A/N As an awkward way to start this fic out, I have to say, sadly, the idea for this came to me in a dream. And a wise person told me to never dwell on dreams. Ten points if you know who I'm talking about. I dreamt about Cosmo and Nation in all the places like South Africa, Germany, England, and thought that they had to of had a good reason to move to Denton. Then, when I woke up, it was about three in the morning, I wrote everything I remembered down, then back to sleep. I wrote exactly, "Cosmo and Nation are not Riffy and Gentas, are born on bisexual," which I think I remembered that from Diary of a Groupie, (check it out...), but I don't know. "They get married, and try to have babies. Burt rapes Cosmo." Exacly. I have... Creative dreams. But I think you will like this. This is in Cosmo's POV, just so you know. And the chapters will be a lot shorter then this, this is just to start them off. Oh, I don't own anything mentioned. I am also doing thoughts to ponder. You will be seeing a lot of him, but here is today's thought to ponder: You have brains in your head; You have feet in your shoes, you can steer yourself in any direction you choose.


I'm not sure how it started. But I really do think it started when I saw her come home.

I was trusted home alone, because I didn't really have a choice. My second mother had been killed in battle shortly after Nation was conceived. we were full blooded brother and sister, same Mum, same donor. I was, as usual, sitting on my bed, face buried in a book. I could read very well for a two year old, or, more accurately, I read as well as most ten year olds. Never the less, I was on the bed, and I heard the door after about a week, being checked on every other day by the neighbor.

The door clicked open, and latched shut, and I heard my mother's heel clicks down the small hall. She knocked on my door, but opened it anyway, as I did not speak. After Mummy died, I was practically mute. To other people. But I would sing myself to sleep at night. I always thought she heard, but she never mentioned it. "Cosmo." I put my book down. "If you read without candles, you'll hurt your eyes." I rolled my eyes. The little pink bundle in her arms started to fuss, bringing us both back. "I'm sorry I was gone for so long. Did the neighbors feed you?" I nodded. "Good. I don't really think they told you why I was gone, huh?" I shook my head. "Well, mum doesn't have a baby in her stomach anymore. Here she is." She held down the pink bundle, and she stopped fussing. We both just looked at each other. Her bright, emerald eyes, were alert even then. And her bright red locks were thin and short, but curly. "Her name is Nation."

"She's pretty."

Mum gasped. "Ye-Yes. She is... You talked."

"Yes. I can sing too."

"She - she likes it when people sing."

"Of course. She is from our galaxy."

"Amazing, the first time you talk in five months, and it's sarcasm." She tapped my nose.

"What should I sing?"

"I don't know? What do you usually sing?"

"I don't know. Just random lyrics."

"Do you remember that old lullaby Mummy used to sing to you? Could you sing it to her?"

"Sure. I remember. The other night dear, as I lay sleeping. I dreamed I held you in my arms. But when I woke, dear, I was mistaken. So I hung my head and I cried. You are my sunshine, my only sunshine. You make me happy when skies are gray. You'll never know dear, how much I love you. Please don't take my sunshine away."

"I'll always love you and make you happy, if you will only say the same. But if you leave me and love another, you'll regret it all someday." We sang together, causing Nation to laugh. "You are my sunshine, my only sunshine. You make me happy when skies are gray. You'll never know dear, how much I love you. Please don't take my sunshine away."

And, close to the song, things were not always so sunshiney. I would hit her, and pick on her. I didn't know any better. But we would make up. We were each other's only friends. If I would get mad at her and rip one of her doll's dresses, I would calm down, go out, and get fabric that isn't black, she hated that color. I would go out and get a bright color cloth, and bring it back for her to make a dress. Of course, I would usually make the dress, and put it on the doll, in fact... I did most everything. But she always loved the dresses, so I could never complain.

But one day, when I was about seven, she was five. Mum was planning a party, I think to look good for the Vitus's. We had been picking on each other, but Mum snapped. "Cosmo! Apologize to your sister! Kiss her! I've just had enough."

