The third and possibly final part of this little series of oneshots. I have no other immediate ideas for this storyline, but I'm also not going to mark it as complete quite yet. Let me know if anyone has other moments they would like to see in this and I'll see if I'm inspired.

This is my first attempt at writing girl-girl sex. Oh the pronoun issues! I hope that it is understandable. Please note any glaring errors and let me know what you think. I was trying to capture the awkwardness of a first encounter but also keep it sweet. I hope that comes across :)

Update to Earthquakes within the week!

"I had fun tonight," Tara told Willow as she unlocked the door of her dorm room. "It was nice to see everyone."

"Silly, you see us almost every night. Which is very above and beyond, you know," Willow responded. "Your professors actually expect real work out of you, unlike the fools at Sunnydale High. It's okay if you need a break from fighting evil every once and a while."

This was not the first time that Willow had made this particular argument, and Tara replied her standard response, "It makes me feel better to know that you're safe."

"Buffy can keep me safe."

"I know." Tara sat down on the bed and pulled her girlfriend onto her lap. "But I like to think that I have a more vested interest." She nuzzled her nose into Willow's neck and kissed the soft skin to make her point. "What I meant earlier was that it's fun to see the gang when we're not all fighting for our lives."

Willow giggled. "The gang, huh? We really have converted you." She then shifted and Tara loosened her arms in response. Willow squirmed until she had turned completely around, straddled across Tara's thighs so they were nose to nose.

"You know what my favorite part of tonight was?" Willow asked with a mischievous glint in her eyes.

"Hmm?" Tara ran her hands idly up and down the sleeves of Willow's rainbow stripped sweater.

"Dancing. In the dark. Pressed up against you."

"Feeling me up. At the Bronze. In front of our friends," Tara retorted good-naturedly.

"We were in a corner," Willow justified. "Beside, can I help it if your boobs sit there taunting me? 'Willow, willow, touch us. Please, please touch us.'" Her voice reached an alarming pitching by the end of the sentence as her 'boob voice' became more and more exaggerated.

"Oh, is that what my boobs sound like?"

"Yep! I really can't help myself. 'Touch us….."

Not ready to listen to the impersonation of her breasts yet again, Tara cut Willow off in a forceful kiss, pressing their bodies close together as her tongue found its way into Willow's mouth.

After breaking the kiss, Tara leaned back just enough to pull her peasant top over her head so she was clad in only her bra. "Now you can touch them as much as you want."

Instead of attacking her breasts with her hands and mouth as Tara had expected, Willow stood from her lap and started to pace back and forth in front of the bed. Tara frowned, concerned.

Before she could ask what was wrong, Willow started to speak, "Tara, I've been thinking about something for a while now, and I think I should tell you because I can't really do it without you. I guess technically I can, and I have a little, but it's really not the same and I'm pretty sure it will be infinitely better if you're there too."

"Sweetie, I'm not quite sure what you're talking about," Tara said, although she had a strong suspicion about where this was going.

"What I'm trying to say is that I'm ready to, you know, do it!" Willow finally spit out.

"Me too," Tara answered simply.

"Really?" Willow's eyes were filled with insecurity.

"Oh yes," Tara responded.

"Well, ok, then, so we're both ready to do it, and we're here. Alone. In a room with a locking door on a Friday night. So I guess we should do it right now," Willow concluded.

Tara smiled softly at her adorable girlfriend. "Sweetie, there is no pressure. But if you're ready I would love to…" she paused for a moment, searching for the right phrase. "…make love with you tonight." It was cheesy but with Willow no other description seemed appropriate.

"So tonight then." Tara could literally see Willow's brain at work, and wondered if the redhead would be willing to skip days of planning and mental preparation for this event. "Ok, let's do it," Willow stated definitively after the pause.

Tara caressed Willow's arm down to her hand, which she took into both of her own. "No pressure," she repeated. "We'll just see where it goes and how we are feeling." She guided Willow back to the bed and kissed her gently.

Willow returned the kiss with a hunger that told Tara where the night would probably be headed. She felt her chest grow hot at the thought of finally physically expressing her love for her beautiful girlfriend in the most complete way possible. Willow's lip left her own to trial down her neck and Tara felt her bra being unclasped by expert hands.

