Previously . . .

"We're Virals."

Chapter 2:

My reply was hesitant. My pa—friends moved closer to me.

Booth looked like he was trying to figure out what I was talking about, Aunt Tempe and Kit stood still in shock. Annoyance and confusion flashed across Jason and Whitney's faces.

Then Booth asked the question that was in a few peoples' minds. "What the hell is a Viral?"

Aunt Tempe took center stage, lecture mode on. She looked around before speaking and seeing every persons' shocked and blank looks, we got the abridged version.

"The word viral means pertaining to, or caused by a virus. I just don't get how it applies to you." Those last words looked very painful coming out of her mouth. Booth looked at her shocked. Probably because it seems like she knows everything, and her admitting she doesn't know something was like the apocalypse coming.

"Wha-what do you mean you don't know how it applies to them? Don't you know everything?" My assumption is correct. I looked at my friends again, asking/telling them I was going to explain the whole story. They all nodded yes. I think.

I turned to the others who were in a semi-circle around us. I opened my mouth and told them everything. I went from Whisper and her pack to Coop in the lab to finding the girl's bones (which Aunt Tempe seemed very proud of my assessment) to everything in between. I explained the flares and the things we experience while flaring. My friends added in things they wanted to add in, random comments or their own two-cents about things. I kept my eyes down the entire time not wanting to see their expressions. It was silent for a while after we finished telling our story. I was so scared of what they would think of us; would they turn us in to the government, would they capture us for testing. I felt a hand on my shoulder. I looked up and was surprised to see Booth there. He looked really soft in that moment. He seemed to understand the fear I, and probably my friends too, were feeling. I let the breath I hadn't realized I was holding out. I recognized that Booth was probably the most powerful guy in the room; he was by far the tallest and the strongest and was carrying a gun. No one really wanted to ignore what he said, afraid he would beat them to a pulp.

"Tori," he said softly. "you're not in trouble. I think what you did was brave. Wrong and illegal, but brave." I smiled up at him, then turned to look at everyone else. They all had the same expressions as Booth did. I knew they wouldn't judge my friends and me. Aunt Tempe and Kit walked slowly up to me. I ran and met them half-way and threw my arms around them. They both rubbed my back murmuring assurances in my ears. I was so glad theat they accepted me, especially because of my 'condition.' More arms wrapped around us and I saw my friends. I was happy to have them. It's like my moment of being thankful for the love and friends I have in my life. I hope they are thankful for our friendship too. I reached out and pulled Jason and, of all people, Whitney into the group hug. Aunt Tempe reached out as I hand done and managed to pull Booth into our gigantic group hug.

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