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Summary: The Higurashi twins never really got along with anyone while they were in America, so a few months after their father died, their mother decided to move back to Japan where they took up a gothic nature. Once there, problems rose as they soon found out that they weren't all entirely human…but a rare breed of tenshi! What will happen to Kagome and her twin Kaori once an ancient war threatens to destroy them and their family?

Arms of a Tenshi

Kagome pushed passed the crowd of students who were blocking the door to leave the school building, holding Kouga's large warm hand with her smaller one. Soon her forest green Mustang was in her sight and the elder miko scanned the surroundings for her little sister. When she could not spot her twin, Kagome tilted her head to the side. "That's strange. Kaori always beats me to the car after school so she could steal the driver's seat."

Kouga shrugged his shoulders. "Maybe, she's caught up in class?" he suggested.

The miko curled her fingers under her chin in thought. But a voice similar to her own called out her name and when she looked up, Kagome saw Kaori running over to them with an unknown red-haired youkai. "Who's the chick?" she thought outloud.

The ookami lifted a dark brow and followed the small woman's gaze and he, too, spotted a girl who look almost exactly like Kagome! The only difference he could see was the color of her highlights and her scent. 'So, that's her twin?' he mused. 'They look so much alike.' Kouga inhaled deeply and placed Kagome's natural scent of jasmine with an underlying hint of burning fire deep inside his memories. He narrowed his eyes at the redhead who was following Kagome's twin. 'Who is that? Chikuso! That's Ayame!'

Kaori waved her hand in the air as she and Ayame raced over to where Kagome had parked their car. "Kagome-nee!" she only called her sister that for two reasons. One: If she wanted something, or two: Kagome was with a guy she wanted to impress. And seeing that her older twin was holding the hand of a tall, dark, and handsome youkai, Kaori figured that it was the latter.

Ayame smiled warmly when she saw them approaching a girl who looked identical to Kaori, but her hair was streaked with red. Her eyes slanted when she spotted a tall black-haired youkai holding the hand of the Higurashi. 'That's my Kouga!' The shiro ookami's lips pulled down into a frown as she allowed Kaori to pull her closer to her sister.

"Kaori." Kagome began.

"Kagome-nee." the younger sister chimed at the same time.

"Meet Kouga Garou. He was my partner in Algebra/Geometry."

Kaori smiled and nodded at the ookami, before pushing the redhead in front of her. "This is Ayame Kishoubu, my partner in Japanese II/English II.

Kagome narrowed her eyes sharply when she finally noticed that the red-haired youkai was glaring quite intently at her. She lifted a dark brow and said, "Why you looking at me like that?"

Ayame snarled, "Because you're holding my boyfriend's hand!" her emerald-green eyes were merely slits at she pointed an angry finger at Kagome and Kouga's intertwined fingers.

"What?" the elder miko followed the she-wolf's finger and looked down at her right hand, seeing that it was indeed encased by the dark-haired youkai's large hand. She quickly snatched her hand away and turned back to Ayame. "Sorry about that. I forgot that I grabbed Kouga-kun's hand when I rushed out to meet with Kaori."

Kouga whined at the loss of the miko's soft hand in his and glared at the female ookami before placing his hand on Kagome's shoulder. "Don't be, Kagome. Ayame is not my girlfriend. She's just a childhood friend."

The red-haired she-wolf gasped, covering her mouth with her hand as her eyes went wide. "How can you say that, Kouga!"

"Stop it, Ayame!" the dark-haired youkai growled. "You're acting like a child! We were never together! I rejected your confession because I only see you as a friend. Nothing more." Kouga glared down at the small red-haired ookami, daring her to defy him with his eyes.

Ayame shrunk back and bowed her head as she remember that Kouga had, indeed, rejected her confession. Ever since she was a little cub, the she-wolf was in love with the ookami and it broke her heart to know that he did not feel the same. "Oh..." she said dejectedly. "That's right you did..."

Kouga softened his eyes and placed his hand around Ayame's shoulder, giving her an one-armed hug. "Apologize to Kagome, Ame." he called her by his old nickname for her before messing up her hair.

"Kouga!" she yelped, slapping his hand away from her head. The redhead bared her fangs at him as she smoothed her hair back into place. Shooting him one last glare, Ayame turned a smile at Kagome. "Gomen ne. Let's start over." she held her hand out. "Ayame Kishoubu."