"You are gorgeous," Willow murmured as she took both breasts into her hands.

Tara leaned forward to claim those soft lips once again as her hands slipped under Willow's sweater.

"So are you," Tara responded as she broke the contact long enough to lift the sweater over Willow's head. The action was accompanied by a crackling sound created as red hairs clung to the fuzzy sweater as it passed over them. Tara giggled and added, "Even with your hair sticking straight up."

"What?" Willow exclaimed, her hands flying to her hair.

"Just teasing." Tara lovingly ran her hands through Willow's hair several times, soothing the static until the red strands were obediently flat once again.


Tara only let her pout for a moment, before leaning close to blow hot air into her ear until Willow could no longer hold the serious expression. In the eight months that they had been dating, Tara had prided herself in figuring out all the sure ways to make her girlfriend laugh. Kissing the ear she had been blowing on, Tara reached one hand behind Willow's back to snap the clasp of her bra open.

Before she could touch the skin she had just bared, Tara felt herself being pushed into a lying position by insistent hands and a warm weight settle on top of her as a wet mouth attached itself to her chest. With a soft sigh, Tara relaxed into the bed and enjoyed the sensations of a warm tongue laving her chest and a hand that had discovered the slit in her long skirt and was tickling the outside of her thigh.

However, when the hand slipped to the inside of her thigh and fingers brushed against a place where she had never been touched, Tara couldn't stop herself from gasping loudly.

Willow jumped and yanked the hand away. "Sorry, sorry, sorry. Too fast; that was too fast, wasn't it?"

"Willow, shhhh. You just surprised me." Tara reached for the wandering hand and gently led it back to where it had been a moment ago. Their eyes locked and Tara was aware of nothing but the sound of their heaving breaths and the sensation of blood rushing behind her ears.

Soon though, Willow broke the silence. "So we're doing this. We're going to do this." Her fingers moved tentatively and Tara bit back another huge gasp, not wanting to scare Willow again. The fabric of her panties was thin as it was and when totally soaked through it was almost as though Willow were touching her directly. "I like doing this," Willow commented. "I like touching you and this is a new kind of touching for us, but it's a kind I'm going to enjoy a lot. And, wow, you are wet."

A hot blush spread over her face, and Tara shifted her body to move her center away from Willow's tickling fingers.

"No, no!" Willow exclaimed. "I wasn't trying to embarrass you. I love it. I love you. And don't worry you are not the only one who is wet. I'm, like, about to soak through these jeans and knowing that you're wet too is just making is worse. And I need to stop saying 'wet', but, wowzah, I am turned on right now so brain not really working and, please, can I touch you again?"

Though she could never express it in so many words, Tara was in the same state of arousal and was desperate to have Willow touch her again. And very ready to take things a little further. So instead of answering, she lifted her hips a couple of inches off the bed and slipped her hands under the waistbands of both her skirt and panties and pushed it all down, kicking the garments off of her ankles so that she was completely exposed.

"Wow," Willowed whispered in a tone so low that Tara could hardly pick up on it even with their faces only inches apart. The rambling babble that Tara had expected never came and Willow continued to stare at her with an expression that could only be described as awe. Instead of embarrassment or shame about her full figure, Tara only felt heat, arousal, and an intense desire to touch and be touched.

Luckily Willow seemed to be on the same page, and spoke again to murmured, "Can I?", her fingers almost touching Tara's heat.

"Please!" Tara responded urgently, arching upwards to encourage the touch.

Willow's finger felt cool compared to the intense heat radiating from her center, but the sensation was not unpleasant, rather it was indescribably amazing. It was all Tara could do to stay still as Willow took her time brushing her fingers lightly up and down. Tara resisted begging her to touch more, touch harder and instead sought out the redhead's lips to kiss her over and over as she allowed Willow's hand to explore uninterrupted for several minutes.

"Ohhh!" Tara felt more than heard her loud moan that escaped between their lips as Willow's fingers grazed her clit.

"Ah-ha!" Willow exclaimed excitedly.

