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Ricky and I were doing our rounds, when Ricky was called to set. "Have fun." He kissed me on the cheek. I finished the rounds, and waited for Nation to buzz me in.

"Ah! Nurse Ansalong, you've arrived."

"Oh that was real short and that was because of the other monkeys-" She cut me off.

"Attend to Mr. Majors." I nodded, because she didn't like me to call the patients monkeys.

"There are just one or two formalities that need to be dealt with Mrs. Majors, a contract needing to be," I had bent over to get his wheelchair, and Cosmo hit me, "signed." I had started to wheel Brad out of the room, and Janet followed.

"Sign the contract tomorrow."I heard Cosmo hit the door. They talked for a while, but I got bored, and started to wheel him away. Janet soon followed.

"Why did you tell me not to sign now?"

"Well, that way you get the first day free." Janet was walking around his cage, and I walked out, but started watching the telly. And guess who was on screen? After about fifteen minutes, I had gotten his food out, and fed him. I watched a little more television, and served Bert, nation, and Cosmo.

I walked in with the food on a trolley, and they just talked and sipped their wine. They had such boring conversations while they were on the job. Ricky rolled in a television, and I finished serving them.

Ricky and I made our way to either side of the door. But, when Janet came in, and Burt turned on the telly, Ricky and I walked over, and I stood behind it. Farley Flavors, DTV's newest... Well, I want to call him psycho, was on screen, and he started to sing. Cosmo, Nation, and Ricky formed a chorus line, and after, I crawled on top of the telly. They formed a chorus line without me, and I got off, sang a line, and Ricky and I wheeled it out. We did our nightly rounds, and the last was Brad. I spoon fed him again, and left clicking the spoon and bowl. We made our way back to the dining room.

"Are all the beds made up?"

"Oh yes, I plumped up all the pillows and changed up all th-"

"Then lock up, for the night."

"Okay!" I waved, and left with Ricky to do so.

"He treats you like shit."

"No he doesn't! He's just being a good father, and he finally has authority over me."

"But you're an actress."

"Shut up! He used to always have to read Madeline to me when I fell asleep, and now, he's in higher authority than me. Must feel good." He laughed, and we locked up. I got changed into my robe, and showed Janet to the bathroom. I waited in the door, and showed her to her room. I walked back to Ricky and mine, the one nearest to the bathroom. I slipped off my robe, and Ricky took a picture of me in my teddy.

"Night night."

"Night night." He took another picture, and I smiled.

"It's time for bye-byes, it's been a great day, thanks a heap." I moved closer to him, and he took a picture of us together. "Now it's time," he put the camera on the nightstand, "for everyone to go to sleep." I curled up against him, and he turned out the light. I fell asleep pretty quickly, and I awoke to the gentle serenade of birds. Oh yeah, and Nation throwing a pillow at me.

"Wake up! Time to make rounds!"

I groaned, and Nation laughed. Ricky and I fed everyone, took the sheets off the bed of the man who always tried to escape, and made our way back to Nation and Cosmo's office. They weren't there, so we just watched Janet sing some song on the breakfast show. They came back, and Janet wondered out after a while. "Nation... Where did Janet go?" She looked around.

"Damn!" We all ran out, and practically piled on top of each other trying to get into Brad's room.

"Aah! Janet's parents?"

"Are you the doctor?"


"There's gonna have to be an investigation."

"Oh?" Nation and I glanced at each other, Cosmo didn't really like to be questioned.

"There are regulations against this sort of thing."

"It's for his own good..."

"Hoopla Janet!"

"Bert! Sweetheart! Oh it's fabulous to see you!" We all started cheering out of relief.

"What's going on here?"

"Mpmhhmph." I had assumed the position by the door.

"The patient was in great danger of doing himself a mischief."

"We only want what's best for him. As parents you must understand." Nation kind of looked down.

"No. No I don't. Brad doesn't need to be trussed up like a turkey. There are drugs to keep him quiet!"

"We used them, all of them."

"And none of them worked?"


"Then double the strength."

"We did."

"We know our job," Cosmo said, almost cutting Nation off.

"We also know how you feel. We're not strangers to confusion."

"We're not confused."

