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Chapter 2: The Beginning of Many Risks

As B.G. was flying on her way to the Wickershams huts, she ran into Gertrude who was flying in the other direction.

"Hey B.G.!" Gertrude greeted, but B.G. just ignored her. Gertrude knew something was up and turned around. Must be something up with her sisters again, Gertrude thought to herself. Either just Mayzie or all six.

Everyone in Nool knew that Mayzie wasn't exactly the best oldest sister, but when something happened with their family, it was mainly between B.G. and Mayzie. Usually Mayzie got her way, but it didn't seem like it this time, because if Mayzie had gotten her way, B.G. would be at home with her family. When Gertrude reached B.G. she asked,"B.G. did something happen between you and Mayzie again?"

"I don't want to really talk about it," B.G. replied, quite coldly too. Gertrude was ready to back off, but she decided against it, for she was the young girl's only true bird friend (even if she was her sister's age).

"B.G., you know you can tell me anything," Gertrude said, which made B.G. stop in her tracks, then turn around and fly down to sit on a branch with Gertrude.

"I'm just so sick and tired of my life," B.G. said. "Ever since our mom died, Mayzie's been the one in control. She's always forcing me to go to certain places, my sisters never let me have my freedom, never allowing me to be with certain friends, always pressuring me on finding a new name. Ugh! I couldn't take it anymore. I wanted a new life. So, I flew out the window and now I'm headed towards the Wickershams Huts to see if they could help me."

Gertrude understood the young bird girl's feelings. It was hard living a life where you're the youngest of seven and your life feels like it's being controlled for you. She knew what that felt like. Gertrude had to go through that when she was younger, but luckily her older sisters got married and moved. Now she lived with her mother, which B.G. never really had because she was only 6 when their mom died. Gertrude put a wing on B.G.'s shoulder and comforted her saying,

"Don't worry. I'll help you to your new life."

Suddenly a loud screech was heard, not too far from where the girls were, and they both knew who it belonged to. Jacobi.

"How much you wanna bet that either Alex or Trebun stepped on his tail again?" Gertrude said as B.G. let out a giggle.

There were five Wickershams total: Jacobi, Alex, Trebun, Skipper, and Arbutus. [A/N: Don't ask how I came up with the names.]

Skipper and Arbutus were the two youngest and twins at that. They're both 10 years old and look up to their older brothers. Alex and Trebun were Jacobi's triplet brothers. B.G. was a really close friend of theirs. She's always been thought of as a sister by Alex and Jacobi, but not for Trebun. He's always wanted to be more than friends with B.G., but never had the courage to tell her.

Of course, B.G. didn't know of that.

Gertrude and B.G. decided to hide and scare the boys. B.G. always loved to play tricks on them. Just when the girls had hidden, they heard the voices of their friends coming by.

"I'm sorry Jacobi!" Trebun told his brother for the fifth time, "I told you! It was an accident! I swear!"

"Well, next time watch where you're stepping," Jacobi retorted while rubbing his aching tail. He and his brothers were on their way to the jungle meeting, which was called by the one animal in all of Nool that they hated, but had to work for. Sour Kagaroo. They were told Horton was up to his thinking again. The Wickershams really never did see a problem with thinking, but knew better than to go against Sour Kangaroo and pretended to be on her side like every other animal.

The five Wickershams were wearing their usual meeting attire, which consisted of black hats with sparkling bands of different colors and matching vests. Jacobi was red, Alex was green, Trebun was blue, Skipper was yellow, and Arbutus was orange. Just as Jacobi stopped talking, the Wickershams stopped.

"Psst!" Jacobi whispered. "Hey, Alex, you hear that?"

"Yeah, man," Alex whispered in reply, "Sounds big!"

Soon, all five Wickershams were in a circle, back to back, all thinking aloud the same thing.

"There's a rustle in the bushes," they sang quietly, not knowing what was going on as more plants moved, "There's a tremble in the trees. Hear it like a whisper, smell it on a summer breeze. Something big is getting nearer, something big is coming through. Got some monkey business, that's what we intend to do. C'mon! I gotta monkey, monkey around! C'mon! I gotta monkey, monkey around! C'mon! We gotta monkey, ooh, we gotta monkey around!" When nothing came, but the rustling continued, Artubus and Skipper's imaginations went wild, wondering what whatever was making that noise would look like.

Skipper whispered to his brother, still singing, "I bet it's bigger than a bread box."

Arbutus nodded and replied in the same fashion, "It might be wider than a whale."