"I'm sorry, Nation."

"It's okay." I kissed her forehead, and I could feel her blush.

"Good. Go to your guy's room, I have to clean." I walked quickly, and she followed, we knew what Mum could be like when she was upset.

I curled up on my bed, and was preparing to read, and she was brushing one of her doll's hair. She put it down suddenly, and I glanced up over my book.

"Cosmo... I'm starting school this year."


"And I was wondering... I know how to read... But I could use some practice. And you can read very well... So I was wondering if you could tutor me?"

I couldn't help but smile. "Sure." She trotted over here, and ducked under my arm. We sat like that, for hours, just her reading, and me helping her occasionaly, until Mum called us for dinner. She intrduced us to the Vitus's that night. Nation and Magenta hit it off, leaving Riff Raff and I awkwardly sitting on my bed, while the girls played with dolls in the floor. I finally gave up and started to pull out a book, and he caught me, and we started to have a conversation. It was then that Magenta got fed up.

"Come on! Riffy! You sit there like a rock until the poor guy pulls a book out, and you pounce on him!" She went over and sat on his lap. She's two years older than Nation, and Riff Raff was two years older then me. "You need to lighten up."

She leaned her head back and laughed, and Nation blushed.

A few weeks later, Mum announced that they would stay the night with us. Nation took Magenta to the sitting room, leaving Riff Raff and I in Nation and my room.

We sat in silence, as usual, I read, and Riff Raff sat and admired the large bookshelf of my mother's, which had almost every medical book in all of Transylvania. But that day, Riff was just looking at the ground. Me, who had read several of the psychology books, knew something was wrong. "You act like something is bothering you." He looked up at me, in shock, I usually never spoke.

"No... I'm fine... It's just... We are from another planet, and your mother... She wants Nation and Magenta to marry."


"Do you know just how ignorant you are? She wants them to marry each other."

"Y-you're not kidding?"

"Why would I kid about something like that?"

"But why would you care so much? I would imagine, you being from Transexual, you would be fine with same sex marrige..."

"Oh." He sat up straighter. "I was under the impression... That... You know what? Never mind." He smiled at me, which that was the first time he had done so.

"No... I want to know."

"I... I was under the impression that you cared for Nation as more than a sister."

"You mean like a friend?"

"Yeah... I guess you could say that."

It took me about four more years to know what he meant. All the time, my Nation and Magenta were growing closer. And then, one night, when Nation was about thirteen, she walked into our room after she had said goodbye to Magenta. She was in a slight daze, and I peeked over the edge of my book. "You should sit down." I smiled at her. "You look kind of woozy." Instead of laughing at herself, she just glared at me, but sat down anyway. I think she decided she wasn't comfy, because she curled up like a ball like she used to when she was young. She was too big to do this now, but that didn't stop me from tickling her. Instead, she batted my hands away. "What's wrong dear?"

She sat up suddenly, looked like she was about to shout, but didn't, because she knew Mum was right beside us. "Don't call me dear!" She softened a little. "I- I'm sorry. Just... Genta told me something a little weird."

"What?" I put my arm around her, she tensed up, but didn't push it off.

"She told me she likes Riff. Like, like likes." She put her head on my shoulder. "I mean do people really do that? Like their brother? I mean, Magenta and I are cousins... But that is different."

"Well, I don't know. Some people have different tastes," I mumbled under my breath.

She turned around, eyes wide, and practically jumped up. "No. No... Not you too. I - I couldn't..."

"I never said anything..." I blushed and looked at the floor out of shame.

"Co-" She took a deep breath. "Cosmo. Do you have feelings for me?"

"I don't know... It's kind of complicated."

"Cosmo. This is a yes or no question!"

I sighed. "Yes. I do. It's not normal, on this planet at least. But I'm leaving in six months, so you won't have to put up with me for much longer."

"I'll always put up with you." She sighed and sat back down on my bed. "I mean... You are my brother."

I grimaced. "Do you have to say that?"

