loud and groaned once they found out that they had every class together.

"Is there one school in the fucking planet that doesn't place twins in every class? I mean just because we were together from birth don't mean shit!" Kaori wanted to tear her fingers through her long dark hair and pull.

"Kaori, remember, Mama said that we have to pick an after-school club activity as well." Kagome informed.

The younger twin looked at her sister. "Yeah, I know. I'm joining the Kendo club. You?"


The younger girl nodded her head. Kagome had always excelled with the bow, even as a young girl. Her sister hit the mark every time. She was the Archery Queen back in America. "Okay. Now let's get to class." Kaori walked down the hall for a few steps before stopping and turning to her twin, confusion filling her eyes. "Did Yuki-baka-sensei give you a map?"

After wandering around the halls for a bit and gaining help from a wandering student, the Higurashi twins finally found the Japanese History classroom. The teacher was a female phoenix with long black hair and red eyes. She wore a skin tight crimson shirt that had intricate gold designs and a flowing white skirt.

"You're late." Her piercing red eyes cut back to the class, making the few whispering students shut up with just one look. "You must be the exchange students. I am Abihime-sensei. Introduce yourself to the class."

"Kagome Higurashi, 17 years old, older twin, and I'm Gothic."

"Kaori Higurashi, 17 years old, younger twin, and I'm Gothic also."

The elder sister looked at her twin with a sinister gleam in her eyes and the look was returned with an evil smirk.

"Don't like it? Kiss my ass." They said together.

Abihime-sensei hissed. "Higurashi, you just earned yourself a spot in detention!"

The sisters gave the teacher the most innocent look they could muster and said in a sugary sweet voice, "Which one, A-Bitch-Hime-sensei?"

As the classroom roared with laughter, the phoenix youkai's red eyes bled over and her irises turned turquoise. She lifted one of her hands and it transformed into a bird claw and she yelled, "The both of you! Now sit the hell down!"

Kagome and Kaori sent the teacher a wink as they choose a seat in the back of the classroom. To the right of Kaori was a female raijuu youkai with bright scarlet eyes and curly black hair pulled into two low ponytails. To the left of Kagome was a girl with long dark brown hair tied in a high ponytail and chocolate eyes.

The girl beside Kagome turned and grinned. "Hey, name's Sango Hattori. You're Kagome, ne?"

The older twin smirked. She was one of first to correctly guess who she was. "Yeah, I'm Kagome." Her silver-blue eyes gleamed with the possibility of making a new friend.

"Hey! Souten Raiden. You're Kaori, desu ka?" the raijuu youkai asked, grinning at the younger sister.

Kaori blinked. The female actually guessed correct. "That's the name. How did you know who I am?"

Souten tapped her nose. "Youkai sense of smell. While you and your sister look alike, your scents are different, plus your highlights are different."

"No, talking!" Abihime-sensei growled, looking directly at the sisters and their neighbors. "Open your books and turn to page 250. Read and answer the questions at the bottom."

The four girls rolled their eyes and reached to open the desks and pulled out the history books, flipping to the page, and resumed talking.

"So, why did you transfer to SYHS?" Sango questioned, tilting her head to the side.

"Our father died a few years back, so our mother decided to move back to the family shrine here in Japan." Kagome began.

"We moved from the house we basically grew up in to come and live here with our jii-chan on Mama's side." Kaori said.

"Jii-chan has insisted that we start training to be miko and carry on the lineage." They spoke together.

Souten recoiled slightly when she heard that the females were miko, which were fabled to kill youkai without batting an eye. She had entered a scuffle with one already and had nearly lost an arm from the purification the miko sent into her body. But then, she saw the kindness hidden in their silver-blue eyes and she relaxed. "Damn, that's harsh. I'm sorry for your loss."

"Yeah, Souten and I both know how it feels to lose a father." Sango dipped her head, her long straight bangs hiding her eyes. She sat like that for a second before springing back up. "Who's going to train you?"

"Jii-chan's friend, Kaede-baa-san."

The bell rang, signaling that it was time for the next block.

The Higurashi twins got up from their seats and left the classroom but not before casting the phoenix youkai one last innocent smile. "See you tomorrow, Abihime-sensei."

"Get out of my classroom, Higurashi!" she hissed, the whites of her eyes tingeing red.