Tara broke out of her sexual haze long enough to quirk an eyebrow as Willow in amusement.

Willow flushed visibly. "Sorry, it's just that I was looking for that. That's your, um, well, you know. It is, isn't it?"

Tara could only respond with another moan that she hope expressed the affirmative as Willow gently rubbed a finger up and down the spot she had just found.

"Am I hurting you? I know it can be sensitive, and I won't feel bad if you tell me that I'm doing something wrong. I don't want to hurt you." Willow stilled her hand and looked at Tara expectantly.

Blinking several times and trying to get her heavy breathing under control, Tara tried to figure out why the intense feelings of pleasure had suddenly ended. How had her moans given Willow the impression that she was being hurt in any way?

Knowing that Willow would not continue until she received a response, Tara gathered her senses enough to say, "Doesn't hurt. So, so good."

"Ok, but promise you'll tell me if I hurt you?"

Tara nodded, but added, "You won't hurt me, Will."

Her eyes fell closed as Willow once again started moving a finger around, this time in tight circles. Tara couldn't help but move her hips in appreciation, even as she bit her lip to get her body to calm down some so that it didn't end too soon.

"You are so sexy," she heard Willow say and she opened her eyes in response. Willow's eyes were shinning, the dark of her pupils covering most of her beautiful irises. Tara lifted her head off the pillow enough to kiss Willow deeply. The length of their bodies pressed together, but Tara frowned in displeasure when the union of soft skin was hindered by denim.

Catching her breath from the kiss, Tara managed to get out the words, "Pants. Off. You. Naked," between gasps for air. She shifted her body so that her hands could unfasten the button and fly of Willow's jeans, but her efforts of tugging the tight fabric down thin hips were useless.

"I'm going to have to stop touching you if you want me to do that," Willow murmured against Tara's cheek.

"Then do it fast," Tara responded, feeling the loss acutely when Willow removed her hand to obey.

Tara glimpsed red curls and milky thighs only for a moment before Willow had pressed their bodies back together and her hand sought out its former position.

"This isn't right, is it?" Willow asked after a moment, her fingers rubbing a spot just a little higher then where they had been before.

Tara shook her head apologetically. "Go down a little."

Willow obeyed, but overcorrected and Tara had to tell her, "Not that far."


"Close." Tara closed her eyes to concentrate better. "Just a little more...oh god, right there!"

"Hmmm, Willow," Tara hummed as she felt her body tighten.

"Can you open your eyes, baby?" Willow asked softly. "I want to see that beautiful blue."

Tara's lashes fluttered as she forced her eyes to open. It was worth it the effort, as she was greeted by the sight of Willow's perfect features in macro view.

"Gorgeous," Willow stated breathlessly. "I love you so much, Tara."

Unable to use words to generate an appropriate response, Tara smiled and claimed Willow's lips as her own. Her body was so close to the breaking point, she just needed one more thing to get her there. Shifting slightly onto her side, she reached a hand out, blinding groping for Willow's heat. The movements caused Willow's finger to slide off of her slippery clit, but to Tara's relief Willow found her way back much faster than the first time.

"What are you doing, baby?" Willow asked.

Tara didn't answer, as she was distracted by the new sensation of coarse hair tickling her fingers.

"Oh, that what you're doing," Willow groaned as Tara pushed the hairs aside to land on warm, wet skin.

The act of touching Willow paired with the continued stimulation to her clit was all it took for Tara to definitively slip over the edge. Her body arched and she could no longer obey Willow's request to keep her eyes open. They squeezed closed as her whole body went tense and waves of pleasure washed through her.

As her body began to relax her eyes opened slowly to find Willow staring at her with an expression of pure love. Tara's heart flooded with the intensity of their connection, and she used all her remaining energy to wrap her free hand around Willow's head to pull her down and give her a long and deep kiss.

Slowly recovering her senses, Tara realized that she was pressed against the naked length of her girlfriend and that her hand was still buried between Willow's thighs. This knowledge gave her the energy that she needed to gently roll Willow onto her back and to start stroking up and down the length of her center, teasingly.

Willow groaned in response and said, "You don't need to do this."

