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Throughout the whole day of class Naruko kept stealing glances at Naruto, just as Hitomi did. Hitomi wanted to ask all these questions about the boy, to get to know him better. Naruko wanted to just talk to him; he was her friend after all. They weren't the only ones looking at the blond, who was staring at the board with a bored expression.

Iruka stole glances at the boy as well during the lesson; or rather he was looking at Naruko looking at the boy. He was surprised that Naruko kept herself quiet due to the words of one boy. Sasuke, the playboy and annoying prick of a person he was (Hitomi's words), was glaring at the boy. The blond was stealing his fangirls just by sitting there. Hinata was also looking at him, although she was just more curious as to the history between him and her two best friends. Other people were giving him looks too, but they were more blatant about it and Naruto just straight out ignored them.

"Naruto," Iruka called out. The blond boy looked up and stared at the teacher.

"Yes Iruka-sensei?" he responded.

"Answer this question: Which Hokage set up the Academy, the ANBU and the Konoha Military Police and the Chunin Exams? The rest of the class should know this since it was in their reading last night." Iruka sent them a light glare and a few of the kids flinched, they didn't read the material.

"It was the Nidaime Hokage, Tobirama Senju, was the one who established those organizations," Naruto replied with a smile. He was really glad that he had Kage Bunshins read those books the night before. He was too lazy to do it himself. Iruka blinked. He was sure the boy wouldn't know that. Heck, half the kids in the room didn't know that.

"You're correct." Iruka then turned to the other kids. "Kiba!" The boy and his dog looked up from where he was sitting. He looked dazed and confused a bit. The reason for it was he was ogling Hitomi, Hinata and Naruko while also glaring at Naruto. He cursed the blond for being able to sit between two hot chicks and getting the attention of several others.

"Huh what?" was what he stated as he looked at his teacher.

"The Shodaime Hokage known for what kekkei genkai?"

"Um…uh…pass?" Kiba answered slowly. That caused several people to snicker at him, including Naruko and Hitomi. Hinata had the decency to not show that she was laughing. The boy huffed and looked away as his dog tried to make him feel better.

"Kiba you should know this," Iruka said with a sigh. "If you read the book last night you should have found the answers. I mean even Naruto read and he is new to the class."

"Hey Iruka-sensei! Don't compare him to me! We're different people so you shouldn't put him to my standards," Naruto shouted. That caused the snickering to stop, even Kiba looked at Naruto confused.

"What do you mean Naruto?"

"Look we all learn at different levels and different ways. I just like to read and I'm guessing Kiba probably doesn't. I'm just saying that he could have probably learned that if it was put in a different way instead of just reading. Right Kiba?" The class was stunned. They expected Naruto to laugh with them at Kiba's misfortune, not come to his aid. Kiba himself also looked surprised. The new kid was defending his honor and they weren't even friends yet.

"Yeah, he's right. I mean reading get's so boring for me Iruka-sensei," Kiba agreed. "I mean if you made history more fun somehow, I probably would have learned that."

"See what I mean?" For his part, Naruto knew that if things kept going the way they were, Iruka would have probably lead to Kiba hating him if he was compared to him. Having years of experience in something similar in the previous timeline lead him to know how to change that.

"I see," Iruka said with a nod of his head. "Well, I'll let you off the hook for now Kiba, but you should study more. You need to thank Naruto for helping." Kiba's pride said that he shouldn't since he didn't need the help, but his instincts knew that Iruka was right. Naruto decided to defend him and he should feel grateful. Not only that, but his instincts were yelling at him to not cross Naruto. It was as if he was an alpha in a pack.

After that the bell rang for lunch, which gave the students an hour to eat their food as long as they stayed on campus. This led to both Hitomi and Naruko to drag the blond boy to 'their spot' on the Academy grounds; it was a tall tree where a swing was tied to a branch. Hinata followed a ways away for she was interested in who this blond boy was. As they were walking, Naruto could feel the glares of several boys on him, for once again two hot girls were on his arms.

Hitomi and Naruko unceremoniously then dropped him onto his butt next to the trunk of the tree, with both of them following a few moments later. Hinata arrived just a few seconds after them.

"So tell me Naruto, where have you been? I forgot to ask about it two days ago, but I'm curious now," Naruko asked excitedly.