"Kagome Higurashi." the elder sister smirked as she took hold of the she-wolf's hand and gave it a firm shake.

The dark-haired youkai sauntered up to Kaori, grinning wolfishly as he eyed her up and down. "You're almost as pretty as your sister." he winked at Kagome. "But she has you beat by just a little bit." Kouga discreetly took in her natural scent of water lilies with a hint of ice and her frosty azure highlights. "I'm Kouga Garou."

Kaori grinned at the tall young man, "Hey, Kaori Higurashi." her grin spread into a full-out sneaky smile. "Although you probably already know that." she sent Kagome a look that only they knew what it meant.

Kagome blushed lightly before flipped her twin the finger and sticking her tongue out childishly. She smiled up at the ookami when he made his way back over to her, raising a brow when Kouga suddenly wrapped his arm around her shoulder and put his lips to her ear.

"Ne, Kagome." he whispered low, "Can I speak with you?

"Sure. What's up?"

He nodded his head in Kaori and Ayame's direction. "Alone."

Kagome rolled her eyes, turning to her twin. "Kaori, Kouga-kun wants to talk to me alone. So can you and Ayame hop in the car for a sec?"

Kaori did not have to be told twice. She grabbed Ayame's hand and all but, shoved her into the passenger seat. The younger miko then slid across the hood and hopped into the driver's seat. "I'm driving home!" without waiting for her sister's reply, Kaori slammed the door shut and soon the car roared to life. Music vibrated the vehicle as their favorite American band Evanescence's Bring Me To Life blared through the speakers.

The elder Higurashi twin shook her head before turning her silver-blue eyes on the dark-haired youkai. "So, what you wanna say to me?" she questioned.

Kouga rubbed the back of his head nervously. "I know this may seem sudden, but wanna go to the movies with me sometimes?"

Kagome giggled, leaning in close and batting her eyelashes up at the wolf. "Why, Kouga-kun, if didn't know any better, I'd say you was asking me out?"

"Yeah, I am." he wound his arm around her waist, drawing her closer to him. "I feel such an attraction to you." Kouga brushed a lock of her hair behind her ear, grinning at the blush that spread over her cheeks. "So, will you?"

The miko tilted her head to the side as she mulled over his question. She had just met the youkai today and she did not know of his nature. From what she seen with his display with Ayame, Kouga was the outspoken and fiercely protective type, but has a kind and caring side. A smile tilted at her lips as her eyes sparkled prettily, "Sure! How does this Saturday sound?"

Kouga's face lit up as his tail unfurled from around his waist and began to wag enthusiastically. His bright ice blue eyes were filled with happiness as he grabbed Kagome's hands in his, raising them to his lips. "You've just made me the happiest wolf alive!" Kouga then pulled her into his arms and embraced her tightly.

It was then that Kaori decided to roll down the window and stick her head out to shout at her sister, but seeing Kagome return the intimate hug, the younger sister slid back inside the car. 'Guess Kags has a boyfriend. She's so damn lucky!' Kaori pouted before shifting her eyes over to Ayame, who was gazing out the window at the couple with pain evident in her large green eyes. 'Poor Ayame...Kouga must have been her first love.' She reached over and placed her hand over the she-wolf's, squeezing it and smiling when the redhead looked at her. "I'll help you out, Ayame."

Kagome pulled away from Kouga, reaching in her pocket for her cell phone. "Exchange numbers with me?"

"Sure." the ookami reached inside his pocket and pulled out his phone, handing it to Kagome and receiving hers. Quickly he typed in his number and email, saving it under "My Kouga-kun ;)" before giving it back to the miko. After getting his cellular device back, he searched through his contacts until he found Kagome's and he put a heart after her contact name. "Call me tonight." he winked, giving her his signature smile.

"Okay, Kouga-kun." Kagome turned around and pulled on the handle of the passenger side door, peering inside to find her sister and Ayame conversing about the shiro ookami's heritage. "Ne, Ayame, wanna go shopping with us tomorrow. We've already invited Botan, Momiji, and Souten. I'd like for you to come too." she offered the redhead a smile.

Ayame returned the smile with a one of her own. "Sounds like a plan!"

"Great!" Kaori cheered before placing her hands on the steering wheel and revved the engine twice. "Kagome-nee, if you're not in this car in the next ten seconds, I will leave you."

