It was Raguna's tenth wedding anniversary. Marco couldn't help but laughed at his friend, he was sitting with him half listening to Raguna babble on and on about Melody. Marco was preoccupied at the moment.

"... I remember our first dance, She was so cute laughing and smiling. Her eyes just sparkled..."

"I remember" Marco said as the image of nine year old Candy popped into his head. She was so cute, so innocent, so kind. All the things she is now Marco chuckled, nothing about her has changed she's still clueless and adorable... I've changed though..."Raguna" He said suddenly unknowingly interrupting one of Raguna's spiels. "Can I ask you something?"

"Yeah sure Marco what is it?"

"... How did... How should... How would you... What kind of girl do you think Candy is?"

"Huh? Type of girl? Um... I don't know... What do you want to know?"

"Do you think..." He sighed and reached into his pocket pulling out an engagement ring. He saw Raguna's face and chuckled, "Mom taught me how to make them." It has water Crystals around a beautiful diamond, it had a gold band and designs all around it. Some might have thought it was too much but at just first glance it was simple.

"Oh..." Raguna said in shock, "That's what you mean... I know just what you should do, come with me." Raguna laughed lead Marco from his fields. He led Marco up the familiar roads of Trampoli, to the church district his first thought was wow he would go for a book too? but then he was led up to the clock tower.

"Um... Raguna where are we going?" He asked nervously.

"Still afraid to go to your girlfriends house Marco?"

"Have you met her sister? I never know if she's judging me or if she doesn't like me."

"Marco come on you know that Cinnamon is just distant. Don't be a cry baby!" He said reaching the large doors to the clock tower. "Cinnamon! Is Candy here?"

"No! I'll be down in a minute."Cinnamon shouted down the stairs.

"Come on Marco she won't bite you." Raguna says waving Marco into the tower. Marco walked in calmly.

Cinnamon half stumbled half walked down the stairs. "Sorry" She said in her deeply bored tone, "I was just cleaning up an experiment and my magic fizzled a bit."

"It's alright Cinnamon" Raguna smiles.

"Marco? Candy's not here right now."


"He actually wants to talk to you Cinnamon." Raguna interrupted.


"I-I-I do" Marco gulped.


"Can I-I-I m-m-m-marry Candy?" He stuttered madly.

Cinnamon gasped at first taken aback, after a moments silence she finally spoke "... Do you really love her?"

Marco looked up and no longer saw the bored looking Cinnamon. Now he saw a caring older sister who was looking out for her baby sister, "More than I ever thought I could." He said after a pause.

A small smile crept across her face as she nodded, "Then yes" He could almost hear Cinnamons heart breaking and saw her eyes become misty.

"Thank you Cinnamon" Marco said sincerely with a smile.

He shakes her hand and leaves with pride in his heart.

He knew now just how much he had changed. Candy wasn't that adorable little girl he had a small crush on, she was a beautiful woman with a free spirit.

He wasn't that little boy who wondered why marriage was so important, he knew now. He wanted to tell her how much he loved her, but he kept one thing he said in his heart. If you love someone shouldn't you tell her every day? That was exactly what he was going to do.

He would not only tell her every day he loved her he would prove it time after time.

"Hi Candy!" He waves over his Candy.

"Hi Marco!" She bounds over to him and pecks his cheek, "The stars are gonna be really pretty tonight come on!" She took his hand leading him up to the observation hill as Candy called it when they were young. awesome I didn't even have to ask her on the date!

The sun was setting now and she plopped down in the grass. As soon as he sat next to her he spoke.

"Candy you know what today is?"

"Yep it's Raguna and Melodies anniversary." She smiled taking his hand, "The day you finally maned up and asked me to dance!"

"Yep! You told me you felt like a maiden in a fairy tale."

"And you were my prince charming"

"You said you wanted to be a bride"

"Yeah and you wanted me to get captured so you could save me" She giggled as the fireflies came out, "And you wanted to give me a happily ever after"

"Do you still want your happily ever after?" He ask pulling out the ring getting on his knee.

"Of course I do" She laugh still looking at the stars.

"Candy will you be my princess?"

She looked at him finally gasping her mouth gapped open. "Oh my... Yes!" She jumped on him and he held her tightly.

"I think I know what love means now" He whispered. Mainly to himself but she knew what he meant.

That was all he had to say the love they both felt was mutual and as such they became one. One strong unit childhood sweethearts, his princess, her prince charming. The parts were no longer part of a childish game they were real.

They said the vows and again Marco questioned why they had such a large crowd of people when he felt like it was only the two of them there.

Marco listened to every word Stella said and held his head high. Each word she spoke was true and real to him. Her words were pure and kind.

They had the rings which Marco now knew were a symbol of unending love.

They had the flowers... Which Marco still didn't really get. It was just for decoration he guessed, but it made Candy happy.

Candy wore a funny looking dress but on her he didn't think it was so funny looking. She was beautiful as always.

He spent a whole day telling Candy that he loved her. He knew that she could care less how many times he said it all she cared about was if he meant it, which he did with a whole heart.

At the reception they laughed and all spoke of Melody and Raguna's wedding.

On the dance floor he swayed with skill, "Marco?"

"Hm?" He asked.

"Do you remember telling me you thought Melody looked silly on her wedding day?"

"I what?" Marco laughs at the faint surprise of Melody's voice.

"Yes" He nodds.

"Do I?" Candy squeeked

"You? Candy your perfect" He laughed

"Raguna did I look silly on our wedding day?" Melodies voice twinged.

"Are you just saying that?" She looked into his eyes

"No I could never lie about loving you Candy because you are perfect to me" He kissed her.

"Raguna!" Melody asked urgently.

"I love you" She whispered as he pulled back.

"You looked lovely Melody" Raguna sighed

"I love you too" She laid her head on his chest. As they swayed to the final song they heard the church bells ring for the new day.

The bells rang for a new day a new life but they also rang for an old and never ending love.

Quick thing, it's now been ten years since Candy and Marco shared their dance. So I'm guessing that now Marco's like twenty one and Candy's twenty!