"Shouldn't you introduce me to your friend first?" Naruto questioned as he looked at Hinata. It looked like this Hinata wasn't as shy around him as in the last timeline, but then again she didn't have a crush on him for years. Naruko blushed in embarrassment while Hitomi rolled her eyes.

"Whoops, sorry about that. Naruto this is Hinata Hyuuga. Hinata meet Naruto Inseki."

"It is nice to meet you Naruto-san," Hinata said with a small bow. Naruto raised an eyebrow. She didn't have her stutter, but then again she didn't crush on him for years on end. It actually made him smile seeing her like this, with more than a of confidence in her posture.

"Nice to meet you. Let's be friends yeah?" Naruto bowed back.

"So where have you been these five years?" Naruko asked again becoming impatient.

"Um…where have I been the past few years?" Naruto thought aloud. He looked up to the sky in thought for a moment. Could he tell them the truth? 'I guess I can. It's not like I did anything too serious other than train and set up a little spy network.' "Well to be honest I just travelled around looking for my family. I found them a while back."

"You have?" Hitomi asked surprised. "If you found them, why did you not stay with them?" Naruto gave them a small smile and his face saddened. Kami he really didn't want to lie but he had to.

"They're all dead," he told them. Well, technically, this was true. His original family was dead and in this one he not born but arrived. "I found the remains of my village and it was destroyed by some natural disaster."

"Oh…" Hitomi gasped. "I'm so sorry." Naruko also seemed saddened by the news, while Hinata was confused. The Hyuuga member was not up to date about Naruto, so she made a note to ask either Naruko or Hitomi about it.

"Don't worry about it. At least I know where I come from." Naruto then gave them a bright smile. "Now I can think about my future." This managed to make Hitomi to blush. Hinata took notice of this and giggled.
"Other than that though, I took my time learning different skills. That was a backup just in case my career as a ninja didn't work out well enough."

"Like what Inseki-san?" Hinata asked as she finally contributed into the conversation.

"Please call me Naruto Hinata-san," Naruto replied back. "I'll feel weird if you start calling me by my last name."

"Okay Naruto-san, but you still did not answer my question."

"Ah as to what I was learning…well you can say I learned how to play some music, sail on a boat and a few other things. My adoptive father said I was a jack of all trades and a master of none."

"Huh? What does that mean?" Naruko asked. Naruto turned to her two friends.

"Is she usually this slow on the uptake?"

"Pretty much," Hitomi replied.

"Sometimes," Hinata answered.

"HEY! I'm not that bad or stupid." Naruko shouted back with a pout.

"We're not saying that Naruko-chan," Naruto said to appease her as he patted her on the head. " Besides we're just joking around. Also, as to what I mean by I'm a jack of all trades is that I can do a lot of stuff but being a master of none means that I'm not that great at all the things I do."

"That sound's awful."

"Eh, I'm still twelve. I'll get stronger and better over time." Naruko nodded her head, finally understanding what he meant and took a bite of her onigiri before stopping mid-chew. She noticed that she, Hitomi and Hinata all had food but Naruto had nothing.

"Hey, did you forget your lunch or something?" The two other girls looked up and then at Naruto. The blond boy himself was just sitting around and humming.

"I sort of forgot to bring it. Don't worry though, I'll be okay."

"Are you sure Naruto-san?" Hinata asked. "I can give you some of my bento if you'd like. We do have taijutsu practice after lunch."

"I said I'd be fine."

"Hey you!" a voice shouted out. Everyone looked down the way to see Kiba walking towards them. "Naruto Inseki I need to have a word with you."

"Okay." Naruto stood up but Hitomi grabbed his hand. He raised an eyebrow wondering what was the problem.

"He might want to pick a fight with you," she explained. "He is a bit hot headed so-"

"If he starts a fight it's okay. I can handle myself Hitomi." Naruto dusted his pants off before walking over to the boy with the dog. Kiba seemed a bit unsure of what to do now but Naruto was wondering what he wanted to say.

"Look man I wanted to say thanks for defending me during class and I'm sorry for glaring at you," Kiba apologized. Akamaru yipped from a top his head. Naruto looked up towards the dog and made a confused face.