The older sister laughed before asking Ayame if she would get up since Kaori did not make threats, she made promises. The younger Higurashi has left her sister stranded at school on more than one occasion, but luckily their home in America was not too far from here they had stayed. But since they now lived on a shrine twenty miles from the school, Kagome did not want to risk walking home. She climbed into the passenger seat and waved goodbye to the two ookami as they sped down the road.

Kaori walked into the room she shared with Kagome, a white towel draped over her shoulders as she dried her hair. "Kagome, the bath's open. Better go get it before Souta does." She peeked open one of her eyes to see her sister sprawled out over the bed wide a grin on her face and her phone glued to her ear.

Kagome finally noticed her twin at the doorway and hurriedly said, "Hey Kouga-kun, let me call you back...I'm about to take a shower...No, you hentai, you cannot join! I'm hanging up now...Nope, you shouldn't have been a hentai. This is your punishment. Bye~!" she pressed the end call button on her phone and hooked it up to the charger.

"Honestly, sis. You work fast. Just started talking and you're already having phone sex with him." Kaori teased as her sister rose to her feet. She quickly ducked low to avoid the pillow that Kagome thrown at her.

The older sister growled when her projectile missed its target. She walked over to the dresser and pulled out a black graphic tee and red shorts. "Shut the hell up." she said as she walked past Kaori.

Kaori giggled and lowered her voice to a deep, seductive whisper. "You know I love it when you talk dirty." she smacked Kagome on her behind.

Kagome yelped, glaring at her little sister. "Fuck you!" she flipped up her middle finger before walking down the hall and into the bathroom, where she slammed the door.

"Love you too, sis." The younger miko laughed behind her hands as she strolled over to her bed, flopping down on it. Rolling over on her back, Kaori thought about her new friend, Ayame and the pain in her eyes when they witnessed Kouga hugging Kagome. 'Ayame really loves Kouga, but he only sees her as a friend.' she closed her eyes, mulling over what to do. Kaori wanted all her friends to be happy, but she did not want to hurt her sister. 'I'll just have to get Kags to see how Ayame feels about Kouga.' Sliding under her sheets, the younger sister put in her earphones, pressed play on her iPod, and soon Papa Roach's Last Resort blared in her ears.

The older miko sighed as she stepped out of the bathroom feeling clean and refreshed. She walked down the hall, sticking her tongue back out at Souta when they passed each other before opening the door to her shared room. Kagome spotted Kaori curled up in her bed with Linkin Park playing loudly from her earphone speakers and she rolled her eyes. That twin of hers could not sleep unless music was playing, while Kagome preferred silence. Peeling back her covers, Kagome climbed into her bed and closed her eyes, but her phone buzzed loudly. Groaning, the miko reached over, put in her password to unlock her phone and saw that she had a message from Kouga.

Good night, Kagome. Hope you have the sweetest dreams. Hopefully about me.

~Kouga Garou

Kagome rolled her eyes as she typed in a quick reply. "Night, Kouga-kun. See you at school tomorrow." after pressing send, the miko turned over and pulled her sheets up to her chin and nuzzled her pillow as she drifted off to sleep.

"Kags! Kags!" a voice yelled as something shook her awake. "Kagome, I swear to kami if you don't wake up, I will shout your middle name to the world and then pluck off those damned feathers!"

Kagome opened her eyes and glared at Kaori. She threw the covers off and stretched her arms above her head and sighed when her back gave a satisfying pop. "Kao, why would you pluck off any feathers?" she asked sleepily, walking over to the closet to pick out something to wear.

Kaori grabbed her sister by the shoulders and pulled her over to the mirror. "Because you have wings dummy!"

"I have what?" The miko pressed her hands against the mirror as she took in the reflection. That was not her in the mirror, but an unknown woman. She had long red hair that had hints of black that reached the back of her knees. Her eyes were the color of liquid fire that had a ring of silver-blue surrounding the iris. Gracing her arms and legs were crimson marking that resembled flames and when Kagome lifted her shirt, she saw that the marking were also on her torso. A red jagged line hidden behind her bangs caught her attention and Kagome moved her long bang out-of-the-way, revealing a lightning bolt symbol. The wings that protruded from her shoulder blades had bright red, downy feathers, though there were a few yellow and orange one scattered through the mass.

Running her fingers through the thick, wavy red hair, Kagome whispered, "Is this really me?"

Kaori nodded before grasping her twin's shoulders, "That's not all," and turned her around.

