The Secret Circle

Chapter One: The Perfect Storm

Even though I am telling you this story that doesn't mean I am alive at the end of it. I just need for someone, anyone, to know that this is just the beginning. Things aren't always as they seem. Anyways, my death was the result of lies and secrets and truth be told... I want revenge. ~

It was Fall 2006, the leaves fell ever so gracefully as the sun beamed its life force throughout the skies. Four teenage girls sit on a soft blanket at a nearby park as they gossiped about their day.

"Did you see what she was wearing, a tank top and booty shorts? Fat bitch." A young, curvy Latina laughed as she sipped her cool drink.

"Come on Madison, she didn't look that bad. She might have gained a few pounds working at Holy Guacamole over the summer…" The chocolate girl trailed off.

"Honestly, she looks good guys, stop busting on her. Nobody can be a perfect size two." The curly brunette giggled at Madison.

"Whatever..." Madison mumbled.

"You're a hater! Oh my gosh, jealous, much?" A blonde petite chimed in, smiling. The tan Latina flipped her hair as the wind moved gracefully through it.

"I am not…jealous. Thank you, very much. Just stating a concern for the poor girl."

Ashley rolls her eyes. "Right if you say so, chica."

All the girls began to laugh as they ate their lunch.

"Guys, not to spoil the mood but did any of you get a weird letter from an unknown person during the summer?" Spencer asked, curiously. All the girls where dead silent as they shifted cautiously. Spencer took that as a hint and stood up. "I guess that means a 'yes'?"

Ashley looked up at Spencer and replied, "Well I thought it was some stupid stalker I always get. I mean, I didn't pay any mind to it."

Spencer looks down at Chelsea, "Chelsea?" The dark skinned girl played with the grass.

"Yeah, it was creepy. Saying something about a secret and can I keep it?"

Madison furrowed her eyebrows, "Well, you all are crazy."

"What, you didn't get a letter?" Ashley asked curiously.

"Yeah, I read the first line and then tossed it in the trash. Look it was probably some nerd playing a prank. Let it go." Madison stands up along with Ashley and Chelsea.

Spencer exhaled, "What did the first line say?"

Madison swallows, "I can't forget it if I tried, it said "You better lock it in your pocket it or you're carrying this one to the grave."

Ashley shivered, "Creepy."

Spencer looks at Ashley, "Do you remember what yours said?"

Ashley ran her fingers through her thick hair. "It said something about; this coming school year will be the last."

Spencer grabbed a hold of Ashley's arm and held tightly to her.

Chelsea walked over to Spencer and placed her hand on her shoulder. "What did yours say?"

Spencer looked away as the wind once again made its presence known.

"Two can keep a secret now that one will be dead" Point blank.

Madison started freaking the hell out. "This is too much. Look, school just started we are NOT going to let this get to us. Ok?"

All the girls stood together in a circle looking around, feeling uncomfortable about what's to come in the school year.

Spencer's POV

Walking down the hall seemed a lot scarier than the last two years. I mean getting a stupid, creepy letter didn't help matters, either. Still, not only do I have to worry about getting through this school year, I have to watch my back. Anything could happen and I need to be prepared. But lately I've been a bit distracted by a certain brunette and her smile. Ah, there she is by her locker at the exact same time every day. It never gets old, I tell you.

"Spencer, how are you doing from the other day?" Ashley asked very concerned. She's cute when her eyes go all soft on me.

"Well other than freaked out, I'm great. How are you?" I asked wondering where her mind is at right now. She shifts and begins to walk towards our class at a normal pace.

"To be honest, I reread my letter last night and it seemed like bits and pieces are missing. Like a puzzle." Watching her think as she tried to put the pieces together.

"Like, maybe this creeper is playing mind games with us?" I asked, disgusted.

"Yeah, pretty much. I mean it all revolves around a secret or secrets and I don't have any. Do you?" It was like she wanted to quickly retract her question but it was too late.

"No, no I don't. None that it involve any of us at least. It's weird." I turn my head and there's Chelsea and Madison walking towards us.

"Hey there, you guys okay?" Ash is very concerned for all of us, it's weird. Not that it's weird she cares; it's just weird how concerned she is over these letters. It probably bothers her the most.

"Yeah. Great. Just got my nails done. I'm feeling good." Madison smiled as she pulled out her travel mirror and began to check herself out; ridiculous.

"Yeah…All is good. Just caught up on some extra work." Chelsea seemed oddly not herself when she responded. Maybe it's her that is bothered the most. Hmm…

"Look, I think we should all meet up at the library during lunch and talk about the letter…" Ash said softly.

"Can't. Got plans to hook up with Aidan. Need a little pick-me-up, if you know what I mean." Madison could never keep her damn legs closed if it killed her.

"Seriously? Come on. We have to figure this out." Ashley was becoming agitated. So I stepped in.