"I want to," Tara replied with a low growl and a nip to Willow's earlobe. "I want to make you feel as incredible as you made me feel."

And Tara was beginning to realize that touching Willow might possibly be more pleasurable than having Willow touch her. It was deliriously arousing to know that her actions were the cause of all the delicious moaning and squirming that she was witnessing. Willow was so slippery that she was having a hard time keeping her fingers on the spot that maximized the happy-Willow-sounds and her hand was quickly becoming coated with sticky wetness.

Finding a spot on her girl's neck, Tara latched on and continued her touches until she heard a voice speak up. "Tara? What you're doing feels really good, but do you think you could maybe…" The unfinished request hung in the air.

"What sweetie?" Tara stroked damp strands of red hair from Willow's forehead with the arm the rested near their heads and supported much of Tara's body weight.

"I was just wondering if you could…" Willow trailed off once again.

"Willow, relax," Tara soothed. "Tell me what you want, my love. You can ask me anything."

"Can you, um, go, ah, inside me?" Her voice was almost imperceptibly quiet by the end of the sentence.

Tara flushed with excitement at the thought and stroked her finger downwards. Willow was so wet that she slid effortlessly into the tight entrance, hot folds hugging her finger. She gasped at the feeling, enjoying have Willow wrapped around her in such a literal sense.

"Do you want me to move?" Tara asked after giving them both a moment to adjust to the new sensation.

Willow nodded her head rapidly. "Yes, in and out."

Obeying, Tara could feel muscles rapidly adjusting around her fingers. It was a tight fit, but she was met with no resistance. Turning her hand up, she simultaneously curled the finger inside Willow upwards and moved her thumb back up to the redhead's clit.

"Fuck, Tara, gah. Keep doing that."

Tara smiled into Willow's neck. She had never heard her girlfriend use that word, and she enjoyed the dirty language more than she would have expected. Continuing the same movements, Tara enjoyed the sounds of Willow's pleasure. After several minutes, Tara could feel the arm that was supporting her body weight begin to go numb and she made a mental note to try a different position next time. However, she couldn't concentrate on that slight discomfort for long, as Willow's breathing suddenly became even more rapid.

"Tara, Tara, Tara," Willow chanted. "Fuck, Tara, oh god. I'm going to… Tara!"

Tara stopped kissing Willow's neck so she could lift her head and watch the body lying against her contract with pleasure. The muscles around her fingers tightened rhythmically and Willow's face contorted and then relaxed all at once as she collapsed back into the mattress, pulling Tara fully on top of her. The movement caused Tara's finger to slip out from its warm location, and Tara started to wipe her soaked hand on the sheets before she had a better idea and brought it up to her mouth for a quick sample.

Wrapping her arms tightly around Willow, Tara shifted them so they were more on their sides and her weight no longer crushing the thin girl. Willow was still limp and her body fell heavily into Tara. Rubbing Willow's lower back with one hand and stroking red hair with the other, Tara closed her eyes and let the intensity of their connection and love wash over her. Unexpectedly, she felt was eyes fill with tears and she blinked rapidly, trying to clear them before Willow noticed.

"Wow," Willow sighed after some time had passed. "I never thought that would be so perfect. I think it was just the most perfect thing I have ever experienced. Do you feel that way? It was good for you too, right?" Willow propped her head up and Tara knew she was caught. "Oh my god, why are you crying? Are you ok?" Slim fingers brushed against her face, catching the tears as they fell.

"I'm sorry," Tara sniffed. "I don't know why I'm crying; I just so happy and I love you so much."

Willow smiled. "I love you too. And I'm feeling the emotional overload too, don't worry."

"Yeah, that was…intense."

"Good intense, right?" Her face begged for reassurance.

"Very good," Tara rushed to clarify. "I've never felt so connected to other person in my life."

"And it was good in the orgasm-y way too, right?"

Tara giggled and brushed the last of her tears away. "Yes, sweetie. You were perfect."

"Not quite," Willow contradicted. "But you know what will make me perfect?"

"Hmm?" Tara asked, a feeling of bliss washing over her as she drowned in her love for this woman.

"Lots and lots of practice!"