"Mom! Do I have to bathe?" Marco asked as his mother paid for his bath.

"Thank you Melody." Ganesha smiled.

"Anytime!" Melody waved.

"You do if you want to be the ring bearer at the Wedding tomorrow." His mother joked.

"What if I don't want to?"

"You still have to bathe" She smiled. "Now do I have to take you with me and wash you by force or are you going to be a big boy and bathe alone?" She held out his bathing suit.

"Hmm!" He swiped the suit from his mother. She went off to the women's bath.

"Hi Marco!" He turned around and saw Candy waving at him from behind his mother. He blushed a vibrant red and dashed off to the men's bath.

"Hahaha Oh Marco you've got your work cut out for you." Noah's fatherly voice mocked him.

"What? I mean... Sh-she-she's not my girlfriend alright!" Marco's blush remained clear.

"Ha-ha to be young!" Marco heard as he ran to take his bath. Of course she wasn't his girlfriend. They were just kids the old man didn't know what he was talking about. Candy was his best friend, his only friend really. Well he had adult friends but Candy was the only one who was well... a kid!

"Hey Marco you ready for tomorrow?"

"Yep sure am Ranguna!" Marco turned to face his best adult friend.

"Marco um... are you blushing?"

"No!" His eyes got wide.

"Ha-ha alright I guess I'll just have to say hello to Candy before I leave then!" He winked at Marco.

"How did you know she was here?"

"That's how you always look when she's nearby but out of sight. So are you going to ask her to dance tomorrow?" Raguna laughed nudging him with his elbow.

"Sh-she's not my girlfriend!"

"She doesn't have to be your girlfriend to dance with her."


"Well you've got tonight to think about it. Bye Marco see you tomorrow"

Marco made his way to the bath. The warm water sort of repulsed him and he shuddered before getting in. He would much rather be at the beach this afternoon than in a bath. But now he had Candy invading his thoughts.

She was his best friend, his playmate, his companion, and everyone knew he liked her. Everyone even her, too bad she thought he liked her meant friendship. She was absolutely insane, being so in touch with nature and rune spirits. He was so confused he shouldn't feel like this about his closest friend.

Just the way she talked to him and when she spoke he couldn't help but listen. He wanted to be something adults referred to as romantic. That was something girls found charming... is charming the right word? He didn't know, but now because of Ranguna he had to worry about dancing!

Dancing! Of all things Ranguna could have said he had to say dancing! He now had to think about dancing and with Candy. It was enough to make him faint. How would he even ask her? She's Candy, oblivious blunt Candy! Would she even know what he meant if he asked her?

She probably would think of it as a friendly gesture. But friendly is okay...No it's not! He thought to himself washing out his hair. Then what would he do just stay friends with her? That isn't even an option he really liked her, and he had no competition for her. She isn't a show monster, he told himself. Surely she would call him a coward if she did have feelings for him too. And if one thing is sure Marco is not a coward!

"Hey You alright in there!" Ganesha called from the opposite side of the wall.

"Don't stay in to long you could faint!" He heard Melody shout.

"I'll be out soon!" He jumped out of the water and made a dash for a towel. She's Candy... I have to ask her he concluded, but how to make it not, well 'just friends'? He changed quickly and met with his mother.

"All good and clean?" He nodded, "Good you have two hours until dinner. Don't get dirty or I will drag you back here." His mother said in a stern but loving tone.

"Yes ma'am!" He said

"Thank's again Melody, Marco"

"Thank you Melody" He said reluctantly even though he didn't know what he was thanking her for. He hated being clean.

Marco nearly sprinted out the door, he had decided the only way to find what girls like is to read a book!

That's right he ran right to the library. "Selphy!" He called. There was no way he was going to be able to find a book on his own in this mess.

"Hm? Hey Marco what's up? You need a book of adventures?"

"No I need a book on romance!"

Selphy laughed "What? Why would you need a book on romance? Are we finally courting princess Candy?"

"... I- I-I" He blushed. Every time he heard her name in a certain way his stomach felt weird and he blushed involuntarily.

"Awe how cute young love!" She laughed again "Here I've got something I'm sure!" Marco nodded and followed Selphy up a ladder on the right hand side of the library. "Hmmm, fishing. No. Monster taming. Definitely no. Farming. No. Proposing to The Girl of Your Dreams. How about this one kiddo?"


"Oh I'm kidding calm down, gosh get a sense of humor" She rolled her eyes as Marco let out a deep sigh "Beach care. Nope. Swimsuit making. Not until your twenty. Jewelry making. Not enough time. How to Court a Girl. Bingo! Here you go Marco one book sure to help you woo a girl. Don't worry about paying just give it back when you're done." She handed him the book, it was plain like any other book.

"Thanks Selphy, and um... keep this a secret?"

"Sure thing Marco, I won't tell Candy."

