Chapt 3-If at first you don't succeed, Lie, Lie Again.

The girls were reeling from the unexpected presence of Alison Delano, yesterday. They all sat on the cool sand staring at the waves crashing and roaring as the wet air misted their pretty little faces.

"I just don't understand why she even bothered coming back to King High." Madison said in frustration.

"Are you really going to ask that stupid question, Madison?" Chelsea asked, annoyed.

"What?" The young Latina asked, confused.

"Why wouldn't she come back? It is her school, too." Chelsea was a little too emotional at the moment.

"Okay, okay. Jeez. Are you on your rag?" Madison questioned.

Chelsea swallowed her drink hard realizing the way she has been acting for the last few days. "No…just tired, that's all. Sorry."

"Guys, what are we going to do? Not only do we have Alison back and she knows what we did to her but we have this unknown stalker, taunting us all at the same damn time." Ashley said with a worried look on her face.

"I don't know but we have to keep our eyes open. Because if we miss one thing, we will be screwed, just saying." Spencer stood up and grabbed her things.

"Where are you going?" Ashley asked, concerned.

"Tomorrow is the memorial for all the fallen students from prom last year. And my mom is setting up a collage of pictures of Clay." Spencer looked at Chelsea as her head shot up in her direction. "Chelsea, we would like for you to help."

Chelsea thought for a moment, contemplating. "Sure. Catch you guys later." And with that the two girls drove to Spencer's house.

"So, what are you going to do about Glen?" Madison asked.

"I don't know. I'll figure it out as it goes. The silent treatment is sort of working…" Ashley said, not really believing it herself.

"I have to tell you something. I overheard Glen and Aidan talking about you some time last week."

Ashley looked up at Madison. "Oh…?"

Madison sighed not knowing how to tell her. "Well Glen was telling Aidan about you and him sleeping together. Is it true?"

Ashley runs her fingers through her thick brown hair and blinked a few times. "Yeah…it was a one time thing. I mean, after I'd done it I felt like scum of the earth."

Madison couldn't believe it. "No! Way! Are you fucking serious? Glen of all people? What were you thinking?"

"That's the thing. He was always flirty and funny and one day he wanted to come over and study so…" Ashley trailed off. Madison knew what happened next.

"You have to tell Spencer." Madison stood up and grabbed her things.

"No! I can't. What would she think of me now? I care about her so much. I couldn't lose her." Ashley was on the verge of tears.

Madison looked down at her. "If you care that much about her then you'd tell her the truth." And with that she walked away leaving Ashley to contemplate a few things.

Spencer's House:

Chelsea's POV

I don't think it was a good idea to come help with this collage. I mean don't get me wrong, I want to help honor Clay. But looking at these photos of him during his childhood made me feel even sicker to my stomach. I wish this nauseous ness would let up.

"Hey girls, I brought some finger food. Was getting kind of hungry," Mrs. Carlin said with a smile on her face.

Ugh the thought of eating that makes me want to vomit. "Uh, no thanks. I'm still a little full from earlier." I say with a small smile on my face as Spencer digs in like a starving animal.

"Oh, okay. How are you feeling lately, Chelsea?" Mrs. C asked and I barely made eye contact with her.

"I've been better. Can't complain, you know? Stressful year." I look towards Spencer to give her the signal to shoo away her mother.

"Mom, come on now we have to get to work." Spencer begs her mom to leave.

"Fine, we'll talk later, Chelsea." And with that she walks off into the kitchen. Thank God, I almost choked it all up. I can't stand all this lying; it's hard to keep up. But no one can know.

"So, how are you feeling since Clay died?" Spencer asked in that 'don't bullshit with me' tone. I shrug my shoulders.

"Just trying to deal, you know? Every day is a battle that I seem to be losing. I don't know where to start or to end." She looks at me with those baby blue eyes with concern. She places a free hand on mine.

"Well, I'm here if you want to talk, about anything." She said in a reassuring tone. I quietly nodded, acknowledging her.

"Okay…" Then we went back to decorating the board. All of a sudden I felt this surge of pain whip through me and then I felt extremely sick and light-headed. What the hell is going on?

"Chelsea what's wrong? Are you okay?" Spencer places her hand on my shoulder.

"I think I'm going to be sick!" I run off to the downstairs bathroom and fall to my knees releasing everything and nothing at all out of me. Once I'm finally done, I sit there against the wall breathing in and breathing out slowly. When will this sickness end? I can't take much more.

Spencer's POV

What the hell was that? She's always sick lately. Also picky at eating certain types of food. I just couldn't understand what is making her so sick.

I walk silently upstairs hearing nothing but heavy breathing. I knock on the door.

"Chelsea? Please open up. I'm worried for you. Tell me what's going on." I plead as I stand there knocking constantly until I couldn't knock anymore.

"Go away, Spencer…" she barely whispers out. I sit down beside the door.

"No, I am not going anywhere, Chelsea. Friends don't leave each others' side. We made that promise after what happened a few years ago. So please don't shut me out." After a long minute of silence I hear the door unlock and I push it open slowly and there she was curled up against the wall holding her knees to her chest.