Kagome tossed her head back and let out a wicked giggle. "We're going to turn this school into the new Gothic central!"

"Hey! Kagome! Kaori! Wait up!"

The twins turned around and saw Sango and Souten rushing to catch up to them.

"What class you got next?" Souten asked.


"Sweet. So do we." Sango grinned.

The girls looked the other two up and down and deemed them Goth worthy. Sango was wearing a long sleeved pink shirt that was cut up to the black bustier underneath and a black skirt with pick ribbons tied in the front in large bows with spider webs embroidered in the lace material. Adorning her feet were black combat boots with silver studded buckles. Souten wore a red and black striped Death Kitty hoodie, left unzipped to show her red tank top with black Tripp pants and black boots that had a red ribbon going up the back.

"Alright. Lead the way." Kaori swept her arm out in a mock bow.

Souten looked Kaori in the eyes. "I will warn you, two, now…Muso-sensei, is a very creepy pedophile that will grab your breasts at any chance he gets!" she made a dramatic show of squeezing her own chest and yelping out indigently.

The Higurashi twins laughed at the raijuu's act. "We'll make sure to keep our guard up."

As Sango and Souten led the way to the classroom, several students were whispering random comments about the twins. Mostly about how they managed to piss Abihime-sensei off to the brink of where her youkai was almost released. The Higurashi sisters grinned evilly and gave each other a low five.

"You guys are going to be in so much trouble." Sango laughed teasingly.

Kagome shrugged her slender shoulders. "I don't give a damn. This school is in dire need of change. And Kaori and me are going to do just that. Ne, Kaori?"

"Right, sis!" Kaori grinned as thousands of wicked ideas flooded her mind.

Souten and Sango stared at the twins before shaking their heads. Shikon Youkai High School was definitely going to be much livelier with these sisters here. They turned a corner and walked to the third door in the hallway.

"Well, this is the music room." Souten said, zipping up her hoodie to cover her breasts and pulled her hood over her head. She glanced at Sango to see her tugging on a black Bye Bye Kitty hoodie, zipping it up and snapping the button on the metal clasp. The raijuu youkai looked back over to the twins and saw the confusion written all over their faces. "You'll see why."

They entered the room and were immediately approached by a man with shoulder-length black hair and kind ebony eyes wearing a blue dress shirt and brown slacks. He clasped his hands together. "Sango-san, Souten-san, such a pleasure to have you in my class." He eyed their zipped jacket with displeasure. "Are you cold? I could turn the heat up for you."

"No thanks, Muso-sensei." The girls said with a deadpan look in their eyes.

Muso-sensei frowned until his ebony eyes settled on the two females behind them. "Ahh! Who are these two, beautiful young ladies?" he looked at them as a leering smile spread over his lips. "May I have a name to call you?"

"My name is Kagome Higurashi and this is my sister Kaori. We just transferred here today." Kagome said.

Kaori stepped in front of her twin protectively as she crossed her arms over her chest. "Oi! Our eyes are up here, kono yaro!" Now she understood why Souten and Sango wore their jackets zipped all the way up even though it was well over seventy-five degrees in the room. She was disgusted to find the sensei's eyes traveling down their bodies.

"I'm very sorry. You're outfits are such an interesting brand." He smiled warmly. "As a custom in my classroom, new students must demonstrate their talents. Do you girls play anything?"

Kagome pushed her twin out her way, but she folded her arms over her breasts. "Yeah, I can play the electric guitar, the keyboard, and sing."

"I can play the bass, drums, and I sing as well." Kaori added in.

Muso-sensei rubbed his chin. "Very interesting instruments you have learned." He clapped his hands together and led them to the equipment room, "Pick out what you need to perform."

Kaori reached up and threw his hand off of her shoulder and scowled at him for touching her. "Refrain from touching me, Muso-sensei." The younger girl walked into the room and searched for a bass guitar. She found one perched on a stand next to a neon blue guitar and she grabbed both of them. "Kags…" she touched the pale skin of her thigh before tossing the instrument to her sister.

Kagome nodded as she caught the electric guitar and pulled the strap on over her head to rest on her shoulder. She stepped out and reached for a mic. "As a request for Muso-sensei, we have to perform for you. Oh and by the way, I'm Kagome Higurashi."