"How about we all meet up at Ashley's place and compare and contrast what we have. Just to reassure we understand what this unknown person is telling us. I mean, I'm pretty curious..." I trail off hoping I managed to persuade the girls.

"Fine… We could do that." Chelsea reluctantly said. Now Madison.

"Whatever. 4 o'clock?" We all nodded in agreement. We finally split up and went our separate ways, waiting patiently for 4pm to hit.

Apparently I was the last to arrive at Ashley's house, go figure. Glen and his basketball practice ran a little late. I ring the doorbell and Ms. Davies answers the door, annoyed.

"Come on in Spencer. They're upstairs. I hope you girls will keep it down, tonight." She says before she walks off with an attitude. Someone should take that stick out of her ass and loosen her up.

I walk up the steps to Ashley's bedroom as I walk closer to the door; I stop and overhear the conversation that's going on.

"Look, all I'm saying is what secret does any one of us has that could send us to…our grave?" Chelsea whispers as she pulls her knees to her chest.

"I don't have shit to tell. Okay? This is all bullshit. Maybe it's Spencer who has a secret." Madison is fishing a little too hard.

"Hell. No. She doesn't. She would have told me. Spencer isn't like that." Ashley defended me, that puts a smile on my face. Fuck you, Madison. Slut.

"PLEASE! What? Because you two are fuck bunnies now, you think you know everything about Spencer? I doubt that." Madison stands up and walks over to the mirror to mentally criticize her own figure.

"No, we're not having sex, yet. But that doesn't mean I don't know her. Because… I do. We always talk. Besides, she's pure and innocent." Ashley smiles at the thought of being the first to corrupt me. If she only knew...

"Guys, let's stop the blame game and figure out who wrote these letters. I mean it's like, bugging me all the time now. I can't even focus on my work. Besides, I've been under the weather, lately." Chelsea laid her head down on Ashley's pillow. Actually, she looks pale and sickly. I know when my brother Clay died she wasn't herself and she hardly ate. I wish she'd talk to me if it was bothering her.

"We can't do much without the little innocent blonde here." Madison folds her arms. I decide to push the door open and walk in.

"Well the innocent blonde has arrived. Is there anything else from the peanut gallery?" I look over towards Madison and she shrugs her shoulders.

"Whatever. Let's get this over with." We all sit on the floor and place the letters down all lined up next to each other.

"If you didn't ball yours up and toss it in the trash it'd be easier to read, Madison." Ashley grows in annoyance.

"Look, it was lucky my maid didn't dump my trash can out. Speaking of, she's slacking again. Have to let daddy know." Chelsea and I roll our eyes.

We stared at the four pieces of paper, intently and...nothing.

"I'm not seeing anything that stands out other than the way the writer speaks," Ashley said curiously studying the four pieces of mystery.

"This is pointless." I say, aggravated. "I mean there is no clue. It's like a damn guessing game and we are the idiots who got sucked into it."

Chelsea puts her hand on my shoulder to calm me down. I relax, a little. "Spencer, it's bothering all of us. Look someone is playing with us and I kind of want to move on from this. My mind is not in the right frame at the moment." I notice her inhale sharply. What is wrong with her?

"Pretty much let's go home and see what tomorrow brings, okay?" Madison suggests as she stands up and grabs her things.

"Let's hide the letters somewhere safe that only we know about." Ashley suggests as the rest of us grab our letters and head for the door.

"Where would we hide it?" Chelsea asked. I think for a second and I have a great place.

"I know where. Holland Bridge."

We all arrive in our own separate cars at the small bridge that over looks Devil's Pond. It's the perfect place to bury the letters until we need to come back for them. I see exactly what I'm looking for.

"Guys, over here." I stand by an old oak tree and I look down.

"Here?" Ashley asked curiously.

"Yeah…" I get on my hands and knees and began to dig with my hands a deep hole. Luckily, it rained the night before. The soil was soft.

"Help me?" I look up at all three girls. They looked at each other once and then they dropped to their knees as they began to help me dig.

"That should do it…" I wipe my hands together to shake off the excess dirt. "This is our place. No one, I mean no one can know. This is our secret. Agree?" We all glanced at one another and each girl nodded in agreement.

"Agree." They all replied at once. Well all walk back to our cars in silence until…

"Secret Circle." Ashley mumbled.

"What did you say?" Chelsea asked. I'm curious.

"Secret Circle. That's us. We are the only ones that received that letter. No one could penetrate our bond. So therefore we are The Secret Circle." Ashley looked at all of us waiting for a response.

"Whatever. Thought it'd be cool to have a name." With that she drove off, as well as Madison and Chelsea. I stood there looking back at the bridge, thinking of everything that was written in those letters. How safe are we? Who is our mystery stalker? I open my car door and I look at the Oak tree and whisper.

"Secret Circle…"