Kagome's eyes widened at she took in her sister's appearance. Her once shiny, straight black hair was now teal and it had grown till it reached just above her knees. Her eyes were now sea foam green with a ring of its former color around the iris. Wrapping around her arms and legs were markings similar to Kagome's although were blue-white and more sharply defined, almost like icicles and the older twin knew that if she raised Kaori's shirt those frosty marks would surround her torso as well. The wings that were attached to her little sister's scapula had soft ice blue feathers, but Kagome could see a couple of green ones too. With a shaky hand, the older miko pushed Kaori's bangs aside and found a white snowflake on the younger girl's forehead.

"What has happened to us?" the older twin asked, stepping back and sitting down on her bed, wincing when she felt a few of her feathers being crushed. She carefully parted the massive wings just enough for her to sit comfortably.

"Kagome! Kaori!" their mother's voice called. "Come here please?"

Kaori glanced at her sister nervously. What were they going to tell their mother? How would she react to seeing them like this? The younger sister calmed down when Kagome grabbed her hand and ran her thumb over her knuckles like when they were younger. Together the Higurashi twins exited their room, walked down the stairs and entered the living room, to find their mother, younger brother, grandfather, and...someone who resembled them!?

He had long, flowing, dark purple hair that was pulled into a high ponytail and grey eyes that had flecks of red and green with a silver-blue ring around the iris. The wings on his back were very unusual, but still alluringly beautiful. The right-wing was a deep and rich red, much like Kagome's and the left was a luminescent ice blue, just like Kaori's wings. The markings that decorating his arms were dark, almost black, purple and tribal-like, but what caught the twins' attention was his forehead. There in the center of his head was a light violet snowflake that was surrounded by lightning.

"Mama!" they pointed at the winged man, "Who is he?"

The man took hold of their mom's hand, raising it to his lips and pressing a soft kiss upon the back of it. "Nodoka, I'm hurt. You haven't told the girls about me? Their father?"

Kagome's eyes narrowed instantly as she pulled her sister behind her as the moved back a few steps. "Do not say such lies! Our father died two years ago!"

Nodoka gasped at her eldest daughter. "Kagome!" she turned her dark oak eyes up at the being who held up his hand. "Anata? Akio?"

Akio stepped towards the girls, stopping when he saw a violent threat flash through the oldest girl's eyes as she stood straighter as if to protect her little sister. Taking in a deep breath, he stretched out his hand, "Kagome Akemi Higurashi, you're seventeen years old, favorite band is Evanescence, and you have a birthmark on her chest that is shaped like a star." he shifted his eyes to Kaori when Kagome dropped her intimidating stance. "Kaori Asami Higurashi, you're younger than Kagome by ten minutes, favorite band is Jack off Jill, and you have a birthmark on your hip that's in the shape of a heart."

Kaori moved from behind her sister, being mindful of her new wings, curling them around her as she walked past Kagome. "How did you know that? Only Papa should..." her eyes widened when she finally saw it. The burn scar on his forearm. Her father had gotten that when he saved her and Kagome from a burning house, the same accident that 'killed' him. "You really are Papa..." tears built up in her eyes as she rushed into Akio's arms. "Kag-chan! Papa has come back!"

"Kagome...I've come back." he held his hand out for the young woman. "And I promise to never leave you again. It was hard staying away from my family for so long."

Tears stung at the corners of Kagome's eyes as she covered her mouth with her hands. Her wings spread out of their own accord as she practically flew into her father's arms, hugging him tightly. "Papa!" she wailed over and over, holding him closer with each cry. "I missed you so much! You don't know how lonely Kaori and I were!"

Akio stroked his daughters' hair tenderly. "I can only imagine." he gently pushed them away, "Forgive me?"

"Yes!" they said in unison.

Their father smiled down at them before turning to Souta, who had moved from hiding behind Jii-chan to Nodoka. He walked over to the young boy, kneeling down and smiling proudly. "My son." he held out his hand for Souta. "Do you forgive me for leaving you at such a young age?"

Souta blinked at the winged-man before sliding his eyes over to the girls. "Will I look like them too?"

Akio chuckled. "In due time you will." he rubbed his child's head as his thoughts took over, replaying when he was about Souta's age. "Though your tenshi form will look more like mine when I was younger. Who knows what powers you will have, my boy."

Kagome interrupted her father's musing. "Tenshi? Is that what we are Papa?"