"With peanut butter breath!"

"And scared to death from head to tail!" they both sang. While the twins were imaging some kind of monster, their older brothers were whispering amongst themselves, kind of like a rap.

"I wonder if this thing knows who we are," Jacobi said.

"Yeah, that's why were being stalked, like a fish by a shark," Alex added.

"Whatever it is, it doesn't make a sound," Trebun said, creeped out by the whole thing.

"C'mon! We gotta monkey, monkey around!" they sang.

"Boo!" two people yelled behind all five of them, making them scream. They turned around to see their two best bird friends (and the only ones at that) rolling on the ground laughing their beaks off.

"Sheesh, you two!" Jacobi said when he finally caught his breath, "You scared the Waloo outta us!"

"Sorry," B.G. said once she calmed down, "We couldn't help it when we heard you coming."

"What are you guys doing here, anyways? Shouldn't you guys be on your way to the meeting?"

"Yeah about that..." But B.G. never finished her sentence because in the distance, she could hear her sisters calling her name.

"Shoot!" Gertrude said, "It's your sisters! Quick, hide!"

Both she and B.G. dove behind a nearby bush and hid so that they could see, but they couldn't be seen. The Wickershams knew what was going on and instantly made it look like Artubus and Skipper were fighting and the other three were trying to break them up. Just in time too because right at that moment, Mayzie fluttered down and stood before them with her sisters behind her. Jacobi looked up at them and smiled.

"Hey, Mayzie!" he said as if they were good friends, "What brings you here?"

"As if you don't know," Mayzie said coldly.

"C'mon, babe, you gotta give me a hint."

"Oh really? So, you didn't know that B.G. ran away?"

"What?!" Jacobi said acting surprised, "Why would she do that?"

"Look, have you seen her or not?" Mayzie was getting impatient and had a hunch the Wickershams were faking all of this, but wasn't sure since Nool was a pretty big jungle and there were a million places her little sister could be. Jacobi simply shook his head,

"Nope. Haven't seen her."

Mayzie was kind of relieved her little sister wasn't with the bad influences, but was still stressed at how she didn't know where she was. Through the bush, B.G. saw a little bit of relief on her sisters' faces, knowing exactly what they were thinking, and rolled her eyes annoyed.

"Well," Mayzie continued, "If you do see her, tell her to go to the meeting and meet us there if she knows what's good for her and that she has to go on her date with Francois de Llamore." With that, Mayzie left, siblings in tow. Once he was sure they were gone, Jacobi motioned for them to come out and B.G. instantly started making gagging noises.

"I totally forgot my sisters set me up on that stupid date!" she exclaimed.

"Who is this Francois de Llamore anyways?" Gertrude asked. "I live right across from you, and I've never seen a bird boy that wasn't one of your sisters' boyfriends come by your hut."

"He's only the most arrogant, snotty, and annoying bird boy I've ever known." B.G. was irritated just thinking about him.

"So, why do you have to go on a date with him?"

"Since he's Mayzie's boyfriend's little brother and my age, my sisters thought that if I was in a relationship, I would be able to find a name and a 'cute' guy."

"What does having a boyfriend have to do with finding a name?"

"They think that I'll be able to be my true self around him and find my personality."


"Yeah. But I ain't gonna go on the date."

"Yes!" Everyone turned to look at Trebun who quickly realized what he had just said, "I-I mean... Good choice B.G."

"Okay..." she said completely confused. "Anyways, that's not why I'm here though, Jacobi.

"Then why are you here?" he asked.

"Well, remember a few years back when I said I'd rather live with you guys instead of my sisters?"

"Yeah. And I told you we would gladly accept you. Why do you ask?"

"It just so happens that... um..." B.G. couldn't find the right words, but Jacobi understood and smiled.

"Of course you can live with us!" Jacobi said happily. B.G. let out a sigh of relief and the others cheered. Then Jacobi continued, "How about during the meeting, you and Gertie go to your hut and pack your stuff?"

"Wait, but it's Horton. You know I have to stick up for him," Gertrude said. Jacobi thought for a moment, then said, "Okay, so how about after you speak for Horton, you go with B.G. to pack, then come back quickly so it doesn't look like you left."

Everyone agreed to this and they all went to the meeting. B.G. hid in the bushes while the others joined the rest of the Jungle of Nool. She could see her sisters clearly from where she stood. B.G. was hidden amongst the shadows. It was time for her to start her new life. It was time for her to start taking bigger risks. It was time for B.G. La Bird to find her true self.

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