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Chapter 1: Getting To Know The Family

(B.G.'s POV)

"C'mon girls!" My oldest sister, Mayzie called, "We'll be late for the meeting!"

My other five sisters rushed down stairs. I just stayed seated on our couch in the living room and continued to read my book. Mayzie counted them as they waited on the porch right in of the door of our leaf hut located in the canopy of our cozy "little" neighbor hood also known as the Jungle of Nool. She let out a disappointed sigh as she turned to face me and crossed her arms.

"B.G, "Mayzie said in a polite voice, "Let's go."

I put my book down and gave her a very annoyed look as I let out a groan saying, "Do I really have to go?"

"Yes. Now c'mon or we'll be late!" She replied and I could tell she was starting to get impatient.

"Why can't it just be you six? I really don't want to go."

"B.G, I will drag you there if I have to." I looked up at her and saw that she was serious. I jumped off the couch and ran upstairs to my room.

"B.G! YOU GET BACK HERE RIGHT NOW! B.G!" Mayzie screamed. I could hear her feet pounding after me, but luckily I'm faster than her. As soon as I got into my room, I shut the door and blocked it. I could hear more footsteps pounding up the stairs, so I knew that meant my other sisters were coming. They were starting to pound on the door and trying to push it open. I just kept on pushing back on them. I saw the window open and….I should probably explain to you who I am first. My name's Bird Girl, but everyone calls me B.G. for short. I am the youngest out of all 7 of us. Of course, my older sisters' names aren't bird girls 1-5. Their names are "Amayzing" (More like snobby) Mayzie, Smart Sassy (I don't really get why our mom named her that), Swaggy (Whatever that means), Peppy (once again, don't know why), Dumb Sassy (She really isn't. I think my mom just ran out of good names for her), and Classy (I keep forgetting what classy means). All six of them are prissy. They're all…well, let's just say they're VERY girly, and I really don't fit in. Our mom picked our names once we were able to talk and walk. She decided our names based off of our personalities, but since I seemed very boring and looked like I had no special personality, I've remained Bird Girl. The truth is, I'm secretly a tom boy. I 'm nothing like my sisters. They love all the things I hate and hate all the things I love,(Which they don't know). For instance, they hate being around the Wickersham brothers(They think they're bad influences on every girl) while I love to hang out with them .It's with them that I feel more at home. I've always told them that I've felt like running away with them and their leader, Jacobi , said that if that ever happens, they'd gladly accept me into their family. Of course, that's never been able to come true because of my sisters. I still remember that day. I've never been allowed out of the house without at least one of my sisters with me. Even at school I can't escape them! They watch my every move to make sure I don't go off with the Wickershams again. But today, I was ready to make my dream come true. I quickly ran towards the window and opened it, hoped onto the windowsill, and flew out of there, just in time too, for my sisters were able to knock everything blocking the door out of the way and soon were inside the room. I could hear Mayzie screaming, "B.G! When we find you, you're in so much trouble!"

That's gonna take a long time I thought as I flew as far away from that hut as I could.

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