Wolfie: Okay, so this is a Jumper/Push crossover, because that just works. And the events of Jumper happened 8 years after the events of Push, making Cassie 21. So this is David/Millie (established), Nick/Kira (established), and (don't question it) Griffin/Cassie. Griffin is like 24-ish.

Full Summary: With Rolland dead, the Paladins have a new plan; since they can't beat the jumpers as Paladins, they will figure out what makes the jumpers be able to jump. This leads them to make an unlikely ally; the Division. They are gonna help Division find Cassie, Nick, and Kira (who are engaged). Cassie, Nick, and Kira, who are now being hunted, find help in new allies; David and Mille, who are also running. Only thing is, now they need help. They need help from someone who isn't gonna help them; someone who hates David. Griffin.

Very Griffin centric. Cause he's ADORABLY SEXY!

Also, I stole FireflyCity's idea of quotes.

Disclaimer: Don't own nuthing but Aaron Johnson. And the idea. I wish, however, that I owned the sexy British beast that is Jamie Bell, but alas, I do not.

There is something haunting in the light of the moon; it has all the dispassionateness of a disembodied soul, and something of its inconceivable mystery.

~Joseph Conrad

Artificial lights seem brightest at night. They light the city up in a neon glow, creating an unreal, polluted look. They create shadows; make even the most normal things- a lamppost, a street sign- have an unusual gleam to them. Add to that a steady downpour of rain, and you get an otherworldly, almost creepy feel.

At the edge of the city, near the nicer, downtown area, was a series of long, shorter brick buildings. These were the new apartments, built for the convenience of the people who lived in New York City.

A lone figure stood in front of the apartment complex, holding a cup of coffee in each hand, a notepad tucked under their arm. After a moment's hesitation, they entered the building.

Bang. Bang. Bang.

Nick moaned at the noise. It felt way too early for someone to be knocking at their door, and after a quick glance at the alarm clock, he knew that he was right. Nobody should want to come see him at 3 am.

Bang. Bang. Bang.

"Nick…is that our door..?" Kira yawned, slowly waking up.

"Uhhhh…yeah…." Nick rolled out of bed. "I'm getting it." Glancing down at himself, he grabbed his robe before slowly making his way across his and Kira's apartment towards the door.

Opening it, he blinked a few times. A young blonde woman stood in front of the door, her arm poised as if to knock again. She had long, wavy blonde hair pulled back in a messy bun, fading colors running in streaks down her hair. She was wearing a black leather jacket, red tank top, black cutoff shorts, and combat boots. Tucked under one arm was a notepad, and she had two coffee cups balanced in the hand not raised.

Cassie immediately let herself in. "Hi Nick. Sorry for waking you up." She walked over to his dinette, setting the coffee cups and notepad on the table. "Nice apartment."

His apartment was cozy. The living room was to the left of the front door, a TV set up on the wall of the door, and a comfy, well loved white leather sofa on the opposite wall. The adjacent wall was covered in windows, and had a window seat. There was a giant black and white photo of a city above his couch. To the right of the door was his kitchen and dinette, a counter/bar separating the two. Cassie also knew that if you went down the hall there was an office, as well as Nick and Kira's bedroom.

"Not to be rude, but what do you want, Cassie? It's been what, a year since we've seen you? And you show up in the middle of the night…" Nick yawned.

"Sorry about that. I brought you coffee." She handed him one of the cups. "I brought Kira one too…I have some bad news."

Nick sighed, and went to go get Kira.

"So you're saying that the Division has paired up with some new group called Paladins, who've been around for centuries, and now they're experimenting on us as well as some other new people like us called jumpers?" Kira asked. It was close to an hour later, and Cassie had just finished explaining to Nick and Kira what she had seen in her vision.

"Yeah. And that's not the worst part."

"What's the worst part?" Nick asked.

"This." She pulled out her notepad and turned it around, allowing them to see what she'd drawn. On the page was a crude drawing of her, Kira, and Nick, as well as two other people. All of them were dead.

"…you're drawing skills haven't improved much." Nick joked. "Who are the other two?"

"This," Cassie pointed to the man, "is David. He's a jumper. And this," she pointed to the girl, "is his girlfriend Millie. We all die if we don't find them."

Nick sighed. "Great. Now we have to go on some scavenger hunt for people we don't even know the last names of. Is there anything else?" He asked sarcastically.

Cassie nodded. "Yeah. They're gonna be here," She flipped the page to the Empire State Building. "in three days.." She paused, opened her mouth as if to say something, then closed it again.

Kira yawned. "Since it's 4 o'clock in the morning," she yawned again, "I'm going back to bed. Nick..?"

Nick nodded. "I'll be right there. Just give me a minute. Cassie, I'll pull some blankets out for you and you can stay on the couch."

Cassie smiled. "Thanks."

After getting Cassie settled in on his couch, Nick sat down at the end of it. "What else is there?"

"Nothing…" Cassie paused, "Why would you think there was anything else?"

"Cassie, I know you. You're hiding something. What is it?"

"….there is another thing. I keep seeing this guy, and I don't know how he fits in. Here," she reached to the coffee table, grabbing her notepad and flipping to another page, one he hadn't seen before. On it was a carefully drawn (and slightly better) picture of a young man. He had messy, wild brown hair, a leather jacket, and black jeans. "I wrote everything I know about him on the back." Cassie yawned.

Nick smiled softly. "Get some sleep Cassie." He gently patted her leg, before standing up and- taking the notepad with him- walking out into the hallway.

He flipped the page. 'British, crazy(?), adorably sexy, KNOWS DAVID!' He looked over at Cassie, smiling softly. "Adorably sexy?" He raised an eyebrow, flipping back to the picture. "….whatever you say.."

Wolfie: In case you didn't know, the 'weird hot sexy British guy' is GRIFFIN! :D Please review…