"Chelsea…what is wrong?"

She exhales and she is shaking. I crawl to her and hold her, rocking her slow. "Talk to me…"

I felt her tears hit my skin and then she whispers, "I'm pregnant, Spencer." My heart skipped a beat and I nearly choked.

"You're sure?" I can't believe it. Clay's baby is growing inside of her and it must be so lonely and overwhelming for her.

"I am, took three tests and all positive. The thing is I can't handle having a child on my own." So that means what I think it means.

"Abortion?" I'm shocked. I can't believe she'd do something like that. Maybe because we are devout Catholics and I know Clay wouldn't even consider it.

"I know…I just don't know what to do." I just held her tight. She was crying into my shoulder as I looked up and saw my mother standing there with tears in her eyes. And I knew what was next. Then my phone vibrated, a text: Andrew: "Remember me, Goldilocks? I haven't forgotten you."

My world has not only flipped upside down but my worst thoughts are coming to light…

King High:

Ashley's POV

This memorial is having everyone on edge. I mean yeah it was an emotional time. Aidan got shot as did Sean and also Clay died. It was a horrific event and I just don't know how anyone can cope with it. I stand there looking at all the photos of the students who are now flying with the Angels. I felt a hand on my right shoulder.

"How are you feeling, Ash?" I turn around and there was a blonde with baby blue's standing next to me.

"Glen? I'm okay. But this has to stop." I say, looking around suspiciously.

"Look, I really like you and I will do everything in my power to have you. Whether you're in love with my sister or not. Remember, I have the power to tell her." And he turns and walks away with a cocky grin on his face. I sigh knowing this is going to turn out ugly one way or another. But I'd rather be the one to tell Spencer at least the part of him and me hooking up. I couldn't fathom telling her or anyone about the miscarriage. It's just too much to handle all at once. I grabbed my book bag off the quad table and a piece of folded paper falls out. I look around to notice anyone staring as I opened it up. It read: "Other girls get together to do their homework. You get to do your crushes' brother."

I ripped the fucking note to shreds and I ran to the nearest deserted place to collect my thoughts. Who is this person?

Madison's POV

I can't deal with any of this shit right now. It's never-ending! As I pull up to the school I notice a woman standing by the curb. I grab my things and I begin to walk past her. She looks familiar though.

"You can't say hi to the woman you betrayed?" Her voice echoed in my ears. I stopped dead in my tracks and I turned around slowly to face her.

"Vivian, what are you doing here and at my school?" I asked as nice a possible. She walked a few steps towards me.

"I spent the last two years in a jail cell for what you and your daddy did. I am collecting from you and him." I furrow my eyebrows. My father, not the most honest man in the world has a lot of money problems. And he is also dangerous.

"Look, I have no clue what you're talking about. Stay the hell away from me!" I went to turn and walk away and she grabbed my arm, tightly.

"I will collect bruja. If it is the last thing I do. You and your dirty father will pay. I guarantee it." And she dropped my arm and walked away. There was a police car driving slowly past, watching from a distance. My heart is in the pit of my stomach. I can't even breathe. My phone beeps: "Like father like daughter, can you run from the law in those heels?" I shut my phone and I speed walk away knowing someone is watching my every move.

Spencer's POV

I'm standing there looking at the collage of photos of the fallen students of last year's prom. I still can't help but think that could have been me. I miss Clay. I really do. I do know he is in a better place and I will help take care of Chelsea the best I could. Mom, dad and I agreed we will help her with everything. Doctor appointments, vitamins, and everything else that comes along. Even though Clay may be gone but he still lives on in Chelsea. What a beautiful gift he has left for us.

All four girls gather around the memorial and pay their respect to the fallen students of last year's disaster. Ashley, Spencer, Madison and Chelsea all hold hands as they stand there together as one, remembering the lives lost.

"Today is not the greatest day but it's a day of reflection." The blonde stated.

"Yeah…They will always be in my prayers." Chelsea said in a low voice. Spencer squeezed her hand tightly.

"Guys, things don't seem they will get better. But I promise to stick by your sides through thick and thin." The brown haired girl, said with a small smile on her face. Both Madison and Spencer squeezed her hand tightly to reassure her they agree too.

"This year is going to be in the history books…" Madison chimed in and all three girls looked towards her, awkwardly. "Well, in our history books." And the girls all smiled.

"Hey look its Alison walking by. Act cool." Ashley said in a low tone. Alison walks by, slowly and then stops.

"Whisper, Whisper, Whisper." And with that she smiled and walked off, nonchalantly. All four girls looked at each other wondering what the hell is going on.

"Yep, a year to remember…" Madison said. As they turned their view back to the collage there was a piece of paper tact up next to Clay's picture.

"What the hell is that?" Ashley walks over and pulls the note off the board.

"Well what does it say?" Chelsea asked, impatient.

Ashley reads the note out loud. "BUCKLE UP BITCHES. NOTHING IS AS IT SEEMS."

"We are royally fucked." Madison said looking around the quad, eyeing every person in her line of sight. "Fucked…"