Disclaimer: If you read something and your thoughts are something like: Hey! That's from... It's not mine. If your thoughts are something like : Where the heck is that from? It's mine.

queenofsneaks- Sabrina

trickster king- Puck

number1cook- Granny Relda

awesomegirl21- Daphne

wolfman21- Mr. Canis

trickster king- what the hell!

awesomegirl21- shouldn't you have put a question mark?

trickster king- NOT NOW!

awesomegirl21- kk, sorry. and control your caps.

trickster king- ah dgskddchbchcdh aaarrrgghhhh! Sabrina, answer?

queenofsneaks- well, i guess the answer's-

number1cook has entered the chatroom.

number1cook- lieblings! we just got a report saying Prince Charming was injured. he might not make it.

awesomegirl21- WHAT!

tricksterking- shouldn't you have put a question mark?

awesomegirl21- SHUT UP FOR ONE SECOND!

trickster king- control your caps.

awesomegirl21- SOME ONE MIGHT DIE!

queenofsneaks- puck, this isn't the time for teasing.

trickster king- there, i was silent for more than 1 second

queenofsneaks- puck...

trickster king- what, i tease when i'm upset.

awesomegirl21- so you're always upset?

trickster king- pfft, no

awesomegirl21- oooooh, you added pfft

queenofsneaks- well then...

trickster king- FINE! If you must know, I was upset because sabrina hated me.

awesomegirl21- awww! ^_^

trickster king- happy?

awesomegirl21- awww! *_*

queenofsneaks- umm, i'll just go make sure daphne doesn't bite her hand off.

queenofsneaks has left the chatroom.

trickster king- hey, I didn't get an answer!

trickster king has left the chatroom.

awesomegirl21's computer melted from excitement.

number1cook- what about the dying guy?

wolfman21- Relda, do you have an answer?

number1cook- yes

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I am a fairly good cook.