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Title: With You

Summary: What if instead of all the touchy moments between Robin and Starfire were between Robin and Raven? What if Raven was the love interest instead of Starfire? Here's the series with RobRae instead of RobStar.

Pairings: Robin x Raven, Beast Boy x Terra, and someone x Starfire. Dunno who yet though.

Divide and Conquer

"Hello? Cy?" Beast boy shouted over the phone, wondering how in the world this could have happened. Because Robin and Cyborg got into a fight, Cyborg decided to leave the Teen Titans. All because Robin and Cyborg messed up on a fighting move. Beast boy sighed, knowing he shouldn't be shouting over the phone, but he couldn't help it. Cyborg was his very close friend. He nearly face palmed when he remembered. "I know your there! The phone is built into your arm!"

Still no answer.

Raven sighed as she continued to work until Starfire approached her, just as Robin entered the building. Starfire smiled, handing her the food her people made when they were in deep sadness. At least, that's what Raven overheard from her talk with Beast boy. "The displeasing taste will ease your troubled mind."

Robin glanced over at them, a raised eyebrow.

"My mind is not troubled," Raven replied with her same monotone voice. "People come. People go. It's pointless to be upset about Cyborg."

Robin nearly smiled, happy Raven could agree with him until the glass completely shattered. Robin frowned, walking up to the two girls. Starfire looked slightly scared, almost like she would break just like that. Robin stepped between them. "You miss Cyborg?"

"I do not."

The lamp near Beast boy exploded into pieces, causing Beast boy to scream and jump into Starfire's arms. Robin once again frowned only to huff in response and walk away. Raven just rolled her eyes and followed him, sensing his distress and worry. Robin continued to stare out the window until Raven approached him, frowning. Robin turned to her, his eyes sharpening. Raven frowned, feeling the jealousy radiating off of him. "You know, we don't think the team would be better without you instead of Cyborg."

"H-huh?" Robin blinked, that sentence coming out of nowhere. He was actually wondering if Raven liked Cyborg as more than a friend, seeing how she was so upset since he left. It's not every day she loses control over her emotions.

"You're our leader so act like it," Raven glared at him.

"What do you mean?"

Raven nearly rolled her eyes but resisted herself from doing so. "You're acting like an immature brat. Don't get me wrong, Cyborg's acting the same way. I suggest you go over to that phone and apologize to him."

"But I didn't-"

"Do anything wrong, I know. You could still apologize for kicking him off the team over a stupid argument," Raven reasoned, her tone harsh but her eyes soft. Robin nearly melted into those violet eyes, knowing Raven was right. Suddenly, the phone in Beast boy's hand turned black and floated towards them, into Raven's hand, which was stretched out towards Robin. "Call him."

Robin stared at it, biting his lip.

Raven narrowed her eyes. "Pride will get you nowhere."

Robin scowled. "I'm not-"

"Then call him," Raven hissed, the windows cracking slightly.

Robin glared at her. "Why do you care about him so much? We might even be better off without him on the team!"

"He's our friend!" Raven nearly shouted, causing Beast boy to yelp, expecting something to break at any moment.

"Um... guys," Beast boy grinned though it was clearly forced in order to calm the mood, "let's just play some video games... or..."

"But you're acting like he's your boyfriend!" Robin shouted only to have his eyes widen in realization on what he said. Starfire blinked in confusion, wondering what the term "boyfriend" meant. Cyborg was a boy and a friend, so why was Robin making such a big deal about it? Beast boy, on the other hand, bit his lip, sensing the awkwardness.

"You're acting like he's our enemy," Raven whispered. Finally, the fridge exploded, causing Starfire to scream and Beast boy to gasp. Raven, annoyed, walked out and into her room while Robin just growled and began walking out.

"Where are you going?" Beast boy asked quietly, almost scared that their leader would snap at him.

"Are you going to Cyborg?" Starfire asked hopefully.

"I need to hit something," Robin mumbled, striding away from them. Starfire and Beast boy sighed at each other, knowing that this situation would either get better or worse. They hoped it wouldn't be the latter.

But you're acting like he's your boyfriend!

Raven sighed, not understanding what those words meant. Why would Robin care about her relationships? If anything, she couldn't have any. Biting her lip, she turned around, wondering if anyone would come knocking at her door, asking if she was alright from the small fight. No one did. Most likely, they were comforting Robin because he was the oh-so-fearless leader.

Most likely because no one really knew her.

It was true; she kept her secrets. Then again, so did Robin. Starfire has her back story as does Beast boy and Cyborg. Yet, only Starfire's back story was truly known and then again, it was a bit scratchy. So... maybe the fight wasn't about Cyborg and Robin's mess up. It was about how they didn't trust each other. Then again, they weren't the best of friends yet. So, how would she fix that? In fact, now that Raven thought about, she and Starfire were the only ones who gave their real names. Raven growled in frustration. How could she even think it was trust issues? As if she'd tell them what she was meant to do...