"Well I am, goddamn it! You trust Brad with this crowd pleaser?"

Ricky and I made our way over to the blinds. "I'm not a loco with motives to suture myself, I've been a cynic for too many years. Playing doctor and nursey can be good for your health, I've seen clinics, with those gimmicks, in Tangiers." He circled to Nation, who closed the cage door.

"But if you open your heart to a smooth operator, he'll take you for all that you've got. He'll hand you a curse that'll be with you later. It'll shake ya the way he takes off... Like a shot."

"You need a bit of... Ooooh Shock Treatment." They pulled off Bert's glasses, and crushed them. "Yes you're jumping like a real live wire. You need a bit of... Ooooh Shock Treatment." Ricky and I opened the blinds, and practically blinded Bert. "So look out mister, don't you blow your last resistor, for a vista that'll mystify ya!" Cosmo gently pushed me forward with Bert's... Blind person stick... I stepped up on the bars, showing a little more than intended to Janet's parents.

"You're blinded by romance you're blinded by science. Your condition is critically grave. But don't expect mercy from such an alliance. Suspicion, of tradition's so new wave." Brad sighed, and Cosmo popped up behind him. Nation and I smirked at each other.

"You need a bit of..." Ricky took a picture of Janet. "Ooooh Shock Treatment. Yes you're jumping like a real live wire." Ricky took a picture of Bert holding Janet. "You need a bit of... Ooooh Shock Treatment. So look out mister, don't you blow your last resistor," Her parents stepped into the shot, "for a vista that'll certify ya! Fy ya, fy ya, fy ya! You need a bit of..." He took another photo of her parents with them."Ooooh Shock Treatment." Nation and I got in the shot. "Yes you're jumping like a real live wire. You need a bit of... Ooooh Shock Treatment. So look out mister, don't you blow your last resistor, for a sister that'll certify ya!" I screamed, and ran around the cage with the others. "Fy ya, fy ya, fy ya!" I ran around a little, and we all went to Nation and Cosmo's office for a few drinks, but Ricky and I had to make the lunchtime rounds. We went back to Janet's dressing room, and she was passed out on the couch, Nation eating a lemon slice.

"Where's Comso?"

"Working." She rolled her eyes.

"You okay?"

"Why wouldn't I be. Happy, happy, happy!" She rolled her eyes again and glared at me.

"Okay. I know what you should do. Go change into your robe, go into your office, lock the door, and shove all the stuff off the top of your guy's desk."

"And you really think I'll turn him on by making a mess?"

"Just an idea." Ricky and I laughed a little, and Nation finally went and tried it. We babysat Janet, until Nation came back and woke her up.

"Last check for Faith Factory medical outfits."

"Well, that's me."

"And me." Bert took care of her, because he was already dressed.

Ricky and I had the first aisle, but sang last. "Got some heartfelt symptoms and I'm feelin' sneaky." I ripped my dress to make it shorter. I could hear Cosmo groan.

"Young male intern, tall and handsome."

"Got my hems so high, they say I'm bein' cheeky."

"Legs like mine were really made for dancin'!" He kicked.

We danced around with mirrors. "Whoa whoa ho! Hey hey hey!"

"When heaven's in the music, hell is in control. The angels got the voices but the devil got the rock-n-roll!"

"We may look like we're phony medics, but we took our look from a book by Fredricks! Oh look what I did to my ID, hey! Look what I did to my ID!" We made our way to the stage, I sat beside Columbia, who I honestly hadn't seen for a few days, and we weren't allowed to talk. The ceremony went on for a little while, some guy gave Janet a car, which Cosmo took the keys to, and Farley came out, who I could tell Columbia was still mad at. But, Betty, Oliver, and Brad burst through the wall, and Farley looked at him like a madman. He started chanting out after a while, the police escorted them out, and he pulled Columbia up and kissed her.

Nation, Cosmo, Ricky and I ran over to the corridor to the set, and started passing out straightjackets, and then ran to Cosmo and Nation's office.

"Denton, Denton, you've got no pretension, you're where the heart is you're okay! Denton, Denton, I'd just like to mention, you're the acceptable face, of the human race. You're Denton Denton USA!" We laughed, and drank some more.

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