(The things I have to do to make these chapters 1 thousand words. It's still not there. But it's a good enough length. See what I'm doing here? I'm adding authors note to make the chapter longer.)

Sky ran back to her nest with a nerf in her jaw. She was bigger than a Nerf, but it wasn't easy to run with one. She stopped at her nest and breathed fire on it. Cooked meat tasted better.

The plan to eat a Nerf was working out rather well. It would've gone better if a nerf herder hadn't tried to stop her. She smashed him into a tree with her tail. She munched down on her lunch.

Then she lifted her head and sniffed. She smelled smoke. After toasting a Nerf that was sort of expected. But this seemed different. Sky looked down and her eye's widened. She'd accidently set the forest on fire!

She jumped away. The fire was fast, she realized for the first time how dangerous this built in weapon was. She ran away from it. Once she reached the water she'd be safe.

Sky jumped into the water and was carried forward by momentum. She swam back to the surface and took a few breathes. She looked ahead. There was an island nearby, with a town. This one seemed bigger than the one she lived near. Sky debated for a second. The fire wouldn't last forever, and she'd be able to go back. But not yet, and she didn't really want to stay in the water until the fire was out. To the island I go. She thought.

Sky swam to the island. She lashed her tail, and shot out of the water. When she landed she noticed a little kid. My calling card. She thought, remembering how many little kids she'd met. "Wow." The girl said, clearly impressed by Sky's launch out of the water.

Sky gave her a cocky look. "That's nothing." She bragged. She hoped the girl understood her, she could practice all she liked, but she still had that slight growl to her voice. She jumped into the air, going as high as she could. She saw the girl look in awe, before she was too high to see.

That's when Sky remembered she would hurt herself if she landed from this high. She aimed for a tree and landed on it. She clambered through the branches towards the girl. There was a man there. "Leia, there you are." He said.

"Dad!" the girl, Leia apparently, said brightly. Then she spotted Sky. "Hi!" she waved.

The man turned towards the tree. Sky sighed and jumped down. "Hello."

The man's eyes widened. "You're Sky."

Sky remembered she was wanted. He must know. She panicked for a second, then considered attacking. The man seemed to be following her thoughts. "Don't worry. We're on the same side. I'm in the rebellion."

Sky blinked. "Rebellion?"

"You don't know about the rebellion?" he asked. Sky shook her head. "We fight the empire."

Sky nodded and let out a sigh of relief. He didn't want to hurt her, he was on her side. "I'm Bail Organa by the way." He introduced.

Humans and their last names. Sky smiled, remembering not to show her teeth at the last minute. "Nice to meet you."

There was an awkward silence, except for Leia making strange noises. Then Bail continued. "Sky?" Sky looked at him. "I don't suppose you'd want to join the rebellion. You clearly don't like the empire, and you would make a great addition."

The answer seemed obvious; she opened her mouth to say yes. Then she remembered when she'd gone with the Jedi. The younglings had died, and Anakin had turned evil. Really, it was best to stay isolated. Sky shook her head. "I'm sorry. I'll keep in touch, and if you want small favors to help the rebellion, I'll do them. But I won't join."

Bail looked disappointed. But he still replied, "That's alright. And yes, stay in touch; if I find something for you to help with, I hope you'll accept."

Sky nodded. She felt it was awkward to stay here any longer. I'll go see if the fire's over now. "I should go."

"Right." Bail said distantly.

Sky walked away. "Bye!" Leia shouted.

Sky smiled, but she didn't turn around. She went into the water and swam back. The fire was gone. The only problem was, a lot of the forest had been burnt. She could go to her nest, it was destroyed.

She sat down. I have another nest, the one I used my first night here. It's close to the town, but people here seem nice. So she walked back towards her old nest. She had to remake it a bit. It had been a while since she had been there after all. But in a way, it was like home. Home. Where is my home? She wondered. She supposed it was Naboo. Sky decided right then and there, she was going to go back to Naboo someday.

But not yet. I promised to keep in touch with Bail.

She curled up and went to sleep. Just another crazy day, in the life of a crazy dragon, who lives in a crazy galaxy. She thought right before she fell asleep. She chuckled a little.