AN: I had truly planned on this being a oneshot, but then I wrote this piece. It is somewhat of a stand-alone, but it assumes the universe I established in the first part, that Willow and Tara began dating at Sunnydale High. So I decided to keep them together instead of putting this as a separate oneshot. This takes place about 6 months after the first one and our girls have been dating happily since. I have a couple more ideas for this Willow and Tara, so there may be more at some point. Enjoy!

Willow paused from her task of organizing Tara's books on a shelf by subject and author to look over at her girlfriend who was humming quietly as she hung clothes in a tiny closet. Tara seemed so excited to start college and Willow was insanely jealous. While Tara would be surrounded by all the benefits of higher education and true enthusiasm for learning, Willow would be stuck finishing her time at Sunnydale High with all the slackers and monsters.

At that moment, Tara turned around and their eyes met.

"What?" Tara asked with a smile that made Willow's heart go all fluttery and prevented her from processing the question.

"Huh?" Willow managed after a brief silence.

"You were staring at me."

"Well, yeah," Willow stated immediately. That part was easy enough. "You're over there all gorgeous and hum-y."

"Sweet-talker," Tara responded. "But I can see that Willow-brain working away. What are you thinking about?"

Pausing briefly to collect her thoughts and try to avoid a full out babble-fest, Willow reflected on the day. The reality of Tara going to college hadn't hit her until the gang had met up to haul boxes into Tara's new dorm room. They had been kept busy all morning, but now that it was just her and Tara left to arrange the final touches she had plenty of time to obsess over what this change would mean.

"I'm dating a college-girl," Willow finally explained, knowing that simple answer wouldn't satisfy Tara, but it was all she could come up with to express her emotions.

"Hmm, I guess you are," Tara responded flirtatiously as she crossed the room to stand closer to Willow. "Does that turn you on?"

Willow felt her cheeks heat up. Even after over six months together, it still shocked her when her sweet, shy girlfriend made comments like that. Still she answered truthfully, "Yes, incredibly so." But then the babble-gate broke and words started tumbling out. "But now you're going to be so far away and I'm worried about what's going to happen to us. Are we going to be okay? And are you going to want to be with me now that I'm just this little high-school kid and they'll be hot college women tripping over themselves to be with you? Do I have to put out now? I mean, you're in college, that's kind of expected, ri-"

Willow suddenly felt herself propelled forward as Tara hooked a finger in the strap of her purple overalls and gave a gentle tug. She tipped into Tara's body, but was immediately supported by a gentle arm around her waist and the urge to talk was quelled as warm lips covered her own.

With a relaxed sigh, Willow let herself fall against Tara's soft and comforting body. When the kiss ended, she was content enough to just gaze at the most beautiful blue eyes in the world as Tara's gentle fingers ran through her hair.

"You are absolutely adorable." Tara spoke in the tone that was always soothing to Willow. "But you need to relax. I'm going to be a mile away. We'll still see each other every day."

Willow gave her a slight pout. "But it's not the same. I like you in the same building all day and four blocks away at night."

"More like four inches," Tara teased. "You are too good at tricking me into sleepovers."

Willow grinned. That had been her master plan since even before she and Tara had begun dating, and the snuggly-wuggly nights together had developed into a consistent habit. Now Willow could hardly sleep without Tara in her arms.

"But Willow," Tara said gently, "You must know how much I love you and how perfect I find you. You are the only person I want to be with – I don't care how old you are and I don't want to do anything that we're not ready to do."

Frowning at a major logic hole in Tara's response, Willow couldn't prevent herself from arguing. "You do care how old I am, at least to some extent. You wouldn't want to date me if I was, say, six or like forty."

"Maybe not," Tara agreed. "But you are seventeen and completely perfect for me." Tara bopped her nose lightly before finding her lips in another kiss that turned her insides to mush.

After they broke apart, though, Willow could feel tears prickling the undersides of her eyelids.

"Darling…" A soft caress brushed her cheekbone and the tears suddenly started falling of their own volition.

"I'm really going to miss you," Willow managed to blurt out before burying her face in Tara's chest and sobbing a little.

All logic told her it was an overreaction. Willow was perfectly aware that Tara had picked UC Sunnydale in large part because of their relationship, despite her insistence that it was the ideal location to practice magicks and that she wanted to help Buffy protect the world. The campus was close enough to town that it would be easy to see each other whenever they wanted, but Willow still worried about how this change would affect their still relatively new relationship.