"Thanks again!" He ran outside and tried to think of where he could go and not be bothered. He looked around the church district and ran into the church. He closed the giant doors and saw only Kross. He didn't think much of him and sat down in the back pew.

Colored bits of sunlight shone through the stained glass. He opened the book to the table of contents.

Chapter 1 Recognize the Signs

Chapter 2 Know Who She is

Chapter 3 Be Everything!

Chapter 4 She's Right

Chapter 5 Never Let Go

He sighed "Let's begin" About five pages in he heard.

"Hello Young Man How are you?" Marco closed the book.

"Hey Erik. I'm alright"

"What are you reading, 'How to Court a Girl' Marco if you wanted to know how to woo the ladies you should have just asked."

"Um.. Erik?"


"No offense but aren't you extremely single?"

"... Because I can't beat the ladies off me."

"Again no offense but I just want to read... Don't tell Candy please!"

"My lips are sealed" He stood up and walked to the altar. Marco continued reading until he was again interrupted.

"Hey Marco, What are you doing at the church?" He closed the book and looked up at Rita and Turner.

"Just... Reading!"

"Marco, you don't read. You adventure with Candy" Turner laughed.

"Well I-" He blushed again.

"What's this, 'How to Court a girl?' Oh Marco are you trying to seduce young candy?" Rita giggled.

"I- maybe!"

"Oh boy, do they grow up fast!" Turner smiled.

"Take her to the bar! ha-ha I'm just kidding around Marco don't do that." Rita winked.


"Hello Turner, Rita. What are you doing here Marco, " Sisters Stella and Lara joined the two.


"He's trying to court little miss Candy" Rita laughed.

"Aw how adorable!" Lara cooed

"You know Marco if you want to win over her heart you might want to try talking to the man who is going to be married tomorrow" Stella suggested.

"I'll do that." Marco said wanting to escape the adults laughing at his 'childish actions' "Please don't tell Candy!"

"Gotcha!" Rita smiled.

"Sure thing!" Lara laughed.

"Alright take care!" Turner waved.

"Of course" Stella said.

Marco sped over to Raguna's where Mist waited out by the Fields.

"Hello Marco! Today's a great day!"

"Hi Mist! I'm looking for Raguna!"

"He's inside!"

"Thanks" Marco rolled his eyes. That was one weird girl. "Raguna!"

"Hey Marco what brings you here?"

"I need your help"


"How do I- How do I- um... ask Candy to- um"


"Yeah" Marco blushed deeply.

"Oh, Marco"


"We've got some work ahead of us"


"Don't worry about it. It'll be easy sort of, okay first you're going to have to be able to admit you like her. No more she's not my girlfriend stuff okay."


"Now talk how you feel about her"

"Well I think she's really fun and nice and cute and odd and helpful"

"well I guess that'll do considering you're just kids. Now you have to be nice about it, but be forward girls want you to be forward."


"They want you to take charge and protect them. They want you to be romantic"

"How do I be 'romantic'?"

"Well, tell her you think she's pretty. Find a flower, and give it to her. When you ask her to dance just be really nice and above all else-"

"Raguna! We need you at the church really quick!" Lara called.

"Coming! Sorry Marco maybe later." Raguna got up and left. Marco sighed, held his book to his chest, and left the house.

Marco decided that he had no other choice than to go home. When he did his mother was still working, "Hey Marco I'll be done in an hour okay?"

"Okay!" He shouted as he ran up the stairs. He plopped on his bed and began to read again. As he read some things stuck with him, "Never miss an opportunity to tell her she's beautiful. Be thoughtful. Be firm and in touch with how she feels. Be gentle but don't baby her. And finally don't be afraid to put your arm around her or hold her hand."

Even though he finished the book he still felt clueless.

"Hey Marco, ready to eat?" Ganesha asked as she walked up the stairs and entered the room. She had a few rice balls and jelly rolls.

"Yes please, thanks mom." He said grabbing some food.

"What's this?" She asked picking up his book, "How to Court a Girl? Marco what is this?"

"Um..." Marco's eyes widened.

"Are you trying to court Candy?" She asked.

"I- I um..."

"Honey you're a bit young for that don't you think?"

"I want to ask her to dance with me."

"Well then ask her. Don't worry about any of it you're just kids after all it doesn't matter if she rejects you now." Ganesha laughed, "Finish eating now and then get ready for bed." Marco finished his meal washed off his face and prepared himself for bed.

"Goodnight Marco. We have to be up early to get ready for the wedding."

"Goodnight mom" Marco took the covers to his bed and started to think again about Candy. He thought about what Raguna had said earlier. He thought about how they played together, how they went on adventures... He thought about all the times they had been on top of the clock tower. How they would laugh and talk up there, and his dreams took him there quickly.

They took him to Candy and the clock tower. His favorite place in the world to be. Right next to her.

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