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Chapter 3: Leave or Stay?

Italics: Flashbacks, thoughts, and emphasis on words. :)

B.G. and Gertrude left the meeting as soon as possible. Once at her hut, B.G. ran upstairs to her room. It was a mess. Her bed sheets were thrown on the floor and her clothes were spewed everywhere. Man, B.G. thought, Mayzie really wanted to kill me.Grabbing her suitcase, she packed all of her clothes, toiletries(which wasn't much), and her books. Looking at her bare book shelf and taking one last look at her room, she sighed as she reminisced all of the good and bad memories she had in that room. On top of her dresser, B.G. spotted a picture of her, her mom, and her sisters. She still remembered the day the photo had been taken.

It was a beautiful sunny day at Palm Beach. The clouds drifted aimlessly, slowly against the bright blue sky. 6-year-old B.G. and 7-year-old Classy were playing in the sand making sand castles, 8-year-old Dumb Sassy and 9-year-old Peppy were swimming, and 10-year old Swaggy, 11-year old Smart Sassy, and 12-year-old Mayzie were sitting on beach chairs trying to tan. All of them were having a blast. Mayzie had planned the trip to see if B.G. would be able to show any sign of a personality, even if it was something boring, but so far there was nothing unique. It was hard for her. Their mother had died a few weeks ago in an accident and Mayzie was left in charge at such a young age. Her dying wish was for B.G. to have a unique name like her sisters, and Mayzie was determined to make that wish come true. Unfortunately, B.G. wasn't like them and didn't want a new name. She apparently liked B.G., and was going to stick to it. Mayzie wasn't going to let that happen though. Being a La Bird meant you had to be unique, like how she was "Amayzing Mayzie" instead of just "Mayzie" or some other boring name. Since she was the oldest, Mayzie was the one that didn't have her full name be her personality like her sisters.

Mayzie decided that it was nearly time to go and wanted her sisters, especially B.G. to remember the moment. She pulled out her camera and tripod, got up from her chair and set up the equipment.

"Okay girls!" she called. "Time for a photo before we go!"

A chorus of "Aw!"s came from her sisters. I guess they really had fun, she thought. They all gathered in front of the camera and struck the best pose they could think of. After setting the timer, Mayzie ran to her sisters and did the same.


The photo was taken and Mayzie took down her equipment while her sisters packed up their belongings. While flying on the way home, Mayzie turned to B.G. who was flying right next to her and asked,"Did you have fun today B.G.?"

"Yeah," she replied excitedly. "Thanks for taking us, Mayzie!"

"You're welcome. Did it help you find a special name?"

"No." B.G. let out a sigh of disappointment. "I know you were only trying to help, but let's face it, Mayzie. I'm not special. I'll never find a name."

"Hey, don't feel bad. You'll find a name. It just takes time. Besides, you're always special in my book."

"But I want to find a name now!"

Mayzie gave Smart Sassy a look that meant to lead their sisters and she would catch up to them in a second. Smart Sassy gave a nod and Mayzie pulled B.G. aside and they rested on a tree branch. Settling down next to her sister, B.G. was curious as to why Mayzie had pulled her aside. Mayzie put her wing around B.G. said in a calm and motherly voice, "B.G., I want to let you know that no matter how much we pressure you to find a name, now and in the future, we really want you to just be happy with your name. You don't need to find one right away. Being a La Bird means to be unique. And compared to us, B.G. is a pretty unique nickname. So you don't have to worry okay?"

B.G. looked deep into her sisters eyes and saw that she was telling the honest truth. After a few a moments, she gave a small smile and nodded. Mayzie smiled and gave her sister hug before taking her by the wing a flying to catch up with their sisters.

Look how my life turned out after that, B.G. thought as she put the photo in her bag. After scanning the room one last time, B.G. headed down stairs to meet up with Gertrude. They were about to fly off when Mayzie came through the doorway.

"Uh-oh," Gertrude whispered. "This is bad."

"There you are B.G.," she said, anger clear in her voice. "Where have you been? We have been looking all over for you. Do you know how much trouble you're in young bird girl?" Taking a deep breath, Mayzie turned to Gertrude and said calmly,"Thanks for bringing B.G. home, Gertie. Now if you will please kindly leave."

