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Date: 1905

Hello my name is Dimitri Belikov and I am going to tell you the story of how I met Rose Belikov,

The year is 1905 and it was a cold stormy December night. The wind howled wildly. I was sitting in my carriage until I heard a type of cry. My carriage stopped in front of my mansion and I got down and the cries got more louder and irritating.

As I walk closer to the gate to the mansion I see this little basket and I was surprised to what I saw next "what is this tiny thing?" This was the second winter I been in this world, you see cause I am a demon.

I came from the underworld because the underworld was just boring. I wanted to try something new so I moved here with my butler Eddie. Well I sort of tied him and dragged him here.

10 mins later

"Welcome back Mr. Belikov how was yo . . What is that?" he looked at the baby that was in my arms and I just simply shrugged "I don't know. I guess its" Eddie interrupted me "You mean HER" I looked at him and I repeated myself "I don't know. I guess her mother had abandoned her" he looked shocked and soon the baby's cries continued and I sighed "why is it crying so much?" Eddie smiled and looked at the tiny baby "She's probably hungry"

I sigh "I regret picking this baby up already" I said loudly and as I was about to tell Eddie to put the thing back to were it was, the most surprising thing happened. It smiled at me.

I looked at it "Your smiling at a demon. You have some nerve little brat" I said to it.

Deep down inside I could feel my heart soften, I couldn't let this baby go. My body went rigid when I heard Eddies voice "I guess this is what people mean when they say you smile like a flower" I looked at him confused "what" Eddie smiled "That's a humans way of speech. Not that I would know. Im not human" I picked the girl up and I looked at her "Like a flower huh" I looked at her "Alright. I decided. Her name will be Rosemarie. Rose" I smiled at the smiling little girl "You will live here from now on" Eddie looked at me and sighed "YA! I can finally have someone to have fun with"

14 years later


Date: 1919

"Why am I out here so early drinking tea?" Asked Dimitri. He was a late sleeper espeally when he need blood. You see us demons need blood to help us function. He hates to be woken up early. The earliest he's ever woken up was 12 in the afternoon " Ms. Rose wouldn't stop crying about it. She wanted you out here" He looked at me and shouted "Stop spoiling her" I looked at him and sighed "you spoil her more than I do"

He was going to reply back until we heard a soft shout "Dimi Dimi!" Rose ran up to Dimitri and smiled "Look at these beautiful flowers" She held up all sorts of flowers. I looked clearly at them "Rose! Those are the flowers I planted yesterday!" she looked at me and apologized and Dimitri chuckled "Here Dimi!" She gave him one.

The beautiful flower dead. When flowers touches Demons they just simply dead and Rose knew that very well. She always new that we were demons and that we didn't age "Rose" Dimitri said slowly "You know that when flowers touches demons they wilt" Rose nodded and smiled "So why do you keep giving them to me" Dimitri said. I swear I could see a vein "Because" Rose said happily "I don't care. I like giving you flowers" Dimitri smiled his rare smile.

He never smiled at anyone like that, Only to Rose "Oh! Dimi! You have a petal on your head" she reached to grab it he moved away from her. She tried again and he moved even further away and soon he took it off himself. Rose looked at him with a sad expression "What's with that face Rose?" Dimitri said "You avoided me when I tried to touch you" Dimitri expression stayed blank "It was your imagination"

24 hours later

Date: 1919


"Dimi! Dimi! Wake up" I felt a light pressure on my back "Dimi wake up!" I sighed "Its 11! Leave me alone" I moaned "and get off me!" I yelled "and knock next time"

I swear even when I yell at the girl she doesn't take it seriously "You don't knock" Rose said sweetly "That's because im awesome" She sighed "Get up. Im fully dressed and showered now come on!" I moaned again "Eddie said we had a visitor" I opened my eyes "Who?" I asked and she shrugged "I don't know" she got off me and ran out of the room. Her hair flowed with beauty and her red dress was covered by a type of red riding hood coat.

I got up and called Eddie and He dressed me and I walked out. I walked to the den and I looked at the person in front of me "Adrian?"