"We can bring pets here?" he asked, faking his stupidity.

"Akamaru is not a pet, he's my partner. I'm from the Inuzuka Clan and we have a special connection to dogs."

"I see, and to be honest it's okay if you were glaring at me. " Naruto then put a hand over Kiba's shoulder and whispered into his ear. "Being around hot girls has guys doing that." Kiba snorted in amusement and Akamaru gave a slight bark in approval. Suddenly the bell rang and everyone started to go inside. "Hey, I'll try to hang out with you after class okay."

"Sure. You seem like a great guy." Kiba went into the class first with all the others. The blond boy waited until the three girls stood next to him before walking towards the class.

"What did Kiba want?" Naruko asked. Naruto saw that she had a slightly pink tinge on her face and smirked.

'So she likes Kiba eh?' Naruto thought to himself. "Nothing much, he was just thanking me for defending him in class." Soon after that Naruto just ignored everything, as everyone was horded into the class then horded out of it right after it. Since they had to do the taijutsu practice outside in the main grounds. Everyone would be paired up with another person and have to do battle with each other only doing hand-to-hand combat.

"And since he is new hear, let's have Naruto Inseki go against…Sasuke Uchiha," Iruka exclaimed.

"Wait what?" Naruto exclaimed as he zoned back into the conversation.

"You're going to go against Sasuke in a taijutsu fight," Hitomi whispered into his ear. Looking down the line, Naruto saw Sasuke with his fangirls looking at him curiously. He also noticed Karin standing there next to Sakura and Ino. Naruto gave her a smile and a wave. Sakura and Ino seemed surprised when Karin waved back. The blond then saw them whispering to Karin, probably about him. Naruto shook his head before making his way towards a circle drawn in the on the ground in white chalk. Sasuke sauntered over as well.

It was during this time that Naruto looked at what Sasuke was wearing. Just like himself, he was wearing a zip up hoodie, save his was grey instead of black and had the Uchiha fan on the back. He wore black shorts and blue sandals. Oddly enough, Naruto noticed that both of them were wearing nearly matching clothes.

"So you're the Naruto my sister spoke about all those years ago," Sasuke asked with a smile. "It's nice to meet you." The Uchiha boy offered his hand. Naruto, deciding to be nice about things, smiled back.

"Nice to meet you Sasuke Uchiha," Naruto greeted as he took the boy's hand. Just as they shook hands Naruto felt something odd happen. He saw a forest green energy cover Sasuke, just as cyan blue energy covered him, the same energy that comes from his Mugen no Ken. He also noticed Sasuke's eyes widened when they shook hands. It seemed like he noticed the odd energy too. When both boys let go of each other, they took a quick look around and saw that no one else saw the odd energy covering both of them.

"Dobe is that you?" Sasuke asked causing Naruto's eyes to widen and several people to gasp.

"Teme?" Sasuke snorted and nodded his head. This had everyone murmuring about how those two knew each other. Naruto watched as the Uchiha made a motion that they'll have to talk later. The blond nodded and turned to Iruka. "So just only taijutsu?"

"Yes Inseki-san, you can only use taijutsu," Iruka replied.

"Any rules for this?"

"First to surrender, first to be hit out of the ring and first to use something that is not taijutsu is the loser. Also you must listen to when I say stop the match. Is that clear?"

"Crystal. So why don't you start the match, please?"

"Sasuke are you ready?"

"Un," Sasuke grunted.

"Then begin!" Naruto's eyes raised an eyebrow just as Sasuke closed the distance between them. He could hear the girls cheer just as Sasuke kicked his foot out from beneath him, causing Naruto to flip over and land on his back. Next thing he knew Sasuke's fist was in front of his face. Every girl was cheering, while you could hear the boys groaning at yet another person losing to Sasuke. The students then noticed that Sasuke seemed to have stopped his assault on Naruto, wondering what was up.

"Why did you stop your attack?" Naruto asked with a smirk.

"I could ask you the same thing dobe," Sasuke replied. Everyone seemed confused at this again, wondering when Naruto attacked. Iruka, having been standing on the same side as the students, walked around and saw what Sasuke meant. Naruto's left leg, hidden from view from the students, was close to hitting Sasuke on the back of the head. If Iruka were right, Naruto would have managed to knock out Sasuke the moment he punched Naruto. Also if he knew Sasuke, Naruto would have gotten knocked out as well. The two of them would have knocked each other out and ended the match in a tie.