However, it was hard to remain panicked and upset with her face in Tara's cleavage and the current position of her mouth was motivation enough to calm down and take advantage of this situation. While neither of them felt ready to do anything below the beltline, there were plenty of other activities that they both thoroughly enjoyed.

Willow felt Tara moan softly as she began placing gentle kisses along the soft skin of her chest, which encouraged her to gently pull down the neckline of Tara's shirt to get closer to the tops of her breasts. When she found that further progress was impossible without permanently stretching out the top, Willow snuck her hands up the bottom and started lifting as she walked Tara backwards towards the newly made dorm bed.


Willow recognized Tara's warning tone, the one she had heard frequently in the last six months. Willow, your parents are home. Willow, we're in a classroom. Willow, this is the Bronze, not your bedroom. Yes, she had heard it many times before which is why it was so easy for her to discern the arousal Tara was attempting to conceal.

With a precisely placed nudge, Willow got Tara to fall back onto the bed and follow so she was lying on top of her girlfriend's body. Tara was warm and soft and Willow quickly got back to her very important task of lifting up that pesky shirt.

"My roommate could be here any minute, Will," Tara argued, but the way she moaned the end of the sentence told Willow that she was enjoying this very much, despite any protests.

"We'll hear the door open," Willow pointed out, sure that they would be able to disentangle themselves before anyone could walk into the room. After all, Willow had led them through emergency drills in her bedroom to reduce the chances of her parents walking in on them. Not that they ever came in her bedroom anyways, but Willow didn't want to risk it. While her parents were liberal enough to accept that their daughter was in a same-sex relationship, she did not think that they would support the unsupervised sleepovers that she and Tara so enjoyed.

That worked to stop any further protests from Tara, and Willow was able to lift the shirt to where she wanted it. Running both hands down Tara's chest, she enjoyed the feeling of silky skin, but soon became impatient and popped a perfect breast out of Tara's bra to wrap her mouth around the nipple.

Losing herself in the feeling, Willow ran her tongue in circles around the pebbled peak, reaching a hand up to lightly caress the other breast through the fabric in which it was still incased. Tara's fingers had at some point wrapped in her hair and Willow enjoyed the tugging sensation as she turned her head to switch breasts.

"Ok, my turn," Tara said after a few minutes, her voice practically a growl. The tone excited Willow so much that she hardly had time to process the implication of the words before Tara had flipped them so Willow was flat on her back.

"Wha-" Willow started to say, but was interrupted by Tara unclipping her overalls and flapping the bib down. Whatever question she had been going to ask was rendered insignificant as Tara reached down her sides to yank up Willow's shirt.

"No bra?" Tara teased.

"No, cuz with overalls and the small boobs," Willow tried to explained, fighting to keep her focus as Tara gently pinched each of her nipples between an index finger and a thumb. "Um, it's just that, they're small and the overalls and …"

"They are the perfect size," Tara responded. "And I like it when you don't wear a bra, so no need to defend that choice."

"Uh, ok," Willow agreed readily, closing her eyes as Tara bent her head down to start feathering kisses down her neck.

Willow was beginning to feel uncomfortably aroused, what with the way Tara's thigh was pushing the seam of her pants into just the right spot and the lips that were now kissing slow circles around her breasts. She couldn't stop her hips from pressing forward, increasing the friction in a way that made her gasp.

"Does that feel good, sweetie?" Tara asked with a low growl, and Willow felt the thigh press more firmly into her center.

That was all it took to encourage Willow to start grinding shamelessly against Tara. While it wasn't quite enough to get her there the feeling was delightful and Willow hoped that she wasn't making a wet spot on the crotch of her pants, though it would hardly surprise her. Her body had been telling her for some time now that it was ready to take these make-out sessions with Tara to the next level, even if she and Tara had decided to wait.

However, her body was quickly beginning to win over her brain. She and Tara loved each other. They felt safe with each other. They were aroused by each other. Why shouldn't they make love? It seemed Tara would be perfectly willing, given how she was sucking on Willow's nipple and thrusting her thigh forward in a steady rhythm.

It was probably this level of distraction that prevented either of them from hearing the door open and it was only the shriek that alerted them to the fact that they were no longer alone.

Tara responded faster than Willow and tugged both of their shirts down before rolling off to one side. Willow lay there in abandoned shock for a moment, before she felt Tara's insistent prodding on her side. Realizing that there was another person in the room, she sat up and turned her back to the newcomer as she refastened the straps of her pants.

