Morning had risen, and small droplets of water trickled down the tent of which Kino was sleeping in, before falling to the ground silently and repeating this process several times over.

This peacefulness was cut short as the wind began to shift, the rustling of the leather canvas Kino had used became noticeable, after fluttering her eyes several times she sat upright and peered through the doorway, observing Hermes who lay against a tree with a plastic sheet protecting him from rain. She quickly put on her clothes, they consisted of a black leather vest, a large dark green jacket and a thick belt used for suspending her trousers, after changing quickly she slid on her boots and stepped outside, while the wind was still picking up it was relatively dry, and warm enough to welcome the cool breeze as refreshing and invigorating.

"Morning Hermes" Kino bellowed, as she tore the plastic sheet away from him and neatly folded it up.

"Morning" he said in a somewhat sluggish voice

"I don't see how you can be tired" she said playfully, while making the necessary preparations to set off "You're a bike after all"

Hermes decided not to humour her, and instead fell silent while watching as she neatly folded the canvas away, before placing it in a large rucksack and tying it to the back of his engine, after this was done she pulled out a medium-sized revolver from the holster that lay on her right hip, drew it directly in front of her and then placed it back in its place. After repeating this process several times until satisfied she grabbed her woollen hat, and slid a pair of goggles over the top of them, then proceeded to climb onto Hermes and accelerate out of the clearing.

The journey proceeded swiftly, and for the most part without any problems. Kino and Hermes enjoyed idle chatter, occasionally playing games, and at other times discussing their journeys together, this soon passed the time and before they knew it they reached a large expanse, on closer inspection the floor became rough and gravelly, various mountains could be seen to the side of them, and ahead looked like a large plane of sand, which would soon turn out to be a small desert. Excited to see what awaited for them Kino hit the accelerator.