The dense jungle tries to hold me back, its vines clasping onto my overgrown beard, roots and fallen trees threatening to trip me. I can hear the villagers behind me, screaming bloody murder in their foul, un-God like language. I tried to save their children's souls from eternal damnation! They were so bound in their heathen ways that they ran me out of the village, spears and torches in hand. My blood started to boil. God was testing me again, He had to be testing me again. He always did keep me on my toes.

A root clamps down on my ankle, sending me sprawling into an old coffee field. I clamor to my feet again as I look to the heavens, looking for a sign to show me the way away from these devil worshippers. I cover my eyes as a blinding white light poured out of the now darkening sky. I stared at it in awe, as I stumble through the field, the sadistic townspeople closing in on me. I sprinted for a tower in the distance, its tall wooden frame listing to the side as if a great burden had been placed upon it long ago. Even with it's slight tilt, it lead straight toward that heavenly light in the gloomy rain cloud above me. I blink as I finally reach the tower, carefully climbing up the rickety stair way to heaven. I had passed God's test!

I reach the top of the look out tower, gazing at the world full of corruption and sin. I can't say I was going to miss it. I glare at the villagers setting the old wood beneath me on fire. My only regret in life is that I didn't have the strength to accomplish the mission God sent me to do. I still had so much work to do, so many sinful souls to save

The flames have engulfed me now, licking hungrily at my dry, mud-caked skin, burning with the horror of hell's fire. I am not afraid even as the ravenous blaze slowly peeled my crisped flesh away from my body. I can barely feel the horrendous burning now, even as the black smoke enters and fills my lungs. Even after the flames have gruesomely torn my eyes from my head, I can still see the heavenly light of God. I step towards the light, barely feeling the horrid burning of my entire body. It feels as if I'm falling, falling into God's outstretched hands. I sigh as he cushions my fall, gently lifting me to my feet again. I can see the jungle, the people of the village out of the corner of my eyes, but I stare fixated on the brilliant white light guiding me away from this world. I shed only one tear, for I fear that my family will not be joining me in paradise. I tried so hard to convert them from their sinful ways. Yet another stray tear rolls down my face as I step into the glowing luminosity, for my company that had left me by accident in that long ago war, is now reaching out to me, forgivingly.

I reach them and they pull me into an embrace full of love and compassion, as they smiled cheerfully. "Where the heck have you been all this time?" I laugh at their light heartedness, suddenly becoming lighter, as if the burden of my mission finally released me. I smiled gratefully as I stepped into the light with my fallen comrades. The screaming of the savages' tortured souls fades away and is replaced by a soothing, calm single voice, "You are home now."

I know now that I am.