Sea Monsters and Gungens

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Sky dove into the water. It felt so nice on her scales. She was snake like, so it was easy to swim. The irony of course, was that she'd been named Sky. Then again, she was a dragon, so maybe she was supposed to fly when she got older.

Sky swam into some reeds and hid. She was a young dragon, too you to be doing this. But she'd had to take care of her-self since she hatched so she was doing it. Fish swam by. Sky curled up than launched out and caught one. The others scattered but that was okay. She was small enough to only need one.

She floated back to the top of the water and ate it. She tore her food up so some blood came out and entered the water. She took a deep breathe. It was a good thing too, at that moment something dragged her back under the water. It had been attracted by the blood. Sky felt its teeth in her tail. She spun around and clawed his mouth. He let go. She shot out of range and looked at her attacker. It looked like the biggest fish in the face of the galaxy. I can take him. She thought.

She dove back toward him. He opened his mouth and brought it down on her. Unfortunately he didn't chew. Sky attacked his mouth. He opened it again, spitting her out and making a loud anger noise. She dove in and attacked his eyes while he was busy. Now he couldn't see. He flailed around snapping at the water. Sky attacked at the gills and killed him.

She wasn't sure what to do after that. She wasn't hungry enough to eat him this minute and she couldn't move him because he was too big. One this was for sure, she was running out of air. She was about to go back to the surface when she saw something nearby. A very big something. If she went up for air would see her. She slipped into some water plants.

Sky still needed air, but one of the handy things about dragons is they have two stomachs. One was for food, the other for fire. She breathed in and sent the water to her fire stomach. If she was an older dragon that would be a problem because she put out her fire. But she was still a very young dragon so she never had fire to begin with.

Meanwhile the big creature came closer. It's even bigger than the monster I just killed. Sky thought. It was a good thing she'd killed the monster too. That was what this creature was after. It bent down and picked up the monster. It walked away eating. What kind of creature walks under water? How boring.

She still needed to breathe. She went up to the surface of the lake and got out. That was enough excitement for one day. She went into some bushes and went to sleep

Sky was woken up in a very interesting manner. One second she was sleeping, the next a strange screaming creature fell into the bushes next to her. She gave a roar of surprise. The creature took one looked at her and started screaming again. She shoved her tail into his mouth and growled, meaning she wanted him to be quiet. It worked, though he was still panicking.

There was something coming close to them. She soon found out what it was when a creature made out of metal came into view, pointed something at them and said "Hands up natives."

The panicking creature put his hands up. Sky wasn't afraid though. She just snorted and launched her-self out at the metal thing. It tried to shoot her, but she moved much too fast. Her claws tor right through it, shutting it down. "Whew! You-sa saved me!" the panicking creature, who was no longer panicking, said. Then he made a face. "Wait. Are you-sa eating it?"

Sky realized he was asking her a question. Great, I don't speak Basic very well. In fact, the only language she spoke well was dragon, but no one else spoke that. She thought about what he'd said. "Yes." She replied. Eating metal helped dragons maintain their scales. And they would need those. She didn't know how to say all that though.

Besides, she had trouble getting the growl out of her voice and it must have shown because the creature was looking at her like it didn't have a clue what she just said. He figured it out though and told her "You-sa very weird me-sa thinking." Sky, after trying to figure out what he said, just shrugged. "Me-sa Jar-Jar Binks. Me-sa a gungen general."

Sky had no idea what a gungen was. She could guess at what he wanted her to say though. "I'm Sky. I . . . I'm a . . . dragon." She broke apart the sentences as she tried to say them.

It was obvious he didn't know what a dragon was any more than she knew what a gungen was. "You-sa should come with me. Me-sa going to Corusant, to see Senator Amidala. You-sa would make a moy moy good guard."

Sky wondered what a 'moy' was. It didn't really matter. She shook her head. "I stay."

Jar-Jar looked unhappy. He got back up and started out of the under growth. Five second later he came running back in, screaming again. Sky knew what was coming this time. She jumped out and attacked the next metal man. What she hadn't expected was for there to be two of them. The other one shot her. Luckily it didn't do much harm because of her scales. She roared out and staggered back a little, but that was about it. She then charged the metal man and clawed him up too.

"You saved miya again." Jar-Jar said.

Sky sighed. This guy wasn't very good at staying out of trouble. She decided to help him get away from the metal men, then go back. Now she had to put it into words. "I keep . . . helping you."

"You-sa coming with me-sa to Coroucant?"

"No. Just help."

"Okee Sky. It-sa this way. Follow me." He grabbed at her horn to lead her. She growled. He got scared then. He screamed. "You-sa wanting to eat me?" Sky shook her head and put her horn back into his hand. The two of them set off together.

(I'm not very good at how gungans talk either.)