Who her father was.

Her thoughts were interrupted by a knock on the door. She turned and frowned at it, wondering who it could be. "Come in."

Robin opened the door, holding up a phone and a hazy smile. "You were right."

Raven smiled softly, standing up and waiting for him to start the phone call until the alarm went off. Robin and Raven gasped, both at the same time, and quickly hurried towards where the alarm was coming from.

Cyborg blinked, staring at his arm and at his alarm. His arm suggested a call from Robin but just barely before he hung up. The alarm must have interrupted him. Sighing, he knew he had been a bit immature to just quit the team because of one stupid fight. His thoughts were interrupted though as a sudden crash filled his ears. He turned, his eyes widened at what he saw. He nearly smirked. Well, might as well give Robin an "I'm sorry" present.

"Forget numbers," Robin hissed, shutting the door tightly beneath him. "We need a plan."

Though it didn't last long as the slimy arm reached between the two doors, trying to catch one of the titans. Starfire let out an ear piercing scream. Quickly, Robin grabbed Raven's hand, running with her as Beast boy and Starfire flew off, trying hard to avoid the enemy.

Raven ripped her hands out of Robin's and turned to the titans, screaming, "Separate!"

Robin nodded and quickly ran off along with the rest of the titans. Somehow, Raven noticed, they separated instead of working together, like they usually did. She couldn't help but quickly wonder if that was because Cyborg wasn't there to help.

Cyborg dashed as fast as he could, gasping for air. Somehow, he had a bad feeling that his enemy wasn't why the alarm went off. Biting his lip, he silently hoped nothing bad happened to the titans. He knew they could take care of themselves but when someone got hurt, especially if that person was Raven, Robin would get angry. Shaking his head of such thoughts, he continued to run.

Once he made it, he burst open the doors and ran straight towards Robin, wondering if he could quickly fight with him. His eyes widened when Robin was pushed off the edge.

He's going to die!

As if on instinct, he reached out and slid, grabbing Robin's wrist before he could fall. Robin breathed heavily and Cyborg smirked, knowing just the right apology. "I still got the sonic if you still got the boom!"

Robin smirked as a reply. Time to kick butt!

Raven nearly beamed of happiness as she saw Cyborg out of the corner of her eye. She flew over to them, though making sure to not smile, and nodded at Cyborg, who grinned back at his "little sister". Beast boy and Starfire ran over as well, smiling. From the looks on their faces, their apologies were already said.

"So... you're back on?" Raven raised an eyebrow, being the first one to break the silence.

"Wait!" Robin practically shouted. "What about Cinderblock?"

"Got him already," Cyborg smirked. "Thought I'd give you guys a present."

All of the titans nearly sighed in relief except Robin, whose finger was on his chin, thoughts scrambled. Raven walked over to him, nodding. She could nearly sense his thoughts. "Someone planned this."

"I know," Robin mumbled.

"But who?" Cyborg whispered. "I was thinking the same thing when I heard the alarm and found out it wasn't Cinderblock. Someone set us up for this."

"Luckily we had you to get Cinderblock," she said as her usual monotone voice, making Robin cringe at just the words.

"Yes! We are victorious for now, correct?" Starfire grinned at the rest of the titans. Beast boy nodded.

"Yeah, whoever decided to mess with us will pay," Cyborg smirked.

"Come on," Robin smiled, "let's go home."

"Thank you."

It came out of nowhere but Cyborg turned to Robin anyway, who was just staring at him with a slight smile. Cyborg raised an eyebrow. "For Cinderblock?"

"For coming back," Robin confessed, sitting down. "I was too stubborn to call you at first..."

"I know," Cyborg smirked. "I was the same way."

Robin chuckled in response. "Raven actually told me I was being immature and convinced me to call you..."

"Course she did," Cyborg mumbled, making Robin blush only slightly before he shook his head.

"Anyways, I guess I owe a thank you to her as well. But, we're all glad to have you back," Robin smiled. "And if you need advise on anything, just come to me."

"Or Raven," Cyborg smirked. "After all, she is like a little sister."

"Little... sister?"

"Yeah, just like family," Cyborg grinned. "Or did you think we were something else?"

"Pfft," Robin tried not to blush. "No."

"Good," Cyborg smiled softly. "Now, let's get to bed."

"I agree," Robin yawned. "See you in the morning. Oh, and there's this pudding in the fridge. Don't eat it."


Robin smirked. "Starfire made it."

That thought alone made Cyborg cringe. Though, everything was back to normal at the Titans tower... at least, for now.

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