Nodoka moved Souta from behind her and went to sit on the couch. "Yes, dears. You, Souta, and your father are the last of the tenshi clan, a nearly extinct breed." she placed her hand in Akio's when he moved to stand beside her, Souta standing in front of him and gazing curiously at his sisters. "Your father is a rare breed, an elemental tenshi. Kagome from the looks of it you inherited his lightning and fire powers. Kaori, it seems that you have his ice and wind powers."

Their father squeezed Nodoka's hand. "When you were very young, just born to be exact, I had a powerful, high-class miko to place a concealment enchantment on you." his grey eyes shined with fatherly love for his daughters, "I had to stage my death because my presence was causing the spell to weaken." He eyed the girl's carefully, taking in their original appearances. "But I felt the enchantment fade away and I rushed here to see if it indeed had."

"Anata...I thought the spell was to last until the girl's turned eighteen." Nodoka said, looking up at her husband before turning back to their daughters, "But that's still months away."

Akio rubbed his chin thoughtfully, closing his eyes as he mulled over the things that were happening. "I'm not sure, Kimi." he bent and kissed his wife's brow when she scowled up at him for calling her by that name. "Gomen, Nodoka." a heavenly smile graced his face and she turned away with a blush. "But it may be best to keep Souta home today just in case he transforms into his tenshi form."

Souta let out a sound of elation that he gets to miss you. Turning around quickly, he hugged his father by the waist. "You are awesome!" turning to his sisters, the young boy stuck his tongue out at them and scurried up the stairs before they could get their hands on him.

"Little brat." Kagome huffed under her breath.

"Never mind him." Akio reached inside the pocket of his jacket and pulled out to small black boxes. Smiling at his girls, he placed the little squares in their hands. "The second I felt the enchantment break, I had the same miko craft these for me. Open them."

The girls looked at each other before nodding and opening the gifts from their father. A gasp from the Higurashi twins was heard as they gazed at the contents of the boxes. Inside Kagome's was a necklace that was in the shape of a lightning bolt encased by flames and was encrusted with rubies. Kaori's had a necklace also. but hers was shaped like a series of snowflakes that looked like they were being blown by the wind and had diamonds and pearls on it.

"Papa!" they cried in unison as they flew into his arms for the second time that morning as they squeezed him tightly. "Their beautiful!" They eagerly took the chains out of the box, held them up to their necks, and turned around. "Put them on for me?"

Akio chuckled at his daughters' enthusiasm as he moved over to Kagome and clasping the necklace shut and going over to his younger daughter and doing the same. "These necklaces are enchanted. They will hide your tenshi form."

The second the charms touched the girls' skin, their wings began to glow an ethereal white as they shrank back into their backs. Their hair shortened back to its normal waist-long length and darkened to raven and the silver-blue ring of their eyes spread, encompassing their iris until it was the only color marks on their arms and legs faded away, but the symbol of their foreheads remained.

"Wow...I'm back to normal." Kaori held out her arms and pulled her hair out in front of her eyes. She glanced over at her sister to see that Kagome was doing the same thing.

"By wearing the necklace, you will have the appearance of a normal ningen." Akio explained, before digging around in his pocket once more, pulling out a silver rolex watch and slipping it on. His body when through the same transformation as the twins and soon a man with black hair and stormy blue eyes stood in place of the tenshi. "I also learned from your mother that you are training to become miko. That will greatly aid you with your concealment."

Nodoka reached inside her purse, walking over to her daughters and handing them each a credit card. "Girls, after your shopping trip with your friends, we are going to Kaede-sama's temple for you to train." a warm smile touched her lips. "And don't max out the cards this time." She then glanced at the clock on the wall. "Time for school."

Kagome followed her mother's eyes to the small, green, circular clock and her eyes widened. It was 7:45! School started in thirty minutes! Grabbing her twin's hand, she yanked her up the stairs and into their room. "Get dressed! We're going to be late if we don't!"

"Aw hell!" Kaori cursed as she ran to her closet. She shuffled through her clothes until she spotted a suitable outfit. She dressed in a black corset-like shirt that had white ribbons traveling down the center and black form-fitting jeans that had a blue chain on her left hip and a white web on the right leg. Remembering Souten and Sango's warning about Muso-sensei, Kaori pulled on a blue and black horizontally striped vest that had matching arm warmers. After button up the last three buttons on the vest, the younger twin turned to see that Kagome once again wore the same as her.

A giggle left Kagome's lips. "Twins think alike, little sis. Let's go!"

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