"I'm Kaori Higurashi." The younger twin strummed the bass.

"And if you got a problem with us, say it to our damn faces!"

With that said, Kagome began playing the first notes of the song.


Stoplight, lock the door.

Don't look back.

Undress in the dark,

And hide from you,

All of you.

You'll never know the way your words have haunted me.

I can't believe you'd ask these things of me.

You don't know me.

(Kagome & Kaori)

You belong to me,

My snow white queen.

There's nowhere to run, so let's just get it over.

Soon I know you'll see,

You're just like me.

Don't scream anymore my love, 'cause all I want is you.


Wake up in a dream.

Frozen fear.

All your hands on me.

I can't scream.

I can't scream.

I can't escape the twisted way you think of me.

I feel you in my dreams and I don't sleep.

I don't sleep.

(Kagome & Kaori)

You belong to me,

My snow white queen.

There's nowhere to run, so let's just get it over.

Soon I know you'll see,

You're just like me.

Don't scream anymore my love, 'cause all I want is you


I can't save your life,

Though nothing I bleed for is more tormenting.

I'm losing my mind and you just stand there and stare as my world divides.

(Kagome & Kaori)

You belong to me,

My snow white queen.

There's nowhere to run, so let's just get it over.

Soon I know you'll see,

You're just like me.

Don't scream anymore my love, 'cause all I want is you.

The twins echoed the last line over and over as they slowed their fingers down until they finally stopped. They opened their eyes and looked out at the students, a scowl marring the beauty of their faces.

"That was awesome!" some random voice cried.

Soon the classroom erupted into cheers for the girls, some even asked for an encore.

Kaori flushed lightly. She wasn't used to this type of attention.

"Marvelous, ladies, just marvelous." Muso-sensei clapped from behind the twins, causing the two of them to jump in surprise. "You may take a seat now."

Kagome removed the guitar and handed it back to Kaori, who returned both instruments to the equipment room. Together they walked down the aisle and took a seat between Sango and Souten, with Sango on Kagome's left and Souten on Kaori's right. Everyone was still whispering about the twin's performance and how great it was, commenting on how their voices blended together perfectly.

The younger twin was talking to the raijuu youkai about the school and compared schedules. They found out that they had three out of the seven classes together and they grinned at each other. This was the beginning a beautiful Gothic friendship. Everything was fine, until a girl turned around; she had long black hair and dark brown eyes. If it weren't for her eye color she could have been Kagome and Kaori's triplet.

"Do you mind? Your voices were mediocre at best." her eyes narrowed in distaste at the twins.

Sango sneered at the girl. "Why don't you shut the fuck up, Kikyou?" she put a hand up and cupped her ear. "I think I hear your cheer-whores calling for you."

Kikyou rolled her eyes and examined her nails. "Whatever Slutgo."

The chocolate eyed girl frowned, opening her mouth to retort, but Souten beat her to the punch. "Go fuck yourself, Kinky-hoe."

"Souten, she has that kumo hanyou, Naraku, for that." Sango grinned evilly when Kikyou turned a bright red.

"Shut the hell up and go back to those rabid beasts you call boyfriends."

The two dark haired girls gave Kikyou a deadpan look before smirking. "You're just mad because they don't wanna fuck your skanky ass."

Kikyou's face was the color of a cherry tomato as she screeched at the top of her lungs. "I said shut the hell up, you bitches!"

Muso-sensei stopped writing on the chalkboard, a disapproving glow in his ebony eyes. "Kikyou-san, you have detention. I won't condone such vulgar language in my classroom."

"What?" she screamed. 'Didn't those damn twins curse and why didn't he hear Slutgo and Shiten?' Kikyou huffed and flicked a strand of her long hair off her shoulder and pushed her shoulders back to make her large chest jut out provocatively. "I apologize Muso-sensei. Will you please forgive me?" she batted her dark sooty eyelashes.

"Uhh…uhm…" the teacher wasn't able to form a coherent word as his eyes zeroed in on the girl's breasts. Shaking his head, Muso-sensei snapped out of his retrieve. "Just don't let it happen again, Kikyou-san."


Kaori turned to her sister and coughed in her hand, "Whore."

Kagome nodded.

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