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Chapter 6

Lunch was probably the craziest part of any Starkid day, especially when working on a production. It usually involved one person going and taking orders from those who had failed to remember to buy lunch beforehand, which was most of them. Then they would have to go to the local supermarket and try to salvage enough food to feed the pack of wolves, or at least that is what it was like sometimes.

It was such a hated job, since it required so much concentration, that the job had to be cast with straws. Well-worn and bent you could usually tell which one was the short straw and, as the newest member of the group and therefore not so practised with these things, it ended up being Jeff who got stuck with the arduous job.

"Serves you right idiota for ruining my rehearsal!" Lauren shouted with joy as Jeff groaned and pulled out his iPhone for taking notes. He had seen some of the others do it before and somewhat knew what he had to do.

"Zip it Lopez or I will have to zip it for you." He retorted, sticking his tongue out while he tried to remember what Dylan had wanted. Gentler, and with a smile on his face, he asked for the order.

But there was a reason that Jeff had drawn the short straw. As he left the room, everyone froze in position. Nico had not been able to make the production and Chris had been in Little White Lie so he didn't count as a newbie. Evanna, well she was an honorary member and her filming schedule would get in the way of play rehearsals, both of her commitments took up an awful lot of time.

As soon as the sound of the door closing was heard, they all jumped into action. "Right, so everyone knows what they are doing?" Matt called gently and everyone nodded.

It was a time old trick that Darren and Brian Holden and come up with to induct the newest members of the Starkid group. Everyone, except the core group, had gone through the prank that they pulled and even a few members of the core group had been taken by surprise. Each of the group members had a task and always had deliberately given Jeff a complicated list of things to buy, meaning that they had a longer period of time to get done what they needed to complete, as well as sending him on the longest route. And, by having much practise and rehearsals by several of them, the room was set and as ready as it needed to be within ten minutes.

"Seriously", Jeff thought as he lugged the bags of food into the building half an hour later. Had Lauren taken the joke to heart? He feared so as he was fond of Lauren like a little sister, she was the Starkid little sister, it didn't take much imagining with her hyperactive tendencies and her lack of height. But there was something that made Jeff think as he looked over the last year that he had spent with the Starkids. Lauren did sometimes sneak peeks at Brian, and Jeff was one who always managed to notice these small details. Perhaps an opportunity to talk to the hobbit would arise and, if his suspicions were true, he would have some apologising to do.

As he entered the room that he had left not half an hour ago, he suddenly stopped and was stunned into silence. There was nothing in the room. Whereas when he had left it, they had the set from Starship there, all the costumes and chairs dotted around, someone had been playing on the piano and there had been an awful lot of laughter. There was nothing. All the chairs were neatly stacked up in a pile, there was not a song sheet or page of a script on the floor, or anywhere for that matter, and the eerie silence that fell in the room made Jeff feel rather uncomfortable. Had they actually left to do whatever without him? He wasn't quite sure what they would ALL go out to get, seeing as he had got enough food to feed an army, but there was not a peep. Perhaps they were playing a practical joke on him; he had known most of the members long enough to know that they would not miss an opportunity to play a prank on the Starkid prankster.

Then, as if nothing had happened, Jim walked into the room from behind him. "Heya Jeff, where is everyone?"

Jim Povolo was not given enough credit for his acting. Although admittedly much more confident with improvisations, he was eager to get a larger role than he had played before. The Starkids were aware of his talent but his ridiculous height restricted him, where Lauren's lack of did not.

Nevertheless, he was doing well to pretend that he had no idea what was going on, whereas in fact he knew what would scare Jeff the most. "I don't know Jim; I just got back from the shops."

Jim took the bags and they dumped them at one end of the room. "I'm sure they'll turn up soon enough. They probably have gone to go and get something from somewhere." He was being vague and that wasn't convincing, the look on Jeff's face was enough proof, so he changed the subject as he peered into the bags. "Oooh, my packet of M+Ms!"

He grabbed them and Jeff grinned as he finished the Holy Musical Batman pun they had created from the sweets. "Murder and Mayhem there they are." It wasn't enough of a distraction and as they shared the chocolate M+Ms, Jeff's eyes kept darting to the door and eventually broke the silence that had come between them. "You were there when I left. Jim ,where is everyone?"

He looked at Jeff offended. "Would I lie to you? I have no idea where they are."

Just then, as if nothing had happened, all the Starkids that had mysteriously not been there when Jeff had come in, suddenly appeared. They came from behind the stacks of chairs, a random box that was lying on the floor, from behind the piano and from the wings of the stage. They sat down exactly where they had been when Jeff had left, their expressions blank. Jeff watched them with a huge frown on his face. This was definitely not normal. They sat or stood there very still for a moment, as if someone had taken a picture and captured them all there, in their normal positions.

"Guys?" Jeff's voice clearly echoed how spooked out he was by the whole event. None of them moved, not even a small reaction. "I have the food you asked me for." Again nothing and this made Jeff really start to worry as he knew how obsessed his friends were with their food and how protective they were. Not even Joey was making a move. He moved amongst them, their eyes staring straight ahead and unmoving, their faces indifferent. "Okay guys, quit the funny business, you are starting to scare me now."

That was when they all relaxed and turned to grin at the stunned Starkid. "Did we really freak you out?" Lauren grinned.

Jeff raised an eyebrow. "What's the bet that you had something to do with this?" Then he nodded, he had learned to be more open with these people. "And yes, you terrified the life out of me. I thought you guys may have left me."

Lauren automatically felt bad for Jeff. He had not had the easiest upbringing and it now hurt her to see him hurt. She sprung up from her place and gave Jeff a bear hug, just about wrapping her arms around his frame. He smiled and accepted the hug. "It's a tradition Jeff." Jim supplied and Jeff looked shocked to see his best friend smiling at him. "During the early stages of rehearsals for the next show the newest members of Starkid get a nice surprise; we deliberately rigged the short straw thing to make sure that you got the short straw so we had time to get everything ready."

Jeff looked rather comical, with his mouth hanging open in shock. "And you knew? You knew they were hiding?" Jim nodded slightly. "You crazy son of a bitch!"

Jim grinned as they both acknowledged the AVPS quote. "Okay guys, if the three Joes and both Brians grab the set pieces, we'll set up the stage and then break for lunch." Matt's authoritative voice rang out through the room.

Agreeably, those who were mentioned split up to fetch the stage pieces while the rest formed a line in front of Jeff to collect their food and hand in the money they owed him, many whispering a small apology for their actions. Lauren gave him a friendly wink as she collected the food that had to be piled into her arms. What he didn't know was that Lauren had bought loads of his favourite food and was planning on sharing it with him. Lauren was the type of person to do that kind of thing, she may be a complete idiot and child at times, but she was sincere and kind. If she hadn't been going out with Joe and had broken up with him about a month ago, Jeff might have asked her out. But he knew something was going on. She was hiding something and Joe was still very protective of her, another decent trait of the Walkster. And Jeff made a silent plea to find out exactly what the problem was and if he could help at all.

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