Soon the Uchiha heir got off of Naruto and stood a ways away from him. "Seems like you learned a few things since we last saw each other dobe," Sasuke commented.

"It's been a few years teme," Naruto replied with his own smirk. "Although it seems like you mellowed out in a few things, but started to mature in a few others." Sasuke saw Naruto's eyes move over to the fangirls, all watching in confusion, before moving towards him again.

"Hn," was the response the blond got. "We'll have to continue our talk later though. Too many people are around."

"Yeah, yeah. Hey Iruka-sensei!" Naruto shouted out. The chunin, who was watching their little exchange with interest, looked back at Naruto.

"What is it Inseki-san?" the teacher asked.

"I surrender." That caused everyone to face fault. The boys were groaning in disappointments, while fangirls were saying that Naruto was scared of their Sasuke-sama.

"Why do you say that?" Iruka asked. Naruto smirked in response.

"Because a fight between me and Sasuke would be boring if it's just taijutsu."

"The dobe is right," Sasuke said causing everyone to look at him. "We'd just end up knocking each other out." Sasuke then turn to Naruto again. "Hey dobe, we'll meet up at the place where we met each other the last time we saw each other." Naruto nodded and walked over to Hitomi, Naruko and Hinata; all of who were looking at him strangely. He wasn't only one getting strange looks. Sasuke's fangirls were staring at Sasuke in an odd fashion.

"Why did you stop fighting?" Naruko pouted. "I mean sure you fell down after Sasuke's attack, but that didn't mean you have to give up."

"Heh. We'd have ended in a draw if we actually continued," Naruto replied. He then crossed his arms and leaned against the wall of the building.

"Huh?" was the articulate response of Naruko, although Hitomi seemed a bit confused as well.

"Naruto-san's was about to kick Sasuke when Sasuke attacked him. You didn't see it but his left leg was close to Sasuke's neck when he was about to punch Naruto. They both stopped at the last moment," Hinata explained. When Naruto looked at Hinata with a questioning look she gave him a sheepish smile. "I sort of used my Byakugan to see what was happening. Sorry."

"It's fine. You may have to apologize to Sasuke though. I'm not sure if he's okay with or not."

"How do you know my brother?" Hitomi asked. That question had Naruto freeze for a second before coming up with a lie right there and then.

"I sort have had a run in with him the last time I was here. You know how we left to get to your school that time earlier than your brother?" Hitomi nodded. "Well, when I left I sort have met with him when I was walking around." Naruto made a frown as to make it seem more believable. "We didn't hit it off, and I don't think he remembered me until today."

"I still don't understand why you had to stop fighting," Naruko pouted. "I mean if you can fight Sasuke, why don't you?"

"You can ask him instead of me you know, but let's watch the rest of the matches for now." Naruko wanted to protest but stopped when Hitomi shook her head.

"We can always get information from him later," she whispered into her friend's ear. So they all returned to watching fights and cheering people on when it was necessary.

When it was one of the girls' turns to fight Naruto took the time to watch them carefully to fully see how they were in taijutsu. Hinata, Naruto noted, was far more capable in her Juken at this age compared to the Hinata in Naruto's original timeline. Although he really couldn't say much since she was fighting a civilian, namely a fangirl, and mopped the floor with her. Hitomi was called next and she was told to fight Ino. Her fighting style was fast and powerful. In a matter of few punches, she was able to overwhelm Ino. Although, unlike the previous girl, Ino manage to block some punches and managed to hit Hitomi at least once or twice before she went down.

As for Naruko's fight…

"Come back and fight like a man!" she shouted as she chased a very scared boy with a bloody nose around the training arena. Her fighting style, or lack there of, was very similar to his own before he learned Frog Kata. She was a brawler through and through. She just pounced the moment the fight started and wailed on the boy's face with her fist. Sadly the boy didn't want to surrender, but was terribly afraid of the blond girl, ergo the current situation.

"Shouldn't we stop them?" Naruto asked.