"Actually-" she began.

"Gertrude, you can leave." Mayzie was getting impatient. Gertrude gave B.G. one last look before heading out the door. She didn't leave, but she stayed on the porch and could hear everything said.

Turning back to her youngest sister, Mayzie crossed her arms. "Well?"

"Mayzie I couldn't handle the pressure anymore." B.G. blurted out.

"B.G. you've been nameless for all of your 13 years of life. Don't you think that we would pressure you? Of course there is going to be pressure, but you need to learn to handle it better. And you need to be a little more mature than you were today."

Angry from her sister's ignorance, B.G. pulled out the picture from her bag and shouted "But what about what you told me after our trip to Palm Beach?! How no matter how much you guys pressure me, I'll always be special! And how my name as it is is already special! What about that Mayzie?!"

Mayzie became silent. She didn't know what to say. Their sisters had started to shift from leg to leg feeling uncomfortable. Smart Sassy put a hand on Mayzie's shoulder. Mayzie turned her head and saw her sister give a nod. She sighed and realized that B.G. was right. Her name was unique as it was and it was time that they all stopped pressuring her so much. Turning back to her little sister, Mayzie took a deep breath then said,"You're right B.G. and I'm sorry for always putting so much pressure on you. It's just that, all we ever wanted was for you to have a better future with a special name to you than having to live without having your own name let others know how you act."

"But I'm not like you guys Mayzie. I don't want that type of life. I want to be free and live how I want, not labeled and told how to live. That's all I've ever wanted, nothing more nothing less."

"I understand that now. But-" Then for the first time, Mayzie noticed B.G.'s bag. Her eyes filled with tears of hurt and loss,"Y-you're leaving us?"

B.G. realized what had happened and looked down at her bag, then looked back up at her oldest sister. She could see the pain and hurt in her eyes, but she slowly nodded.

"But why?"

"I told you. I don't belong and I can't handle the pressure of being a Bird Girl anymore."

"B.G. we can help you through this. We can all be in this together. No more pressure and no more separation. We'll help you."

At this point Mayzie was about ready to lose it. She couldn't afford losing B.G. If she did, she'd feel like a failure for the rest of her life and like she let her mother down. But B.G. had her own mind. Mayzie couldn't do anything about that.

B.G. was confused. First her sisters were always pressuring her and being so arrogant and such, then now they were being so loving a caring. Her mind swam with thoughts as she tried to set it straight.

All of them were standing there for about 10 minutes before B.G. eventually made up her mind.

"I'm sorry Mayzie, but I'm leaving," she said, quite calmly, " It doesn't matter how much you promise to help me, you could even promise to never bother me about my name again. But that doesn't change the past, and I know you will be miserable about it your whole life if I stay. So it's best for me to leave and for you to forget about me."

Mayzie tried her best not to start sobbing, her eyes already brimming with tears.

"Very well," she said, blinking back her sorrow. "It's your decision, and I won't hold you back."

Mayzie held out her hand for B.G. to take, who did and shook it slowly. They looked at each other one last time before they embraced in a hug, and tears flowed from both their eyes.

"Promise you'll visit?" Mayzie whispered a plea of longing, sadness wafting through the air.

"If I can find you."

"I know you will."

They took a step back and gave each other smiles, knowing they'd reunite someday, somehow. After saying good-bye to her other sisters, B.G. began her journey onward, stepping out the doorway, where she was met by Gertrude. She gave her a grin before they set out to soar across the sky, their feathers ruffling in the wind. Her sisters called from the porch and waved. She waved back to them, the last and final good-bye, with just a pang of regret and sadness settling throughout her. She turned her head, looking away from her sisters. Not one watery drop fell from her eyes. A soft breeze picked up, and B.G. was almost certain she heard Mayzie's cracking voice with it. It tickled her ear like the bristles of fur, the last angel-spoken words she heard.

"B.G., you'll always be special in my eyes. You know that, for you... You are a different kind of bird girl."

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