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A quick authors note but IMPORTANT. As I mentioned in the summary I am not stating this is how the Starkids act its completely fictional based mostly on the way they present themselves on stage which is obviously an built up version of themselves and any romances or relationships of of kinds between the Starkids is also completely fictional except that there all obviously close friends/ family.

Reviews are welcome as with all my fanfictions but please no hate mail.

I have a second chapter that is finished but I want to start my third before I release it. I have just finished college and now have all the summer to write so there shouldn't be any long breaks.

This story is about all the Starkids that were apart of the first Starship and maybe some of the HMB cast and not just a few couples or specific people so no matter who's your favorite they'll all be equally included eventually.

Thanks and Enjoy XX.

"Okay guys come drop down in minus 10 minutes"

"For dead god sake Walker shut the hell up"

"Don't be mean to me Lopez cause it hurts my feelings" Joe slipped easily into his Up voice as he saw Lauren walked around the corner into the hall chuckling.

"It's good to be going back to Starship" Joe couldn't help bursting into laughter. "what did I say"

"Good to be going back"

"Damn it can't I say anything any more without it referencing one of are shows" Joe only shrugged in return "Where are the rest of them"

"You tell me Holden sent me to pick you ladies up cause he has to go get JoMo from the airport. I get here and none of you are ready"

"They must still be in bed" Lauren said as a menacing grin spread over her face causing Joe to shrink back a little in fear before she turned and began to climb the stairs.

Joe stood in silence for a minute before Laurens voice boomed through the house "Wake up" shortly followed by a lot of screaming and swearing as Lauren came raising down the stairs nearly knocking Joe over closely pursued by a angry Jaime Lynn who half stumbled down the stairs after her.

"You'll never catch me" Lauren chirped happily running across the top of the coach and back past Joe with Jaime still in hot pursuit.

"I'm the ginger bread man" Meredith finished bouncing down the stairs and landing in Joe arms "Joe. Wait I thought Brian was coming to pick us up" she said with a pout.

"Good to see you to Meredith"

"Really Meredith do you have to be any more obvious" said Julia stumbling down the stairs still half asleep "I mean if you were any more in love with Holden then whoa..." Julia foot caught on the edge of a step and she toppled down the last couple of steps coming to a stop at Joe and Meredith's feet. Lauren having heard what Julia said had come to a stop opposite the two.

"Wait Meredith you like Brian" to Joes's surprise Lauren sounded a little put out.

"No, I dont like Brian guys" In the time Meredith was speaking Jaime had caught up with Lauren. With a cry of victory Jaime tackled Lauren to the floor before standing up and dusting herself off "That'll teach you to wake me up in the morning" she huffed before turning back to the staircase, finally noticing Joe standing at the bottom of the stairs, his arms still wrapped around Meredith.

"Oh, hey Joe what do we owe the pleasure" Jaime said breaking into a smile.

"Uh, Brian sent me to pick you up for rehearsals" Joe stuttered out now more scared of Jaime than Lauren.

"OK, come on girls" Jaime called picking Julia off the floor and helping her up the stairs, Meredith falling instep on Julias other side. "We'll be right back Joe, help Lauren up will ya" Jaime called down. Leaving Joe in the hallway with Lauren face down on the floor. Truth be told all of those girls scared Joe to death at times.

"Joe" Lauren moaned from the floor "Can you help me up please".

Half an hour later the 5 Starkids were piling into Joe's car with hot debate over who called shotgun first and desperately trying to avoid the middle seat. In the end it was decided that thanks to her wake up call this morning Lauren would take the middle seat while Julia took the front seat.

"So Joe where are we heading" Meredith shout up form the back seat.

"To the studio, we were gonna start with a read through at the Manor but the Langs thought it might be best to give us sometime to adjust to the new work space"

"Yeah what's all that about" Julia chimed in "what happened to the old studio"

"We got kicked out after Joey and Laurens last little prank" Jaime replied fixing Lauren in her glare.

"What it was Joeys plan and it seemed like a good idea at the time"

"Yes, well not many of Joeys plans work out well to they" Jaime muttered.

It was no news that Jamie and Joey weren't on the best of terms at the moment what the Starkids didn't know was what happened still they knew well enough to leave it alone. The truth had to come out at some point and all of them knew it wasn't going to be pretty.

"Guys, I think were here" Joe pulled the car up by a tall building that look more like a office block than a studio and the Starkids tumbled out onto the pavement staring up at the building that was to become there home for the next 3 months or at least until they moved to the theatre.

"Well best foot forward then" Lauren said bounding off towards the entrance Meredith and Jaime falling instep behind her leaving just Julia and Joe stood on the pavement.

"Well Walker, I think it's going to be another wild ride" Julia sighed though eyes glistened with excitement.

"Yep, here we go again" he said before throwing a grin in her direction and throwing his arm around her shoulder "Now come Specs lets go get the damn job done" he said easily slipping into his Up voice causing the two of them to laugh before following the others into what was sure to be another whirlwind adventure.