"We should, but Iruka-sensei usually allows this go on so he can laugh a bit Naruto-san," Hinata explained to him. This made the boy tilt his head in confusion. Apparently Iruka here had a bit of a sadist streak in him.

'Oh kami, I hope he isn't dating Anko,' Naruto thought to himself. 'That is a scary thought.' About a minute later, Naruko knocked the boy out and proceed to walk back towards her group of friends.

"So how was it Naruto? Did you like my fight?" Naruko asked him.

"It was interesting," the blond boy responded. Iruka then cleared his throat to get everyone's attention.

"I know it is early, but class is dismissed. I have to speak to the Hokage about some things, so you may leave. Just remember to read sections five and seven of your history book," he told them before he used Shunshin to leave the area. The children whopped and started to head home, as did Naruto's group.

"Hey Naruto, want to hang out?" Naruko asked. "I know this great ramen place we can go eat at." Both Hitomi and Hinata rolled their eyes at their friend's love of ramen. Naruto chuckled next to her.

"I'd love to but I need to meet up with someone right now. Our meeting may take a while," Naruto smiled at her. "Don't worry though. Next time I'll hang out." He then turned around and began to walk towards the training grounds.

"Who do you think he's meeting up with?" Hitomi wondered.

"You don't suppose it's a girlfriend," Hinata said curiously.

"Why would he have a girlfriend? He just moved here yesterday," Naruko stated.

"Let's go follow him and find out," Hitomi suggested.

"Are you sure about this?" Hinata asked.

"Of course I'm sure. Besides, he may be up to no good by doing this."

"Alright! Mission: Stalk Naruto is a go!" Naruko shouted. This drew looks from several people towards the trio of girls. Hitomi face palmed, while Hinata giggled. Naruko, oblivious to the stares then ran off towards the direction Naruto went.


Knowing that the girls may end up following him, Naruto used a quick henge as well as a Kage Bunshin to create a distraction for him. He soon arrived at his destination: Training Ground 44, aka the Forest of Death. Walking closer over to the fence, Naruto jumped over it and continued on into the dangerous forest. He only took about a minute before he saw the person he was going to meet: Sasuke Uchiha. "If you really are the teme I know, tell me what is the worst experience we shared together?" Naruto asked as he approached. Sasuke turned towards him, and looked a little green at what he was thinking.

"That accident kiss on the lips," the Uchiha blanched. Naruto had to repress a shudder as he stood next to him.

"Well, that really makes you the Sasuke from my timeline. I just need to know is how you got here."

"It's a long story dobe," Sasuke sighed.

"Well, I have time teme." Naruto leaned against a tree across from Sasuke. "Now tell me, what happened after the last time I saw you. Sakura and I thought you died after our battle against Tobi."

"Technically, I think I did."


"Well, you see when the Gedou exploded, all that unnatural chakra from the Bijuu seemed to cover me during that time, just as Tobi was using his space-time ninjutsu. As that happened, I was transported here, to this timeline." Naruto raised his eyebrow at that.

"That seems odd."

"It does, doesn't it? I really have no other explanation other than that for how I got here."

"Did you regress in age when you got here?" Naruto asked.

"By that jutsu?" The blond nodded. "No, I regressed in age due to another reason."

"Which would be?" Sasuke put a serious face on and looked at Naruto.

"Tell, what have you heard about the Mugen no Ken?"

"Quite a few things actually. Supposed legendary weapon of the Rikudo Sennin that no one has seen before. Why do you ask?" Naruto questioned as he stared at Sasuke. The Uchiha pushed off his tree and held out his right hand. There was a flash of green that forced Naruto to cover his eyes for a second. When the flash died down, Naruto saw a blade in Sasuke's hand. It was a katana with a blade about three feet in length. The outer part of the blade was a emerald green and the inside was a ruby red. The handle of the blade looked rather simple and Naruto could find no sheath in sight. Taking a closer look at it, he noticed twelve symbols on it, although they were different from his own set.

"I managed to find it in this world, deep inside a cavern. Sadly, it forced me to regress in age as well as a few of my previous abilities due to exchanging so much chakra to release this blade. I no longer have the Mangekyou Sharingan. In exchange I was given a weapon with multiple forms though. For some reason though it seemed like my parents in this world had lost their previous original Sasuke when he was walking in the woods as a child. So when I came walking back into the clan compound, they just welcomed me with open arms."

