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Two Years Later

The party for Theodore Lupin's forth birthday had finally ended and the little boy was gleefully eyeing the pile of presents that had been stacked in the living room of his family's home. His father was settled in a chair, watching the small boy with amusement clear in his face. It was new moon tonight, Remus was at his best and his son was taking full advantage of the fact.

"Please, Daddy! Please!" Teddy bounced excitedly on his feet. "Pleassseee."

Remus laughed and shook his head. "Your mother would kill us if we have fireworks in the house." He pointed out.

"We could blame Uncle George!"

A shout of laughter greeted these words and Harry and Ron entered, arms around one another's shoulders.
"Teddy boy!" Harry threw his god-son above his head. "You are truly the son of a Marauder. Come on, Remus. We could set them up in the bathroom and they would go off when she opens the door."

"Please, Daddy!" Teddy wiggled down from Harry's arms and leaned against Remus' pleadingly. "Please! Please! Please!"

Remus looked between Teddy and Harry, his 'boys' and shook his head. "Fine. Fine. Go. If Dora asks, I was not involved."

Harry grinned and he and Teddy made a dive for the box of fire-crackers that had been a present from George and Angelina Weasley.
"Let's go, Teddy Bear." Harry crouched down and Teddy scrambled onto the young man's back.

"Charge!" Teddy ordered and Harry obligingly galloped out of the room.

"Everything all right, Ron?"

"Can I uh, have a word?" The red-head shifted nervously.

"Of course, sit."

"Would you… Do you mind if we talk in your study? I want it to be private."

Remus frowned slightly. "Of course." He pushed himself to his feet using his cane and motioned for Ron to follow him. "My study?"

"Yes, please." Ron meekly followed Remus down the hall. He had the sudden, strange thought, that despite the fact that Remus had been curse free for two years now, the uneven, halting step he moved with still existed. He shook his head slightly. Of all the random thoughts he could have at this moment his mind had to turn to Remus silver-scarred leg.

"Sit." Remus waved Ron to a chair and settled opposite him. He was slightly amused, he had never seen the young man so uncomfortable in his presence. Ron, who was at the Den more than he was at the Burrow. Ron who looked as if he wanted to vomit.

Remus struggled to hide his smile. He had a feeling he knew what this was about and he was happy to let Ron sweat.

"I… I wanted to ask something." Ron suddenly sprang to his feet and began to pace.


"I… I… I want to marry Hermione."

"I see." Remus kept his expression neutral.

"And you are the closest thing she has to a father, she says that all the time."

A small smile graced Remus' lips. "She is very precious to us."

Ron swallowed at the veiled message. "I love her."

"I know." Remus leaned back. "You would never have children. Would that be something you would regret?"

"No." Ron shook his head. "We can adopt if we want children. That doesn't change my feelings for her, Remus. I love her."

"You realise." The werewolf's gaze met Ron's with fierce intensity. "That if you hurt her you will be very, very sorry. She is like a daughter to me and a sister to Dora, an aunt to Teddy. She is part of my family and believe me, you will wish you were never born if you hurt her."

Ron swallowed and nodded. "I promise not to hurt her."

Remus nodded slowly. "Then you have my blessing." He spoke softly. "That is what you wanted isn't it?"

Ron grinned and slumped into the chair. "Yes, that's what I wanted."

"Well then, welcome to the family."

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