"I-I'm Tara. You-you must be my new r-r-r-r-roommate," Tara was saying, and Willow was flooded with guilt when she heard how badly her girlfriend was stuttering. Willow knew how nervous Tara had been about meeting her roommate, and the introduction was that much more awkward now that they had been caught in a heavily make-out session.

"Not anymore," the voice responded. "I'm going to find the RA and get switched."

"W-w-what?" Tara asked.

Willow turned around at that to look at the girl standing in the doorway holding a cardboard box. She was nothing remarkable, with mousy brown hair and a medium stature, but the expression on her face was of pure disgust.

Feeling the need to step into the conversation, Willow said, "Hey, we're really sorry we got off on the wrong foot. But Tara's the nicest person you will ever meet. You'd be crazy not to want to live with her."

"Really?" the girl responded sarcastically. "Crazy not to want to live with a f-f-fucking dyke?"

That caused something inside of Willow to snap. No one was allowed to tease Tara about her stutter and to insult her on top of that? Completely unacceptable.

Channeling a move that she had seen Buffy perform countless times, Willow crossed the room in three angry steps and slammed the girl against the wall, causing the box to fall from her arms and toiletries to scatter across the floor. Even without Slayer strength, Willow had the advantage of surprise and adrenaline to easily pin the taller girl.

"You take that back right now," Willow demanded.

"Willow, stop." Tara was tugging at her arm, and with another threatening look at the girl, Willow let her go.

With a shocked expression, the girl eyed both of them with horror. "You are both insane. I'm going to find the RA." She spun around and took off down the hall.

Tara started gathering the fallen items from the floor and putting them back into the box. "I'd better go after her. I'm sure the RA will want to talk to me too." She picked up the box once everything was put back.

"Yeah, I'll come with," Willow agreed. She would not have her baby getting in trouble on her first day at college for something that had been the fault of some intolerant bitch.

"No, I should go alone."

"What? No way, Tare. If that girl thinks she can get away with this…" Willow trailed off, not sure where her threat was going.

"Willow, please stay here," Tara insisted, a pleading look in her beautiful eyes.

Willow couldn't argue, not after the mess she had created for Tara. She watched her girlfriend go down the hall after the other intended occupant of the room, feeling horribly guilty and slightly sick to her stomach. She was so upset that someone would ever think to treat Tara like that, and baffled that Tara had hardly bat an eye.

After several painfully long minutes of torturing herself in her head, Tara finally returned.

"It looks like I'm going to have a single," Tara announced. "Unless they need the space, but that's unlikely with the dropout rate here."

"What!?" Willow could not believe that anyone had let that girl get her way.

"I think it's for the best, Will," Tara said, sitting heavily down on the bed.

"But I don't want you here alone, all isolated. You need to be meeting new people and making friends. That girl had no reason to switch. None. She would be lucky to live with you." Willow paced angrily back and forth in front of the bed.

"I'll meet people. There's a wicca group I'm going to join, and maybe the Lesbian Alliance. I like having my own space, you know that."

"How are you being so calm about all of this?" Willow exclaimed, her blood still boiling over the whole thing.

Tara patted the spot on the bed next to her. "Come here."

Willow hesitated, but couldn't resist the opportunity to be close to Tara for long. Collapsing down on the bed, she found herself immediately feeling calmer as Tara's arm wrapped around her and a hand started toying with her hair.

"Sweetie, I know you live in this liberal bubble where everyone accepts everyone else."

Willow opened her mouth to protest. She did not live in a bubble. She prided herself on being aware of the world and the issues facing different people.

Her protest was cut off as Tara continued, "I lived in a really small town before I moved to Sunnydale so people like that girl don't surprise me. But I know that they're the ones who are wrong, so I don't let it bother me."

Willow sighed. Tara was always so insightful. "Sorry I ruined move-in day."

"You didn't ruin anything." Tara leaned down and brought their lips together in a soft kiss. "I would have been miserable living with someone like that."

"I just don't want you to be lonely."

"I won't be," Tara assured her. "Besides, think of all the advantages of a single. We finally have somewhere to lock the door and know that no one will bother us."

Willow brightened at that thought, and shifted in Tara's arms so they could look at each other.

"I love you, you know that?" Willow asked. "And again with the really sorry." She pressed her forehead lightly against Tara's.

"All's forgiven. And I love you. So very much."

Willow pressed her lips against Tara's then pulled away to push her back onto the bed and say, "Let's see what we can do with this single."

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