"Interesting," Naruto said inspecting the blade. His eye narrowed so he can read the inscriptions on the side and was relatively surprised to see that the symbols were just the numbers two through thirteen although they were oddly colored. After his quick inspection Naruto nodded to himself and leaned away from Sasuke.

"So how did you get here? In this timeline I mean." The blond smirked and stretched out his right hand. There was a flash of blue and his Mugen no Ken appeared. Sasuke's eyes widened.

"Where did you…"

"Where did I get this? Well, this is the blade from our timeline. I used it and arrived here as well," Naruto told him.

"So I'm guessing things went sour after the war if you are here."

"Yeah, the world was toxic and everything was dying. I thought that if I got this sword I would be able to change the world." Naruto sighed while shaking his head. "We technically did. We're not in our own timeline any more."

"I know. Any chances of going back?"

"None that I can think of, meaning that we are stuck here." The two ninjas from another time were silent as they took it all in. Just so they knew their situation. Naruto released a sigh again, just as Sasuke did. The blond then looked at his friend and decided to ask something. "How come you seem less crazy?"

"That is a good question," Sasuke laughed. "Well in this timeline, most of the Uchiha clan is still alive. Not everyone was crazy enough to follow my dad's orders of betraying Konoha. Itachi still ended up murdering the people who wanted to betray Konoha and became a nuke-nin."

"So having your family made you less crazy?"

"I guess so. At least now I know that there is still hope for the Uchiha Clan here in this timeline, especially if Hitomi will take over instead of me."

"Yeah, she seems like she has her head screwed on right." The blond then stretched for a moment, before looking at Sasuke. "How about a quick battle, I want to stretch my leg. I also want to see what weapons you have in your armory."

"Hmm. That sounds like a good idea. How should we do this?"

"How about only long range weapons?" Naruto suggested. The sword in his right hand glowed for a few seconds with a red flash. Now his hands held a golden bow roughly almost as tall as he was. Along the handle were three red jewels. There was also a odd symbol at the very middle of the bow that seemed like an arrow. The oddest thing was there was no string and Naruto had no quiver.

"Hm...interesting," Sasuke laughed. He held up his katana and the number two flashed on the katana and a purple. Soon two crossbows that were purple in color replaced the katana in his hands. Oddly enough, these two crossbows were also missing strings and he had no quivers himself. Sasuke disappeared in a small burst of speed, with Naruto following soon after.

The two appeared in a clearing where Naruto was pulling back something on his bow. A flaming arrow appeared in between his fingers as the bottom most of the jewels glowed. He then shot it at Sasuke. The Uchiha clan heir dodged the flaming arrow by hiding behind a boulder. "Hey Sasuke!" Naruto shouted at Sasuke. The other boy looked out from the boulder and saw his opponent smirking. "Boom." Sasuke's eyes widened as he jumped away. Right in time too, the boulder exploded.

In retaliation Sasuke shot two bolts made out of charka at Naruto. The blond boy easily dodged the attack. "Hey Naruto," Sasuke mimicked his called out to his blond friend. "Watch your back." Naruto then turned around and saw the bolts bounce off a tree trunk and was shot towards him. After they hit the floor, they broke like glass. Naruto grunted before summoning another arrow and shot it. Unlike the first one, this one split into several arrows and began to rain down on where Sasuke was standing. The Uchiha heir started shooting chakra bolts in all directions causing them to bounce off one arrow and into another one. Soon all arrows and bolts had cancelled out each other.

"This may take awhile," Naruto laughed as he shot more flaming arrows at his opponent. Sasuke matched his laugh with a smirk while dodging more attacks and shooting his bolts at Naruto.

(Several Hours Later)

One Anko Mitarashi, had made her way through the Forest of Death thinking of releasing some stress since she was on break from the Torture and Intelligence Division for the next few days. As she made her way through, she found something weird in one small clearing. "What happened here?" she asked allowed. The some of the trees were lit in flames and there were several holes in the ground, trees and rocks. There were also large amounts of chakra radiating from the area. "Who the hell was having fun here and didn't invite me!?"

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