"Say what?"

"That I'm your brother. That makes this whole thing even more weird."

"I-I'm sorry. What do you want me to call you?"

"I don't know. Just not brother."

"How about..." She entwined her hand in mine. "Boyfriend?"

"What?" I looked at her like she was nuts.

"You never asked me if I had feelings for you. I acted freaked out so you wouldn't find out I felt the same way."

"So what do we do now?"

"I don't... Know... Hmm. We probably should tell Mum."

"I wouldn't dream of it. You know how she would freak out."

"I don't think so."

"She wouldn't let us share a room if she thought we were up to something."

"Half the siblings we know share a room. And who knows? They might be involved like we are."

"They're... Not, Nation."

"How do you know?" She put her head on my shoulder. "I still think we should tell mum."

"I have an idea. Get Magenta and Riff Raff's parents over here too, and tell them at the same time."

"I'll phone Genta. Tell her we are out in the open, and tell her to speed her arse up and tell Riff."

I laughed as she got up and walked out of the room. "Hey - I love you."

I winked at her, and she smiled at me. "I - I love you too." This was our first time saying this as a couple, and she nodded her head, smiled, and walked out the door.

I waited a little while, about ten minutes, she walked back in the room. "How'd it go?"

"Not good. Riff Raff's mentor won't let him come to our planet from Earth unless he comes too. And, he is a fucking transvestite."

"Don't say that, please."

"Why not? Does it bother you your little sister cusses?"

"Kind of! I'm still bothered with it, even if we are together."

"Hold on. Genta asked me something I didn't really know the answer too. If someone were to walk up to me and ask if I had a boyfriend, what should I say?"

"I suppose you could say yes. I would say yes if someone asked me if I had a girlfriend."

"That's sweet." We layed on my bed, hand in hand, her head on my shoulder, until it was time to eat. We played it cool, but Mum knew something was up. And then, about a week later, came the day that Riff Raff, his mentor, Magenta, and their parents all piled into our small apartment.

The first to speak was their mentor, Frank 'N' Furter. "Hello! I'm Frank, I believe you are Cosmo, and," he took her hand and kissed it, leaving a lipstick mark, "Nation? Enchanted. And I believe you are their Mum? Very nice to meet you all, but I believe we were called here with a purpose?"

"Yes," Magenta pipped up, "could you all sit down in the kitchen?"

We all followed, and sat down. The four of us, Magenta, Riff Raff, Nation and I, at the bar, and the rest of them at the table. "We have something we would like to announce. Magneta and I don't want to marry, we have fallen in love with other people. We can't be the queens."

"What? Who could be more perfect for you guys then each other?"

We all looked at our partners. Their Mum looked like she was about to scream out of joy, but she just whispered. "I knew it."

"Knew what?"

"They have had such a connection..."

Frank just grinned. "I know what's going o-hon!" He sang. He was about the same age as Riff, and he was still full of youth.

"What? Frank is it?"

"Yes, it's Frank. What is your name?"

"Sherri, what's wrong with my babies?"

"Nothing's wrong, but they're in love."

"Well, who is it that they can't get married anyway and get to the throne?"

"It's not legal..."

"Why not?"

"They're in love, but with each other."

"I still don't understand."

"Mum! Cosmo and I like each other!"

"I still don't, I'm sorry."

"Hon, they love each other." Our Mum widened her eyes as their Mum put her hands on her leg.

"So they're... Dating?"

"You could say that." Nation looked at Mum for approval.

"I need a drink."

"I second that. What do ya' have?" Magenta And Riff Raff's father got up too.

"Wine. Nothing stronger."


They took the bottle and left the room, leaving Nation, Frank, Magenta, Riff Raff, their Mum and I sitting there. "You guys are so cute." Frank perked up at his comment. "I'm glad I'm taking in Genta, too, so they can be together." Genta glared at him, while he brushed a fake smile onto his face.

And this was the extent of both our childhood's... Until I was sent to our mentor.